Bachelor in Paradise The Bonds of Love

The bachelorettes and Bachelors.  Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Christy, Robert, Graham, Zack, Jackie. Cody, Jesse. The new arrivals Brooks and Tasos

The night started out with Cody getting a wake up call for getting to serious by telling her he loves her after a week, that’s too fast to go to be putting your heart out there and it chases Michelle away. She told him she wanted to slow down. Michelle gets love advice from the player in the house Jesse which she makes valid points that he doesn’t know her an that he’s all about him. Ashley tries to get on her good side but it turns the wrong way and makes her more suspicious of her.

The issue in the house was the arrival of Brooks who Sarah has a crush on but Robert does the reaction I had hoped that Zack would do when Cody arrived, if you date her I’ll get you. He’s protecting his relationship an woman who he has built a connection with. Sarah confessed that she had wanted him there. Brooks claims to have met her before on after the final rose for Juan’s season and he goes to talk with Robert and the other guys. She tells her history with Brooks to Graham and Jackie.  He saves himself getting hurt and picks Jackie. Sarah almost breaks up with Robert but after he writes her a love letter she chances her mind and realizes she wants to be with him instead of going after her fling with Brooks.

Michelle sits down Christy telling her what a loser Jesse is and that he’s bragging about his escapades with Christy and Lucy, this changes her view of it and wakes her up. The women of this house hate him and want him gone. Good luck at getting a rose now that your reputation is ruined. Jesse when he realized he’s not getting a rose from the dumb blonde Christy he decide to leave the show. He tries to save face by claiming he was out for a relationship an the women are after him and Christy stood up for herself to his line of lies.  Just when she is ready to leave the next guy arrives, Tasos.  He does the smart thing and talk to the available girls which gets Cody all jealous. Michelle is such a sweetheart by steering him toward Christy who needs a good man in her life and he in turns tell her good things about Cody.

Date Card 1 Marcus The two of them go down into an underwater cave where there are bats an if that were me I would be screaming since I hate bats. His only concern about her is that she hasn’t said she loves him back. Lacy freaked out while he is fascinated terrified didn’t sound like it as she was laughing but he was able to be the man and protect her. After the cave the come into their own paradise. She faces her fears and tells him that she loves him and they share a kiss.

Date Card 2 Brooks They enjoy a wonderful dinner together and shes impressed by how cultured he is, they seem to have chemistry together and he has a crush on her calling her cute it was adorable. Jackie did feel awkward because she had a connection starting with Zack. They play a game of foseball an he makes a beat for a kiss, she beat him totally. He gave her a kiss on the check.

Date Card 3 Tasos this new arrival invites Christy on a date. they get dropped off in the water in a waterway and they go on the water in rubes, of course you must have swimwear on a tropical date.  She is blown away by how sweet he was.

Date Card  4 Zack he chooses Jackie for his date they go to the same underwater cave that Marcus and Lacy went to and I guess they ran out of ideas for dates. She seems amazed by this date and they go to an inner area inside the cave. Her mind is on Brooks during the date an Zack is all into her.

Lacy= Marcus

Ashley= Graham

Sarah= Robert

Michelle= Cody

Christy= Tasos

Jackie= Zack

The host announces that this was the last rose ceremony and no more date cards and things will be put to the test for them which looks like a drama filled night with lots of tears and hurt.


Bachelor in Paradise Love or Be Lost

sarrobThe bachelorettes and Bachelors. Claire, Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Robert, Graham, Zack, Jackie. Cody, Jesse. The new arrivals were Lucy and Christy.

This night ended last week but to see the results see the previous posting. This week saw the end of one couple as a new woman threatened things and the man failed the loyalty test. Another couple showed that they truly love each other. Others felt pressured by others to be in love. The best part of the night was the bond between Lacy and  Marcus. Lacy was dehydrated ad taken to the hospital, he went with her and later told her he loved her such devotion the good news is these two are now engaged.

The second issue of the night was that Zack and Claire unraveled, she ran into the jungle then packed up and left Zack alone. Sure he felt pressured and I’m not sure he was ready for commitment but she didn’t give him much choice in her leaving and he didn’t beg her to stay either. He offends her by saying that he’s not sure if a relationship with her is a good fit, he should have shown his intentions week one he was there not wait all that time.

Date Card 1 Christy As a newbie she choose first choose Zack who turned her down so then Sarah leads her over to Jesse who is just like her cheating ex boyfriend only she doesn’t know this yet, Jesse gets his pay back next week when all the girls find out he’s a sleeze. They explore the town with booze and chocolate. She ignored the warning signs of Jesse being a flirt but was distracted by a stray dog.

