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Posted: July 25, 2016 in my life, Uncategorized
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You may have noticed that I have not posted in awhile and have been delayed, I plan to get out the current Bachelorette but the week before that will be missed. There is a reason for the absence and today instead of focusing on reality television I want to turn the subject to me and whats going on in my life.

On July 7 I was in a car accident, I was driving between clients as a pet sitter and was getting onto the expressway. I saw the car from the other direction turning right so I thought I was able to turn left. What I failed to do was look for oncoming traffic, being under the assumption that the person turning right would slow down traffic. It was that mistake that caused me to be front ended by another car and totaling my car. The ironic thing was that I was getting my life back, the day before I had graduated from two months of SI Joint Therapy.

I’m assuming the other driver has minor injuries as he as moving around just fine and I couldn’t even get out of my car and was told I passed out briefly. I do know my vision blurred briefly when the ems arrived on the scene.  I was then taken to U of M in Ann Arbor as my local hospital doesn’t accept trauma accidents. Once at the hospital the police officer arrived handing me a ticket, he was from the state police and I asked if he wanted to hear my side of the story and he only replied that it was still my fault and left. I feel there are two sides to every situation and this accident could have been avoided by the other driver but I do also admit that I failed to look, this is why it’s called an accident.

I spent two nights in the ER briefly in a neck brace until they ruled out neck injury and then later fitted for a back brace as the doctors diagnosed me with two compressed fractures in my back.  Also, I had bruising on my body from my seat belt and the car. During my time in the hospital I lost my modesty, having to go in a bed pain and be washed up by nurses and even accidentally flashing a male nurse when they measured me for the back brace which required me to be in a sheet instead of my gown briefly. By the time I arrived in my hospital room I was accepting of what was happening and my previous modesty had diminished.

Once in the hospital room it was more comfortable but my worries weren’t over. During my stay i was fitted in the back brace and briefly  had a tube put down my nose  into my throat to get rid of gases from the stomach. That is the most uncomfortable thing ever by the second day i was anxious to get it out.

Despite all the hardships, I had my family and clients who visited me and lots of prayers online and from my church, all of which i am grateful for.  I’m also grateful for all the nurses and doctors that helped care for me. I was released after five days and sent home to recover.  .



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