The opening chess number hip hop style was innovative and different, loved the costumes to the number. One of the dance crews choreographed the opening number. The guest judge this week was Misty Copeland came back again. The show has been nominated for seven emmys this season.

Their was a performance by Great Big World who sang ” Say Something” that was danced to last season by Amy & Robert.  It was a great performance and song here’s that dance routine.

The Top 18 Dancers: Casey, Brooklyn, Emilio, Carly, Marquett, Emily, Jackie, Ricky, Jessica, Rudy , Jordan , Serge, Stanley, Tanisha, Teddy, Valerie, Zack, Bridget.

Dancers Eliminated Stanley & Jordan

New Couple Next Week : Jessica & Marquett

Best Routines

Ricky & Valerie, Waltz~ loved their costumes and the song. The waltz was so graceful and perfection they had chemistry and looked and danced together like they had for years.

Casey & Brooklyn, Jazz ~ These two blend together well and the dance was so entertaining to watch. They were in step with each other and loved the costumes.

Emily & Teddy, Contemporary~they were connected and this is perfect example of this style of dance. The moves and lifts all flowed together to great a dance. The judges liked them and their dance.

Bridget & Emilio, Jive~ They had the right sass and energy for this dance and  they looked soo cute together in those costumes. loved the song that went with the dance perfect choice. The judges loved this routine.

Worst Routines

Jordan & Marquett, Contemporary~while they connected last week this week fell flat. this style dance is all about connections and this felt like they were doing just the moves and not together, I didn’t feel any emotions.

Jackie & Zack, hip hop ~ the opening was confusing but then it soon made sense and they worked together although I all the intricate movements just didn’t mesh well with the dance it was distracting.

Serge & Carly, hip hop ~ disliked the skeleton costumes the moves and dancers did not connect well they were just doing the moves and she outshined him.

Bachelorette Tropical Getaway

This week Andi and her 3 remaining men go to Dominican Republic for the famed overnight dates, and Andi being the expose type has to reveal what happens in them. I seriously think this girl is out for the cameras too not just for her search for love. The  fame bug has bitten her and she hasn’t even gotten out of the season yet. My last bachelor pick went home which means I have to pick a new one for this final week. This season has been all about drama and isn’t any better than Juan’s failed season and does not meet up to the bachelorette seasons of the past. Instead of photos here’s a fan created video of Josh & Andi.

I liked the way the show started with the recap of the journey she has had with all 3 of her men she has left. Then all that nice warm feelings had to be wreaked by the drama induced events of the rest of the show, way to wreak a nice episode.

Nick & Andi They started on a helicopter ride as they view the water and land from the air. It looks amazing and we are already thinking of being fiancé as they get set to enjoy time at the beach. once on the island they are in swimwear, could her suit be any skimpier. She questioned him about his family’s concern about his heart getting broken again, he took it lightly and tried to talk the families concern away.  Again he doesn’t say he loves her and instead waits till the evening to tell her. At night they had dinner on the beach  which seems a little to casual to me but I liked the lighting of candles lit. The story that Nick wrote her was sweet and it was a whole book made out with all the dates and its then he finally tell her he loves her. Nothing bad must have happened with Nick cause they did not show a moment of their overnight which was disappointing cause I always like to see the fantasy suites then the cameras can disappear.

Andi & Josh The couple had a date in Santa Domingo and wandered around town. They act like tourists doing all the things that the locals do and he took charge speaking Spanish. Dancing to the music they looked cute together. Next, they watch a local baseball game and the kids let them play in the game. He tells her he loves her and I believe him and claims to be beyond love with her.  At night dinner is at a resort which was beautiful, they talked about their families and he admitted that he was picturing  their life together with their future kids. She gets defensive and questioning the way he is, he’s happy to be with her. He accepts the fantasy suite card and were greeted to fireworks and this time they showed the suite which was very nice.

