AR 2016

AR is on and this season is full of changes the biggest was the fact that there was no start location to the race, all the teams started via video from their hometowns and got into cabs, meeting each other after the first leg in Mexico City. Why the change because this is the social media internet edition of the race, teams are all social media icons and are disconnected from the world to go on this race.

Most teams raced out the door then there was the teen and his mom who took time to say goodbyes and moved at a turtle pace, good thing airports are equalizers cause he would have been toward back pack if not.

The Teams are:

Brittany  & Jessica ( @brittolderhoff @JessVersteeg) , Brodie & Kurt (@BrodieSmith21 @kurtegibson ) Dana & Matt (@DanaAlexaNY @MattSteffaninaErin & Joslyn ( @HeyErinRobinson @JoslynDavis) Tyler & Corey (@TylerOakley @KoreyKuhlZach & Rachel (@FinalCutKing @RachelHolm3 Scott & Blair (@ScottFowlerMD @BlairFowlerSheri & Cole (@SheriLaBrant @Thesupercole ) Vine Stars Burnie & Ashley (@Burnie @AshleyJ ) Marty & Hagan (@Flygirlmom @HaganElizabeth )Darius & Cameron (@MrLegenDar @CamerontheB)


Mariachi Madness Teams had to look through a sea of 350 mariachi players to find the musician who is not playing but faking it, this was an easy task for teams to get through not hard at all, maybe they made things easy for them. The majority of teams did this one.Great Balls of Fireworks players had to replicate a firework display that when set off would twirl and set off fireworks. This task took teams longer to complete. Teams had a habit of getting disoriented and lost easy.Teams then stayed together overnight and the next day did their RoadBlock taking times and order they would go in.

Roadblock-One team member had to go into a cave find pieces and fit together a mask, teams got done at different paces and then it was down to three . Sheri tried to talk the other girl into taking the penalty but it never came to that. Then it was between the two sets of child parent teams.


1  Dana & Matt 2 Tyler & Korey 3 Zach & Rachel 4 Cameron & Darius

5 Brodie & Kurt 6 Burnie & Ashley 7 Brittany & Jessica 8 Marty & Hagan

9 Cole & Sherri 10 Erin & Joslyn 11 Scott & Blair-non elimination


The race finally makes a stop in Columbia after all its seasons, the teams on three different flights come to this country. It’s still to early to decide favorites yet but I’m already bored  by Cameron & Darius, sure they act smart but they don;t have what it takes to be on this race, they missed a clue and had false confidence.  

RoadBlock one team member gets into a volcanic mud bath and must search in the water for a bag with a emerald in it, this seemed like an easy task and teams got done quickly. the second part was to go out in the water to get the clue. As teams went through this it got harder to find emeralds, Korey was a klutz and dropped his emerald and had to go back for another. 

Detour PopUps teams had to set up a tent for a party to take place on the beach, several teams messed up but were still able to move through the task fairly fast. Blair and Scott had a speed bump which they were able to get thru and continue on the race. Parnilla- teams had to cook up a meal to be served, this one was harder as many of the teams kept burining the fish. 

This week’s travel guide video is from TheExpeditioner


  1. Korey & Tyler- Trip to St Thomas, 2 Brodie & Kurt, 3 Burnie & Ashley, 4 Dana & Matt, 5 Erin & Jocelyn, 6 Zach & Rachel, 7 Brittany & Jessica, 8 Sheri & Cole, 9 Scott & Blair  10 Darius & Cameron Eliminated Hagen & Marty




Tickets teams had to be conductors on a bus and gather money part of the teams did which one which was slow, Blair had a smart idea besos for pesos (kisses for money). Zach and Rachel who had a good lead lost it when due to her bad math skills they had to redo the task.Jejo teams played this sport which includes clay targets which when they hit the target they explode, this was a quick task and teams who did this side moved on to the roadblock faster.

RoadBlock Team member required to find three bags by the same designer , some players got the task easily while others faltered the worst one was Darius or Cameron who found all three bags then walked around and round trying to find who to hand the bags too. For guys who claimed to be soo smart they sure made a lot of dumb mistakes.


