A Tribute to Jeanne Cooper

Daytime lost a legend this month Jeanne Cooper who played Katherine Chancellor on Young and the Restless from 1973 to 2013. The show celebrated her career by having the actors reminisce about her on the show and their time with her. They told about how she helped them and when they acted together. They showed scenes of her on the show which were moving and showed what a good actress she was. “ She had a special place for everyone” 

Born Wilma Jeanne Cooper 1928 in California, she started her career in 1950s in Hollywood doing supporting roles to the greats such as Maureen O’Hara and Henry Fonda. Her first role was in a western and other small roles in movies. Till the 1970s she was on television in small parts on Hawaii Five O and Perry Mason to name a few.

Her character went through a lot of events such as a facelift, a identity crisis, dealing with being an alcoholic and dealing with having a daughter out of wedlock whom she fought with throughout the years of her time on the show. She was nominated several times and won her daytime Emmy in 2008.

In her personal life she was married to producer Harry Bersen JR for 23 years and had three children, Corbin, Caren and Collin all of whom became actors. Her son Corbin had a role on YR. She passed just after the 40th anniversary of YR.


5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Jeanne Cooper

  1. Scheherazade says:

    I loved Katherine Chancellor!! I can see the opening now. The Y…. swoop, and the R. ah! I haven’t watched this in YEARS!! But Katherine, will be missed! Awesome retreat, Thanks!


  2. Charlotte says:

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