1342714101_sean-lowe-articleThis was Sean’s first time to the mansion as his season was started in north carolina. Sean feels blessed by his family, loves his career and wow does the man have muscles. They showed clips from his time with Emily and that was when america fell in love with him. He’s a sweetheart, gentleman and wonderful guy who deserves happiness.” I want to start a family, have a house filled with love and laughter and spend time with those I love”

Best Dressed Bachelorettes Jackie sparkly brown dress that showcased her hair, Daniella- blush pink dress with sparkles looked like a princess. Tierra- lacey beaded dress was gorgeous. Lesley the teal blue with the silver trim really suited her well.

Best introductions were from Ashlee- They say save the best for last but not in this case. Kelly- sang a cute song for him i thought it was original intro. Tierra- I have a heart on my finger and its open, I’m  hoping you’ll be the guy to complete it ( this got her the first rose of the night) Desiree- brought coins to toss in the fountain and make a wish. Lesley- pretended to play football with him but wanted to see his backside Kristy- Sean did you invite all these girls cause I didn’t tonight was about you and me

At first I was thrilled to have a bachelorette from my home state but then she proved herself to be disgracing my state by being tipsy and frisky with her 50 shades of grey junk.I was thrilled to see Kacie who was on Ben’s season and she’s such a sweetheart, I think she stands a chance with him, he was such a gentleman offering her his jacket to wear.  Ashley H seemed a bit to made up with make up and fake just was impressed by her and im still unsure about what to think about the bride get up but he seemed to like it. I defiantly saw myself in Taryn the sitting on the sidelines waiting to be talked to and not being bold.I liked how Sean started handing out roses to those he clicked with, it worked for him and less time spent at the rose ceremony and it felt more natural. This defiantly spiked the pressure for those without roses to get one and not be eliminated and sent home. The previews of the season are playing one of my girls as a villan and quite the drama filled house but it proving to be a promising season.My Picks for this season will be in bold in the list of bachelorettes who got roses and we will follow their progress on the show.  This first week I have 8 girls out of the 19 girls chosen.

The Girls who got roses are: Tierra, Amanda, Ashlee F, Brooke, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, Diana, Katie, Kristy, Jackie, Lesley M, Kacie, Leslie H, Lindsay, Robyn, Sarah,Selma, Taryn

Adventure & Drama

SOLO DATE 1 Sarah: Sean and Sarah had an adventure, after a plane ride they went dropped down a  300 ft skyscraper which was exhilarating for both and proved they could do anything no matter what the limitations. Sarah touched me as sweet and endearing that she has survived all that life has given her. Sean was proud of her and the two bonded.

Group Date Tierra,Kristy,Lesley M, Catherine, Selma, Amanda,Brooke, Daniella, Robyn,Kacey, Taryn, Katie, Diana : The girls did cover shots for Harlequin Romances and Kristy a model in her career was granted a 3 cover deal for her steamy shots with Sean. My favorites on this date were Diana and Leslie (cowgirls) and , Kristy (sexy). After the shoot they had a pool party. Leslie was so cute they skirted around another kiss and then she grabbed him for a make out session. He had a great conversation with Kacie who received the rose for the date.Tierra showed her jealousy and  that totally lost her spot in one of my picks, jealousy is not a good quality to have, I am replacing her with Lesley M. The same goes for Amanda who is moody with the others yet lights up with him. One major event at the group date was Katie who felt totally out of her element and opted to go home.

SOLO DATE 2 Desiree:  Desiree and Sean went to an art exhibit which was a set up by the bachelor. It was supposed to be that the so-called prized art work breaks and she got blamed by the artist. Sean the gentleman that he is goes in to her rescue and confesses all about it. That was so noble of him. She laughed and handled herself well during this situation. Sean felt a spark between them because she is sweet and personable. He rewarded her for being such a good sport he took her to dinner at his bachelor pad. They had such a connection that I think she will go far.  It’s funny how a first date went from dressy to her in a bikini and him in shorts, only on the bachelor can that happen.

Ashlee , Jackie, Lindsay and Leslie H did not get roses this week .  This first week I have 7 girls out of the 15  girls chosen.

