Bachelorette Josh Vs Nick


It’ time for the finale and it was own to the final two bachelors Josh and Nick. Each guy got to meet her family and have one final date with her. Then there was a surprise ending no one saw coming, don’t worry we still got our happy ending. It’s also been proven that the rejected bachelor tried to get in touch with her several times which she refused not sure if that qualifies him as a stalker or just someone who couldn’t believe he got dumped and wanting things to work. The final episode takes place in the Dominican Republic staying where she was last time.


He was the first to meet her family bringing flowers for her mother and a bottle of liquor for her dad. He was really nervous but warmed up to the family as the day progressed. After lunch he had time with the mom and gushes about her and his love for her. ” She makes me feel like I can’t see myself with anyone else”. During that time she shares details with her sister. He asked her father’s permission for proposal and is reminded that commitment is for life and gets the blessing.

The date has her in another bikini top and short shorts. They go off roading for their date, getting in a jeep and exploring the countryside. Poor Nick is so smitten with her while her heart might belong to another man. They have a picnic in a lagoon which I think Juan Pablo used in his season or something similar to that, ABC are we recycling date ideas now? Of course they had to get in their swimsuits, that is getting old to me why can’t people stay dressed on dates anymore. That night she goes to his suite and he blindly ignores the fact that she’s also with Josh, he’s a love-struck fool. He gave her a sweet gift of a necklace of the sand off the beach where he proclaimed his love for her.


She went all around the world to find a guy from her hometown of Atlanta. He also got flowers for the mom but brought cigars for the dad. She talked over her feelings and opinions with her sister who let’s her babble on. After that the sister and brother-in-law talk to him and give him so called tough questions which he gave great answers to. He then gets confronted by the dad and they got along great, I can see him blending well with her family. ” The Day I don’t have to say goodbye to Andi I the day I look forward to”

Their last date is on a boat reminding them of their first date. Again the bad stylist showed up dressing her in that blanket over her swim wear, guess the travel budget was low. He looked good in his outfit. These two make a cute couple and already show intimacy toward each other. They swim in  the water together sharing kisses then at night they meet up in his suite. He reassured her of his love for her and gives her a letter he wrote to her and her own baseball card.

Finale Bachelorette’s Choice

Nick never gets to pick out a ring because he gets dumped in a surprise visit from Andi. She starts off the conversation mentioning his past engagement which was not a good sign, she did not feel right about things and couldn’t go through with him proposing to her. She felt worry about the intensity and avoids his  question about when that started and tries to get her way out of it. He made a valid point but he was shocked by her reaction to him and she was in tears and he was in denial of the whole thing. She did owe him an answer instead she just said she was sorry and did not give any answers. After she leaves he tosses away all the saved roses and packs his bags leaving.

The host got reactions from the fan favorites: Chris thought it could be scary after he was rejected earlier, Drew from Desiree’s season pointed out that his days are numbered, not ready for the curveball of rejection. Michelle Money interrupted and wanted to find out the new bachelor but the host stalled.

Andi looked elegant in her white dress in the beautiful location by the water. He looked handsome in his suit. His proposal was very nice I liked it ” From the moment I saw you, you took my breath away, you’re the answer to all my prayers and the woman of my dreams. we can do anything together.” Her declaration of love had him grinning an then he proposed and she accepted.

Flipping The Block

There’s a new show on HGTV that tackles home design: it puts a whole new spin on it.  Four teams of two work on a house to remodel it but they are forced to live there.The homes are condos that will be put up for auction once all the work is done on them. The prize is 50 thousand.  This is a brilliant idea to see who cracks under the pressure. It’s like Brother vs Brother only more intense. I am adding this show to my lineup of reality shows covered to give more variety to my lineup for my readers.

To find out about the premiere episode and about the teams go to the Flipping The Block site on HGTV. There’s also an interactive element for fans that they get to vote for their favorite design of the week.  The host of the show is Josh Temple who hosts House Crashers on DIY.

This week the teams were tackling the bathroom so if they needed to use it they had to use a port potty outside. The Red Team won last week and has a 5 thousand advantage from the Master Bedroom Remodel. The Teams had six days to do this and this week’s judge was from Rehab Addict. The criteria for judging was : Look of the Space, Function, and Value Added. The winning team will get David Bromsted guidance for 1 day of help.  Each Team has a money amount they were given that they use each week. They are also allowed to contract out things and have free furnishings through Joss & Main.



Black Team~ Whitney & John WINNERS

They are added a his and hers faucets, clean white tiles in the shower and moving the wall back for the vanities. Also adding more storage.  John handled all the demo work. They purchased tile to save money. The host was impressed with the extra storage by bumping it up then was not thrilled with the dead space that would be created. The labor is done by themselves and they tiled the room.  The judge loved the double vanity but disliked how the shower fixtures  were off centered and the loss of storage. They spent 14 thousand on this project.

