The bachelorette premiered this Monday and Desiree had her pick of 25 men several of desireethem were frogs but there were a few princes among them. although it is unsure which of them is going to be the one eluded in the promos with the girlfriend. Unlike the rest of the bachelorettes who came via limo, Desiree came in her own car to the house which shows that her style is more laid back than her predecessors. She also took this approach to handing out roses on the first night which is what Sean did on his season’s first night.

My picks for this season are as follows : Chris, Brandon, Brooks, Drew, Michael, Zack K, Robert, Ben, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Larry, Nick M

The men did all kinds of things to getting her attention the ones I thought worked: Michael who went in the fountain trying to find her pennies she tossed to give her another chance, Chris who bended down on one knee to tie his shoe but it was a cute move, Ben who brought his son along and Brandon who rode in on a motorcycle.Not all the bachelors had such charming intros: Kasey and his hash tag for everything got old fast, Will got boring with the nicknames for her and Zak W pickup line of accepting his abs was to cheesy. Most of the guys did not have original ideas they just went based on their smiles. I did feel sorry for Larry who tried to dance with her but messed up on the dip.  The biggest fail was Jonathan who I admit was on my list based on his profile but he was booted from the show after he propositioned her with a fantasy suite and would not take no for an answer, if she said no she meant it and you are not God’s gift to women.

The 19 men chosen week 1(I have 11 men selected): Drew, Brooks, Brad, Bryden, Michael, Kasey, Will, Zak W, James, Zack K, Chris, Robert, Juan Pablo, Brandon, Brian, Ben, Dan, Nick M, Mikey

Right Reasons

First I’d like to give my view on this whole Arie for Bachelor idea, I think that we should have a new guy insead of all these recycled bachelor castoffs.The guys in the house turn on Ben because he is getting all the attention from Des and they are jealous and unfortunately it looks like he is the male version of Tierra. If he causes Des any grief I will dump him from my picks and then pick another remaining bachelor.

My picks for this season are as follows : Chris, Brandon, Brooks, Drew, Michael, Zack K, Robert, Ben, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Larry, Nick M

1 on 1 date Brooks I’m Waiting For A Sign Brooks is one of the guys I like first because he’s a cutie and second cause it happens his first name is my last, funny coincidence.  The date started out with going to her place of work Haute Bridal Fashion  Her passion is to design wedding dresses which I think it awesome, it shows she’s’ creative.  Brooks dressed in a tux while Des picked a dress to wear, his first tux of that lime green was awful and after several attempts he found a great looking tux to wear. Seriously they make an amazing looking couple.Next they got their wedding cupcake from a mobile truck in red velvet and hiked up the hill to the Hollywood sign all still while dressed up because it’s the 90th anniversary for the Hollywood sign. They shared dinner on a light up bridge, he started out with a rocky start to conversation but got his momentum when he told story about his relationship with his father.  The night ended with a private concert from Andy Grammer.Group Date Ben, Kasey, Mikey, Juan Pablo, Brandon, Zak K,  Brian, James, Nick M, Michael, Zak W Desiree and the men did a bachelorette themed rap video with Soulja Boy who is secretly a fan of the show. I liked how they did past bachelorette men. Des wanted a man who can make a fool out of himself. Brandon, Michael, Ben and James as his main rappers while the rest of the guys were backup dancers. I felt bad for Brandon who wasn’t wearing pants and was exposed and flubbed on his life then he finally got it right. Not all the men did the best job in the video but Des did a great job singing and following along with the song which was a best cheesy, the other highlight of the video was Chris Harrison’s cameo in the video that made it authentic.After the video they all relaxed and spent time with Des, Zak W gave the best gift by giving her a journal he found at an antique shop with a message from a daddy to his daughter.  We learned that Mikey is from an Italian family which was cut short by Ben who swooped in and then got the rose by talking about his son. Michael confessed that he has diabetes and Brandon shared that he raised his siblings, I think he deserved the rose.1 on 1 date Bryden Road Trip Desiree and Bryden did a road trip and the conversation flowed in the car and he is from Montana and never been to California so she got to be tour guide. first stop was the beach then they had a picnic in an orange grove, driving up the coast they drove through a small town and went to an inn and spa where they had dinner and got in the hot tub.I didn’t feel the chemistry between them although they did get along well with conversation and now they are at the friend stage in their relationship. The hot tub at the end of the date was awkward, um showing a girl you accident photos isn’t the best way to impress her unless he wanted the sympathy vote.