Chris & Andi They seems so great for each other and I have no clue what goes wrong cause he seems perfect for her but something did go wrong. Whats with her skimpy clothes she needs to hire another stylist that dresses her better more modestly. Their date consists of a horse ride on a very lively horse for her. After that they share a glass of wine and talk about how well the hometown date went. She’s not sure he’s ready for the fantasy suite never heard that before, dinner is at the resort with them both looking nice. He’s looking forward to that because he’s in love with her, I do not see her living in Iowa. She breaks down in tears cause she doesn’t see them going anywhere or that connection she has with the other two guys and she doesn’t want to give up her life she has. He doesn’t get the fantasy suite and gets sent home before the rose ceremony. The way he reacts shows what a gentleman and good guy he is, I really do hope the rumors are true and that he is the next bachelor.

She had a talk with the host before the rose ceremony. She claims that she had no foundation with Chris. At the rose ceremony the host tells the guys that Chris is no longer here and of course they are going to accept roses they are in love with her duh. I wish they would take the guys back to her hometown instead of staying at the tropical location.

SYTYCD 11: Week 1

The first show was introducing the top 20 in their own styles of dance, now they are all repaired up with new partners and the first two dancers are cut from the show. This week I am reviewing all the pairs because they are new pairings . This week’s group dance was much better as broadway, loved the costumes and the dance movements. It was choreographed by Josh Burgess whose play On the Town is part of the prize for the winner ( I guess they gave up on the equality bit of guy and girl winners). The guest judge was Misty Copeland, an African American ballerina. The funny judges were in baseball wear because Fox is going to be hosting the baseball all star game, starting July 15.

The Top 20 Dancers: ,Nick, Casey, Brooklyn, Emilio, Carly, Macquet, Emily, Jackie, Ricky, Jessica, Rudy , Jordan , Serge, Marlena, Stanley, Tanisha, Teddy, Valerie, Zack, Bridget.

Dancers Eliminated Marlena  and Nick

New Couple Next Week Jessica & Stanley


Best Routines

 Ricky & Valerie, Contemporary~ Ricky’s flexibility and extensions were beautiful and Valerie was growing in this dance they make a good pair.

Jessica & Nick, Swing ~loved all the tricky moves and the costumes were cute, they really worked well together not so sure about the song bu the routine was good.  this was west coast swing choreographed by season 2 winner Benji. They did lack chemistry for now.

Brooklyn & Casey,Argentine tango~they had the footwork down and had great chemistry. love the costumes.

Carly & Serge, Contemporary~loved this Sonja does great at contemporary routines, it was like i was watching them in slow motion the moves were on intricate and they had such chemistry.

Emily & Teddy, hip hop~this pair did the hip hop so much better than the other pair, the moves and the chemistry was there. loved his costume not so much loving hers.

Jordan & Marquett Jazz~this pair was on fire it was fast paced and precise and they had chemistry. wasn’t that thrilled with her outfit but the dance was amazing.

Worst Routines

Tenisha & Rudy, Jazz~liked her outfit and disliked his, this dance had some nice moves but I did not like the number it is a rare time that I like a Sonja piece there always too raw for my liking.

Bridget & Emilio, Hip Hop~ he was in his element and she was still catching up to him in the dance. liked the flips and costumes but not sure if hip hope was the right fit for her.

Marlena & Stanley, Broadway~am not a fan of the telephone props or the costumes and did not feel any connection between them.


Bachelorette Hometowns

It’s time for things to get serious for the bachelorette, we introduce her to the families and watch things get intense, I was sad to hear who went home he was one of my picks.

Nick, Wisconsin~ First stop for Andi was to see Nick.  They met in the park then he gave her a tour of a local brewery it was a cute touch that there was a beer named after them. In the evening they met his family his siblings and parents, all they showed was the siblings and Andi did not get a chance to be with the parents at least not on camera. His little sister was adorable and loved her interaction with Andi. I still have my doubts about him but he claims to love her but he never told her wish that got him sent home, you need to tell her you love her because she’s not going to guess what you feel were not that smart. His interaction with his mom seemed kinda stilted he claims she’s intuitive but they barely talked at all.

