CA 15

Pies For Charity

IMG_20150218_133109_hdrThis season is the season of reality stars as part of the cast has been on tv but also there are a few athletes, tv stars, etc. I really did miss this show it’s needed in this winter season, 78 celebrities have been on the show and there’s been six winners.

Fundraising Task: Create celebrity created pies and sell them for charity, the project manager with the most sales will receive the money and a bonus from Toshiba. The judge this week is Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. The mentors are Ivanka and season one winner Piers Morgan. There is a savory pie and a sweet pie to be made. Piers makes a good point that with this type of  task whoever is the project manager better have their supporters lined up and ready to show the money to give the team what they need.

Women’s Team INFINITY~(Leesa, Jamie, Kenya, Brandi, Kate, Vivica, Keisha, Shawn) The women decide on Infinity has their team name which I like , with two housewives on the team there was tension and I can see Vivica being a team leader while Kenya has some attitude already. Keisha is chosen as the first project manager and she chooses Shawn & Brandi as the social media people. Piers is their mentor,makes a good point that with this type of  task whoever is the project manager better have their supporters lined up and ready to show the money to give the team what they need. Kenya needs to stop judging and running her big mouth it’s getting on my nerves. The women decide to make pear and blueberry pies, Kiesha mentions taco pie and the women are against it the name which was Enchilada Pie. The women unlike the men get to work instead of wasting time and speak up when things are going wrong.  Jamie and Kate are the cooks, the first pie they free-styled without a recipe.  Leeza works the phone for donations as do other team members. The women worked great together as a team with no fighting day one. The women didn’t have many high donations Men’s Team VORTEX~(. Geraldo, Ian, Lorenzo, Kevin, Sig, Terrell, Gilbert, Johnny) Geraldo steamrolled the choice wanted his name over all of them the other seemed better Velocity was a better name, anything is better than the name picked. The men are stuck with it. The first project manager is Geraldo who claims he has lots of contacts to raise money. Ivanka is the mentor and a major 90210 fan so seeing Ian she as star struck would be as I was a fan too in my teens. Kevin is chosen to do the social media aspect and everyone tell everyone to be at their fundraiser and makes a good point that they need to be making pies instead of working on fundraising. Geraldo does the fundraising, Gilbert advertising, Ian graphics. Kevin is making his wife’s ice box pie, such a sweet gesture to include his spouse. Lorenzo did a low calorie version of chicken pot pie. Their first go at pies ended up with burnt crusts or as the men would say “extra cooked“.VORTEX  1   INFINITY 0 Boardroom: Keisha claimed that Leeza, Kate, Shawn and Jamie did good at the cooking. The women all supported the team leader. Piers said they needed to focus on fundraising and be cunning. Kenya thought the project manager was the weakest player because of lack of focus. Geraldo said they were a good team and was backed up by his team, the project manager for the men raised the most money. Of course he had a high opinion of himself. The lowest fundraisers were Terrell and Lorenzo. The judge for the pies he didn’t like either of the men’s pies and disliked the savory pie but liked the women’s sweet pie. the bonus of 25 thousand. The women’s total is 93, 862 and the men raised 280,000 with the bonus from Toshiba.  Keisha brought in Jamie and Kate with her to the boardroom. Trump gives Keisha’s charity 25 thousand but she was fired.

Commercial Interruption

This week we learn you don’t mess with Geraldo Rivera and that he can be a major pain to a project manager if he does not get his way. We had project managers are both sides of he spectrum the women’s PM was clueless while the men’ PM had everything planned out but he had one flaw to the team.Task: NEAT, is a company that as introducing new products to help reduce online clutter. Teams were tasked with creating a commercial introducing the company’s new wireless scanner and the cloud.