16 chosen this week ( 9 are my picks) : Ben, Brooks, Bryden, Brad, Michael, Drew, Zak W, Zack K, Chris, Kasey, Mickey, Dan, James ,Brian, Juan Pablo, Brandon

 Playing for Keeps

My picks for this season are as follows : Chris, Brandon, Brooks, Drew, Michael, Zack K, Robert, Ben, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Larry, Nick M

Chris called Des and told a secret about one of the bachelors, so she drove over and handled the situation on Brian calling him outside and revealing he has a girlfriend back home. The guys find out when the host walk through the house with her following him, they all watched from the window. Brian is such a liar claiming it was a past relationship and she claims wanted to break up with him the day before he left and she broke apart on tv. He helped take care of her son with her and he told her he was coming on a business trip. The jerk claimed he was being attacked and Des took her side not his, She then kicked him out and sent him home.Group Date  Chris, Brian, Drew, Brooks, Mikey, Zack k, Ben , Brandon, Brad, Michael The guys got competitive in this date, des looked good in her pink hoodie. They first met the national dodgeball team who gave them a lesson on how to play seriously. In the middle of the lesson the host walks in to announce they were battling each other and the losing team was going home with the winning team goes on rest of date with Des. Red team : Mikey, Michael, Brooks, Chris and Brandon. Blue Team: Brian, Ben, Zack K, Brad and Drew. The game was in a public place which was a caged in area in an outdoor mall area  and the teams had jerseys to wear. The blue team was good leaving just one man on the red team then it was one on one, chris vs drew. 2nd game the red team got their revenge taking down the blue team and they one, leaving it at a tie. The last game starts out with an accident with Brooks getting his finger broken and being taken away to the hospital so the blue team had to bench one member. Blue had the advantage with the skinnier guys and left it down to two men Zack K vs Chris. Blue team wins! Desiree let both teams come to the party and unlike the women they did not get upset about that. The guys all except brooks got time with her. Brad revealed that he has a 3 yr old son named Maddox whose with his mom during this time. Chris sneaked her away to the rooftop of the building. The biggest surprise of the night was Brooks who got out of the hospital and surprised Des by being there. Chris got the group date rose which included bonus time and a private concert by Kate Earl dancing together while all the guys watched nearby. They make a cute couple.1 on 1 date Kasey love defies gravity The pair of them were dancing on the side of a building and while the professionals make it seem graceful they were clumsy, afterward they had dinner on top of the building the  on. The santa ana winds tried to wreak their date, but they made the most of the things by getting into the pool which was cold. That was the most awkward date that i’ve seen so she gave him the date 2 Bryden, Zak K, Juan Pablo, James, DanThe  guys greeted by a at their door and were transported to a mockup ranch and Desiree all dressed up. They met up with the stunt team from The Lone Ranger Movie. Going through cowboy boot camp, learning how to lasso, quick draw and mock fight. The guys all did good at their challenge but I agreed with Des that Juan Pablo did the best job although I could not understand a word he said only the Mi Amor part that was easy. Thank you hs spanish. She watched the movie with Juan Pablo ignoring the moving and making out instead. They both looked great in costumes. After that she had alone time with Bryden whom she thought was shy. Her time with Zak was filled with laughter but she gave the rose to James to give him confidence she gave him the rose and he gave her a daisy in exchange. The cocktail party was cancelled and instead the men were all invited to a pool party. Ben ambushes her by taking her on a car ride instead of going in with the guys. Its a bold move but I’m not sure about his intentions which had Des totally falling for him. Yes I know he seems shady but so far he hasn’t done anything that’s that underhanded so he remains on my list.  She got extra time with some of the guys. Mikey got upset and heated with Ben when he confronts Ben lying about seeing her first before the other men. While that was going on Brandon got time with her sharing his experiences of childhood and that he was falling in love with her.

chosen 13 this week ( 8 my picks ) : Chris, James,Kasey, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael, Mikey, Ben

Atlantic City

The men and Desiree came to Atlantic City, I’m taking my opportunity to swap Ben for Zak W since Ben is turning out to be not in it for the right reason and everyone hates him. The group stayed at  REVEL Resort a posh resort that looks fancy and quite the hotel. jealousy got its hold this week in Zak W and Brayden who was tempted to leave when he felt left out.  So far the following guys have had a solo date with the bachelorette: Brooks, Kasey,  James, Brad.