 1 Brodie & Kurt – Trip Greece 2 Tyler & Korey 3 Burnie & Ashley 4 Brittany & Jessica

5 Sherri & Cole 6 Erin & Jocelyn 7 Blair & Scott8 Rachel & Zach9 Darius & Cameron


Switzerland next location on the race, teams were all mixed reviews on going somewhere with snow. One team thought of chocolate. Brodie & Blaire are having a romance yet not much progress, first talking then some cuddling at night, the hashtag picked by the gay guys doesn’t sound appealing.  Teams went to a chocolate stop where they each took an order number Ashley & Burnie were in the lead. Several teams were directionally challenged when finding places.



Workbench teams had to assemble a swiss army knife. make twenty pieces by hands in order. Only three teams choose this task which was detail orientated. Blair and Scott did great at this task but ended up in last due to slowness. Benchwork teams who did this task but figure out how many people can fit on an historic bench. the bench has been around a long time. Several teams choose this one assuming it’s the easier task. The locals didn’t appreciate being asked to move. While this was thought to be the easy one it was a bit frustrating for teams to get the right number range. They gave the rest of the teams the answer to help them stay in the lead. The only ones who kept getting it wrong were Brittany & Jessica who kept guessing wrong numbers.

RoadBlock Teams must identify ten flags of different nations  thats on a big flag to get the next clue. One team figured out to run down the rows and find flags.  Only they had to redo it,  due to a mistake they made . Burnie got back in the lead.Heading to the French Alps which had an hour layover and they took off without Brittany & Jessica. The other teams caught up to the teams in the lead.


1 Brodie & Kurt- $3 thousand each 2 Tyler & Corey 3 Dana & Matt 4 Burnie & Ashley

5 Zach & Rachel 6Erin & Joselyn  7 Sheri & Cole 8 Blair & Scott 9 Brittany & Jessica


Teams stayed the leg in Switzerland doing stuff in the snow. They traveled by car to a new location rocking their winter wear heading to Mt Blanc.  Teams had to zip line to the clue not something for someone who hates heights, Sherri even let the fear get to her mid zip line but she conquered her fear. What is with all these silly hashtags anyway ?


Dynamite Teams deliver dynamite packs and lunch to the ski patrol. the male teams did this task, they were held by a rope together going along the route to get up to the patrol member, this looked dangerous. The dancers had to deal with fear of the slopes and most teams did this side. Erin & Jocelyn are a bit dumb they grabbed two dynamites and tried to find lunch when they already had it in their backpacks, girls read the clues.Campsite set up a tent in the snow using an example. wall of snow around the campsite to protect against wind and set up a tent. Burnie & Ashley had to deal with a faulty tent. They failed first try told not enough snow, they were the only one who did that task and put them toward the back of the pack.

Roadblock Teams will paraglide with a professional and they have to answer a question once they land, a Yeti with a French flag. The guys loved this, it was comical to see them trying to take off only to fall in the snow.


1 Tyler & Korey- Trip to Phillipines 2 Brodie & Kurt 3 Dana & Matt 4 Blair & Scott

5 Zach & Rachel 6 Burnie & Ashley 7 Sherri & Cole 8 Erin & Jocelyn


Teams go from the snow to the warm clients of Armenia and there’s an express pass is in play this ninth leg of the game. They had to search the theater for a clue while the music plays on stage. Taking them to another location Cascade steps. Sheri and Cole get into second place right behind Brodie and Kurt and putting some teams from the lead to the back of the pack.

Detour Thread complete a row of stich on a massive rug. The women around the teams are going fast compared to their slow movement. Some teams moved slow while others moved fast. Most teams choose this side of detour. Bread make 15 breads pieces , teams go through this pretty good pace. Brodie & Kurt maintain their lead. Only two teams did this one.

Roadblock Before an oil change and take the car to the pitstop in the desert.  This was hard for some and easy for others I felt sorry for Sherri who was the only woman who did this. it was a non elimination leg.


1 Brodie & Kurt- Express Pass 2 Burnie & Ashley 3  Zach & Rachel 4 Dana & Matt

5 Scott & Blair 6 Tyler & Korey7  Sherri & Cole- still racing non elimination leg


Teams went from a dry climate to warm tropical Bali and harder challenges. Brodie and Kurt were  probably mentally kicking themselves for giving up the express pass so easy seeing as this leg was hard and from now on Brodie has to do all the roadblocks.They first had to take deliveries to two places on the beach one a basket of fruit and the other snakes it was funny to see some teams reactions to the snakes. Just thankful they didn’t have to do anything in the bat caves. I would have been passing on that one give me the penalty instead of dealing with bats, I’m terrified of them.

