bachelorette andi

The  new Bachelorette is Andi and hopefully this season will be different from the other seasons and she finds true love. It started by sadness at the loss of contestant Eric Hill. This season I’m going for a more interactive approach which means including tweets from past bachelor and bachelorette contestants who all have been through this process and have some good insight on the show.

 My Picks This Season : Marcus, Eric, JJ, Rudie, Tasos, Carl, Dylan, Patrick, Bradley, Brian, Josh M, Marquel, Chris, Andrew

Josh got the first solo time with her telling her that his mom loves her as a southern gentleman loaning her his jacket. Then he had time with Marquel who brought her cookies that he made for her to have, this totally impressed her. Eric talked about how long he’s gone and his project of going on a global odyssey and how he’s an adventure junkie.  The guys brought food and gave her golf lessons and she talked trips with Tasos speaking French.. She liked a lot of the guys she was with and they sped through all of them which was a bit disappointing but the ones they did show I liked seeing. The farmer is the exact opposite of her and I’m not sure how well he would blend with her lifestyle but he might get along well with her southern family.  She admitted having a crush on Marcus who is hot in her opinion. During the midst of the men getting to know Andi, Chris from a Emily’s season and was on bachelor pad that he wanted a chance with her bringing her a dozen roses.  Andi weighed her options and turned him down by not giving me a chance to be fair to her bachelors. This was somewhat a dumb move on her part she should have given him at least a chance to talk her to see if there was any sparks. He tried to talk the host into letting him go up to talk to her but he only got his flowers taken and he left brokenhearted. The first impression rose went to Nick V who she connected with and he made a good impression on her. She turned down some quality guys this first night

Roses ( 13 out of 18 my picks): Nick V, JJ, Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M, Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Chris,  Carl, Brett, Dylan, Patrick, Cody, Nick S

Adventure Starts

I liked the solo dates.  I’m not sure why they felt the need for the guys to be comparing themselves to the others and I could not stand Craig at all, I have no clue why he made it past night one. One contestant got hammered on the date and luckily was not given a rose to stay. From the looks of the previews it looks like quite the drama filled season, next week will be in two posts as it’s a two night event. This week I took my own photos.

My Picks This Season : Marcus, Eric, JJ, Rudie, Tasos, Carl, Dylan, Patrick, Bradley, Brian, Josh M, Marquel, Chris, Andrew

Solo Date Eric “Love is Everywhere” He spent a lot of the date talking about his adventures and it was interesting to hear his tales. Their first stop was on the beach where they built a sandcastle, flew a kite and sand castle. Then they went in a helicopter and went to the mountains with the snow, where they got snowboarding lessons from Louie Vito. It was cute watching them together and them seem to have chemistry and get along really well. After a day of adventure they had nice dinner together at a cabin that looked amazing I would love to have a date their. He got the travel bug from his dad who went across the states when he was younger  and those stories made him want to travel. I know the first time I went on a solo travel trip I was hooked. Group Date Brian, Marquel, Bradley, Craig, Brett, Cody, Patrick, Tasos, Ron, Marcus, Nick S and Dylan ” Lets BARE our Souls” The guys showed up in Hollywood to learn male strip dancing from the group Hollywood Men, I’m not sure what the stylist was thinking but that plunging neckline looked awful on Andi. I guess they wanted to up her sexy appeal to match the date. The guys would be divided into 3 groups: Army Men, Firefighters and Cowboys. Also there were two solos the Robot and Airman which went to Nick S and Marcus. Yes we all know that Andi has the hots for Marcus and after his performance I can see why. This was all done for charity and for a room full of women who gave them lots of money. Carl had an advantage as he is an actual firefighter. Craig I’m not sure if your secretly gay or what calling another man a stud then later on getting drunk and jumping into the pool with your clothes on that’s not good behavior, I would have kicked him out right after his bad behavior but luckily he did not get a rose. Ok back on track after that detour rant, Andi had her friends Sharleen and Kelly to watch the show with her. The cowboys did an ok job wasn’t totally impressed and the robot act showed a bit too much. The firefighter act was good they interacted with the crowd as was the army act but the best act of the night was the airman solo. I was not thrilled with the strip show but that’s cause I’m more modest. After the show they all went to mansion and spent solo time with her, Brian is a teacher and I liked his personality and is winning her over.   The group date rose went to Bradley.Solo Date 2 Chris The date took the couple to the horse race track at Santa Anita Park. she looked amazing in her simple glam dress.  He got to wear a suit and for a farmer he sure is a cutie and looked good in the grey suit he picked out. The nice touch was the old couple and yes it might have been stage but it added some charm to the date. They headed up to the VIP Suite and cheered on their horses and seemed natural together. That night  at the race track all on their own inside the building which was well decorated with candles and a comfortable couch.  He shared how he was engaged but he learned from that experience. After talking they went to dance outside with a private concert from a band This Wild Life.