My picks for this season are as follows : Chris, Brandon, Brooks, Drew, Michael, Zack K, Robert, Zak W, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Larry, Nick M

 One on One Date  BRAD For this date they toured the boardwalk and while they seemed like they were hitting it off once she got to dinner at the lighthouse she realized that they chemistry was not there, she sent him home to his son without a rose. The highlight of this date was them enjoying a fire next to an amazing sandcastle and good conversation.  Brad’s issue was that he was too relaxed and could not hold his own in conversation. GROUP DATE   Chris, Juan Pablo, Bryden, Zak W, Brooks, Kasey, Ben, Drew, Zack K, Michael, Mikey The men headed to Boardwalk Hall (which will host this year’s Miss America)  to take part in Mr. America which had them answering questions, doing their talents and modeling swimsuits. Mikey did not impress me with his self entitled attitude and I was wowed by Zak W and his singing talent. All the guys gave their all and the winner was Kasey who gave great answer in the interview section and did a funny talent of hula hooping while in women’s heels. After the pageant they all went back to the hotel and the guys impressed her but none more so than Zak W who got the rose on the date. Chris was such a sweetie by doing poetry which was a treat to hear.One on One Date JAMES The date started out with a helicopter ride seeing the devastation made by Hurricane Sandy it was a touching date where they met a couple who had lost their home and spent their anniversary in a red cross shelter.  Desiree showed her kind heart by giving their date which was dinner in Atlantic city and a private concert by Darius Rucker. The red cross gave the couple the gift of restoring their wedding album and it was a night they will never forget. James and Des went to a local bar and had a dinner of fast-food and talked, he admitted he cheated and yet he still got a rose, I just don’t see the chemistry between these two like she does with the other guys.

11 guys this week ( 7  my picks ) : Chris, James, Kasey, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael, Mikey, Ben


This week the romance went to Germany their first stop on the journey around the world for love. This week was dramatic with Bryden leaving and a war on the two on one date. So far the following guys have had a solo date with the bachelorette: Brooks, Kasey, James, Brad, Chris.   Clorox came up with a cute bachelorette themed commercial.

My picks for this season are as follows : Chris, Brandon, Brooks, Drew, Michael, Zack K, Robert, Zak W, Bryden, Juan Pablo, Larry, Nick M

One on One Date CHRIS they went sightseeing in Munich exploring the area and having a wonderful time holding hands. Chris looks stylish in his outfit and I liked her jacket too. They danced and later had a candlelit dinner with the chandelier in a castle. After that they danced to a private concert by Matt White. The only downside to their date was caused by Bryden who had the worst timing and decided to pick to interrupt her date to tell her he was leaving. Desiree was lucky to have Chris on the date with her and he was supportive and showed that he was there with her till the end if she would let him.GROUP DATE  Juan Pablo,  Zak W, Brooks, Kasey, Drew, Mikey, James The guys went for a snow adventure on the tallest mountain in Germany. first they had fun yodeling, then sledding which looked scary yet fun, a bit surprised none of the guys went in for a some form of affection, but I guess its true about men being wrapped up in sports. Warming up they stayed in an igloo room and she opened up to the men telling them to leave if they are not serious about her. Brooks and Desiree are such a cute couple. Mikey is so getting on my nerves with his self entitled self and the snow men idea seemed dumb, Zak was funny interrupting them by yodeling and she yodeled back and it was adorable, he confessed that he wanted to be a priest.While the guys were on their own James true colors came out that he was a player and that he wanted to be the next bachelor. The men wanted to protect her from that well at least Drew and Brooks, I appreciate them doing that. kissing. Brooks got validation of their relationship by getting the rose.Two on One Date MICHAEL VS BEN Michael wants to prove that Ben is a fraud and that he is impersonating a southern gentleman only there for exposure of his business and I’m on his side. They went on a hot tub boat which is a neat invention and Michael went after Ben and it made things awkward. Michael put Ben on the spot about why he did not get along with the other guys, although he came off looking bad in her eyes and Ben kept dishing out the lies and about his son using him as a prop for him.When Ben left the room Des went after Michael defending him and Ben called war against him in private. This left Desiree wanting to send both the men home.  He claimed that he didn’t want his faith questioned and yet she believes him. She falls for his poor pity me act and I admit for a few weeks I fell for it but not anymore. She questioned Michael about Ben and he told her the truth about his comments and his intentions, about his business and about another bachelor who made his business a success after his exposure. She made the right choice and picked Michael, this sent Ben packing and ticked off.She talked with Chris the host about what happened that week before meeting up with a guy, she talked about her time with Bryden which caused insecurity. The guys arrive and some of them decide to take care of James who is out to be the next bachelor. While they are talking she tells the host she does not want a time with the guys before the rose ceremony. Kasey and Drew overheard something and want to tell her what they heard which made it harder for the guys to tell her but Drew vowed to tell her next week.

