DWTS Season 19

A new season brings new stars and a new judge. The celebs range from athletes to actors to young and old. The new judge Julianne Hough was good at judging although her dress barely covered up her chest.

Current Standings: Alfonso 36 Sadie 34  Bethany 32 Lea 32  Randy 31 Jonathan 30 Janel 29  Tavis 29 Tommy 27 Michael 25 Antonio 25 Lolo 22 Betsey 20

Antonio & Cheryl, Cha Cha~ While the have great chemistry he does not have the moves with his feet and needs to work on technique to stay in the competition in future weeks. He was good at holds and the judges liked his charisma.

Lea & Artem, Foxtrot~ She’s a natural on the floor, having grace and elegance she glided on the floor showing that she has the talent to be on this show.

Janel & Val, Jive~ loved this pair they have chemistry and she did amazing at the jive it was well choreographed with lots of energy. The judges loved it.

Lolo & Keo,Cha Cha~ while i love her character and what she stands for and thinks she looks adorable with her partner her dance skills are not there and she was awkwardly moving around on the floor.

Tavis & Sharna~ He was the worst dancer of the bunch although the judges loved his dance, he did not dance at all just moved stiffly around the floor it was awful routine.

Betsey & Tony, Cha Cha~ this dance must be cursed because she did awful at it too poor tony got stuck with the oldest person on the show. She had no rhythm and it did not go well at all.

Sadie & Mark~ this cutie is a natural to dance and she won the judges over with her moves. Her and Mark are perfect for each other with their Zaniness .

Michael & Emma, Cha Cha~ the race theme was cheesy but he was average with some nice footwork i don’t see him lasting long.

Alison & Jonathan Jive~ I loved this pairing and am thrilled to have another SYTYCD dancer to the show. He  was a natural and took to the dance with ease.

Tommy & Peta, cha cha~ this was a funked out cha cha and the old man has the moves and won over the judges.

Randy & Karina, Fox trot~ I loved this dance he has swagger and charm and they have great chemistry together.

Bethany & Derek, Jive~ these two were adorable together and she has one of the best dancers on the show as her partner. Shes a natural and followed his lead winning over the judges.

Alfonso & Whitney, Jive~ He stole the show with the best dance of the night he has moves and skill .

Deliverance Creek : The western version of North & South

If you were away this weekend you missed a great movie on Lifetime directed by Nicholas Sparks, whose had many of his books turned to movies but this is his first chance directing and from the sound of it he has more movies to direct in the future. This movie was a western civil war drama, in the 80s there was THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH, the series with Patrick Swayze and many other stars that was set in the civil war. This movie was another version of that, it had romance, fighting and even slavery involved in it. It had a well planned out plot and evolution of the characters, The ending left the viewers to decide what happened and wanting more.

The character’s were very believable and the violence was kept to a minimum so it would best to be a PG 13 or Adult Rating.  The Hatfield’s and McCoy history channel series was far more graphic and violent and shouldn’t have been on tv in that state it was presented this was far more sensible in what was presented.

I feel that this movie should be made into a series to bring light to what was going on in the civil war for this generation so people not forget what our country went through during that time in our nations history. If there were to be a series here’s some of what could happen in my own imagination :

Episode 1: Picking up where the movie left out we find out that the sheriff Cooper found Belle’s ring he gave her and does ride out to see her but instead of taking her in he warns her and lets her run free letting the blame go to the neighbors who own the bank, he loves her too much to let her be harmed. he doesn’t know  that she’s with the other outlaw Toby. She in turn goes to find her brother Jasper and Toby and a love triangle is born between the two men vying for her heart.

Episode 2: The sister Hattie is left at home caring for Belle’s children claiming that her sister went to visit family that was in need she could not leave the neighbor’s nephew Ben who loves her and she cares about. Although shes claimed that she will leave the abolition work to someone else she is drawn to it again by helping Kessie reunite with her sons, this draws her closer to saloon owner Duke who carries a torch for her.

Episode 3 Back in town Cordelia and Jeb who own the bank and are caring for their nephew are still on the line for the money  that the union left in their bank. They have suspicions on what happened but they can’t prove it and they pressure Ben to find out from Hattie the truth and his family loyalty vs love is tested. Also around this time the lone crook Cyril  is heading back to town to get the stolen money for his own not wanting to wait for his cut of the loot.  He takes the women hostage at the ranch bringing Belle and the boys out of hiding.

Episode 4 Just when things are at a crisis point Belle and the boys return to come clean about their crime and we find out who Hattie and Belle have chosen to be with.

These are just ideas, but whatever happens with the characters this should be a series and seeing the reaction from the audience online I think it might become a reality or at least a sequel to the movie let us know what happened, Did you watch this movie what did you think?

Bachelor In Paradise Finale


All the weeks of dates, rose ceremonies, hellos and goodbyes has led to this final time as the host tells the remaining six couples there will be no more new arrivals or dates, that they need to all have a talk about the future of their relationships and those that want to continue will stay while those who call it quits leave paradise. The men and women separate into group and talk over their relationships before having the important talks. .