Those men who did not get a date this week were JJ, Andrew and Nick V who was sweet and gave her a date card and had great conversation with her.

Santa Barbara

The show starts its travel journey by going up the coast of California to Santa Barbara. We learn most of the men can’t sing and neither can our bachelorette. This week instead of all the men going to the location only those with dates would get to go up there while Andi was staying at a resort, guess there was budget issues this season.

Solo Date 1 Nick V~ They meet on the docks and then do a bike ride followed by going hiking in a beautiful canyon area. This seems like natural summer date nothing over the top but still adventurous. Also enjoyed is the ocean and waves, walking in the sand.  ( I think the show stylist must go along on the dates too because every time there’s a change of clothes for the dinner, I recently went on a date that lasted from 1 pm to 9 pm and I didn’t get any changes). We find out that he was engaged at 27.Group Date Brian, Marquel, Cody, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick and Marcus, Tasos: The guys were all thinking it was karaoke but there was something even better, a concert, vocal training and getting to sing on stage all with Boyz II Men. I have no idea why they picked the song they did when there are so many other great songs beside the lusty I’ll Make Love To You. The boys were thrilled at the surprise and they all had memories to that song.We discovered that most of them could not sing at all and the best moment was the little girl in the audience covering her ears, I feel your pain I wanted it to stop too. Bradley just a note not all music genres sound good to opera and R&B is one of them. Andi really isn’t that great an actress she was barely serious enough to pull that prank on Cody she gave herself away to quickly but they have similar sense of humors. Soon she was sharing smooches with several guys. The date rose went to Josh Solo Date 2 JJ ~ they were going to grow old together they were an old couple. it looked pretty awesome them having their hair and makeup done. She looked good but I’m not so sure about him as an old man. um your face and hair looks old but your body look young still. I guess the people of Santa Barbara are easily fooled. getting their picture taken then taking old people carts around town. They played football badly and he did push ups with her on his back then gave her a piggyback ride on his shoulders. Then they did fun and games. Later they went to dinner together and I’m not sure. While the solo date happens Ron is with the guys getting an upsetting phone  call which was a family emergency that had him packing and leaving the mansion, a close friend passed away my condolences to him as he deals with losing his friend. During the night she got roses and a nice note from Nick V, very smooth move for him and because Andrew flirted with  the waitress I use my veto power on him and replace him with Nick V.

JJ gave the news about Andrew’s flirting of getting a waitress number to Josh who is protective of Andi but yet neither guy went to tell the bachelorette herself so they confronted Andrew then when that went wrong they told the other guys. Marcus was another charmer who gave her a note.Those guys without a date this week are : Dylan and Chris

Roses (10 of 13) : Dylan, Chris, JJ, Nick V, Tasos, Eric, Josh, Marquel, Brian, Cody, Andrew Patrick, Marcus.