8 guys this week (6 my picks ) : Chris, James, Kasey, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew,  Michael


This week the romance went to Spain the city of romance. Where passions and ignited and Tempers flared with the men, tears were shed and jerks exposed. Finally I have a season where all 5 of the final guys are my picks so I’m guaranteed one of my picks will be chosen. After watching the previews for next time I’m not sure that’s even going to matter after one of the guys breaks her heart it looks like she sends the other guys home, did I see that correctly lets hope that’s all the spin the show put on it?

One on One Date  DREW This was an exploration date exploring a city that has beauty everywhere you look. Drew is full of passion and caring, starting the date with a kiss which i saw as perfect and then later stealing her away from dinner to make out which was spontaneous.  He opened up about his father whose a recovering alcoholic and how that was to deal with, it showed his vulnerable side.  Drew made the smart move and told about James only after he had a rose and avoided being sent home by being the messenger who rated on another guy as in past seasons. I thought this was one of the best solo dates this season.GROUP DATE  Juan Pablo,  Brooks, Kasey, James, Michael The guys and Des went to play soccer and the guys played against a women’s team. At first they did great with their goals and their secret weapon Juan Pablo who was a former soccer star, but soon due to James being an awful goalie they lost in a big way Guys 2 Women 10. I just adored Brooks and all his funny comments makes his  that more appealing.After Soccer the men went back to the hotel and this was when Kasey came forward with more details and yes he got the axe, do not rat on other contestants it almost never goes well. There are so many examples of this too many to mention. This revelation soured the evening and the rose was not given out instead the men were sent home while she dealt with James.One on One Date ZAK W Since their city in Spain is also known for the arts this date was related to that. These two look good together and he can have fun in any situation as he proved this date. They went for a drawing lesson and at first drew each other then a nude model which the look on his face was priceless and comical. Zak surprised her by coming out in a robe and revealing white undies. This was the comic relief the date needed. Dinner was in this beautiful underground winery and they shared a kiss in the hallway ( seriously bravo to these guys for taking every opportunity to steal kisses).Yes I know the biggest issue of the night was James drama but  because I wanted to focus on the real guys of the show I am putting my opinion on this till last where it belongs, in the past. Thankfully Des sent him packing but she waited till the rose ceremony to do so letting him talk her out of it several times. He’s a smooth talker and went on the defensive every time only showing his true colors to the other guys. Seriously if abc picks him as their next bachelor I’m not watching the show.

5 guys this week (5 my picks ) : Chris, Zak W, Brooks, Drew,  Michael


Well we survived another week and that preview from last week which was so crazy, that must have been to lure us fans back in because none of that was mentioned this week. The men had dates with Des in Portugal in a beautiful seaside town, Madeira. This week there was 3 solo dates and a two on one date with on guaranteed rose.They arrived on the Bonita de Madeira boat and while all the other guys went ahead Chris stayed behind to help Des off the boat which I thought was a sweet gestures and makes me like him even more. The hotel was the Quinta de Lorda She got some advice from her friends Catherine, Jackie and Lesley who were on her season with Sean, the girls checked out the guys by the pool using binoculars.