The two new couples Christy & Tasos and Jackie & Zack easily call it quits because they do not have history together or have not formed any bonds so those four go home. Now its left to four couples, this is when things start getting serious because these couples have been together for awhile with the exception of Michelle and Cody.

Michelle again doubts Ashley’s sincerity and after hearing her I am a little inclined to agree but that does not give her the right to interfere in a relationship as she did in the past and does again all in the name of protecting her ex boyfriend Graham. She talks to him telling her fears and that has an impact on what happens between the couple as she hugs him after it’s over which was a bit insensitive.

Ashley & Graham They have a short talk on the beach, she was a bit delusional thinking that nothing would change and they were serious about each other and Michelle would have no impact. Yeah of course she does she and Graham were together in the past he’s going to listen to his ex.  Despite the amount of reasoning she tried to do to get him to stay he felt that they would not survive together outside of the paradise surroundings and ended things with her. After he felt sad yet relieved and she was in tears, I’m sure some of them were genuine but she also did mention feeling embarrassment about having an audience for the breakup which questions her intentions and she is the first to leave followed soon by Graham.  Another couple leaves paradise.

That evening three couples remain when the host returns : Cody & Michelle, Lacy & Marcus and Sarah & Robert. They are told they are going on overnight dates, each couple is at a different resort with their own fantasy suite. All the suites look nice each couple has different night planned together.

Robert & Sarah These two make good use of the hot tub and enjoy being intimate with each other thankful for the time alone together. I like these two as a couple and I wish they could have made it. The next morning it becomes clear that they are not happy anymore well at least she isn’t an he is still happy. They have a talk and its discovered that he went to sleep and did not want any intimacy in the evening and she felt like he didn’t care about her while he thought they were taking things slow. They break up  and both leave the show broken-hearted. Now there are two couples left.

The host comes back once more with some familiar couples to give the remaining two couples advice. Engaged Couple Desiree & Chris, Newlyweds Sean & Catherine and married Jason & Molly. They talked to the couples and enjoyed their time with them and feel they both are ready for life outside paradise. After this both couples handed each other roses.

Cody & Michelle These two were the least expected couple but have proven to be good for each other. On their overnight she claims that she was not going to do anything sexual yet the next morning she was raving to Lacy about all the stuff they did that sure was a short-lived resistance. He claims he will be there for her daughter and her and as of the time of the show ending she moved to Utah with her daughter to be with him.

This left one couple who took a break to talk privately before the rose ceremony and it was good news because there was  an engagement. It was beautiful proposal and she accepted and the show ended on a happy ending.

Marcus & Lacey They enjoyed their evening alone she said he loved him and they were extremely happy together, he pulled her aside and proposed to her on the beach they met. These two belong together and I hope it lasts for the two of them.



SYTYCD Season 11 Finale

The time came to name the champion and see favorite routines from the season. Each judge got a pick a routine as did the four finalists. Here are the highlights of those dances shown.

4th place ZACK 3rd Place JESSICA 2nd place VALERIE


My favorite dance of the night Top 10 with All Stars

Valerie’s choice ~ tap number with Zack

Mary ~ Jessica & Casey Contemporary Routine

Jessica’s choice ~ Robert and Travis Wahl routine

flipping the block working together


This week all teams worked together to work on the common area and curb appeal. The last challenge was the beautification of the block. They also worked on their garages. Four days were given then they would get judge to sign off on their condos.

The teams did not start out well working together, there was the debate between common area being paved vs grassy park feel and I agree with blue team on the grass. After that hiccup they agreed on a design of adding new trees,shrubs and walkway to the front. The courtyard included a pergola with dining space and patio furniture. Finally the pool will have plants and be fenced in. The girls choose the plants and the boys did demo. The heat messed with them going from 95 to 99 degrees.

The first issue was that a tree fell on the fence of silver’s unit backyard and neighbors wall. The problem was averted and there was a case of heat exhaustion by red team. The girls went to get shopping done and it took eight hours while the guys slaved away in the yard and heat. Blue team got overwhelmed while silver had fun with a tractor till it flipped on him and got him stuck briefly, that was a funny moment. The heat exhaustion turned out to be a two month pregnancy congrats to red team.

Half way through they got the host Josh and mentor David to help the out who got things controlled and the teams organized. They created a mural and the lawn jockey got a pink makeover. Also the garage get redone so they can be used . The plants and path intersected and the host lost his cool. All of theses renovations happened in seven weeks.

Each team presented an area to the judge. The front yard and he loved it, they added electronic garage doors which impressed the judge. He loved the pool and the courtyard. The judge meets with the teams and helps them with presentation. Next week is the auction.

Bachelor in Paradise The Bonds of Love

The bachelorettes and Bachelors.  Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Christy, Robert, Graham, Zack, Jackie. Cody, Jesse. The new arrivals Brooks and Tasos

The night started out with Cody getting a wake up call for getting to serious by telling her he loves her after a week, that’s too fast to go to be putting your heart out there and it chases Michelle away. She told him she wanted to slow down. Michelle gets love advice from the player in the house Jesse which she makes valid points that he doesn’t know her an that he’s all about him. Ashley tries to get on her good side but it turns the wrong way and makes her more suspicious of her.