RoadBlock 1 Teams had to water a plot of beach with salt water then make up small bags of salt to turn in. Poor Rachel was the only girl in a group of men and it took her a long time to complete this but luckily she was able to finish the first part before the other teams left the second half of the task.

RoadBloack 2 The other half of the  team members had to build a huge kite, this was easier for some teams and harder for others. Brodie had a hard time with this task and even though Zach was good at it, it ended up a race to the finish between them and Brodie & Kurt.

1 Tyler & Korey 2 Ashley & Burnie 3 Sheri & Cole 4 Dana & Matt

5 Brodie & Kurt 6 Zach & Rachel Eliminated


Teams stayed in Indonesia now down to five teams and this leg had a double u-turn with everyone out to get Brodie & Kurt who I thought were an amazing team and the others were just jealous. They should have been toward the final instead of some of the weaker teams but its strategy and a game.


Haul~ all teams choose this task and had to take 4 chickens and 50 melons across a bridge. Most teams got through it quickly while other teams were slow. The dancers choose to take one chicken at a time and the Frisbee guys got their chickens out of the way. The other side of the detour was only done by Brodie & Kurt because they got u-turned and they were able to get it done quickly yet were still shut out. The U-turn was played by Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley, there really should be a rule that you can’t do a team that has already went through because that’s a wasted U-turn. The whole point of a U-turn is to weed out the weaker teams and keep the strong one so you have a good finale. By eliminating the strongest team you got it set up for a passive finale and one where there’s now rivalry at all.


One team member had to climb a ladder instead of scaling it and jump off of it, compared to past seasons this was a bit easy on them where as other seasons they have had harder tasks than that, I feel like cause these are reality online stars they are babying them.  All teams got through this one easily.


1 Tyler & Korey 2 Burnie & Ashley 3 Matt & Dana 4 Sheri & Cole

5 Brodie & Kurt


The teams did there last pre finale leg in  China. My picks would be Dana & Matt or Burnie and Ashley to win the race. The geeks tried to pull one over on Sheri & Cole and another team gave them information which put a target on them.

RoadblockFiqure out riddles that go to certain monuments and get stamped and get sticker in passport book. Geeks and Dancers worked together while Burnie and Sheri were on their own. Dana & Tyler  were in the lead but got 1 wrong while Sheri was in last. Burnie tried to get help and the others faked no clue and he got it all right on first try.

Detour Commute  & Cycle-do unicycle routine, Burnie & Ashley did this task as did Sheri & Cole. Burnie & Ashley switched tasks. They got stuck in the rain trying to get it right. Transport Art-choose a set of paintings and hang them to specifications. Dancers and Geeks choose this one, they both had same one and they wanted the level to fit between each piece of art. Both teams got stuck in traffic and Burnie & Ashley got to the place first but Sheri & Cole found it first. I hope that these team finally get competitive.


1 Tyler & Korey 2 Dana & Matt 3 Sheri & Cole 4 Burnie & Ashley eliminated


finale has arrived with three teams one that was expected the other two more wild cards but all deserved to be there. They were treated to premiere class on the plane that took them to their final destination of  California. This finale got one team with all the right choices and a team that was destined to be in the lead toward the back of the pack, it also showed good teamwork. It proved to be exciting and I loved the whole thing.


Teams had to jump from the roof and grab a dangling clue. Matt & Dana got the lead due to Korey & Matt not finding the clue box right away. Sheri was in last due to the task being difficult for her.The teams then had to fly in helicopter to Santa Barbara and find the Theresa Ann at a marina to get their next clue, the boat is a fishing boat and the teams found it easily. Sheri & Cole tricked the other team on direction to give them more time.The funny part of the show was one of the cab drivers who even when given turn by turn directions didn’t know where she was going.

Route Challenge The teams do Gibraltar rock, one person goes down the mountain the other one goes out to each grab their part of the clue then work together to put it together. Most teams got it done easily, going in seemed harder then going down. This is one of the most challenging tasks they’ve had all season.

Final Task The final task was at a vineyard, teams had to put in order the hastags and the cities in which they traveled in order, Dana had a terrific memory and did it with ease securing them the lead, followed by Cole and Korey.


1 Dana & Matt Winners 2 Sheri & Cole3 Korey & Tyler