One on One Date  Brooks They did an adventure date big surprise, taking a road trip then climbing a mountain and being on cloud 9. The view was spectacular, but I’m not sure about the smart car looked a bit to compact to me. He had good things to say but did not say the Love word although later she shared with the host that she loved Brooks. Things are progressing for these two naturally but maybe a little to slow.At dinner they more questionable outfits him with a bad sweater and her with the sparkly skirt. All the guys have sob stories and his was his dad leaving and being close to his siblings. The night ended with a view from the rooftop and a fireworks show. Compared to the other guys this relationship is behind and a bit slower.One on One Date Chris The date started out awkward with the other guys watching their every move as they headed to a boat together heading for a deserted island. The picnic in the field of flowers near the surf was beautiful and his message in a bottle idea was wonderful, a poem they write together which was romantic, a nice individual flair to the date.Chris has deep feelings for Des and told her he loves her and she is falling for him back. It was so cute how nervous he got before he told her in the form of a poem which was perfect way to tell her. This couple seems more natural and they look good together. One on One Date Michael This was an exploration date which is on every episode it seems. I don’t really see the connection there and this is  probably why he went home. They explored the town, he got her flowers and they tried the foods and went shopping . The view they had for lunch was amazing a bench overlooking a waterfall on the outskirts of town, a nice quiet place to talk. The toboggan idea seemed crazy although its something that can only be done in Madeira, people get pushed around the streets by two men in white.At dinner she wanted him to show vulnerability and he shared a story about his past relationship and I just did not see the connection between them.Two on One Date Zak W and Drew They had a go-cart race with the men and she has sides of the men she wanted to see, it was a race to win des’s rose. Zak won the race but drew won the rose. They had a picnic at the race track, I guess they ran out of budget to go somewhere else. Zak got the first solo time and he lost out by not telling her he loved her while Drew told her that and that might have led to him getting it.Drew was great talking to her and got her sympathy by talking about his disabled sister and inviting her to come along with him. He told her he loved her yet I don’t get how weeks later he could be breaking her heart what goes wrong I don’t know? Talking with the host she confessed she had fallen in love with Brooks and she saw Drew as husband material. She has great potential and a life with Chris, she’s falling for him. For the first time that I can remember a bachelor called his mom in the car after being eliminated.

4 guys this week (4 my picks ) : Chris, Zak W, Brooks, Drew,

Hometown Visits

Hometown Visit 1 Dallas TX- ZAK They met up in a beautiful park and then he disappears to go surprise which is to use her to the family snow cone business which takes them to aschool and a bunch of screaming kids wanting snow cones. Not so sure about him in the penguin suit but Des loved it. She met his parents, and his brother and sister. She was greeted with hugs from the family.The family thought it was crazy that he introduced himself shirtless. I loved his mother who made a joke and put roses on the table so she could give Zak a rose early. She had good conversations with his mom and sister. Zak sounded like he adored Des with all they have in common. Before she left the family sang a song for her to welcome her to their family which brought her to tears. He gave her a ring to symbolize the moment he told her he loved her, soo sweet.

Hometown Visit 2 Scottsdale, AZ – Drew His family is complicated with his number of siblings and his dad and mom along with mothers husband.  The family made of 11 people that’s a lot for a first meeting. The date starts with going to pick up his impaired sister Melissa whom is in a home with other girls like her. She couldn’t stop holding her brothers hand and showed how much he loved his sister. He had a intimate conversation with his mother while she talked to his dad whom asked her about believing in angels and he considered the impaired sister an angel.Drew got his father’s approval and then announced his intentions of wanting to marry Des. This seems like a good match. for her. Before she left he told her he loved her and wanted her a part of his life. It was such a perfect moment.

Hometown Visit 3 McMinnville, OR- Chris The park where they met was gorgeous with its trails and nature. He showed her where he used to play baseball as a kid. He pitched her balls which was a great date idea. Those tape under the eyes was not appealing and the blue t-shirt does not look good on either of them. The date ended with a picnic in the middle of the field and she shared drawings of them together.His family home looked really nice, She met his parents, his sisters, brother and his wife. The toast was beautiful. The creepy part was when the dad offered to give chris an adjustment being a chiropractic so he leads her to the basement and has her lay face down, awkward! After that she had a talk with him and then chris talks to him.  The nose adjustment was weird but that’s his family .  His family did not like his last girlfriend but they liked Des.

