Bachelorette Finale

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Bachelorette
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Joelle made her choice between Jordan and Robby and I’m excited because my pick was selected now to hope it lasts. We continued in Thailand for the final week of love. Both men met  her family, parents and her brothers.  Her family gave their opinion of both guys and they all approved of Robby.


Jordan She met up with her family and confessed she was in love with both men. He brought the mom flowers and told them about the connection they have.  First he talked with her mother, he told her that Joelle is his best friend and promised never to break her heart. Jordan made a mistake in not asking her father’s permission to propose to her, but I understand how he felt unsure about where he stood with her. They enjoyed their final date on a boat, the two did got into a discussion about him not being serious and why he didn’t ask her parents blessing.  He said the right things but she still had doubts about him.  He called her parents to ask their blessing to propose to her. Jordan then sent her a note telling her that he righted his wrong.

Robby Robby also brought flowers for the mom, I think they both got a memo about that. Mom leads off with a big question of what attracts him to her daughter and he gave a great answer. He shared the story of telling her he loves her. Mom talked to him and he informed her that Joelle would be the biggest priority of his life. Robby asked both parents for their blessing in the proposal. Both parents approve and it looks like the parents are on his side. Their last date was an outdoor  date taking a trail to the beach  then they enjoyed time in his suite , he gave her photos of them together which is a very sweet gift. He picked out a ring and wrote her a note to express his feelings for her and she got to read it before seeing him.

Rose Ceremony She said goodbye to Robby breaking his heart and accepted the proposal of Jordan. She said yes to be with him forever and she loves him too.

For the rest of her season and love story


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