In Memory of Gia

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Bachelor, Bachelorette
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This week a bachelor alumni Gia Allenmand who was on the bachelor and won us over with her sweetness and personality, she then won us over on Bachelor Pad. She was I model and actress before become a reality contestant looking for love, appearing on Maxim. She grew up in Queens NY. She had modeling leading up to being a swimsuit model in 2007. She also had training as a ballet dancer and went to Hartford College. She was an aspiring actress who was going to be in a movie as Ava Gardner.

She was introduced to Reality Tv in 2010 on The Bachelor with Pilot Jake Palveka, whom at the time seemed so sweet and a gentleman but later as a lot of bachelors let fame go to his head. She made it to the final 3 women. Later that year she was on the new spinoff Bachelor Pad where she was eliminated for sticking to her morals of not cheating on her boyfriend. She had a good career ahead of her as she was set to appear on a comic horror type tv show. Her love life was going great, with athlete boyfriend, Ryan Anderson. Here’s her appearance at the bachelor pad reunion when she was an item with bad boy Wes.

Gia’s  fellow bachelor alumni showed their support on twitter( click on the twitter name to see the tweets  those from Graham,Michelle,Jaclyn include photos of her) Relive Bachelorette Des’s Journey to Love

I’m so sorry we wasted 1 second of our friendship on trivial matters. Thank you for being the stronger person and mending those wounds last summer. I will always remember our times in NYC together #Friends @GrahamBunn

My Sweet giaallemand you will never know how much I love you. Thank you for your love @MichelleMoney

Love is all that matters. Gia had ours  & will always have our love. Rest in peace @KiptonLocke

She had the best heart, soul and…bootie. Love you Gia. And thanks Ed for giving me a good laugh right now @Jaclynswartz

My heart is heavy. Thank you Gia for leaving behind an example of how to live a beautiful life. Thank you for letting your light shine. Thank you for this reminder… You did this well in everything you did. Thank you for the laughs. @TenleyMolzahn

It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our good friend Gia Allemand. She will be loved and missed by all who knew her @ChrisHarrison


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