Michael Buble Christmas

Our third Christmas special is hosted by jazz singer, Michael Buble. He has an array of pop singers as guests. The opening was cute with Buble getting into the movie scenes of Elf, Christmas Story, Lampoons Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, very clever. He opened the show with ” It’ Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas”.

Performances By: Ariana Grande Last Christmas Radio City Rockettes ,Ariana & Michael Santa Claus Coming to Town Barbara Streisand It had to be you

I loved the bit with Miss Piggy calling him hot stuff ” how about singing without a shirt, so what if you get a little frost bite” she also tries to come on to him even though she loves Kermy. They sing ” Baby its Cold Outside”

 I like how he also does songs on his show not just having guests. He also took requests from his fans. He sang several Christmas songs.  He did a much better version of All I Want for Christmas than the original artist. He ended the show with having his family and all the guest performers be on stage.

82nd Rockefeller Center Christmas

The show in New York opened up with Mariah who sounded like she missed her rehearsal time, you start with your strongest singer not the weakest but on to better performances. The hosts were the today show cast and they interviewed Nick Lachey  who hosts the singoff. Loved the star on the top of the tree but not a fan of the multi colored lights looks more new years than Christmas. what do you think?

Performances were by : Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Winter Wonderland Prince Royce Jingle Rock Idina Menzel Holly Jolly Christmas Darius Rucker White Christmas Leanne Rimes I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Cyndi Lauper & Billy Porter Home for Holidays,  Radio City Rockettes, Trisha Yearwood Santas Back in Town

Pentatonix the accapella group from sing-off did an awesome version of Santa Clause is comin to Town.

Mazda and NBC teamed up to find a special family that gave back and very nice presentation telling is story, a boy packed up bags for those in need, up to 2 thousand bags.  He got a bag and letter from Minnie Driver telling him he won the contest.

Seth McFarland & Sara Barelles did a very sweet duet of Baby its Cold Outside.

Amazing Race~ Changing History


It’s down to the final four teams of the race, this is the final leg before the finale. The dentist started out with an injury to Misti’s foot which seemed minor compared to those of the past seasons. This season the teams are friendly to each other. The dentist and Scientists took the longer route and their  false confidence was funny ad then only after asking for directions they realize their mistake. While the surfers and wrestlers took the right direction bus.


Again they had a blind detour of This or That with no descriptions of either. This is about basketball and requires to shoot hoops while guarded by neighborhood team and they need to get 21 pts. Adam & Bethany did this side and Adam is a lousy b-ball player but they still got done before anyone else. The wrestlers also did game she claimed to be good but she was rusty  but then got really good, at least their antics got the crowds appeal.

That required teams to be a driver and passenger in a cabbie car and do four laps in seventeen minutes.  The scientists and dentist did this side, it was funny to see the dancing traffic cop. Jim almost ran into people while biking and each team member had to do two laps to do, Amy ran right into a car with their bike. Both teams got it the first time.


Teams had to pick up coconut products coconut shells and brooms and get three receipts to get their next clue. The streets were a maze. All the guys were dummies not finding the posted locations right away. Robbie got smart by finding the location before the next delivery. The surfers and dentists did the  task together but then Adam left him in the dust. The scientists fell behind with Amy with a leg injury from past and in the cab she was shaky and dehydrated.

The wrestlers had the speed bump which seemed easy by transferring all the street vendors items to another cart. Her uncertainty made them slower at this. The surfers lost their clue and had to go by memory to find the next clue once they found the clue they are back on track.


1 Brooke & Robbie ~ last to first.

  2 Adam & Bethany

3  Misti & Jim

4 Amy & Mya

In amazing race history a first the finals started at the end of this episode with final city of Los Angeles and open an envelope later on. This is an exciting twist that I love. Phil was so supportive of Amy & Mya helping her get better. They were in last place but another first the history is 4 teams racing in the final and somewhere on the leg will be an elimination.