Roses Given To: Desiree, Sarah, Amanda,Kacie, Catherine,Selma, Lesley M, Ashlee, Lindsay, Jackie, Kristy,Lesley H, Tierra, Taryn, and Daniella.

Making Dating Fun

SOLO DATE 1 Lesley M . The pair visited Hollywood and the Guinness Records Museum which holds his fathers record  for driving to 48 states in shortest amount of time, and the two made a record of their own for the longest on-screen kiss of 3:16 minutes. Next they enjoyed the view from the top of the Roosevelt Hotel. She wore this lacy cute dress which I loved. ” Lesley has that quality that makes me feel like I’ve known her forever”

Group Date Kacie, Tierra, Lindsay, Leslie H,Amanda, Desiree,Robyn,Kristy,Catherine, Taryn,Daniella, Jackie : The girls had fun in the sun with the bachelor at the beach then they split up into two teams of six to play beach volleyball, the winning team which was the blue team of Tierra, Kacie, Lindsay,Amanada,Desiree,Jackie got to go to the bachelor’s house while the other girls went back to the house. Kacie who was concerned for Sean brought up the issue about some of he girls having different personas when they are not with him, this concern backfired at her as he was more concerned about her getting involved with the drama than listening to what she had to say. Lindsay was given the rose.

SOLO DATE 2 Ashlee , The pair went to an amusement park which was closed for the day and they share the day with two special needs girls who had never met but were best friends. This showed the softer side of the bachelor and afterward she shared her adoption story and grew closer to him. She grew stronger through all of her experiences. They had a performance by the Eli Young Band.

Tierra being the drama queen, she faked a slip and fall but that did not stop the 2nd solo date although it did get her more time with the bachelor, she also monopolized his time during the cocktail time before the rose ceremony. Sean showed his sweet side by bringing Sarah’s dog Leo to see her and hes adorable doggie.Before the rose ceremony he pulled Kacie aside and took her outside and he sent her home wanting to stay friends.Selma and Sarah did not have a date this week. This first week I have 4 girls out of the 13 girls chosen.

Roses Given To: Lesley M, Lindsay, Ashlee, Tierra, Leslie H, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn,Selma, Sarah, Jackie,Amanda, Desiree


Solo Date Lindsay They flew over the Glacier National Park in a helicopter and had a picnic on a hill overlooking an amazing view, over dinner at the lodge she shared about her life in an army family. She wants a solid family and he was able to understand her more. After dinner they went to town and had a town concert from country star Sarah Darling. The two of them danced and kissed “Lindsay and I have the perfect balance of being romantic and playful, on one side you have your best friend and the other you have the love of your life, put them together and its the perfect combination.”

Group Date  Sarah, Ashlee, Catherine, Robyn, Lesley M, Daniella, Desiree, Selma. The girls were divided into two teams to do an adventure race, starting with a canoe, going to carrying bales of hay, milking a cow and then drinking it. The red team Desiree, Robyn, Sarah and Selma got an early lead but then got behind but won in the end after the blue team got slowed down. Their prize was drinks with the bachelor while the blue team was sent home. He then switched things up and invited the blue team Daniella, Lesley , Catherine and Daniella to join the party. I get why the girls were upset cause they earned the time with him but I can see his point that he wante”d to make sure he didn’t miss time with anyone, Which side are you on?He had connections with several of the girls, His time with the girls were cut short with not much bonding time Catherine got the most time of cuddling, sitting on his lap and showing affection. Daniella who felt out-of-place let the tears fall and although it was sincere she got the rose, he is quite the softie with the women. Unlike bachelors in seasons past who would be tougher he tends to fall for the waterworks.  The only negative to things was Tierra  who got an advantage  in that she went and crashed the party only no one else knew it she found him in private got some alone time with him. excuse me you get your own date so stay at home.

TWO ON ONE DATE  Jackie VS Tierra They date heading out to the country for a horse ride and dinner together, poor Jackie date started out wrong from the start with a slow horse to making the one mistake you never want to make: telling him bad about Tierra who can do no wrong in his eyes. Tierra is obsessed with him and kept  calling him her husband, can we say obsessed and creepy. I get that he did not feel the connection I just wish he could have kept her around and sent Tierra home but the show wants drama, they are going to get drama. Jackie got sent home and the rest of the date was with Tierra. Just when you think she’s sincere they cut to a clip of her saying I won the rose and saying awful things about the other girls.

