Miss Universe Winner Olivia Culpo

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Media
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This year the contestant from the USA has won the Miss Universe Title after a decade of losses at this pageant level. The MIss Universe Pageant was held in Las Vegas and replaced last years winner who was from Angola. The last american to win the title was Brooke Lee in 1997. This also means that the first runner-up Miss Maryland, Nana Meriwether becomes the new Miss USA.

Olivia Culpo grew up in Cranston RI and attends Boston University where she hopes to be in film or television someday. She has five siblings and is proud of her family. She grew up in a musical family with both her parents being musicians.

“It’s such an honor to be representing the USA in an international beauty contest in spite of all the tragedy that’s happened in this country lately,” she said. “I really hope that this will raise everybody’s spirits a little.”

As Miss Universe, Culpo will receive an undisclosed salary, a wardrobe fit for a queen, a limitless supply of beauty products, and a luxury apartment in New York City. Now those sound like some great perks for winning the title, I wonder what happens to the apartment after the year is over does it keep getting recycled through the winners?

  1. BoSoxFan73 says:

    Yes, the apartment Olivia lives in is the same one that was previously shared by all the 2011 titleholders: Leila Lopes, Alyssa Campanella and Danielle Doty. Olivia has been sharing it with Leila Lopes and Logan West. As the new titleholder moves in, the previous titleholder moves out.


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