INFINITY~(Leesa, Jamie, Kenya, Brandi, Kate, Vivica, , Shawn) Kate was picked as project manager because no one else wanted to deal with this task, I feel that Leeza should have been the PM because she took over and saved the task. She was an amazing producer for the commercial and dealt with many of the issues that came up. Kate’s biggest concern was that everyone had lunch and got along. Seriously she is not cut out for being in this game. Sure Brandi did get in a tizzy over her calmness but it was in a good way as let’s get things accomplished and done. Their concept was introducing the character of the “Neatologist “who was played by Vivica to help show how the online cloud and the wireless scanner made things easier to reduce online clutter. I think their presentation was good as was the commercial. VORTEX~ (Geraldo, Ian, Lorenzo, Kevin, Sig, Terrell, Gilbert, Johnny) Kevin stepped up to be project manager and started his leadership from the limo ride to the office with his dream team of Lorenzo and Ian. They made some choices and plans and when they called Geraldo he tried to take over, and he continued to try to undermine Kevin throughout the task. It was rude and inconsiderate of him. Also, a hissy fit over not using him for a specific task was uncalled for. Lorenzo did a good job at being producer and Gilbert did good at acting. I feel that Kevin was an amazing project manager who delegated tasks and was creative for this task.  They used the voiceover from the voice from Dirtiest Jobs instead of using Geraldo VORTEX  1   INFINITY 1 Boardroom: The women won the task which was 40 thousand for Kate’s charity, Ido miss how pasts seasons included the charities receiving the money. Kevin brought back Ian and Geraldo and was called out by Trump for not bringing in Lorenzo who was the producer. Kevin brought Ian for backup to get rid of Gerado and account for his bad behavior, but that plan backfired and he was sent home. Good  luck trying to get rid of Geraldo, he’s a smooth talker and puts on  a good defense for trump.

Love Yourself Luvo

Task: Make a dining presentation for diners, company reps and delta airline, create a tasting menu based on LUVO meal entrees and have entertainment portion. Judging based on Brand representation and overall presentation. Winner received 20,000 from trump and LUVO added 30 thousand for a total of 50 thousand. The guest judge was Trump’s advisor George.

INFINITY~(Leesa, Jamie, Kenya, Brandi, Kate, Vivica, Shawn) The women choose Vivica to be their project manager who took a no-nonsense and no excuse way of leadership. Shawn was not feeling well due to womanly problems and she held that against her. Kate and Shawn were sent out to get props and took six hours to complete, shopping does not take that long. The other women tried the food  and got the presentation ready without a rehearsal which would have helped them a lot. Their presentation was way more entertaining than the men’s. The women dressed a stewardesses and Vivica was the coach in the cute skit they created. Performance was good but their execution of the meals was awful, poor timing and bad preparation. Leeza was a great host , the team need to learn to get along better.VORTEX~(Geraldo, Ian, Lorenzo,Sig, Terrell, Gilbert, Johnny)  Terrell was the project manager, he gave Geraldo creative ability and this time it wasn’t him who sunk the men it was Gilbert with his risqué jokes that the company reps did not like. This could have been avoided if he had submitted a script like the rest of the team members instead of just winging it. The men were opposite the women’ team in that their execution of food delivery was flawless while their entertainment was boring. Terrell was a mediocre team leader he did not keep on track wit the tasks while he did assign jobs he failed to keep at everyone for their scripts.VORTEX  1   INFINITY Boardroom: Vivica tossed in Shawns time of the month as an excuse for her not performing well and if I were Shawn I’d be upset too, Viv does not have any compassion that I can see so far. She’s all business. The women one another task and the men were up for elimination. Terrell brought Geraldo and Gilbert with him and it was Gilbert’s comedic sense and lack of seriousness that sent him home.

Selfie Fitness

Task: Make a four page layout for Cosmo magazine about fitness and diet and present to the editor, a fitness trainer and the judges. They were judged on originality, Creativity and Overall Presentation. The guest judge this week was his other son Don Jr.


