Amazing Race Finale

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

The finale has arrived with three teams one that was expected the other two more wild cards but all deserved to be there. They were treated to premiere class on the plane that took them to their final destination of  California. This finale got one team with all the right choices and a team that was destined to be in the lead toward the back of the pack, it also showed good teamwork. It proved to be exciting and I loved the whole thing.

The final 3 Teams : Korey & Tyler, Matt & Dana , Sheri & Cole

For the rest of the season see the AR 2016 Page



Teams had to jump from the roof and grab a dangling clue. Matt & Dana got the lead due to Korey & Matt not finding the clue box right away. Sheri was in last due to the task being difficult for her.

The teams then had to fly in helicopter to Santa Barbara and find the Theresa Ann at a marina to get their next clue, the boat is a fishing boat and the teams found it easily. Sheri & Cole tricked the other team on direction to give them more time.

The funny part of the show was one of the cab drivers who even when given turn by turn directions didn’t know where she was going.

Route Challenge

The teams do Gibraltar rock, one person goes down the mountain the other one goes out to each grab their part of the clue then work together to put it together. Most teams got it done easily, going in seemed harder then going down. This is one of the most challenging tasks they’ve had all season.

Final Task

The final task was at a vineyard, teams had to put in order the hastags and the cities in which they traveled in order, Dana had a terrific memory and did it with ease securing them the lead, followed by Cole and Korey.




1 Dana & Matt Winners

2 Sheri & Cole

3 Korey & Tyler




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