Red Team ~ Anika & Shauna

Their first call was to their contractor to help with demo and their plan is to gut it out and make it neutral, using ceramic and glass tiles in the tub. High end finishes and adding a heater.  They got the vanity that they wanted  and plan to spend 10 thousand on the bathroom. Adding bling to the shower was a nice touch to the bathroom. They ignore the finishing touches to get the painting done.  The judge loved their design but disliked that there was no shower curtain or door and their lack of creativity on the room. They spent 11 thousand.

Blue Team ~Craig & Brian

Replacing Tub with a walk in floor to ceiling tiled glass shower. Adding new fixtures and sinks to match their style.  They decide to get an electrician and plumber to help with their project.  The host points out that without a tub it not a full bathroom. Problems arose when the vanity did not fit with their vanity so they were smart and they made their drawers smaller to make it fit.  Waiting to get the shower done last proves to be bad as the drills battery dies before they can put it in. The changes they made to fix things hurt them because their rooms were not done and thing were too squished in the powder room. This disaster room cost them 15 thousand


Silver Team~Curtis & Amanda

They decide to leave the walls as is which leans the bathroom tight, he’s worried about time. Keep original tub and toilet and make a spa like feel.  During demo Curtis breaks his finger and has to go by ambulance to be taken care of. I’m noticing a pattern of the men handling the demo while the girl just sits there. In this team Amanda is left with the rest of the demo to do on her own, this makes her admire her boyfriend more.. Contracting out the tiling shows not to be a good choice as the worker was slow going. What they thought the judge would love she hated, she liked how they created the spa look but stated that with every choice they made they limited the homeowners and it would be a pain to clean. They spend 10 thousand on the room.



The opening number was interesting hated the song and I couldn’t tell what dance style it was but the lifts and partnering was amazing not one of the better group dances on the shows. This year they are keeping the guest judges around for three weeks so Misty Copeland was on her last week.  I like this season how the choreographers are teaching us dance steps.The guest performer was Lucy Hale, singer and actress on ABC Family Pretty Little Liars. She did a great job. Next week four dancers are going home.

They introduced a group dance routine done which was well choreographed and I liked the music and partnering. It was a great piece by Sonja even Nigel loved it. The other group routine was done by Travis, good group movement with the music the dancers really got in character.

The Top 18 Dancers: Casey, Brooklyn, Emilio, Carly, Marquett, Emily, Jacque, Ricky, Jessica, Rudy  , Serge, Tanisha, Teddy, Valerie, Zack, Bridget.

Dancers Eliminated Brooklyn & Marquett

New Couple Next Week : Jessica & Casey


Best Dances

Carly & Serge, Contemporary~ Loved this routine the song was perfect and these two melted together with such chemistry and I was drawn into watching them. It was beautiful to watch this dance.

Marquett & Jessica, Ballroom~ She was beautiful in that dress and he shined as he was in his style of dance. The song blended with the dance and these two have chemistry, the dance was enjoyable.

Bridget & Emilio, Contemporary~They did a great job the lifts and movements were amazing and loved his leap in the air. The judges loved the dance.

Worst Dances

Tanisha & Rudy~ the whole routine was too sexy for my liking and hated the costumes. hopefully next week they improve because this dance was not good at all.

Jacque & Zack, Jazz~ hated the song and her costume it was too racy for me. This routine did not mesh well and seemed like a bunch of movements I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Needs Improvements

Ricky & Valerie, Bollywood ~ disliked the outfits but they did good on doing all the steps right it was really fast paced. There was only brief moments of connection, it’s time to stop thinking of each other in sibling way.

Emily & Teddy, Ballroom~ These two did great keeping up with the fast footwork and the tempo of the salsa.

Brooklyn & Casey, Hip Hop~The costumes were awful and they were soo not right for this dance although they had a few good moments but most of it was a poor imitation

Delsey Suitcase Review

This march I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Chicago and I won the grand prize of a not yet released Delsey  Chatelet Suitcase. While I did not get to use all the features of this great suitcase I found out just how valuable it was even if I did lose the user manual.  I was able to take the suitcase on two trips with me, one to Chicago and a road trip to Indiana. I’ve also used it in my work trips.

DSCF0452Trip 1: Chicago

I took the suitcase with me on the train ride to Chicago and it handled really well. It was lightweight and stored easily above my seat. I got compliments on it and I was able to use the side handle that looks like the old-fashioned luggage to get it up and down the stairs at union station once in Chicago. No more having the drag it along using the pull out handle or having to carry it down the stairs, now I can just turn it to the side, pick it up and go. It’s compact design makes it light weight yet still has lots of storage. Also on this trip I used the two cloth bags that come included, one for my personal beauty items and the other for my undergarments and this saved me space that my bulky beauty bag would have taken up and in the extra space I was able to fit 3 pairs of sandals. It handled the durability test as I decided to walk from my hotel in River North to the union station and it dealt with all the bumps and rough services great the only wear was that it got wet from the puddles. It also was able to hold my other bag and made travel easy.