Hometown Visit 4 Salt Lake City, UT- Brooks Again we see what a bad dresser he is in this episode, hopefully he will tell her he loves her like she loves him.  They enjoy a picnic in the park and she made a list of what she will remember about their dates.  After that they go out on a canoe sharing kisses which was so cute when they almost tipped over.She met his big family and was tackled in a hug by everyone. She talked with his mother while he talks with his brothers. One of them had a good question if he could live without her? His sister told him that you always wanta be with the person you love and want to always be with them. I loved all his family’s advice to him. By Far this family is my favorite of the four.Before the rose ceremony she met with her brother who caused trouble on her hometown date which sent her home with Sean.  She refuses to let him meet her guys so he watches them as they arrive to the rose ceremony. She is still considering it.  She also talked to the host. Sending Zak home she stated her feelings were at the point that his were.

3 guys this week (3 my picks ) : Chris, Brooks, Drew

Paradise in Antigua

The men and Desiree travel to Antigua for the overnight dates, this was a 2 hour episode, the first part of the finale with the 2nd half next week followed by after the final rose special.It was nice to see a review of the past weeks with highlights as we went on the journey with Des on her dates. I think I like her first date with Brooks and her dates with Drew the best of all her dates. They also showed her goodbyes to the men she sent away leading up to the final 3 men: Drew, Brooks and Chris.  Chris is sweet and romantic, he has his boyish charm with masculinity. Drew wants this relationship with all of his heart, passionate with an emotional connection.  Brooks is in love with him and she sees her future with him, adventurous and deep.

DrewThese two look so  great together and now after reading some hints about what happened the previews were wrong about him being the one who breaks her heart. They explored the area in a jeep, the place is a bit too tropical for me but lots of people like those places. Their first stop was Shirley Heights where they buy souvenirs and dance to steel drum music while doing the limbo. Walking along a trail they get a view of the whole village and the bay below, a beautiful view plus a picnic.That evening they kiss in the rain need a fire which takes away from the moment so dinner on the beach is out for them. They go to the fantasy suite which is tropical with candles, he accepts it and wants to spend as much time with her has possible. He sounds so wonderful wanting to hold her in his arms and tell her good morning, awww. He confessed that he’s ready to propose to her just doesn’t have the ring yet.


First thing she does it show up for the date in her bikini top and some hippie like vest with jeans, not her best look. They share a helicopter ride seeing the beautiful islands with the endless ocean. Barbuda Island is their destination where he quickly loses his shirt. He looks more sunburned than tanned and soon she is in her skimpy bikini and there rolling around on the  beach can we say sleezy, seriously that’s just to get ratings you need to keep your clothes on I don’t get why there’s bikinis there only meant for skinny girls.Their dinner is outside with the flowers and candles where they talk about futures, He wants her to move to Seattle and share his life with her. Her home is California and she’s ready to settle down. They are a sweet couple and she is good with him although I don’t see the sparks that she has with the others with him.  He accepts the fantasy suite card and this one is much better than the first one its a cabana that overlooks the beach and a gorgeous bedroom. I know most people hate his poems but I like them its a way he can share his feelings.


Before going on the overnight date he visits his family in Boise ID where his sister and mother live, and he can’t decide if he is in love with her or not. His family’s comments from the hometown visit come up. Here I thought his hometown date went really well guess I was wrong. His mother tells him that he should know if he loves her by now and that he should not propose if he has any doubts, to be honest with her about his feelings. He meets with the host before his date and was asked if he loved her and all brooks could say was I don’t know, and that he’s not in love with her and is not going to marry her. I guess the rumors that there together are false?Des is deep in love and the poor girl is not a clue of what’s going to happen as she plans to go on a date with him. He  waste no time in sitting her down to talk, he tells her that he loses the feelings for her when their apart and then he’s not in love with her. This sends Des into tears and the jerk has led her on when someone else could have won her heart over.  He does not have a good way with words as he breaks her heart and no matter how much he tries he can’t console her, its then she tells him she loves him and that she was going to tell him on their date. Brooks is a major disappointment, he was one of my favorites and now he turned out this way.  He then leaves her alone with her tears which sends him into tears.When we left Des and her men last week she had just been rejected by brooks and had amazing dates with Chris and Drew. We were left with a cliffhanger as to what she would do now that she just had two men left. First she meets with the host to talk things over, even though she’s in tears she looks beautiful that dress and jewelry were perfectly tropical. She tells him she wants to go home and he reminds her that the other two men are still here and there is still hope for her, they’ve committed to this and love her yet .  She decided to go on and made a choice as to which man she wants a future with.The first thing is a rose ceremony with just Chris and Drew  who have no clue that Brooks left but that is fixed as Des tells them what happened with Brooks, I’m just glad Brooks date was the 3rd one not the first or that would have wreaked the other dates. Both men accept the roses,  each of the men get a date with her before meeting her family.