Chris, Iowa ~ Next she went to the Midwest to visit farmer Chris and his family. He took her to his house which was well decorated and I loved it. She was impressed by his house, land and tractor so he took her on a ride. She thinks he’s the hottest farmer ever but I’ve seen hotter guys in the country music videos. The cute moment was when she sat on his lap to drive the tractor it showed them bonding as a couple. Then they have a picnic in the middle of the field, I’m not sure she can blend in to farm life and living away from the city. He struck  nerve with her being a homemaker and stay at home mom but she sparked back with wanting her own career there.  The next surprise for Andi was a banner in the sky saying Chris Loves Andi she was thrilled at this. I liked his family  his mom and sisters, they were all loving and welcoming to her. After dinner she talked with his sisters while he had a talk with his mom, she told him how when she saw his father get out of a tractor it would stop her heart, love the words of love she had. I think she an blend with his family well. She has a bonding moment with his mom although she was a bit forward telling her they would have good babies together.

Josh,  Florida ~ She then goes down south to Florida to see Josh. They play baseball together and this reminds me of how Chris from Desiree’s season did his hometown. What is it with this girl and calling guys Hot, he did not look hot on that field but that’s just my opinion. He shared his past with baseball and then he decided to move on and have a life.  She met his parents and siblings, the dog was adorable the other woman in his life Sable, the reunion was so touching.  At dinner she got a bit ticked that they were talking about his brothers football aspirations, hello newsflash  he’s been gone from home for awhile and this is a big thing for his family he;s not going to put everything aside just to focus on you totally, let him have this bonding time. She had a nice talk with his mom, from what she was saying she’s not a real sports fan and did not support the family togetherness. Next was the dad’s turn to talk and she lied and said she would be ok with being with his family and she was sounding possessive of him. I don’ see her doing well with Josh’s family.

Marcus, Dallas~The day started by driving a round and kissing, she’s trying to catch up to him and all he an talk about is proposing yeah this might not end well for him. They then go to a deserted where he surprises her by putting on the pilot outfit from the first group date where he was a pilot stripping for charity show. He looked hotter then than he did this time . Next they walk around his town and then met his mom, sister, brother and her kids.  His niece was adorable and made Andi a bracelet. She talked to the sister which went nicely while he talked to his brother, they bonded. She talked with his mother who confessed that hes selective and she approved of her. I think she did not connect with this family well.

I think she bonded with Nick and Chris’s families the best, the week ended in sadness as she and the men found out about Eric’s passing this is the emotions they should have shown before instead of the canned interview. All four guys go to the host Chris Harrison’s home which this is the first time we are seeing this place, it’s a really nice place at least the living room is. Once Andi arrived he shared the news with all of them. I know it was sad news but this was real life no reality stuff it was showing real emotions as  they happened and it was so refreshing to see that. The guys all stayed silent while Andi was in tears and marcus was the first to leave the room she follows and they both cry outside. This is the reaction and tribute they should have shown to start with. Then the camera crew put down their lens and joined in an they all got emotional and talked quietly over their friend they had lost. The conversation she had with Chris should have been what they showed earlier.


Roses (1 out of 3 my picks ) Nick, Josh and Chris

SYTYCD Season 11!

My fave dance show is back and the talent this season is great as always the first episode its introducing the dancers, now instead of showing them off in group of their dance style like last season they jumped right into pairing them up in pairs. All the voting is on the Fox website or a phone app, phone voting has been eliminated. National Dance Day is July 26 with an advanced or beginner dances.

Didn’t care for the outfits in the opening number or the dance a bit to sexy for my taste in dancing I’ve seen way better group numbers in past seasons and of course it was a Sonja routine. This week guest judge was Singer Dancer Jason Durelo.  The winner this season gets the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine, A spot in the new musical on the town, money and the title.