The drama with Tierra continued this week as she caused drama in the house and those wo  tried to warn him about her were sent home, and it seems the women who give tears get those roses on group dates.  Hopefully  all this  drama ends soon and gee I wonder who gets eliminated on the two on one date, they kept showing the preview about Tierra for night two that kinda gave it away.

This week  I have 2  girls out of the 8 girls chosen. Roses Given To: Selma, Tierra, Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley M, Ashlee, Daniella, Sarah

Canada Bound

Solo Date Catherine  She was rescued by Sean in a snow bus and were in Jasper park going to climb a glacier, yes we get that he is rugged guy but enough adventure dates. It was cute how he pulled her toboggan and they had lots of fun in the wind whipped snow with their red cheeks. They met in the hotel lobby and went in a horse-drawn carriage which took them to an ice castle with dinner inside of it.  During dinner she shared an experience she had that traumatized her and directed her life .

Group Date  Tierra, Selma, Lesley, Daniella, Ashlee, Sarah. Daniella was confused because she’s the only one of the girls who hasn’t had a single date with him and has always been on group dates. The girls were divided up into 3 canoes and Lesley was with Sean. They then participated in a polar bear club, totally submerged underwater to be part of the Lake Louise Polar Bear Club, they had a lifeguard and EMT on staff. The girls all except for Selma got in their bikinis and plunged in the water, afterward all the girls but Tierra grabbed a towel to warm up this caused her to go into shock.

As much as I’ve disliked the girl I really did feel concern for her going through that, the other two girls Catherine and Desiree ran downstairs to see who got hurt and Tierra had hypothermia, luckily she didn’t need to go to the hospital and was hooked up to a oxygen tank and was cuddling with Sean in her room. The girls then went to a party with the bachelor minus Tierra, Lesley and Sean were falling for each other and make a cute couple. Sarah surprized him with a photos of her family to share about them before the hometown visits.My sympathy for Tierra didn’t last long after she crashed the party after being put on bed rest , the women called her a woman in distress which is soo true. Lesley put its best, everyone watch your back we have a Tierrest on our hands. Luckily her antics did not pay off and Lesley got the rose.

SOLO DATE  Desiree The two of them went on a hike and overlooked Banaff National Park and they repelled down the mountain, she was not thrilled with that but handled it with trepidation but this allowed them to get closer as a couple which is what they needed. Next they both climbed a tree together and came back after dark and came to a teepee in the woods. She shared about her upbringing living in a trailer park and that she felt loved. I just love his nickname for her Des.

Sean finally got up the courage and sent someone home before the rose ceremony and what a shocker he sent home Sarah, I had assumed it would be Daniella, I guess the family photos freaked him out. They had a talk and he sent her home. Selma then took a risk and kissed him despite her previous cultural differences. Ashlee was sweet in that she would give him control in her life by blindfolding her and that’s a symbolism that was good. This has added her to my bachelorette picks for Sean.

This week  I have 3  girls out of the 6 girls chosen. Roses Given To: Desiree, Lesley, Catherine, Lindsay, Ashlee, Tierra

St Croix Tropical Getaway

Solo Date 1 Ashlee They swam out to a big boat and enjoyed the afternoon on it, i seriously wonder if they did that on purpose to get her in her swimsuit. She brings up the topic of Tierra and he actually listens unlike all the other women who tried to bring it up and got sent home. He asked her about Tierra and she was honest and open with him about the issue. They had dinner on the beach with the surf in the background and to me that looked amazing. She shared with him that she married young in high school and he accepted her flaws and all.

Solo Date 2 Tierra The date started out good with the pair going downtown St Croix and enjoying the environment then suddenly changed when he confronted her about the drama in the house which she denied and she went as far as to tell him she loved him. while this episode she wasn’t displaying any of her usual antics im not sure  I totally believe that she really was here for the bachelor.

Group Date  Desiree, Lindsay, Catherine. Sean arrived before dawn to wake up the girls and see the without makeup. Together they saw the sunrise then took a cross island adventure with several stops along the way till they reached the other side of island to see the sunset only there was no sun visible. the adventure includes a treehouse, cafe for lunch, an old sugar mill and the beach. He shared moments with each of the girls which included Catherine opening up and telling about her rough past with her father who was mentally unstable. He gave a rose to Lindsay.

