Celeb Apprentice Tension Starts

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Celeb Apprentice
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Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Carnie Wilson, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie


@24hrRock (edited by me)

Task: create a jingle and video of Trident’s Cherish Your Teeth campaign. the teams are judged on campaign integration, entertainment value and creativity. The winning team wins 25,000 reward from their charity and Trident added in another 25,000 making the reward 50 thousand.

Arete : WIN Project Manager Jon Lovitz His idea is rejected by his bad teeth of British by his team mates. Carson have a good idea of life’s little smile of what makes you smile and luckily the PM agreed with that one. Boy George and Vince worked on the jingle. There was tension in the studio as George is a recovering alcoholic and Vince likes to drink and they later got in an argument. The client also was unexpressive with men’s presentation but I liked their video better, it was what the client wanted.

Prima Project Manager Carnie Wilson . Carnie volunteered to help and got forced into being the manager. The women started planning in the car without the other women and decided video concept of a Knockout Smile. Lisa was unsure about the concept of different types of smiles. Porsha Lisa Leila and Nicole went to the gym while Carnie, Kyle, and Brooke went to the studio. The women’s video lacked originality and diversity.  The shots were all sideways in the video, at this Carnie issues a redo of the video.  Everyone but Lisa loved the video. The execs did not look impressed by their commercial.

Boardroom: Lisa showed told her opinion to the judges and not to the team. I’m thinking this will not make her popular with them calling her not a team player. George brought up his issue about drinking in the studio which got Vince riled up telling him not to put his sobriety on everyone else.  Trident loved the men’s message and how leverage celebrity and authentic but they hated the sloppy look to video. Trident loved the video production but they hated the plot which overtook the message. Again the women lost to the men. Carnie brought back Lisa and Nicole with her. She should have brought back Kyle who had the bad video idea but it was lack of participation that landed the women in the boardroom. Lisa let Carnie have it defending the video and placing the blame on her. Carnie was terminated.


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