 INFINITY~ Jamie Anderson Project Manager (Leesa, Jamie, Kenya, Brandi, Kate, Vivica, Shawn) The women featured their Olympians for the spread, well that’s how it was supposed to be till the housewives Kenya and Brandi fought over who should also be shot for the magazine.  Jamie who was indecisive choose Brandi instead of sticking with Shawn and herself to keep the spread flowing .  Kenya  did the editing of the spread and got on Brandi about not being sexy enough so Brandi then stripped down to her lacy underwear.  The women’s presentation lacked character and was dull, sure the layout looked great but the men’s was better VORTEX~ Johnny Damon Project Manager (Geraldo, Ian, Lorenzo,Sig, Terrell, Johnny)The men choose Johnny to do it and came up with the idea of Selfie Naked, not sure what seeing Johnny and his wife wrapped in a sheet naked has to do with exercise but they got everyone involved. Lorenzo did directing, Terrell and Ian posed for shots. Even Geraldo got in on the action posing in his boxers and old man muscles, ok after a certain age the body remains private because no one wants to see a old guy strutting around in his underwear it’s just not cool. The presentation went great and the men were a success. VORTEX  2  INFINITY Boardroom The women lost and Jamie brought in Kenya and Kate back in with her, It was her poor lack of leadership and the fact that  Kenya went after her that sent her home.

Beauty vs Brawn

Last week’s part two had the teams running a bridal store selling dresses. Their was a mix-up of teams with Ian, Darrel an Johnny going to Infinity. Vivica, Kate and Shawn going to Vortex to help Geraldo beat Ian. Both teams got money but Terrell was sent home.This week the guest judge was the legendary Joan Rivers, it’s bittersweet because she is now gone but it was wonderful seeing her on their and the season is in her memory.Task: Create a mobile shoe boutique for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, create a marketing event promoting the Ivanka Trump Shoes. The shoes are currently sold at Norstroms.

INFINITY~  Kenya Project Manager (Leesa, Kenya, Brandi, Ian, Johnny)She wanted to replicate Nordstrom’s by having a piano and player at the boutique with a chandelier. Leesa made a great point that it might not reach out to their market nor does it connect the taglines, but Kenya  wanted her piano. Power Up Your Sole is her idea and I’m just sure the piano will look good in there, where are the shoes going to go? There are 100 shoes and Kenya wants copies of all the shoes to show what’s to come in the collection. Ian is put in charge of photographing all the shoes to go on the screen outside the truck. The shows are all outside blowing over and the team manager is focused on getting her precious chandelier and piano, what a waste of time. The one thing they got right is shoes inside and outside the van. Leeza shows Joan around and she loves everything offered. While they had a lot to offer the other team had way more people come in while they had little crowd VORTEX~   Vivica Project Manager (Geraldo, Shawn, Lorenzo,Sig, Vivica, Kate)Right away it became the Geraldo show as  he told his idea of a waay to long list of descriptions. Instead of being shot down the women on the team loved his “I am” pitch. Shawn contributed to the ideas of black carpeting and couches with flowers for a feminine environment. Lorenzo had a great idea of adding in a barista, I think this idea is going to go better with the younger women targeted. Upon arriving at their truck they realize most furniture will have to be outside it and a shoe display inside. Outside was a coffee bar (gerlado’s idea ) which meant the previous idea was out. Vivica and Shawn got in an argument about fabric and carpet The café was outside and all the shoes were inside the truck. They had a line up for coffee and Joan liked the display.VORTEX  3  INFINITY 3 Boardroom Ivanka liked Infinity’s slogan and Vivian put the blame on Kate and Shawn, trump played right into it by pitting Vivica against Shawn. Vivica liked that the demographic was represented and the shoes were forgotten and Nordstrom’s went for product. Ivanka thought the idea was off brand but that she went above and beyond with understanding of product. Infinity won the task.Kate and Shawn were up against Vivica and the men were into the product and energy level was high. Joan loved Vivica and no surprise Vivica brought back her female team mates. Trump stated that if Shawn had stepped up her ideas would have wowed the judges and she was fired.