Eric Tradegy

bachelorette and her men travel to New England, here we learn about Dylan’s past and Eric leaves the show and we have the bachelorette and the host talking about him at the end of the episode instead of the rose ceremony.Eric Hill lived an extraordinary life and he passed away before the show aired. It’s great that he was able to share about his family and tell of his love for them on his last episode on the show. His family created a charity called LiveLikeEric


Solo Date  Dylan They had a fun adventure on a steam train to go up the river, while she thought it was fun he was remembering his family and his past that was filled with sadness at the loss of his sister and brother. The train looked fun to ride and I know from going on Amtrak trains that they are comfortable way of transportation, the scenery was beautiful. I’m not sure I see a future with them right now but I’m open to wait and see where things go between them. His story of his family was moving and my heart as well as Andi’s went out to him.Group Date JJ, Eric, Chris, Andrew, Josh M, Brian, Cody, Patrick, Marquel, Tasos The guys went on a basketball date which all of them were thrilled about. I personally liked the rosebuds uniforms but I felt bad for the other team that lost the chance to continue the evening with Andi. WMBA stars were included on the date and then the guys were in two teams to go against each other. I noticed that while the bachelorette was dressed up for basketball she  did not even play at all. . Hearts were JJ, Chris, Josh M, Andrew,Tasos,Patrick.Rosebuds were : Eric, Marquel, Cody, , Nick V. These boys had strategy and game but it was obvious all the good players were on the rosebuds which were led by Brian who is a basketball coach. I can see the guys calling him coach but even Andi called him that and that was not good but he did get the date rose and later on a kiss.Solo Date 2 Marcus I loved this date he showed that he can be the man she needs by helping her get over her fear of heights and being so gentle and understanding with her.  After that they had a country concert and them dancing on the middle of the floor. I like these two as a couple and I think they have a future together.

Before the rose ceremony Eric had a confrontation with Andi, he made a valid point that she did not seem herself around him but he was also wrong in expecting that she would always be the way she was on their date all the time. He also called her an actress and putting on a show which deeply offended her and they parted ways. At the end of the episode the host and bachelorette shared their reaction to the news of his passing, it happened during the hometown dates being taped.

Roses ( 9 of 11 my picks): Nick V, JJ, Marquel, Brian, Marcus, Andrew, Chris,  Dylan, Patrick, Cody, Ron, Josh M


visited Marseilles located in France for the next round of dates. Yes there was a lot of drama on this episode but not much resolution but hopefully she will handle that next week. I think the producers are trying to make this the most drama filled season ever and it’s not appreciated by this fan.

Solo Date Josh M~ The former athlete finally got his private time with Andi, They walked around town and then had their own boat which led them to an island that all seemed really nice for them. She claimed that he answered the serious questions but I seriously don’t know much new about this guy, I guess she’s just impressed easily. After dinner they got a private concert by Ben Fields, this was the highlight of the evening and the entertainer was perfect for the show. I think Josh will be around awhile but not make it to the end.Group Date ~ Patrick, Marcus, Marquel, Andrew, Cody, Nick, Chris, Dylan , JJ The guys learned how to be mimes and although none of them were that good had fun performing in the streets to a crowd, well that is except Nick ( we know you had a wonderful solo date but you did get invited on this group date and this is your one chance to shine so do it quit pouting). There was also some tension with Nick and Cody but that was just them being guys and trying to out do each other or some other macho reasoning. The other drama was again by Andrew  who got accused of being racist against Marquel, he claims that he was set up and it was not true but if it wasn’t that would mean that loveable JJ was lying and making it all up which might also be true time will tell. Andi should have just enjoyed her evening and not worry about the guys drama or tension. The one star of the night was JJ who made it seem like a real date by taking her on the ferris wheel which looked high above the city making the night magical and he rightfully got the rose for the date.Solo Date Brian ~ The date started out great with them exploring the city and then going to a French movie theater to see a not yet released movie,  good way to cross promote abc it was  obvious but it was a good way of doing that. They were close during the movie and the market but things fell apart at her apartment where they both learned that neither of them could cook and the date was salvaged by going to nearby restaurant.

Roses (5 out of 8 my picks ) JJ, Brian, Josh M, Marcus, Nick, Chris, Dylan, Cody


The men and Andi went to Italy where she tested them with lie detector tests and guys showed their true colors. The first surprise this week came as she announced that the date would start on their arrival and it wasn’t who all the guys though it would be, when will guys ever learn not to make assumptions but if they only knew why she chose who she did they wouldn’t be upset. Cody claims that if he didn’t get a solo date that he wouldn’t be going on with her but he got one. Also the secret admirer strikes again with another lovely note.

