Bachelor Nick: Backstreet Fever

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Bachelor
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The ladies are greeting by the host who informs them the dates this week are going to be spectacular. Let’s hope they all appreciate the dates and that Nick can finally see through Corinne and send her packing.

My Picks: Danielle M, Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Olivia, Lacey, Kristina, Hailey, Liz, and Whitney.





Group Date Danielle L, Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, Corrine Everybody one of the girls guessed it was Backstreet Boys and the band of the 90s strolls in. The room goes in hysterics much as I would have liked seeing New Kids. The women get a song from the band. It’s revealed that surprise Corinne is a terrible dancer and Jasmine was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Burbank Studios is where they find Nick with the band ready to go over dance moves. The band has a Vegas Residency at Planet Hollywood this spring. The girls are going to be background dancers and one lucky lady gets to be serenaded by band with Nick. Nick notices Jasmine and Danielle moves during rehearsal. (the date would have been better without Corinne’s whining and being a cry baby ). The costumes are nice nothing too skimpy, but the dance moves are the girls wiggling around on stage .

The serenade went to Danielle L and the she gets to slow dance to ” I want it that Way” and she steals a kiss. Corinne gets his time first as always. She apologized to him but declined to talk to the other girls about the issue. He’s still snowed over by her. As soon as her time was over she went to go take a nap on the date how rude. After hearing about her nanny she does not belong on this show and you are downgrading yourself in the women’s eyes. Danielle L got the date rose.

Solo Date Vanessa The pair of them get to be astronauts for the day, they get to be weightless and everything is going amazing having a wonderful time . She then gets sick and throws up in front of him, he’s a sweet guy and he didn’t leave her side holding her close. That night they go to a great view of the city, the tallest building in LA. A candlelight dinner is set up for them. They share a bond over their close familys, she lost her grandfather before coming on the show and she got the support of her family to be there. She got him to share his past experiences on the show. She got the rose.

Group Date Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sarah, Brittany, Dominique The girls meet Nick at the track, they get help from some Olympians Alison Felix, Michelle Carter and Carl Lewis. They were in a Nickcathlon which included a lot of track events. The girls first had the Limo Long Jump, the high jump into Nick’s arms, javelin throw to his heart. the semi finalists were Rachel, Alexis and Astrid. The winner gets time with Nick in surprise a hot Tub!  The girls were total klutzes, Rachel knocks it over and Astrid gets it. During the aftertime Dominique had a meltdown on her first date, Rachel gave her a pep talk which was nice. He has time with the other women before her and she walks in on him kissing Rachel. She gives him a lecture and he looks depressed and he ends things with her sending her home. Rachel gets the group date rose.

The women have a pool party with Nick before the rose ceremony, ( of course they had to get them all in bikinis so typical ). The girls get crazy and make out with him rubbing sunscreen on him.  Corinne’s stunt of a bouncy house making out with him backfires on him. Who in their right mind thinks a bouncy house is romantic and sexy?  After causing problems she goes back to bed leaving him to deal with the women. The girls all get upset at him and his actions with Corinne. Raven tells him he’s making a mistake and about her nanny, the girls question him about her and Vanessa who already has a rose is ticked off after their great connection the other night. He could lose an amazing woman just for having fun with Corinne.” Are you looking for a wife or someone to fool around with” ?  I am so proud of Vanessa for standing up to his behavior and calling him out on it. 

He had a good start with her but then he asked her to be patient with Corinne which upsets her, she told him that she was ready to give him back his rose if he keeps Corinne. The girls Taylor and Sarah confronted Corinne in bed and telling her to pull it together. She then talks back to the girls. The hosts talk to him about her and he claims not to take it lightly and obviously he didn’t after all the girls were against her .

Roses (7 of  15): Danielle L, Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Alexis, Astrid, Danielle M, Jaimi, Josephine, Sarah, Corinne.


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