Hip and Modern

Tasks: make  viral video commercial to make a promo for the new product for Chock Full of Nuts is coffee. They will get to use go pro cameras and they will be judged on criteria of creativity, brand messaging and entertainment value. The winning team manager earns 40 thousand

 INFINITY~  Leeza Project Manager (Leeza, Kenya, Brandi, Ian, Johnny)She put Ian in charge of creative and was smart by with that but Ian’s ideas were dumb with King Kong. The women shot him down this I more professional. Leeza decided to play up the rift between Kenya and Brandi for the video. The men not seeing a cat fight but seeing a fantasy of the women and the guys were a bit clueless.Leeza got annoyed at Ian who was trying to help but did it the wrong way interrupting her and taking the camera from her as she was trying to shoot the scene. They took too long time with Ian controlling things that she had to cut it short and go to the cat fight. This team got more accomplished than the other team. There was tension in the editing room and Ian messed things up by ignoring suggestions of having more product and for once I agree with BrandiVORTEX~ Lorenzo Project Manager(Geraldo, Lorenzo,Sig, Vivica, Kate) Lorenzo wanted to use Geraldo singing the old version theme song to new song version. To go from black and white to color and show the history of the company. A very interesting concept.Kate got dolled up like 50s housewife, she took way to long getting ready. Lorenzo didn’t have time for his ideas or the modern scenes because she took so long getting ready. Next they head to the modern view in the park. Sig wanted more use of the go pro camera but was ignored VORTEX  3  INFINITY 4.Boardroom I liked the women’s video better than the men’s team. Trump an the judges were impressed by their video. The judges loved the brand messaging and they thought Vortex played it safe. The judges loved Infinity storyline and missed brand messaging.Lorenzo didn’t bring anyone back and took the blame and was fired.

Entertainment at Sea

Task: Each team guide a boat  tour around Manhattan with CircleLine Cruises, creating entertainment and orginal theme. Winner determined by guest feedback. mentors were Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr. The winning manager  gets 30 thousand from CircleLine added to the 20 thousand for total of 50 thousand.

INFINITY~   Brandi Project Manager (Leesa, Kenya, Brandi, Ian, Johnny)The team has an idea of Manhattan Mardi Gra which if executed could have been amazing but Brandi made a good point too of it being a NY boat tour. She let them decide the them an doubted their intentions, Leeza is her friend off the show as she showed up to her housewarming party on RHOBH. She changed the theme to Big Apple Bonanza and even lets Kenya sing her song.The day starts out  good with drinks handed out and greeting the public, there was dancers, a magician and a boy band on the boat. Leeza was an awesome MC for the tour. Wasn’t thrilled  with Kenya’s performance as she was wrapped up in herself as usual her grinding did not do good for the kids. Brandi saved things by starting a conga line VORTEX~ Sig Project Manager (Geraldo,Sig, Vivica, Kate)Geraldo steps in right away to offer the history of the area and then throws a crazy idea of having revolutionary actors with muskets which gets looks from the women. Then onto immigrants and reaching out to the mayor to talk about 9-11. well during his little talk the women Kate and Vivica finally join forces to save the plans before Geraldo torpedos them. Kate has a great understanding of him and is able to turn focus back to entertainment doing a Love Boat Style Tour which sounded good. ” The Sexist Catch” involving the Hooter girls which Geraldo added in and this was the MC mentioning the terrorists was a  bad move. Sig was his biggest fan and the women hated it.VORTEX  3  INFINITY 5 Boardroom The guests liked Brandi’s party with a great party atmosphere fun, loved Leeza as the MC and were confused by the theme. Half the crowd hated Kenya’s performance.  Guests liked Sig’s theme food and they hated Geraldo’s views and  the women disliked the hooter girls. Infinity won the task and Trump gives the Coast Guard 25 thousand. Sig was fired from the team and Geraldo gave him 40 thousand in addition.