Drew He gets the first date and she meets him on horseback at Rendezvous Bay in Antigua. the two of them ride horses down to the beach. Drew adores Des and wants to marry her these two look so good together. I’m not real sure about her outfit, not sure the stylists were thinking with this outfit for a day at the beach.  She has the hard position of telling him a version of what brooks told her she’s not in love with him like he loves her.  I understand she had to go with her feelings but I feel that Brooks set a collision course for her to doubt her relationships with the other men.  She tells him she doesn’t see a future between them, I’m sure this come as a blow to him as he wanted forever with her.Drew is a total gentleman and thanks her for her honesty but its clear he is visibly upset by having his heart broken.  These two had such chemistry and connection that its a shock to hear her reject him. After a hug he walks away confused and hurt. “ I found the woman I wanted for the rest of my life “

Chris Again she meets him in a skimpy bikini with a cover-up on the bottom, are we trying to be sleazy to get the ratings up cover up a little please you don’t need to show that much skin Des. They had their date on a boat on the open water. Their conversation has laughter and smiles.  When his arms are around her top she almost looks topless and that bikini is almost illegal and the fashion peeps need to tone down the sexuality please. She feels the connection with Chris and not rejecting him and feels that there is a future with him. Meeting up in his suite after the outing he tells her he wants to be with her forever that that they have a connection. He gives her his journal which he shares with her which were all his poems as a gift. She agrees to introduce him to her family.  She feels safe and secure with him, then realizes she’s loved him from the start just did not know it.  He meets her parents and brother the next day. I think he answered the question they gave him very well even surviving the brother’s grilling.  He totally won me over when he asked her dad’s permission to marry her.


This was the first time where there was just one man left at the finale, her dress was elegant and beautiful.  Before he can do his proposal she stops him so she can talk to him, confessing to him that she sent drew home and he was the only one who met her family. That she loved brooks and was torn between him and chris during the journey. ” The one thing I always needed was right in front of me “. This sends him into tears and then he proposed, thankfully she accepts this and kisses him. I finally have one of my picks as the final choice.The show started with Des talking to the host about Chris, Brooks and Drew. She admitted she liked the chase of Brooks and the host stated they had never had a season like this one with so many bumps in the road.  Each of the men came out and at the end they accounted the new bachelor Juan Pablo.

Brooks He does not know about the ending or that she is engaged. This is the first time she saw him since he dumped her in Antigua. Seeing the emotional break was tough and  he wanted it to workout. Des stated it was good for them to have closure. He overlooked things during their times together and his head was ahead of his heart. He had been in love before and he struggled to explain how he felt.  She has no regrets and she told him what happened that she got engaged to Chris. He congratulated her and stated he saw the way she looked at chris in group dates.

Drew He had a long recovery process and has found his happiness again, and he knew they were heading down the street to breakup town by the way she was acting on their  final date. I think he looked cuter with longer hair when he was on the show instead of this clean cut short hairdo he has now. Des wanted to keep her mind open to the process and that she started to hold back in their relationship. He asked great questions to her and she had alright answers. Luckily Drew is no longer in love with her but he realized that the love has to be shared.

Chris A great intro to him with him kissing her in public. These two are now engaged and she’s wearing his ring. The time he fell in love with her was earlier in the journey when she told him he was the greatest man she ever met. They viewed their proposal together and were so adorable together.  Des is moving to Seattle this month, leaving her state of California behind. They bought their own place together so they could create a new life together. Chris gave her a framed photo called My Girl framed with the roses from the ceremonies that he got. It was such a moving poem.


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