Turner & Hooch: A

If you want a dog inspired movie that’s not all about the dog this is the movie for you . A Bonus is that it  includes the fantastic acting of Tom Hanks. This movie proves that the bond between human and dog is the strongest connection there is. It also shows that dog’s can win over the toughest critic into pure submission.

Turner (Hanks) a neat freak investigative cop gets a dog Hooch whose the lead witness in a murder. The two start off at odds and have a funny yet tender relationship that goes from disdain to total devotion. Along the way he wins over the local vet (Mare Winningham) and helps to bring down the murder case and take down a major drug bust too. Hooch goes from being a mischievous total terror to a dog who will protect his owner no matter what harm in is his way. The best part is at the end when you the sadness turns to total glee at the surprise and seeing how Turner’s life has turned around.

Hanks does an amazing job playing this character and working with the dog, the interactions between these two are comical and at times endearing. Other actors that contributed to the movie were: Judd T Nelson as his boss, Mare Winningham as the vet and Reginald VelJohnson as his wise cracking new police partner.  This movie might be made in the 80s but it has everything you need in a good movie: romance, comedy, a dog and his human, and action.




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