Be Our Guest We’ll Impress

Task Create an interactive environment using all the new features at the golf club and hotel then make presentation to the company. This is based on creativity, brand intergration and overall guest experience.

INFINITY~  Ian Project Manager (Leesa,  Brandi, Ian, Johnny) Ian did a wonderful job start off his duty as PM by letting Brandi handle spa, Leeza the elegance of the hotel and Johnny to do golf getting a guy who taught Tiger to golf to help. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to go on location but I guess that’s for the finale. Once they were at the real space he got confused about what went where  and got a bit grand with ideas of a bridge and dance floor. Johnny was a bit slow getting his golf pro in and has really hard time reaching him, he shouldn’t have promised something he couldn’t deliver. Ian was able to find a golf pro at the last-minute.  He had a nice ace up his sleeve with a friend who made the Doral logo in flowers which was a nice touch and an artist who did a portrait drawing of Trump.The experience had a swing analysis with golf pro, massage in spa area and a photo album larger than life to represent all the resort had to offer. The girls tried to move the logo sign to the front but Ian wanted it on the golf course and of course that seems minor with everything else there presentation had to offer. Johnny gave massages which was a nice for the ladies. Ian didn’t know all the answers but their experience was amazing compared to the other groups although the other team had their facts down. Brandi saved him with the answer VORTEX   Kate Project Manager (Geraldo,Vivica, Kate, Kenya)Geraldo’s idea of a blue monster mascot is shot down right away by the women who agree that the trump brand is about luxury. Kate sent Vivica and Kenya to do prop shopping. Kate was a bit out of her element as she told the set designer about design all on her own. Surprise the blue monster mascot survived and Geraldo got his way. Of course Kenya complained about wanting to be there to get her way of luxury instead of out shopping that girl is only out for herself, shes a female version of Geraldo only in a self-centered way. Vivica is right in not trusting Kenya as the previews of next week show.  Kenya is distracting as usual texting Kate and interrupting her work just wish she was fired already there was arguing between Vivica and Kenya in the van which did not help the task.Their layout looked more like a department store layout than an experience and the presentation was awful I mean it wasn’t interactive at all just the team members babbling about all the place had to offer while people stood around with drinks listening. Boring!VORTEX  3  INFINITY 6 Boardroom The sons liked Infinity’s team about making it unique and interactive the only negative was lack of focus on the kids and family. They loved the family part of the Vortex and the blue monster logo and it lacked luxury and it was dull to them. Just as I predicted Infinity Won. Geraldo was funny asking for hazard pay for having to deal with all the women’s drama, Vivica knows how to handle Kenya and no one else does. Kate was the one fired.

Boardroom Drama

Task Kings Hawaiian bake goods create a photo bomb campaign to help promote the company and create hashtags to get communication going between company an the consumers. The sons were yet again advisors. They are judged creativity, brand messaging and originality.

