Jobs Review A-

The movie follows the career of Steve Jobs and shows the audience what really happened with his company and how he helped to revolutionize computers.

“The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Change The World, Are The People That Do” ~ STEVE JOBS

Ashton Kutcher does an incredible job as the inspiration of the movie playing Jobs, he portrays him as a genius who while a savvy businessman let himself get drawn in and obsessed with creating the perfect product. He shows his struggles and successes and has you wanting him to be understood . This is a very well picked part that goes away from Kutcher’s normal funny roles and shows that he can handle dramatic roles.

There were a few stand outs of the supporting cast: Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) and Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula). Each of these men played their parts well. Gad’s character was Job’s first partner in apple computers and showed his loyalty and true friendship when he tells Jobs that he is heading on a road to self-destruction, this shows that he cares about Steve as a friend and wants his happiness over the success, plus he did not like the man that his friend had become after the company’s rise to fame.

Markkula is the first man to invest in the company and helped support the company yet when Jobs needed him the most he turned on him and was later let go when Jobs took over, so I guess that’s pay back for what he did earlier. Dermot played this character with conviction and proved himself as a quality actor.

I’m a fan of biography style movies yet while this movie did show his rise to fame with the company there were some gaps about his personal life. There was a nice touch in the end where they showed the actors next to a picture of the men they portrayed. This movie is worth seeing.


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