CMA Country Christmas

It’s Christmas season again and kicking off our series of holiday specials is the country version with Jennifer Nettles as the host and all her friends from all genres of music.

The performers included: Bret Eldredge  Christmas Means to Me My Love , Dan & Shay Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Alan Jackson  Winter Wonderland & Let It Be Christmas Everywhere Little Big Town I Pray on Christmas LeAnn Rimes Carol of The Bells  & Peace on Earth Lucy Hale, Michael W Smith & Carrie Underwood  All is Well with Christmas Hunter Hayes Merry Christmas Baby Brad Paisley & Steven Tyler Run Run Rudolph Clare Bowen Santa Baby Jennifer Nettles This Angel

Michael W Smith & Little Big Town another great duet this year of Silent Night a mix of Christian and country. The band was star struck to sing with him.

Idina Menzel, the frozen singer looked beautiful in her white dress as she did a beautiful rendition of White Christmas.

With Macy’s Christmas program one fan got to sing with Hunter Hayes and this girl had a beautiful voice, she got some fan memorabilia including an autographed guitar.

Sara Evans sang Go Tell it on the Mountain accompanied by many singers and a fiddle which sounded very festive.

If you want to relive past country Christmases here’s 2012 and 2013

Amazing Race Sinapore & Manilla

The last two weeks I’ve been away from home for work so here’s a catch up on Amazing Race. Also enjoy the travel guides to each place.

Singapore ~ Double U Turn Missed

Team heads to another country and the cyclists took a risk by taking the fast forward which happened to have to do with surfing, the surfers also took the risk and beat them. This sent the cyclist to the back of the back and unable to recover. All the other teams not knowing who had gotten the fast forward completed assumed it was the cyclist and picked the surfers who were their second choice to get the U-turn ax, only the dumb move was that they already had first place. Only the dentist did one of the roadblocks with food the rest of them endured the painful spa treatment. Teams started to play dirty as the wrestlers told the scientist wrong information which sent them scrambling, still even with that it wasn’t enough to save the cyclists.

Standings 1. Bethany & Adam 2.Robbie & Brooke  3. Misti & Jim 4. Amy & Mya 5 Cystlist Eliminated

Manila~ Switchback

 All teams were supposed to be on the same flight but the dentists made the mistake of waiting till the airport to  get tickets which  got them behind 25 minutes from the rest of the teams, lucky for them the teams were delayed till the morning to get clues which let them catch up. The detour let teams assemble something or be fishermen, the majority did the mechanical task with the exception of the wrestlers. The scientists failed to read the clue and walked instead of taking a coach. Dentist thought they had the task done but they had the shocks done wrong which puts them toward the back of group. The wrestlers took a lead with the surfers behind them. The dentists were the first ones to find the clue in the mud fields, next was the scientists leaving the surfers and  wrestlers to battle it out, they both found their clue at the same time.

Standings: 1 Jim & Misti , 2 Amy & Mya  3 Adam & Bethany   4 Brooke & Robbie~ non elimination leg

Christmas Acapella Style

With the premiere of a new season of the Sing Off coming Dec 17, what better way to get ready then by seeing the former groups singing Christmas carols.

HOME FREE SEASON 4 Angels We Have Heard on High


VOCAL POINT God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

DWTS Final Four

We’ve made it to the final four celeb on their way to the mirror ball trophy. They have two rounds Judges choice on which they need to improve and Freestyle.

Current Standings: Janel 77 Bethany 76 Alfonso 80  Sadie 78  BETHANY 4TH PLACE


Judges Choice

Bethany & Derek Jive This time it was more lively and loved the costumes, she really got into the dance and they worked well together as a pair.

Whitney & Alfonso, Jive He did even better than he did the first time he did it week 1 and he was right on target with  moves and they were in sync with each other.


Sadie & Mark It was a cute and lively routine danced to Mario brothers theme, liked the costume and moves.

Janel & Val Their routine was beautiful and touching, loved the music and they showed that they deserve to be in the finals.