The Top 20 Dancers: Bridget,Nick, Casey, Brooklyn, Emilio, Carly, Macquet, Emily, Jaque, Ricky, Jessica, Rudy , Jordan , Serge, Marlena, Stanley, Tanisha, Teddy, Valerie, Zack.

Brooklyn & Serge Ballroom~These two had great fast footwork and swings and movements. They moved together really well the dance was sexy and they steamed up the dance floor.

Emily & Casey Contemporary~loved the song choice for this routine. A beautiful routine that was choreographed by Travis Wall and I loved it how they showed such emotion in all their moves. The judges loved the routine too.

Marlena & Marcquet Ballroom~ Didn’t care for her outfit but these two were really good at the samba which was choreographed by Louie Van Amstel DWTS Alum. They had a great footwork and moves.

Valerie & Zack Tapp ~ They made the tapping seem easy and like they were gliding and i loved the use of the stairs it was such a cool effect to use.

Bridget & Stanley, Contemporary ~ great extension and movement all over the stage with that huge range of emotion that this style brings.

Jacque & Jordan, Ballet~On point and their pirouettes were beautiful and graceful. hopefully they will do good at the other styles of dance.

Carly & Rudy, Contemporary~loved her dress and how fluid and breathtaking the movement was they moved as one. The judges loved them too.

Emilio & Teddy, Hip Hop~Great movement and use of song to the routine. loved the flips and tricks to the dance they worked well together for this dance.

Jessica & Ricky, Contemporary~While they dance routine was good the music made it seem creepy and the way these two moved was amazing.

Nick & Tanisha, Ballroom~This Cha Cha was on fire with the goo footwork and the sassy style of the pair.


CMT Awards

Here are the winners from the CMT Awards


Group of the Year : Band Perry Done

Breakthrough Video of Year Cassidy Pope Wasting All These Tears

Male Video of Year Blake Shelton Doin What She Likes

Collaborative Video Year Florida Georgia Line with Luke Bryan This is How we Roll

CMT Performance Year Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie  Oh No & All Night Long

Female Video Year Miranda Lambert Automatic

Duo Year Florida Georgia Line Round Here

Video of the Year Carrie Underwood See You Again





Bachelorette Road to Hometowns

This is the last week till hometowns and the families become involved. They traveled to Brussels, Belgium which seemed beautiful although not so sure about the date locations they picked. It’s down to six men and Nick is getting on my nerves and the men are rightfully concerned that he is playing her and that if he is the final man picked he will walk.

Solo Date Marcus ~they walked around town enjoying the cuisine of chocolates and mussels, for dessert they had ice cream. These two are a great pair I love them together.  That night they had dinner at academy Palace which is gorgeous with chandeliers. He admitted that he was in love with her and this brought them closer, I think he is a good match for her and he will treat her right. Sharing how he spends every sunday with his mom and how close he is with his sister.

Solo Date Josh ~ Her stylist took a vacation for this date and her outfit was not right at all but they had a nice date as she questioned his intention and if he loved her but at dinner he admitted it at dinner that he wanted his family to see the woman he loves. The goose parade was adorable and I liked the castle they had dinner at, not sure if he will be in the final two men. There night ended in a kiss and dancing to the featured band American Young.

Group Date Brian, Chris, Nick and Dylan ~ The date was at a monastery where they couldn’t kiss. she had great conversation with Brian who also claimed he loved her and they ignored showing her time with Dylan. I enjoyed her time with Chris as they did pottery, I feel like they really connected as a fair and that he respects and care about her. Nick is still getting on my nerves and his little sneaking out to see her influenced her way of thinking on the date which is unfair to the other guys. He got the rose and the rest of the date.

Roses (2 out of 4 my picks) Nick, Chris, Marcus, Josh

Brian and Dylan were sent home