Celebrity apprentice Congrats Leeza

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Apprentice
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IMG_20150218_133109_hdrThis series is raised nearly $15 million off not finished yet. Season finalists are Geraldo Rivera And Leeza Gibbons, one of them will win $250,000 for their charity. It’s a tough matchup they are both equally talented, Geraldo is good fundraiser and she’s creative.

For the whole season of celeb apprentice

Team Geraldo Geraldo is full of his own ego the other celebs think he’s a pain yet Lorenzo conceded he’s endearing. He let the others do editing while he finds a performer he chooses Tony Orlando who is connected to his charity. Ian criticized that it wasn’t the family centric but Geraldo centric Geraldo has all the facts people show up to give money Ian raise 30,000. Team is first-out percent the commercial and the executives look happy the performer comes out and gives the story related to the charity about how Geraldo didn’t expose about institutions for mental people and how life’s work is an alternative to them.

Team Leeza Their concept is a rigid overscheduled dad learns how to have fun and be spontaneous on his family vacation. Thanks to Kevin’s great directing skills she is able to get to editing early because they have extra time. She does the editing herself because she I from the entertainment field. The presentation goes really well the commercial is great and she is able to tell her mother’s story of Alzheimer’s and thanks Mr Trump for giving her this platform or her charity. The Olivia Newton John performance is wonderful.

Boardroom The executives loved how Geraldo used celebrity in the commercial and featured all that the park had to offer but hated how they separated the parents and children,  thus downplaying the family friendly. They also thought his presentation was disjointed, He raised 146,000 for a total of 725 thousand for the season. Leeza’s commercial showcased the family and the voiceover was loved by the executives. They liked how she tied her charity into her presentation, she raised 324,000 for a total of 464 thousand for the seasons. Leeza was named this seasons apprentice.


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