Call Me Maybe Roundup

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Media

With so many versions of the hit song out there here’s some of the top ones which one is your favorite?

I picked the swim team as tops because i think they did a great job of featuring all the swimmers and it was fun, and who doesn’t like seeing Lochte..

The 2nd pick is by the marines, they did a great job at dancing to the music.i also have a friend whose in this branch of the military and another whose an airforce wife.

The contestants of the Miss USA really did great with the words and it was great to see celebs like Trump, Guliana Rancic and Andy Cohen.

  1. Bonnie Frank says:

    I’m a bit partial to the Olympic one, but the military one’s good, too!


  2. OK I’ll say it: I don’t know this song…


  3. yeah the Olympic one is awesome and pola you can always learn the song its easy not much to remember lol


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