INFINITY~   Johnny Project Manager (Leesa,  Brandi, Ian, Johnny) I liked Ians ideas although the women hated them and Brandi offered the We Rise To The Occasion and doing a skyline, Ian got a helicopter to shoot the photo. The skyline and Brooklyn bridge and statue of liberty was beautiful and amazing. Leeza pushed for hashtags that goes with the product King. She also pushed for having the logo in photos and she might have saved her team. The presentation went well and the reps liked it but the last photo did not have the logo like leeza recommended, liked them in the Hawaiian shirts.VORTEX     Kenya Project Manager (Geraldo,Vivica, Kenya) Kenya wants to do reset and Vivica isn’t falling for that act. She suggested a risqué one of I Like Big Buns and Geraldo liked Kenya  booty( I think that he has a crush on her and Vivica was insulted by that. Kenyas next idea of baby liking the bun was awful but did anyone reject it no, maybe they want her to fail so they can boot her. She is insulting Vivica by making her an assistant and calling her a big girl. The other two were totally leaving her out of the task which could come back to get them.  I hated the bun on the booty and it was awful. The big issue is that Vivica’s phone was stolen.The presentation went down hill the reps were not liking it and were frowning and the advisors were disliking it too. The girls are ready to throw each other under the buses. VORTEX  3  INFINITY 7 Boardroom The company loved the photos taken from the helicopter to get in iconic NY but they hated the hashtags, Leeza was right about lack of brand messaging. They liked the viral characteristics to younger generation and that missed being family friendly and hated the slogan baby loves buns. Infinity won again.  Vortex has five losses in a row, Kenya plays the really nice person and it’s soo fake and she made her be awful.She then mentioned her tweet about being in menopause and this brought out the name calling from Vivica, Leeza and Ian are on Vivica’s side as was Trump. Kenya set her up and she did not tweet that and I bet Kenya stole the phone, that is dirty and underhanded and I feel bad for Vivica being set up like that. Geraldo backed her up by agreeing that her phone was stolen. Don Jr stated it seemed out of character from her other tweets. Trump is appalled by that they should call vivicas number and check. He stated it was Kenya’s idea and put her over there to help vortex and he fired her.

Farewell Infinity

The mentor and guest judge was Joan Rivers and his son Eric. Trump helped out Vortex by giving them another player letting them pick Leesa.Task Anheuser-Busch wants a jingle the full line of new line of products. Each team gets their own sound engineer, recording studio and singers. presenting the jingle based on creativity, brand messaging and entertainment value. Fifty thousand from Trump and 50 thousand from the company

INFINITY~  (Brandi, Ian, Johnny) Brandi, Project Manager Ian started out being controlling that others were distracting him so he went alone, he’s not the favorite of Brandi. I liked his jingle but everyone else hated it probably cause it was to the tune of La Cucaracha. Brandi trusts Johnny to do the lyrics and music. Ian is steamroll his ideas and not creative or original. She tried to let him be backup singer and he tried to take over again, I get her point and its obvious that he needs to be reigned in sometimes. I liked Johnny’s idea better than the other one it was original and catchy. Brandi and Ian got into an argument. I didn’t care for their jingle and the presentation was awful VORTEX  ~(Vivica & Leesa, Geraldo) Leesa, Prject Manager The jingle is about the new line of lime a rita beverages. Leesa shot down Geraldo’s Latin theme idea and instead wanted to go with a football type theme something catchy. Vivica and Leesa worked well together on this task. She put him in his place something that no one else could do, she liked part of it and she let him have one line in the jingle. They did the jingle and even the studio producer talked back to him. The lime colored hats was a nice touch, their jingle was awesome, I think they have a chance to win this week.VORTEX  4  INFINITY 7 Boardroom The company liked how Infinity gave all the flavors but hated how infinity used the word senorita and failed to mention the products were new. The company liked that Vortex jingle was catchy and loved the tagline and there was no negatives. Vortex Won. Brandi put the blame on Ian who has done good in pulling through for his team so far. Trump did  not like Ian’s copy of a well-known song.  Ian’s stubbornness got him fired he could have gone far and his lack of team work and then he fires someone else, it was Johnny’s jingle that lost and Brandi stuck up for him. He stuck up for her too Joan decided that Brandi should be fired as Project Manager but Trump fired both of them which wiped out team Infinity.

Finale Part 1

Last week was a shock as Trump fired all three celebs on Infinity so now we are left with Team Vortex and the final two celebs named and then go in a head to head competition next week.Team Vortex is shocked to go back to the boardroom and that the other team got fired. They are the final three. Geraldo picked Leeza to go up against and it sounds like Trump is against Vivica even with Leeza support. Vivica stated that Leeza better leader and Geraldo better at raising funds and she was fired started the finale.Task The celebs get sent by private jet to Orlando, to sell vacations to Orlando Studio Resorts a commercial and present it in New York at a red carpet event. Universal executive will judge based on creative, money raised, overall presentation and brand messaging. Money not the overall winning factor. They each will have three past celebs to help them with the final task.

