Amazing Race Rome

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The teams went to the eternal city of Rome and went back to the days of the romans with chariots and togas. All teams headed to the travel agency and were all on the same direct flight leaving in the morning. Jennifer & Caroline have a speedbump since the last leg was a non elimination leg. Several teams got a lead by getting on the first shuttle out of the airport leaving the other teams on the plane.

The speedbump was to go to the Pantheon pick up a typewriter find a building resembling it and put it on a pedestal. Several teams were taken to the wrong place which got Brendan and Rachel in first place taken to the Spanish steps.


One team member has to count the Spanish steps then adding the number of the year it was built then writing it in roman numerals on a postcard. Brendan got a lesson in math from a nice roman man who helped him get the right answer keeping them in first. the globetrotters were clueless about roman numerals.


Gladiator teams learn sword skills to fight a gladiator. This was repeating movements and tested memory. Jessica & John did this task, Jess did great while John kept messing up but they soon got through it and got into first place. The afganimals were total sissys and did not do well at this side but they at least had fun and really got into the act.

Chariator race mini chariots by remote control, race five laps before the flame goes out. most of the teams chose this one and it was not what they expected. it looked harder than it seemed because one person controlled the speed the other person the turns. a few teams switched to the other detour when they saw how hard it was.



1 Brendan & Rachel ~ trip to Great Barrier Reef

2 Caroline & Jennifer

3 Conner & Dave

4 Jed & Cord

5 Leo & Jamal

6 Lifetime & Bigeasy

7 John & Jessica


This week was the much anticipated SWITCHUP and some stars shined while others faltered with their new partners, hopefully once they go back to their orginal partners they can continue to improve. Since there was not regular pairings I will just post those pairings that I liked so it will be a much shorter list. Please be patient with me in the next few weeks as this is my busy season for my business as a petsitter.

The guest judge this week was Julianne Hough and I found her harsh and too much like Bruno, her dress was too low-cut and her hairstyle looked bad. She will be going on tour with her brother Derek Hough this summer on a dance tour.

” It will be a real challenge for the contestants to adjust to a new training style ” ~ Julianne

The scores from last week and this week will be combined for an elimination next week. Also this week was the first of the Macy’s stars of dance series which featured Katherine McCormick who starred on So You Think You Can Dance.

 Meryl 78 James 71, Amy 70, Charlie 69 ,  Danica 68, Cody 66, Drew 63, Nene 63, Candace 60


Meryl & Val~ she totally shined this week and her new partner improved her dancing, it was like she was dance skating on the floor.

Drew & Whitney ~ he was a brand new improved dancer and looked awesome in that gold suit. this switch was a win for the comedian.,

Amy & Mark ~ I couldn’t tell that she was an amputee she looked like a great dancer and was doing great with this new partner




This year the ACM’s were hosted by Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton, these two had great jokes but they can’t top Brad & Carrie as hosts. This year’s theme was collaborations and there were quite a few of them : Shakira & Blake, Lady Antebellum & Stevie Nicks, Luke Bryan & Florida Georgia Line and Dierks Bently & Sheryl Crow. There was also a tribute to Meryl Haggard featuring several stars which was moving. I like how they switched between several venues including Las Vegas and Florida. Also, how they let radio hosts from around the country do the transitions was a nice touch.  The big news was that the award show will be 50 next year and telecast from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to get tickets go to


Memorable performances of the night were : Blake Shelton & Gwen Sebastian, Lady Antebellum & Stevie Nicks, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line & Luke Bryan and Sheryl Crow & Dierks Bentley.



 Vocal Duo ~Florida Georgia Line

Single of Year ~ Miranda Lambert Mommas Broken Heart

Male Vocalist ~ Jason Aldean

New Country Artist ~ Justin Moore

Vocal Group ~ Florida Georgia Line

Female Vocalist ~ Miranda Lambert

Album Year ~ Kasey Musgrave

Entertainer of Year ~ George Strait




DWTS Memorable Year

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This week was the most memorable year of the stars life we had years of moving to the states, of overcoming bullies, when children were born, achievements and more. Meryl got the first 10′s of the season.  BillyDee had to withdraw from the competition due to medical issues Next week is the hyped up switch up. Robin Roberts, good morning America host,  the first guest judge was great I loved seeing her on the show the total fan living her dream.

“This is soo surreal, usually I’d be at home in my pjs and froggy slippers with a bowl of popcorn ready to tweet my thoughts about the show”


Charlie 36 , Meryl 39, James 36 , Danica 36, Amy 36  Cody 35 Candace 32 ,Nene 31 , Drew 30 ,  BillyDee 15


Amy & Derek. Contempoary~ Such a moving piece showing her journey to walk and succeed after losing her legs. It was everything this genre should be so beautiful breathtaking.

Meryl & Maks, Fox trot~ I loved her dress and the dance was amazing, the song played up the chemistry between these two and they both floated on air across the floor.


Nene & Tony, Rumba ~ She was sensual and had chemistry as she told of how she married her first love again and this was a tribute to him. she has improved each week.

Candace & Mark, Jive ~ This was such a lively dance she really let loose and moved her hips and body.



late night talk shows are another form of entertainment, here are some highlights from the late night talk shows from March. featured this week are : Kathy lee and Hoda, Kevin Bacon Footloose Tribute


Jimmy Kimmel

Seth Meyers

Jimmy Fallon

The teams continued racing in Sri Lanka and were all caught up at a dutch museum then took a train together across beautiful countryside to a nearby town that was an hour and half away. This portion of the race had racing taxi cabs and one team that made a really dumb move yet managed to keep up with the pack.

RoadBlock Filler UP

Each team choose a color and had to guide four tut-tuts or taxi’s to the gas station and give them gas once done they could move on with the race. That might sound simple but it was anything but that, it was a chaotic mess and there were taxi’s as far as you could see. Each  team had their own strategy to get there taxi’s to the pump fastest: Dave took to pushing around others and being aggressive, The globetrotters decided to play traffic control while The cowboys routed theirs around the mine and had them back up into the station. The dumbest move of all was by Rachel, can we say ditzy the girl needs to learn to READ THE CLUE and she would have been there in last if someone hadn’t told her what she was doing wrong. She got the green color so she assumed that she had to fill up the green cars which was totally wrong since each car had a different color strip and that was the color you went by. All the teams got out of this and got to the train station in time. The globetrotters and the cowboys were the first to leave this task.

Detour Trunk or Seat


Only four teams could do this side of the detour and those teams worked with an elephant to put logs on a truck. while the other side looked easier teams that did this one got done sooner. It was amazing to see these elephants lift the heavy logs like they were nothing and being such a help to society. The teams that did this side were: Jed & Cord, Leo & Jamal, Jessica & John and Dave & Conner.


Teams did this side to make paper that is eco-friendly made from elephant dung, sure it was messy but it helped the environment and after quite a few mess ups teams got the hang of it and moved through the task. teams that did this side were: Jennifer & Caroline, Globetrotters, and Brendan & Rachel.

The pit stop was set on a beautiful beach and teams raced cross it to get to the host and lucky for the last team it was a non elimination leg.


1 Leo & Jamal ~ trip to Berlin, Germany

2 Jed & Cord

3 Jessica & John

4 Conner & Dave

5 Brendan & Rachel

6 Lifetime & Big Easy

7 Caroline & Jennifer



DWTS Video Commentary

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I created my first video commentary to go with the blog post for this week, I welcome all comments and feedback on the video which can be made on YouTube under the video just click through to see the video on YouTube thanks enjoy