Celeb Apprentice New Start

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Celeb Apprentice, Uncategorized
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There’s a new version of Celeb Apprentice out with Governor Arnold  as the boss instead of Trump. The show is now on the west coast in LA vs New York and celebs are terminated and taken by plane out. This new version was alright although Arnold lacks Trumps authority and know how in the business world. I know that the show does two tasks an episode but each task will be a blog with me. I’m assuming the reason for extended episodes is a short season.





Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagon, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie

Task: create a presentation and experience for Tyra Beauty. teams judged on presentation or knowledge of the product.

Arete The men scored the win with this task because they took the time to learn about the product and they used all of their celebs to help in the presentation having all the guys apply makeup on the model. This approach wowed the judges. Boy George was the Project Manager.

Prima The women lost this task due to not using the famous selves as the models and lack of knowledge of the product. Also their presentation fell apart at the end. Kyle handled decorating,Brooke and Carnie did the presentation etc.

Boardroom: The men won the task and Porsha was asked to bring in two women back with her which were Nicole and Carrie. Carrie was sent home because she didn’t go that extra step and instead just followed orders and didn’t step up where she could have shined.




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