Bourne Legacy Review B-


I recently watched BOURNE LEGACY  on pay per view starring Jeremy Reiner and Rachel Weisz, it looked promising and as a fan of the bourne trilogy i was looking forward to watching it. unfortunately it was a letdown.

This movie had a great cast as always with the two stars plus additional cast Edward Norton who stood out in his role as a lead person for the CIA who was trailing the pair that was on the run. The movie had a strong lead in Jeremy Reiner who assumed the vacant spot from Damon by playing Aaron Cross, he tells a compelling story and has the viewer following his moves as the story unfolds. The action chase scenes were amazing they kept my interest and were heart stopping intense in certain moments. .

All that good being said there were a few things that made this movie lack what the others in the trilogy had. The chemistry between Weisz and Riener was not there. Damon had chemistry with his former costars and you delved more into the personal relationships between people in the movie, this move barely touched the service of the characters personal lives in this fast paced drama. This movie focused more on the behind the scene CIA part of the story which lacked the first person effort of the past movies, it bounced all over the place and did not stay in one place very long. While the movie was a good effort to keep the legacy alive it did not meet my expectations of what the movie series had been in the past.


2 thoughts on “Bourne Legacy Review B-

  1. Pola (JettingAround) (@jettingaround) says:

    I’m a big fan of the Bourne movies and enjoyed this one too. I was relieved that Jeremy Reiner did not play Jason Bourne (I wasn’t sure what would happen when I first heard about movie #4 a while ago). I like both actors and would love to see a Bourne movie with both of them featured.


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