Amazing Race Morroco

We are now down to eight teams and after our top ranking team faced a challenge but was spared with a non elimination leg, they still have their save.  The teams hated that they still at the save. Would be really nice if they could edit the opening each  week to tell you which team has been eliminated I know that on ANTM they erase each girl that’s been eliminated and I know MTV did the eliminated sign on their competition shows.

This week the teams were faced with a double-u turn and the competition turned real. Teams flew to Marrakech, Morocco, I’ve included a travel video from a  travel blogger and will include those in future posts, since amazing race is a travel show this adds a new dimension to it. Also, I plan to by the end of the year start my own Travel Blog : Reality Traveler, all about my adventures traveling in the united states and giving guides to where to visit in the different states.

The Mom and daughter team made a deal with the cab driver price wise great but not so sure the idea to leave your bags in the cab was a great idea, first they don’t know where their detours or roadblocks will take them and it’s best to have your bags at all time. Plus as show in last season its possible to steal a cab and the cabbie might get tired of waiting and take off. This is an unknown variable that showed a bit of stupidity.


Teams had to help set up booths for the restaurant market space, they only get the clue when the cart is ready for business and caution a u turn is ahead had them all hustling to complete the task. All the teams had a hard time controlling the carts and were running into each other as they found their designated spots, one team even ran into a passing buggy. The gay guys were a complete mess leaving things on the floor while other teams had a language barrier. Keith & Whitney were the first ones out of this task. The teams were almost done when Misti & Jim rejoined the group.

Jim & Misti had a speedbump for them before continuing on the race, they had to collect rugs from a store then hang them on a wire in front of a nearby hotel, displaying them for sale. Jim was being a controlling guy taking over carrying the rug, give your wife a little more credit and let her help, yet when she did help she couldn’t handle her part of things.

ROADBLOCK Teams go to the tannery and prepare three hides then take them by bike to shoemaker who will give them a slip for them to go get their clue. They had to collect three goat skins and take the hair off which grossed the women out. Adam had a sense of humor for Bethany” Just like shaving my back”. There were issues with finding the location and teams worked together and Misti had a collision and couldn’t stop saying sorry as she ran into others. Once teams got to the shoemaker it was a pile up of teams. It was a battle of wills at tanner as the mother daughter team got in argument with Keith and Whitney., there was pushing involved by the women on Keith. I am on the couple’s side as the mother daughter have an attitude. DETOUR Twirl Time Teams join the street performers and keep their tassel spinning while the other plays the drums. They had to spin the tassel for a minute while keeping a beat and this was harder than it seemed. Luckily they got to practice upstairs before performing.  Several teams lost their beanies while twirling and got smacked in the face which was entertaining especially to the mother daughter team. Kym & Alli got it right on the first try. Keith & Whitney had lots of problems and no one had rhythm looking like crazy people. Tea Time Teams choose a traditional tea set, carry it through the streets to a restaurant and then serve the tea on a tray with one arm an then do a pour. This seemed longer but not as hard as the other one. Misti messed up by using two hands while the surfers practiced beforehand as other teams messed up, this got it right on the first try. The wrestlers didn’t have proper pouring height. They should all look at the other teams or the professionals then they would know the problem. Double U-turn Surfers decide not to u turn as did Kym & Alli. The mother daughter pick had to choose between the two enemies they’ve made so far Jim & Misti or Keith & Whitney, they choose the second option which was a bad move but it helped toward their elimination. The gay guys choose not to U-turn anyone as did Jim & Misti and the Scientists.

 Team Standings

1 Kym & Alli 5,000 each

2 Bethany & Adam

3 Tim & Tee Jay

4 Shelley & Nici

5 Brooke & Robbie

6 Misti & Jim

7 Amy & Maya

8 Keith & Whitney- Eliminated by u turn

DWTS Latin Night

Yet again we get with another flashy entertainer for the judge whose songs stink as we get Latin night. The nice surprise was the guest co host was former celeb star Leah Remini who danced with Tony.

Current Standings: Alfonso 39 Bethany 36  Sadie 35  Janel 33  Lea 32    Jonathan 32 Michael 30 Antonio 28  Tommy 28


Antonio & Cheryl He showed his roots and really got into the latin beat, loved the costumes and their chemistry went up. The judges didn’t like it.