Date Card 2 Sarah They enjoy dinner together and he’s so sweet saying that the best part of this paradise was meeting her and toasted to a little bit of saradise. She finally got her kiss toward the end of the date.

Date Card 3 Michelle She has her date with Cody at a resort where they have engagement and wedding photos and she felt pressured during this time. He was coming on to strong and just went in heart first into this relationship and while the devotion is nice they need to take it slower.

Date Card 4 Lucy The wild child girl shows up and goes topless picking Jesse as her date but he was smart enough to know that she was not here for the right reason but just to have fun.

Date 5 Ashley & Graham They got to go to a race car track and drive the cars this strengthened their relationship and they showed they can last.  She  was cute driving in neutral at 20 mph.  He speeds through the track.

Robert= Sarah

Graham= Ashley

Cody= Michelle

Marcus= Lacy

Jesse= Christy

Zack= Jackie

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Bachelor in Paradise Testing Bonds of Relationship

coupleThe bachelorettes and Bachelors. Claire, Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Robert, Graham, Marquel,  Zack, Jackie. Cody, Kalon, Jesse

The start of the two night special leaves Michelle on a high  as Chris gave her his rose so she can stay and find love. Things are  around as couples question themselves about if they are right together while other couples strengthen their bonds. Cody upon having himself turned down he bonds with Michelle giving her a nice massage. There also is the start of tension between Zack and Claire who were threatened by another guy asking Claire out and Zack did not show a bit of jealousy toward that and Claire makes a valid point she wants a man who will be there for her and no one else but this is reality tv an its hard to find someone whose going to stay loyal.

The other drama was the fact that Ashley gave advice to Zack and then  Claire got upset, other noticed she got worried about the camera. This caused Michelle to alert her ex Graham about this behavior and he almost didn’t accept her rose but they got back together. This show creates too much drama and the previews are misleading. We didn’t really need to hear Graham’s monologue through the rose ceremony.

Date Card 1 Robert He finally gets his own date card and takes Sarah out for an adventure on a boat. This crushed Michelle who had been going after him. They  get in their swim suits and jump into the water. He admires her strengths and she feels safe with him.

Date Card 2 Cody / Marcus: This guy from last season arrives with a crush on Claire who turns him down so he is sweet enough to give his date to his friend Marcus who takes Lacy. The one thing I can say about Cody is that he’s persistent which can also be a turn off but flattering too. Marcus and Lacy enjoy a wonderful day together and he tells her he loves her.

Date Card 2 Kalon He comes and offers a date to Michelle who can’t stand him due to his dislike of children and her being a mom, she later changes her mind and after no one wants to date him he takes the date with himself. He is soo self-absorbed it’s comical. He had a conversation with himself and faked making out and claimed that at least he knew he was with someone who cares about him. The stuff he’ saying is awful and stupid and I’m thrilled he went home.

Date Card 4 Jesse This player came and asked Jackie on a date she accepted and he played along in hopes of getting to stay. This left Marquel out of things after his connection with her the week before.  They enjoy their time in a cave with bats I would just flip out if that happened to me I hate bats.  The date ended with a band playing in the cave as they danced with each other. All he could think about is the future girls he could meet not her which is sad.


 Lacy = Marcus

Claire= Zack

Michelle= Cody

Ashley= Graham

Jackie= Jesse

Sarah= Robert


Flipping the Block: Living Room

silverThe final room is here and that’s the living room. They all started with 37,500, the teams ranged from 7 thousand down to 3 thousand and the exception was the silver team who had 80 left.  They had the railing provided and a week to complete the challenge. During challenge teams had opportunity to fix any issues in the rest of the condo and receiving 2,500 toward that. This weeks winner got a night in a suite at a hotel.

Silver Team-WINNERS

Keeping the original stairs an storage from used wood they found, they also work on their fixes. They get a bad idea in taking down their ceiling to do exposed beams and the host, he give the advice that they ran out of money. They hid a snag in having a chandelier in the wall but they can’t pay the electrician and so they asked for their fix it money back and break the rule of that they can’t use that money on the living room who luckily for them refused the deal. They got the project of the light done on their own for 20. The judge loved the exposed ceiling and the chandelier and the storage, but hated the antique window treatment

BlueBlue Team

They planned on getting new flooring and stairway, blue furniture and a dining set due to lack of that in the kitchen. They are focused on getting the rest of their rooms done and having it up to code to sell. The ladies enjoy watching the brothers shirtless.  They replaced the casing and trim in the bedroom and  got a new vanity to a pedestal version. The host hopes they win.  The contractor comes by to check on all their improvements and see that they are up to code. The judge agreed with their color choice and the stairs but disliked that they lacked storage, and that the coffee table was bare.