Trip 2: Indiana

The second trip I took was a road trip down to Lafayette IN for a family reunion. I was able to pack all the clothes I needed and it handled the car ride well. This time I tried using the bag that looked like it could be a hamper and it did not do well as my clothes kept falling out of the sides in the bottom part. It could have worked better if they had added meshing to those openings to keep the clothes in. The side handle again helped when carrying it to the car.

Since my trips I’ve started to use it for my work trips as a petsitter and I am able to store it in the car and get 3-4 days worth of clothes in. I’ve enjoyed using this suitcase and look forward to getting another Delsey suitcase for future trips. This suitcase is most suitable for short trips of a few days or a weekend adventure I don’t think it would be able to hold a weeks worth of  clothes unless you are an expert packer.

Information about the Delsey Chatelet Suitcase is on their website and it’s set to be released next week on In an interview with the company marketing representative Mimi Hoang, here is some more information :

Tell The Idea behind The Chalet Design: Delsey

“This design embodies everything DELSEY! Classic Parisian style and colors combined with modern innovation, thanks to the one-of-a-kind brake system”

What are options for trips longer than weekend trip:

For a sporty get away, DELSEY has a hybrid Beauboug collection that combines the best of hard-side and soft-side luggage in a case that can be rolled as a trolley bag or worn as a backpack. And for those girls getaways, DELSEY has created a collection for women”

What Should people think when they think Delsey Luggage

Timeless quality, audacious design, and Parisian chic… DELSEY creates luggage that makes travel easy









Bachelorette vs The Men Rejected


The men tell all is always an exciting night filled with drama and this one did not fail to deliver. It had some sweet turns and even a scandal which seemed a bit over the top. By now I am not surprised they would pull out all the stops to get the ratings and viewers to enjoy this season.

Ashley & JP~ she looked beautiful as she announced that she is expecting, She is due is in October and has planned the whole pregnancy out and they have decided to move to Miami. The best news was that Chris surprised them with a live ultrasound for them. They showed the sonogram on the screen and the heartbeat was audible so wonderful. It was announced they are having a son.

” She’s buying baby clothes non stop and her baby name choice will trump mine”~ JP.

Bachelor in Paradise~ featuring past bachelor and bachelorette contestants. I like the feature of having a new person show up each week and then if they find love they get to stay and if they don’t they leave. It’s an interesting twist and looking forward to all the dates. Look for coverage of this show here for the fall. To help promote were Chris, Michelle, Graham and Sarah who were a part of the cast.

Yes there was the bad stylist again who had all the guys come out in scarves but their suits all looked great. The drama started from the first few moments of the guys talking with bringing up proof visually that one of the guys said a racial comment about Marquel without the audio. Just let the topic drop and move on with why they are there.  JJ defends his action of causing drama and took up time but he did seem sincere in what he said.

Marquel ~ He was one of my guys that I liked but he was behind on things and missed the clues of that all the other guys were kissing her. He did not feel the connection with her that she had with other guys. He ended his time by tossing out black and white cookies.

Marcus ~ This guy was my pick for her final man but he was sent home during hometowns. His goodbye was heartfelt and was heartbroken. There was a struggle to know what happened between rose ceremonies and had questions for her. He still cares for her and realizes he did love her

If you love someone tell them every day” Marcus

Chris~ If I had to choose out of the final three a guy for her I would have picked this one but she sent him home. He was committed to her and saw a future for them. Andi’s favorite hometown and family was his family. I think the woman from the crowd was either a set up or something completely random. She’s a woman from small town and wanted to meet him date him. It might be a setup for him being the new bachelor. The host offered her a speed date during the commercial break between her and Chris.

Andi~She was facing all her exes, Chris wondered what changed after hometowns and she didn’t see the foundation to go to Iowa. She did not feel the romance with Marquel, She got to meet Chris Burkowski who brought her the flowers but never made it in. She confessed she was not expecting

The host had the results from the lie detector  date :  JJ, Chris and Brian told no lies. Lies came from Dylan, Josh and Marcus. Marcus was with more than 20 women. Dylan doesn’t prefer brunettes but likes blondes, and is not ready for marriage. He then gave her the option of hearing Josh’s two lies and she did not want to know. Her biggest secret she really came on the bachelorette was to have her own bloopers so they showed the blooper reel.

The evening ended with showing Nick and Josh;s Journeys on the show and since al my men have been sent home I have to choose between these two for her final pick I pick



The opening chess number hip hop style was innovative and different, loved the costumes to the number. One of the dance crews choreographed the opening number. The guest judge this week was Misty Copeland came back again. The show has been nominated for seven emmys this season.