Solo Date Nick~ together they toured the city and got to see the sights. this town looks a bit to crowded for my liking. they sampled the food and got to wear masks as well as a gondola ride during which they saw a bride and groom by the water. For evening they dressed up to the nines for dinner in nice mascarade hall and she let him have it at dinner confronting him to find out why the other men hate him. His answers made sine but I think thy were made up I don’t think he’s friends with the other guys much. Dancing outside with their own band of musicians looked romantic.Group Date ~Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ and Chris Andi surprised the guy with a lie detector which none of the men were thrilled with and she went first to take it. The only guy not freaked up was up front and honest Brian. The detector even made her nervous, they made the questions so easy for her cause she’s the star. some of the questions were silly: do you prefer blonds to brunettes but some were good like are you ready for marriage etc. Dylan let his nerves get to him and left before the results were in. The best part was that the secret admirer was revealed as Chris. The results showed that 3 of the men told no likes, 1 man told 2 lies and the other two told 3 lies. The thing I don’t get is that if she ripped up the papers why is she so upset and crying in the previews? that was a dumb move she had the answers to questions that us women wanted to know answers to. All guys with the exception of Dylan who went to dinner with her at a castle. Brian let her do a lie detector on him and it was soo sweet. Marcus is also one of my picks and they had a nice heart to heart and he is the first guy who claimed he was in love with her. Josh was the most defensive about it and her trusting him and right now I believe him but he might be hiding something, time will tell. After Andi left JJ let his true feelings out about hating being with the other men and fears of being sent home. Solo Date Cody~ Their date was in Verona which seemed very beautiful. after walking the streets they went to Juliet’s courtyard where Romeo and Juliet was inspired and he was ready to be her Romeo, he was not a very good actor and they went to the club de Juliette which was also featured in Letters to Juliet and wrote out some responses to letters which I think turned out bad because they were reading these people’s letters out loud and making fun of them. Those people wrote sincere letters to Juliet hoping for an answer not to be ridiculed or have them read on air it was disrespectful but also I think it was a bit of a setup for the show and it was cheesy. They had dinner outside in a garden where he gave her his own love letter but then the night turned awful as she was in tears sending him home.  I feel his pain I keep getting rejected to and im not sure why I think I’m a good catch.

Roses( 4 of 6 my pics) Chris, Nick, Brian, Marcus, Dylan, Josh


It’s time for things to get serious for the bachelorette, we introduce her to the families and watch things get intense, I was sad to hear who went home he was one of my picks.

Nick, Wisconsin~ First stop for Andi was to see Nick.  They met in the park then he gave her a tour of a local brewery it was a cute touch that there was a beer named after them. In the evening they met his family his siblings and parents, all they showed was the siblings and Andi did not get a chance to be with the parents at least not on camera. His little sister was adorable and loved her interaction with Andi. I still have my doubts about him but he claims to love her but he never told her wish that got him sent home, you need to tell her you love her because she’s not going to guess what you feel were not that smart. His interaction with his mom seemed kinda stilted he claims she’s intuitive but they barely talked at all.Chris, Iowa ~ Next she went to the Midwest to visit farmer Chris and his family. He took her to his house which was well decorated and I loved it. She was impressed by his house, land and tractor so he took her on a ride. She thinks he’s the hottest farmer ever but I’ve seen hotter guys in the country music videos. The cute moment was when she sat on his lap to drive the tractor it showed them bonding as a couple. Then they have a picnic in the middle of the field, I’m not sure she can blend in to farm life and living away from the city. He struck  nerve with her being a homemaker and stay at home mom but she sparked back with wanting her own career there.  The next surprise for Andi was a banner in the sky saying Chris Loves Andi she was thrilled at this. I liked his family  his mom and sisters, they were all loving and welcoming to her. After dinner she talked with his sisters while he had a talk with his mom, she told him how when she saw his father get out of a tractor it would stop her heart, love the words of love she had. I think she an blend with his family well. She has a bonding moment with his mom although she was a bit forward telling her they would have good babies together.Josh,  Florida ~ She then goes down south to Florida to see Josh. They play baseball together and this reminds me of how Chris from Desiree’s season did his hometown. What is it with this girl and calling guys Hot, he did not look hot on that field but that’s just my opinion. He shared his past with baseball and then he decided to move on and have a life.  She met his parents and siblings, the dog was adorable the other woman in his life Sable, the reunion was so touching.  At dinner she got a bit ticked that they were talking about his brothers football aspirations, hello newsflash  he’s been gone from home for awhile and this is a big thing for his family he;s not going to put everything aside just to focus on you totally, let him have this bonding time. She had a nice talk with his mom, from what she was saying she’s not a real sports fan and did not support the family togetherness. Next was the dad’s turn to talk and she lied and said she would be ok with being with his family and she was sounding possessive of him. I don’ see her doing well with Josh’s family.Marcus, Dallas~The day started by driving a round and kissing, she’s trying to catch up to him and all he an talk about is proposing yeah this might not end well for him. They then go to a deserted where he surprises her by putting on the pilot outfit from the first group date where he was a pilot stripping for charity show. He looked hotter then than he did this time . Next they walk around his town and then met his mom, sister, brother and her kids.  His niece was adorable and made Andi a bracelet. She talked to the sister which went nicely while he talked to his brother, they bonded. She talked with his mother who confessed that hes selective and she approved of her. I think she did not connect with this family well.