Alfonso & Witney these two were on fire it was latin fiery and it was an amazing routine lots of intricate moves and great considering they were both injured recently.


Tommy & Peta it was too flashy a fox trot and did not see any of the dance hardly in that dance hated it. Julianne was being a total kiss up.

Michael & Emma hated out outfits and it was a very slow argentine tango where it is supposed to be fast and I hated it yet the judges were sympathetic.

Sadie & Mark as cute as it was it was not at all like rumba and due to the families  hesitation about sexy it there was no appeal and she looked stiff. She had not much expression or interaction with her partner. the judges loved her.

Most Improved

Jonathan & Allison he finally improved the week he got eliminated and did hip hop well wasn’t a fan of the costumes but the dance moves went well an they did synchronized moves well.

Amazing Race Denmark


The teams are now in week four and the teams head to Copenhagen Denmark. Teams took a big ferry to Aberdeen and the islands did not have a travel agent and had to go to one on the island. The wrestlers made a bold move by going to the airport while everyone else goes to the travel agency but other teams do the same thing, it was finally smart thinking for them. There was a variety of different flights getting in at different times so it was game on. I am really loving the live commentary right during the game.

This leg had one obstacle which helped promote the hybrid car to drive to Sweden, teams who used only one tenth of a gallon of gas and obey the road rules will be reward with clue while those who fail to drive right will have to answer a geography question. Very good marketing strategy. The technician checks the fuel gauge and Kym & Alli ,Keith & Whitney and Nici & Shelly got the challenge while the other teams had to deal with the questions. The daughter had totally melt down on the mat with her mom.


PARKING SPACE teams must repurpose this parking spot which promotes hanging out and being social, choose between garden or living room setting and set up parking spot exactly like the photo within 30 minutes or be forced to redo the spot somewhere else. The dentists did the garden scene, they had to redo this twice over a small problem, while the scientists did living room scene and got first try. The dentist gave up went to other side.

WEDDING CAKE RACE Teams have to decorate a skinny wedding  cake then navigate the busy streets on a bike while holding on tot he cake. Deliver it to the restaurant then if in one piece they get clue from the  bakery. This side looks crazy, Kym & Alli were smart to bring icing along to do repairs but lost their receipt which found easily and got free cookie. Teams had lots problems with this side and teams switched. Brooke & Robbie kept with it and she complained the whole way. The Dentists totally messed up by losing a flag in route were last had maybe use save.


teams had to play waiter and take sandwich orders from two people for a place that had 100 different sandwiches. A good memory was needed for this one. Then memorize the ingredients of  both sandwiches to rely to chef once order is perfect they get clue. Teams didn’t take  long at this task while Misti kept forgetting the numbers got it right on 9th try.

 Team Standings

1 KYM & ALLI -each got hybrid car







8 MISTI & JIM – non elimination leg



DWTS Switch up!

This week was the switch up and due work I am late posting so instead of the detailed post I had planned on you get the video highlights and my brief opinions. The guest judge must have an album coming out soon cause they gave her 3 solos and she could not judge at all, the pop singer had no clue what she was talking about. Get judges who actually know dance please. These scores are the judges scores combined from last week.

Current Standings: Alfonso 74 Lea 73 Sadie  73 Janel  69 Bethany 65  Antonio 57   Tommy 51  Jonathan 48 Michael 45

Switch up Teams: Alfonso & Cheryl, Mark & Bethany, Derek & Sadie, Michael & Whitney, Emma & Tommy, Peta & Jonathan, Janel & Artem, Val & Lea

JANEL & VAL these two sizzled with their burlesque doings some tricky moves and making an entertaining number.

BETHANY & MARK she shined in this hip hop routine the girl had lots of swag loved this number.

LEA & VAL  the best routine of the night, the old people s home for ballroom dancers hits broadway so cute.

Tell me what you think who was the best switchup pair

Amazing Race


The teams traveled to the Shetland Islands in the upper UK  near Scotland, which are named for Shetland Ponies. There was lots of pairing up and one huge injure for the firefighters in which one of them had a major  bruise and hurt to their ankle, it looked really painful. This might affect their race next leg. One team instead of being boring went to a pub not such a great idea if you want to be on top of your game but at least they had fun in the host country of England. The train ride was eight hours. Toward end episode lost sound of show.