Their was a performance by Great Big World who sang ” Say Something” that was danced to last season by Amy & Robert.  It was a great performance and song here’s that dance routine.

The Top 18 Dancers: Casey, Brooklyn, Emilio, Carly, Marquett, Emily, Jackie, Ricky, Jessica, Rudy , Jordan , Serge, Stanley, Tanisha, Teddy, Valerie, Zack, Bridget.

Dancers Eliminated Stanley & Jordan

New Couple Next Week : Jessica & Marquett

Best Routines

Ricky & Valerie, Waltz~ loved their costumes and the song. The waltz was so graceful and perfection they had chemistry and looked and danced together like they had for years.

Casey & Brooklyn, Jazz ~ These two blend together well and the dance was so entertaining to watch. They were in step with each other and loved the costumes.

Emily & Teddy, Contemporary~they were connected and this is perfect example of this style of dance. The moves and lifts all flowed together to great a dance. The judges liked them and their dance.

Bridget & Emilio, Jive~ They had the right sass and energy for this dance and  they looked soo cute together in those costumes. loved the song that went with the dance perfect choice. The judges loved this routine.

Worst Routines

Jordan & Marquett, Contemporary~while they connected last week this week fell flat. this style dance is all about connections and this felt like they were doing just the moves and not together, I didn’t feel any emotions.

Jackie & Zack, hip hop ~ the opening was confusing but then it soon made sense and they worked together although I all the intricate movements just didn’t mesh well with the dance it was distracting.

Serge & Carly, hip hop ~ disliked the skeleton costumes the moves and dancers did not connect well they were just doing the moves and she outshined him.

Bachelorette Tropical Getaway

This week Andi and her 3 remaining men go to Dominican Republic for the famed overnight dates, and Andi being the expose type has to reveal what happens in them. I seriously think this girl is out for the cameras too not just for her search for love. The  fame bug has bitten her and she hasn’t even gotten out of the season yet. My last bachelor pick went home which means I have to pick a new one for this final week. This season has been all about drama and isn’t any better than Juan’s failed season and does not meet up to the bachelorette seasons of the past. Instead of photos here’s a fan created video of Josh & Andi.

I liked the way the show started with the recap of the journey she has had with all 3 of her men she has left. Then all that nice warm feelings had to be wreaked by the drama induced events of the rest of the show, way to wreak a nice episode.

Nick & Andi They started on a helicopter ride as they view the water and land from the air. It looks amazing and we are already thinking of being fiancé as they get set to enjoy time at the beach. once on the island they are in swimwear, could her suit be any skimpier. She questioned him about his family’s concern about his heart getting broken again, he took it lightly and tried to talk the families concern away.  Again he doesn’t say he loves her and instead waits till the evening to tell her. At night they had dinner on the beach  which seems a little to casual to me but I liked the lighting of candles lit. The story that Nick wrote her was sweet and it was a whole book made out with all the dates and its then he finally tell her he loves her. Nothing bad must have happened with Nick cause they did not show a moment of their overnight which was disappointing cause I always like to see the fantasy suites then the cameras can disappear.

Andi & Josh The couple had a date in Santa Domingo and wandered around town. They act like tourists doing all the things that the locals do and he took charge speaking Spanish. Dancing to the music they looked cute together. Next, they watch a local baseball game and the kids let them play in the game. He tells her he loves her and I believe him and claims to be beyond love with her.  At night dinner is at a resort which was beautiful, they talked about their families and he admitted that he was picturing  their life together with their future kids. She gets defensive and questioning the way he is, he’s happy to be with her. He accepts the fantasy suite card and were greeted to fireworks and this time they showed the suite which was very nice.

Chris & Andi They seems so great for each other and I have no clue what goes wrong cause he seems perfect for her but something did go wrong. Whats with her skimpy clothes she needs to hire another stylist that dresses her better more modestly. Their date consists of a horse ride on a very lively horse for her. After that they share a glass of wine and talk about how well the hometown date went. She’s not sure he’s ready for the fantasy suite never heard that before, dinner is at the resort with them both looking nice. He’s looking forward to that because he’s in love with her, I do not see her living in Iowa. She breaks down in tears cause she doesn’t see them going anywhere or that connection she has with the other two guys and she doesn’t want to give up her life she has. He doesn’t get the fantasy suite and gets sent home before the rose ceremony. The way he reacts shows what a gentleman and good guy he is, I really do hope the rumors are true and that he is the next bachelor.

She had a talk with the host before the rose ceremony. She claims that she had no foundation with Chris. At the rose ceremony the host tells the guys that Chris is no longer here and of course they are going to accept roses they are in love with her duh. I wish they would take the guys back to her hometown instead of staying at the tropical location.