I think she bonded with Nick and Chris’s families the best, the week ended in sadness as she and the men found out about Eric’s passing this is the emotions they should have shown before instead of the canned interview. All four guys go to the host Chris Harrison’s home which this is the first time we are seeing this place, it’s a really nice place at least the living room is. Once Andi arrived he shared the news with all of them. I know it was sad news but this was real life no reality stuff it was showing real emotions as  they happened and it was so refreshing to see that. The guys all stayed silent while Andi was in tears and marcus was the first to leave the room she follows and they both cry outside. This is the reaction and tribute they should have shown to start with. Then the camera crew put down their lens and joined in an they all got emotional and talked quietly over their friend they had lost. The conversation she had with Chris should have been what they showed earlier.

Roses (1 out of 3 my picks ) Nick, Josh and Chris

Dominican Adventure

Andi and her 3 remaining men go to Dominican Republic for the famed overnight dates, and Andi being the expose type has to reveal what happens in them. I seriously think this girl is out for the cameras too not just for her search for love. The  fame bug has bitten her and she hasn’t even gotten out of the season yet. My last bachelor pick went home which means I have to pick a new one for this final week. This season has been all about drama and isn’t any better than Juan’s failed season and does not meet up to the bachelorette seasons of the past.I liked the way the show started with the recap of the journey she has had with all 3 of her men she has left. Then all that nice warm feelings had to be wreaked by the drama induced events of the rest of the show, way to wreak a nice episode.

Nick & Andi They started on a helicopter ride as they view the water and land from the air. It looks amazing and we are already thinking of being fiancé as they get set to enjoy time at the beach. once on the island they are in swimwear, could her suit be any skimpier. She questioned him about his family’s concern about his heart getting broken again, he took it lightly and tried to talk the families concern away.  Again he doesn’t say he loves her and instead waits till the evening to tell her. At night they had dinner on the beach  which seems a little to casual to me but I liked the lighting of candles lit. The story that Nick wrote her was sweet and it was a whole book made out with all the dates and its then he finally tell her he loves her. Nothing bad must have happened with Nick cause they did not show a moment of their overnight which was disappointing cause I always like to see the fantasy suites then the cameras can disappear.Andi & Josh The couple had a date in Santa Domingo and wandered around town. They act like tourists doing all the things that the locals do and he took charge speaking Spanish. Dancing to the music they looked cute together. Next, they watch a local baseball game and the kids let them play in the game. He tells her he loves her and I believe him and claims to be beyond love with her.  At night dinner is at a resort which was beautiful, they talked about their families and he admitted that he was picturing  their life together with their future kids. She gets defensive and questioning the way he is, he’s happy to be with her. He accepts the fantasy suite card and were greeted to fireworks and this time they showed the suite which was very nice.Chris & Andi They seems so great for each other and I have no clue what goes wrong cause he seems perfect for her but something did go wrong. Whats with her skimpy clothes she needs to hire another stylist that dresses her better more modestly. Their date consists of a horse ride on a very lively horse for her. After that they share a glass of wine and talk about how well the hometown date went. She’s not sure he’s ready for the fantasy suite never heard that before, dinner is at the resort with them both looking nice. He’s looking forward to that because he’s in love with her, I do not see her living in Iowa. She breaks down in tears cause she doesn’t see them going anywhere or that connection she has with the other two guys and she doesn’t want to give up her life she has. He doesn’t get the fantasy suite and gets sent home before the rose ceremony. The way he reacts shows what a gentleman and good guy he is, I really do hope the rumors are true and that he is the next bachelor.