Team Leeza She got Kevin Jonas, Brandi and Johnny to help her with the task. Leeza wanted to center on the Magic of Memories and get Olivia Newton John to perform. Brings family together and premiere vacation spot, family oriented commercial. Kevin had a good point of a schedule and he put him as a director. They met with the executives giving the group access to the whole park to be able to get video of the park for the commercial. Leeza got a big supporter of 120 thousand which is big in fundraising and then another person with fifty thousand.A negative when shooting I while they are doing their video Brandi and Johnny are off buying food, loved Kevin’s comment about getting a family leash for them. Johhny and Brandi did not do good for her they were supposed to be prop shopping but instead they go in a roller coaster, that’s not helping at all. They did no shopping and delivered pictured of themselves on the coaster. Kevin did a great job of being director. Never have I seen a season where the team did not help their person or go off on their own agenda that’s just rude. It’s basically a two person team right now.Team Geraldo He has Vivica, Lorenzo and Ian on his team. Let’s hope that Ian can put aside his difference with Geraldo and be a good help by using his resources. Ian stated he was the biggest and the two claimed a restart. Lorenzo tells about a reluctant parents and excited kid and Geraldo nixes that great idea for an investigation reporter and explore the harry potter expanded. ( harry potter opening was a previous apprentice season task). Discovering their own inner hero was what the executive told their team and Geraldo went with that idea. Lorenzo promised twenty-five thousand and Ian was not sure if he could raise money. They have to raise 10 vacation packages. Geraldo is a bit cocky about fundraising. Lorenzo and Vivica scouted the park while Geraldo practiced for the commercial. They did not come up with a headliner act for the  hopefully they wont have to sing themselves. Lorenzo spent all day and set up the shots and took over what Lorenzo had done, what kinda help is having a team if you’re not going to take advantage of them.  He still found a spot for Lorenzo in directing his movements. They wanted to do a walk through without the kids and the kids were not available. His attitude and take charge do it myself thing might have worked before but he needs his team the most now and he’s hurting himself.

Finale Part 2

This series is raised nearly $15 million off not finished yet. Season finalists are Geraldo Rivera And Leeza Gibbons, one of them will win $250,000 for their charity. It’s a tough matchup they are both equally talented, Geraldo is good fundraiser and she’s creative.Team Geraldo Geraldo is full of his own ego the other celebs think he’s a pain yet Lorenzo conceded he’s endearing. He let the others do editing while he finds a performer he chooses Tony Orlando who is connected to his charity. Ian criticized that it wasn’t the family centric but Geraldo centric Geraldo has all the facts people show up to give money Ian raise 30,000. Team is first-out percent the commercial and the executives look happy the performer comes out and gives the story related to the charity about how Geraldo didn’t expose about institutions for mental people and how life’s work is an alternative to them.Team Leeza Their concept is a rigid overscheduled dad learns how to have fun and be spontaneous on his family vacation. Thanks to Kevin’s great directing skills she is able to get to editing early because they have extra time. She does the editing herself because she I from the entertainment field. The presentation goes really well the commercial is great and she is able to tell her mother’s story of Alzheimer’s and thanks Mr Trump for giving her this platform or her charity. The Olivia Newton John performance is wonderful.Boardroom The executives loved how Geraldo used celebrity in the commercial and featured all that the park had to offer but hated how they separated the parents and children,  thus downplaying the family friendly. They also thought his presentation was disjointed, He raised 146,000 for a total of 725 thousand for the season. Leeza’s commercial showcased the family and the voiceover was loved by the executives. They liked how she tied her charity into her presentation, she raised 324,000 for a total of 464 thousand for the seasons. Leeza was named this seasons apprentice.