Lessons Learned from Dating

over the past years I’ve been on quite a few dates and I’ve learned quite a few things from these dates and the failed relationships I’ve had. Hope that my lessons can help others out.

FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL MAKE TIME FOR YOU : I learned this one from my past relationship the guy became a workaholic he often choose work over time together, and would answer his phone when we were on a date with no set hours for work. I deserve to have someone that will make us a priority. I mean I’m not demanding all his time I do have my own business but when I’m with him I would like to be his focus.

BEWARE OF THE COUPLE SLUMP: Sure when you’re first dating everything seems perfect, you can’t get together enough and everything seems fresh and new. The guy does everything to impress you and you to impress him. The slump happened once we became a couple, we went from going on out dates to only having dates at my home and I had to pressure him into taking time off work to be together.

THE PERSON YOU MEET ON FIRST DATE MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE : This one just happened this week, I had a wonderful first part of the date red roses and a nice Italian dinner, then afterward is when things started going downhill. When I asked questions red flags came out and in a text later the guy admitted the persona he gave during the date was a fake one and he was in reality totally opposite of what I was looking for.

ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO RED FLAGSIf in conversation during your date or a behavior that doesn’t seem right ask questions or think things over before pushing ahead, often these red flags if ignored could turn into something bigger into the relationship. While other times they are minor enough that the person will change that behavior once being with you or it’s an issue of their past.

TAKE THINGS SLOW DON’T RUSH INTO A RELATIONSHIP: My mistake with my past relationship is that I’ve rushed into things, making lots of dates and getting serious with the guys who show me interest without getting to know the guy better. I’ve learned to take my time and get to know someone before becoming an item.

ONLY INTRODUCE TO FAMILY ONCE YOU KNOW ITS SERIOUS: This happened a few times to me but the more important one was that I introduced my ex to part of my family assuming we were going to be serious enough to introduce to the rest of them later. we broke up a month later right after Christmas. The rest of family never met the guy, I still get teased about my poor judgement in men.

NEVER ASSUME WHAT LEVEL THE RELATIONSHIP IS AT TALK IT OVER BEFORE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS: Just because they are showing interest a lot and affection it doesn’t mean there leading  toward a couple. I learned this the hard way when a guy I was dating showed all the right signs: he was affectionate, he showed interest in what I have to say and more. Yet when I introduced him to my mom thinking we were almost to couple status he pulled away and made excuses claiming that he only wanted a companion not a girlfriend and he was lonely missing affection. I feel like his mislead me by leading me on by showing that kind of attention and acting how he did.

NEVER SETTLE YOU DESERVE BETTER : Don’t settle for someone cause they have part of the qualities you need or you think you can change something about them later. Most times that doesn’t happen and it will drive you apart. You don’t want to be regretting being with the person or have it end soon when you find out your not compatible.

What are some things dating has taught you, share below I would love to heard it.



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