The issue in the house was the arrival of Brooks who Sarah has a crush on but Robert does the reaction I had hoped that Zack would do when Cody arrived, if you date her I’ll get you. He’s protecting his relationship an woman who he has built a connection with. Sarah confessed that she had wanted him there. Brooks claims to have met her before on after the final rose for Juan’s season and he goes to talk with Robert and the other guys. She tells her history with Brooks to Graham and Jackie.  He saves himself getting hurt and picks Jackie. Sarah almost breaks up with Robert but after he writes her a love letter she chances her mind and realizes she wants to be with him instead of going after her fling with Brooks.

Michelle sits down Christy telling her what a loser Jesse is and that he’s bragging about his escapades with Christy and Lucy, this changes her view of it and wakes her up. The women of this house hate him and want him gone. Good luck at getting a rose now that your reputation is ruined. Jesse when he realized he’s not getting a rose from the dumb blonde Christy he decide to leave the show. He tries to save face by claiming he was out for a relationship an the women are after him and Christy stood up for herself to his line of lies.  Just when she is ready to leave the next guy arrives, Tasos.  He does the smart thing and talk to the available girls which gets Cody all jealous. Michelle is such a sweetheart by steering him toward Christy who needs a good man in her life and he in turns tell her good things about Cody.

Date Card 1 Marcus The two of them go down into an underwater cave where there are bats an if that were me I would be screaming since I hate bats. His only concern about her is that she hasn’t said she loves him back. Lacy freaked out while he is fascinated terrified didn’t sound like it as she was laughing but he was able to be the man and protect her. After the cave the come into their own paradise. She faces her fears and tells him that she loves him and they share a kiss.

Date Card 2 Brooks They enjoy a wonderful dinner together and shes impressed by how cultured he is, they seem to have chemistry together and he has a crush on her calling her cute it was adorable. Jackie did feel awkward because she had a connection starting with Zack. They play a game of foseball an he makes a beat for a kiss, she beat him totally. He gave her a kiss on the check.

Date Card 3 Tasos this new arrival invites Christy on a date. they get dropped off in the water in a waterway and they go on the water in rubes, of course you must have swimwear on a tropical date.  She is blown away by how sweet he was.

Date Card  4 Zack he chooses Jackie for his date they go to the same underwater cave that Marcus and Lacy went to and I guess they ran out of ideas for dates. She seems amazed by this date and they go to an inner area inside the cave. Her mind is on Brooks during the date an Zack is all into her.

Lacy= Marcus

Ashley= Graham

Sarah= Robert

Michelle= Cody

Christy= Tasos

Jackie= Zack

The host announces that this was the last rose ceremony and no more date cards and things will be put to the test for them which looks like a drama filled night with lots of tears and hurt.


Bachelor in Paradise Love or Be Lost

sarrobThe bachelorettes and Bachelors. Claire, Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Robert, Graham, Zack, Jackie. Cody, Jesse. The new arrivals were Lucy and Christy.

This night ended last week but to see the results see the previous posting. This week saw the end of one couple as a new woman threatened things and the man failed the loyalty test. Another couple showed that they truly love each other. Others felt pressured by others to be in love. The best part of the night was the bond between Lacy and  Marcus. Lacy was dehydrated ad taken to the hospital, he went with her and later told her he loved her such devotion the good news is these two are now engaged.

The second issue of the night was that Zack and Claire unraveled, she ran into the jungle then packed up and left Zack alone. Sure he felt pressured and I’m not sure he was ready for commitment but she didn’t give him much choice in her leaving and he didn’t beg her to stay either. He offends her by saying that he’s not sure if a relationship with her is a good fit, he should have shown his intentions week one he was there not wait all that time.

Date Card 1 Christy As a newbie she choose first choose Zack who turned her down so then Sarah leads her over to Jesse who is just like her cheating ex boyfriend only she doesn’t know this yet, Jesse gets his pay back next week when all the girls find out he’s a sleeze. They explore the town with booze and chocolate. She ignored the warning signs of Jesse being a flirt but was distracted by a stray dog.

Date Card 2 Sarah They enjoy dinner together and he’s so sweet saying that the best part of this paradise was meeting her and toasted to a little bit of saradise. She finally got her kiss toward the end of the date.

Date Card 3 Michelle She has her date with Cody at a resort where they have engagement and wedding photos and she felt pressured during this time. He was coming on to strong and just went in heart first into this relationship and while the devotion is nice they need to take it slower.

Date Card 4 Lucy The wild child girl shows up and goes topless picking Jesse as her date but he was smart enough to know that she was not here for the right reason but just to have fun.

Date 5 Ashley & Graham They got to go to a race car track and drive the cars this strengthened their relationship and they showed they can last.  She  was cute driving in neutral at 20 mph.  He speeds through the track.

Robert= Sarah

Graham= Ashley

Cody= Michelle

Marcus= Lacy

Jesse= Christy

Zack= Jackie

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