Dating Expectations vs Reality

Keeping in the dating series of blogs I just had to share one of my most recent dating disasters with you, my readers who like to hear about my misadventures in dating.

Recently I met an older guy who worked a lot and thought I would give him a chance. I’d only been dating younger guys and that had gotten me nowhere. Unless you count being stood up and left with the bill at a restaurant as going well. We had done our first date walking around a Meijers because that’s the only thing that was open after 9 pm since he worked till 8. We had a nice conversation and we then planned to do breakfast date together after he got back from a weekend away.

Well after texting throughout the weekend I was looking forward to this date, I even dressed up for it. But I woke up a little later than expected, forgot to charge my phone last night so I charged it in the car and I got stuck at a red light waiting for my turn had to wait thru two strings of traffic till finally right before the third one I made my turn ( yes I know that’s wrong but I was already late).

Once I got there I apologized but I guess that wasn’t enough to please this guy because When I went in he was getting back in his car and leaving and it wasn’t till I got back to my car after getting my own breakfast that I saw his message that I was a no-show:  I was only 9 minutes late!!  He had been there 5 minutes early so I was at a disadvantage before I even got there.

My expectation had been that he would be there waiting for me with a smile and say no problem I’ve just been looking at the menu, checking my phone messages etc and you look great. That’s not what I got at all, I got a fleeting look at my date leaving cause he was too darn impatient. All that prep was for nothing I had breakfast alone which ended up a coffee and cookie on my limited budget.

he claimed I had made a horrible impression on him well he made one on me too: he showed that he was impatient and that this would be the way he always was as I am chronically late to things. What’s the rule about being late? I think I wasn’t that late and this guy was truly impatient and I am better off without him.

Lesson Learned: Better to find out your dates flaws early instead of finding out later once you are invested in the relationship and its time to go find new guys to date.


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