Solo Date 3 Lesley The two of them relaxed and spent time at Mt Washington but the spark was just not there as it was with the other women. She was super confident and saying she was already in love with them when he wasn’t falling for her. I liked her from the start but he has stronger connections with the other woman than her.

This week  I have 2  girls out of the 4 girls chosen. Roses Given To: Desiree,  Catherine, Lindsay, Ashlee

Hometown Visits

Visit 1 Ashlee Sean meets her family and her adorable  yorkie dog Bailey in Houston. They started things out with a walk in the park and a picnic. They both have fathers who are in the ministry and she wants a man that’s like her father. He met her parents and he brought her mother flowers, while she shared about the polar bear plunge they did and about their other adventures. They parents weren’t thrilled with all that happened on the dates. Sean talked to both of her parents and got along great with both of them. Sean fit in with her family and they looked so cute  together.

Visit 2 Catherine Sean then travelled to Seattle and they went to the market and she surprised him by having him catch fish and she even caught one herself. She seemed to be obsessed with him and he had no clue where their relationship was headed. She led her to meet her Filipino family, her mother, grandmother and sisters. He cooked with the family while she talked with her sisters who then in turn talked about her past relationships to Sean. I don’t seem them together and I think she will be eliminated soon.

Visit  3 Lindsay Sean visited her at an army base town Fort Leonard in Missouri because her father is general. They toured the town and did everyday normal stuff together like going to an antique shop, going to a place she used to work. then she made him army ready and drilled him which was cute. He met her parents and brother who gave him his own dog tags as a welcome gift.

Visit 4 Desiree His last visit is Los Angeles where he hiked in the hills with her. Things started out good by them fixing dinner together at her apartment, then took a turn for the worst or so he thought when she pranked him with an actor who played her jealous ex boyfriend.  then he got along with her parents but her brother called Sean a playboy and that probably was what did it for her.

This week  I have 1 girls out of the 3 girls chosen. Roses Given To:  Catherine, Lindsay, Ashlee

Island Overnights

Date 1 Lindsay The couple took a motorized cart ride to their destination. “It’s hard to look at beautiful surroundings when I have a gorgeous guy next to me“. They headed to a local market which had colored chicks, local foods and products. He put her love to the test by having her eat bugs. Afterward they went to the beach to have a talk, she wants to start a life with him and he thinks of her as his hs sweetheart and best friend in one person. The beachtime ended with feeding wild and seriously could that bikini have gotten any skimpier, what happened to one piece suits. During dinner she kept losing her nerve to tell him she loves him, she agreed to stay with him in the fantasy suite where she told him she loves him.

Date 2 Ashlee The pair took a boat out to the islands and went into an  Emerald Cave, this forced her to trust him completely. they had to swim through the cave to get to the private beach. Her fears came up as he was testing to see if she could let go of them. They both got scared in the cave in the black  and with noises, luckily they survived. Later they had dinner on a beach together, she was worried about putting herself out there and spending the night with him when he’s doing that with two other women. I feel she is totally justified in her worries.  Sean you’re saying you’re falling for all the woman and im not sure I believe you when you said all you wanted to do was talk. She agreed to his idea of talking all night.

Date 3 Catherine Taking a boat out to sea and see the surrounding area. Not so sure what she was thinking when she choose that outfit but I guess she was in la-la land that morning. He feels their lives are the most different since she’s a free spirit and he’s  conservative. She was making cheesy comments and admitting that she loved him to the camera. Her evening dress was a better choice than her daytime wear. They had dinner together and she had doubts about the fantasy suite, he put her mind at ease  and she accepts it.

Chris decides to interrupt things before the rose ceremony to promote a new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful not sure how well this went in with this show but the preview was appealing.  He then met with Sean to talk things over. Sean was sent home when it was down to three men. He had already made his mind up about whom he was sending home. Each woman left a private video message.

I have  0 remaining out of the 2 girls picked. Lindsay, Catherine

Sean’s In Depth Interview

Why did he send Desiree home after hometowns?