Teams were required to herd sheep through separate gates into a pen and this was harder than it looked and it was funny to see how the sheep out maneuvered the smartest of teams. The only team that made it look easy were the surfers who had the sheep going wherever they led, the rest of teams had sheep running all over.  I felt bad for the firefighters who were a one man team due to injury.


PONY UP teams are required to cut 50 cuts of peat that is used for fires and deliver them with the help of a Shetland pony to the cabin to receive clue. The dentist choose this and assumed that the physical labor is easier but it was dealing with a pony which was difficult. This was harder for the female teams not having the male strength to their advantage. The pony gave teams problems bucking and struggling not wanting to cooperate.

LIGHT MY FIRE This side involved building a Viking torch in three steps this side seemed more involved with the other labor intensive. The wrestler found the torch side instead of the labor one and went with it. Five of the teams choose this task. The first task was rolling the burlap around a poll very tight , second step was to pound nails into the poll and the last step was to torch it. The judge on this task was tough and kept failing teams till they got it just right, I was funny how the gay guys called him Mr Viking. Again Brooke had issues of focusing on others progress instead of their own and this is going to be a big stumbling block for them. Teams were able to get through this side of detour faster.


 Team Standings

1 Misti & Jim trip for two somewhere exotic

2 Adam & Bethany

3 Keith & Whitney

4 Shelley & Nici

5 Amy & Mya

6 Brooke & Robbie

7 Kym & Alli

8 Tim & Tee Jay

9 Michael & Scott


DWTS America’s Vote

The opening number was  a steamy number with Val & Sharna and the rest of the professional number guess they were going back to the 80s in costumes. This week was the stars most memorable year. I tried the score app online and I couldn’t get through guess it was really popular.

Current Standings: Alfonso  40 Lea 39 Sadie  37  Janel  36 Bethany 33  Antonio 29   Tommy 28  Michael 25 Jonathan 24      Betsey


Janel & Val, Rumba- She remembered her dance teacher when she was younger. This was a beautiful routine I loved her dress it was just right seductive yet not trampy. The movements were fluid and elegant a very good latin dance.

Bethany & Derek! the judges thought this was not enough of the dance but I loved it and they got the extra thrill of having Colbie Caillat perform.  It was a moving dance and I really did enjoy it. It fit the song perfectly. It had Julianne in tears.

Alfonso & Whitney- this dance routine was so cute as they were on the couch and then broke out in preppy dance I barely remember the show he was on or the dance but it was great that he would please his fans that way he really is an amazing dancer.


Jonathan & Allison – I hated this number in my mind he went from most improve to worst. I hated the Christmas theme and never saw mean girls  did not care for this routine. The judges hated it, Carrie Ann called it one-dimensional and made good points.

 Most Improved

Betsey & Tony- she’s improved so much since week one she can keep up with her partner and the tribute to her daughter was touching.

Sadie & Mark the duck samba was adorable she looked good and got all the moves down, Mark was funny in that get up and beard. nice touch letting the family get in on the start of the dance.

Amazing Race England


The next location is London England which has two flights going out. Teams were being nice to each other and sharing cabs. The first flight had the first six teams on it. The last four teams are on the second flight. Ok now one team considers themselves super fans and this shouldn’t affect how a team runs the race better than others or not, yes I mean the mother daughter team, hopefully there egos won’t get the best of them.


The teams had to get in a boat called punting and go up and down the stream, some teams got though it with ease while others struggled especially the mother daughter team and Isabelle & Dennis who both were in tears on the cab ride to the finish.


ABOUT FACE teams took part in the changing of the guard at the palace, dress up as British soldiers and then learn the moves and the show what they have. This tasks took people awhile to learn the steps, if they did it wrong they got quite the lecture and balled out. The first team got out of the detour first. Kym & Alli got though and one of them gave the head guard a kiss. Brooke & Robbie had issues with this task and with each team that got though it she messed up more.

PANCAKE RACE taking part of the tradition of racing with pancakes near big ben making a pancake and racing around in under two minutes to get clue.  I liked the race and seeing the cute dog watching the race. This seemed to be the easier of the two tasks to do and move on from.  A few other teams did this option and did not do as well as the surfers.

Bethany & Adam got to the route marker first and had the choice to go for the express pass or go straight to the pit stop, they choose and got the pass. This will give them an advantage in the future legs.


Team Standings

1 ADAM & BETHANY trip Sweden