Each guy got to meet her family and have one final date with her. Then there was a surprise ending no one saw coming, don’t worry we still got our happy ending. It’s also been proven that the rejected bachelor tried to get in touch with her several times which she refused not sure if that qualifies him as a stalker or just someone who couldn’t believe he got dumped and wanting things to work. The final episode takes place in the Dominican Republic staying where she was last time.

NICK He was the first to meet her family bringing flowers for her mother and a bottle of liquor for her dad. He was really nervous but warmed up to the family as the day progressed. After lunch he had time with the mom and gushes about her and his love for her. ” She makes me feel like I can’t see myself with anyone else”. During that time she shares details with her sister. He asked her father’s permission for proposal and is reminded that commitment is for life and gets the blessing.The date has her in another bikini top and short shorts. They go off roading for their date, getting in a jeep and exploring the countryside. Poor Nick is so smitten with her while her heart might belong to another man. They have a picnic in a lagoon which I think Juan Pablo used in his season or something similar to that, ABC are we recycling date ideas now? Of course they had to get in their swimsuits, that is getting old to me why can’t people stay dressed on dates anymore. That night she goes to his suite and he blindly ignores the fact that she’s also with Josh, he’s a love-struck fool. He gave her a sweet gift of a necklace of the sand off the beach where he proclaimed his love for her.

Josh She went all around the world to find a guy from her hometown of Atlanta. He also got flowers for the mom but brought cigars for the dad. She talked over her feelings and opinions with her sister who let’s her babble on. After that the sister and brother-in-law talk to him and give him so called tough questions which he gave great answers to. He then gets confronted by the dad and they got along great, I can see him blending well with her family. ” The Day I don’t have to say goodbye to Andi I the day I look forward to Their last date is on a boat reminding them of their first date. Again the bad stylist showed up dressing her in that blanket over her swim wear, guess the travel budget was low. He looked good in his outfit. These two make a cute couple and already show intimacy toward each other. They swim in  the water together sharing kisses then at night they meet up in his suite. He reassured her of his love for her and gives her a letter he wrote to her and her own baseball card.

Finale Bachelorette’s Choice Nick never gets to pick out a ring because he gets dumped in a surprise visit from Andi. She starts off the conversation mentioning his past engagement which was not a good sign, she did not feel right about things and couldn’t go through with him proposing to her. She felt worry about the intensity and avoids his  question about when that started and tries to get her way out of it. He made a valid point but he was shocked by her reaction to him and she was in tears and he was in denial of the whole thing. She did owe him an answer instead she just said she was sorry and did not give any answers. After she leaves he tosses away all the saved roses and packs his bags leaving.The host got reactions from the fan favorites: Chris thought it could be scary after he was rejected earlier, Drew from Desiree’s season pointed out that his days are numbered, not ready for the curveball of rejection. Michelle Money interrupted and wanted to find out the new bachelor but the host stalled.Andi looked elegant in her white dress in the beautiful location by the water. He looked handsome in his suit. His proposal was very nice I liked it ” From the moment I saw you, you took my breath away, you’re the answer to all my prayers and the woman of my dreams. we can do anything together.” Her declaration of love had him grinning an then he proposed and she accepted.



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