I kept asking myself can I spend the rest of my life with his person, I think I can but not a resounding yes I can.  Desiree told didn’t prepare me for what happened, she had told me he had some troubles in the past. I really wanted to hit him because I was insulted by being called a playboy. Attacking my character is the quickest way to get me heated and I actually talked to him earlier than what was shown and that conversation went well. I would be lying to myself if i didn’t say that her brother did not influence me and my choice but there were also places in our relationship that were lacking compared to the other women. I wasn’t prepared to send one of the other girls home to keep Des here, at the person I’m looking for isn’t her.

What went wrong with Sarah?

She was sweet and the kind of woman I normally would be interested in, I just wanted to put my arm around her and tell her that it doesn’t matter about your arm I just want to get to know you. We had a serious talk on the first date about a past experience she had and it brought tears to my eyes.  Sarah wanted to challenge herself and that’s why I invited her on the roller derby date. When I ended the cocktail party after the date she kissed me and I realized this is not the women I’m going to marry so I had to say goodbye to her. I wanted to give her the proper respect and someone is going to love her for the rest of her life; she hasn’t found it yet.

Selma and Leslie M

It was a big deal that Selma couldn’t kiss me I didn’t find out till half way through the date, and the whole date we were affectionate holding hands and i was giving her kisses on the forehead. We had to get creative to avoid this rule such as Eskimo kiss and eyelash kiss. I appreciated the gesture of her kissing me but I had already decided that she wasn’t going to be my wife. I choose Leslie because we got along great and it was natural  with her and had chemistry. That 3 minute kiss seemed like 30 seconds. Our relationship was where we could be goofy and then intimate, on our last date i was hoping she would express how she felt and she didn’t do that. I felt at this stage we should be past the awkwardness and had she said I Love You it would have changed things.

What was he thinking when keeping Tierra around?

While i have my sister around in town I thought i would let her meet Tierra to see if she has the same impression I do or different one than mine. When I walked in Tierra was in tears and she’s bawling, when I watch it back i feel like such a fool and that I was duped. Tierra should have never come on this show she can’t handle herself in this environment.  I wish I had kept Jackie on the two on one date and sent Tierra home. Montana started out great and then every girl focused on Tierra and I wondered if it was all worth it, (the fight between tierra and robyn lasted for hours). This experience could have been ruined by her and I’m so thankful it wasn’t.

The bachelor is now down to two women Lindsay and Catherine and they trio visit Thailand on two separate dates in which the women meet his parents and family. He hope that they would help him make his choice: his parents, sister and brother in law and neice, nephew. His mom was nervous and she wanted the best choice of him.After the women left he talked to his family and they agreed that they loved them both and they would fit in the family. Mom was scared about him rushing into a proposal and that he’s not ready for that. She told him that he needs to be excited about the proposal and sure or else he shouldn’t be proposing at all. They had a long talk about I feel that she’s an amazing mother to him.

Catherine She looked adorable in her striped dress and came a gift, the family welcomed her with hugs and a toast at lunch. Afterward she had a talk with his mom, She shared about sharing notes with Sean little love notes and that all she can think about is a future with him.Mom thought she was genuine and his dad asked her serious questions about love which I felt she answered well, he told her he would love her like his daughter and her. date with them riding on an elephant, her excitement was like that of a little kid. After the ride they shared alone time together and talked. At her hotel suite they shared wine and she admitted that while she was playing it safe she has to let him know how she feels before it’s too late, she finally got the courage to say she loved him as he was ready to leave for the night. Their date did not compare with his first date which was better.

Lindsay arrived the next day to meet his family, and they look so cute together as a couple and my choice is her. The family teased her about how she met Sean in a wedding dress but they did it in a nice way. First she talked to his dad and I loved her answer that he made her feel loved and that marriage is compromise with prayer and communication. He shared that they prayed for Sean’s wife on the day he was born. Then she asked for Sean’s hand with marriage of his dad and that got bonus points to me. Her talk with mom went well and she shared with her about their relationship.Their date was exploring with a raft down the river. He thought a life with her would be fun and never dull. They have chemistry and friendship, the things that make a marriage work. After they had a picnic in a secluded place which led to time in her hotel suite.  She surprized with a lantern in which they wrote their wishes out and wrote them out: Love, happiness and Family. He considers her his best friend.


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