Red Team

Bold color choices as a vibrant art gallery and new ceiling and keeping their orange theme color. Their improvements are to take the condo to wow. Shauna is going to do artwork for the room. The host gets at them to get their other fix options started. Their fix was also they had to finish the closet upstairs. The judge loved the artwork and the feel of the room, the design of the room. She gets at them about storage lacking.

Black Team

BlackBuilt in shelf and cupboards under the stairs, new stairs and modern  furniture. Their extra money is going to fix the kitchen. I’m not so sure about the empty picture frames on the wall. The host is happy with their fix option and their design. They put in all the money into the kitchen and they have the same issues again of the cabinet drawers hitting the stove door. The judge loved how they had all the extra storage and the furniture but did not like the picture framed and the iron railing on the stairs. They fixed all the problems and its ready to be moved into.

SYTYCD Road to Finals Top 6

The opening dance was a creepy hip hop number which I did not care for they  had those stupid masks that hid their faces, he dancing was good but the song was bad. This week they were doing a routine with each other, an all-star and a solo. The performance finale is next week with the top 4 dancers.   The personal video messages from the families was a very touching moments. The guest judge was Christina Applegate.

TOP 6 Jacque, Ricky,  Valerie, Zack, Jessica, Casey

Dancer Eliminated: Jacque & Casey


Round 1

Ricky & Valerie, Broadway ~These two are perfect for this style of dance and they’ve improved as dancers. The judges were impressed with him jumping through the swing.

Casey & Jessica, Disco~ loved the hot pink glittery costumes. The spins and lifts were amazing they have great chemistry together both are energetic.

Zack & Jacque, Foxtrot~ these two failed at this dance, too much facial expression and not enough natural ability.

Round 2:

Jacque & Will, Contemporary~ They used the ball prop well and the music and dance blended together. She showed her emotion and dance ability in the dance.

Ricky & Anya, Cha Cha ~He got his latin beat on and turned to beyond cute guy to smoldering dancer. He was a great partner to his all-star.

Casey & Mackenzie , Contemporary~ loved the song choice, he showed emotion and proved to be a good dance partner.


SYTYCD Road to Finale Top 8

Last week the top 8 danced to songs by Michael Jackson, did not get the opening number it was too out there for me. The guest was Jenna Dewan Tatum  who is married to Channing Tatum the actor. The Solo dances started this week in addition to the dances with all-stars.  At the end of the show they showed a video which was kinda weird showing his new single but he’s already gone.

TOP 8 Jacque, Ricky, Tenisha, Rudy, Valerie, Zack, Jessica, Casey

Dancer Eliminated: Tenisha & Rudy

Ricky~ his all star was Jamie and they did a travis wahl contemporary piece, great song choice it was beautiful and tender-hearted he was a strong partner.

Valerie- she was paired with Ryan, she’s improved so much in her dancing she mastered the samba.

Jacque~ she did hiphop with Twitch and she was a natural at it kept up with him and looked good at it.



Flipping the Block Guest Bedroom


The teams decorated and designed their guest rooms and the landing area in the upstairs hallway and the prize this week was a feature in HGTV magazine and five thousand.  They were given three days to complete the room.

Black Team WINNERS

The team had a smaller space to work with due to pushing back a wall for their bathroom, the design was an office and bedroom combination with a small built-in desk ( which looked bad ) and a day bed. They were able to pull together the room to match with the rest of the condo. They also moved the washer dryer stackable from the kitchen to the upstairs linen closet, this came with its own problem in that the original set was too big so Whitney had to call around to find a new set. As winners of last week  challenge to the patio they once again got to have David Bromsted’s help for a day. They put him to work on construction and were nice enough to loan him out to the blue team. This team has shown they know how to design and build and I was impressed when they were down to a minute John remembered something undone upstairs he raced upstairs and fixed it before the clock ran out time, That is true dedication


 Red Team

This week they decided to take a risk and pick a bold accent wall with a stack of shelves, this did pay off with the judge’s approval but the rest of the room suffered because they spent a whole day on the shelves that there other plans flopped. They  had not painted the hallway or did the custom shelves in the closet. The bed looked nice and I loved their term for  their shelf debacle it was just funny and original, it makes me like this team of sisters even more.

Silver Team

I personally loved this room although due to poor budgeting skills they had to raid the dumpster for accessories, get free items from the joss & main tent and even dealt with old wood that caused a possible termite scare. They made a desk wall installation out of old wood and also did a daybed. I liked the color choices they picked and the judge was impressed with their design too, to me it was either Silver or Black that would win tis week.


Blue Team

The brothers finally finished a room and wowed the judge with their custom shelving in the closet. The hallway looked nice but the rest of the design looked bad, They did get help from David Bromsted in design but even his  advice did not help these two who are experts in carpentry but lack poorly in design.