Bachelor Wedding: Sean & Catherine

It’s time for another bachelor couple to enter wedded bliss. Sean Lowe and his love Catherine went behind the scenes of their wedding the time leading up to it and the ceremony live. I’m not sure I understood the theme but it was a beautiful wedding filled with special vows, a special gown and the behind the scene details. The only thing I did not agree with was the emphasis on the wedding night, that is something special between the bride and groom not America. Sean totally had it right that everyone makes it out to be awful that he was waiting till marriage when it should be celebrated and applauded that he would choose to save for his wife to share that wonderful moment with her.  I personally have chosen to wait and that’s something that I am proud of and no man is going to change my mind about that. (Yes there I publically admitted to all my readers that I am a virgin waiting till marriage). Read about Sean’s Season.

I liked how they went back to show their journey together on the bachelor and the moments they spent together including the proposal in Thailand. They showed the moments leading up to the wedding including their road trip to Dallas where he is from to tell his family they choose a wedding date and asking his father to officiate the wedding. I just adore his family they are the kind of family that any girl would want as her future in-laws so loving and accepting. Catherine was so cute with all her details about the wedding while all he cared about was being married to her.

It’s great that they choose to live apart until the wedding, Catherine stayed with a friend of his while he lived in his loft a few blocks away. There future home will be in Dallas to be close to his family. Anyone else got annoyed at seeing the live cam of the honeymoon suite, instead of that I would have loved to see the decorated reception hall. I also did not like Sean going to get lingerie or her doing a photo shoot for her husband those were both awkward and focused on the wedding night. The ending shot of the honeymoon suite was all wrong they should have ended it at the view of the couple at the end of the aisle full of happiness.

I loved when she went dress shopping with her mother and mother in law and while they were trying on dresses her mother commented that one of the dress showed off two much cleavage and Catherine’s comment was priceless” You did this, these are your fault” . She really was a gorgeous bride.

Sean’s dad did an amazing job officiating the ceremony he brought the focus on love, he gave compliments to his son and his bride which brought smiles to everyone stating that he was proud of his son and they are blessed to have her be a part of their family: You are entering into a relationship that has many privileges but many obligations the woman you love is about to become her wife, she’s going to leave her home and make a home with you.  I know your love will always be his inspiration and your prayers will always be his strength.  The obligation as those of you here witnessing this is to love them, support them and pray for them as they have this journey as husband and wife.

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While the vows were a bit quirky it was so nice to hear them :  Catherine~Before I met you, before I even knew you existed I knew you were coming. You were a light to my bug. every time I look up with you my heart fills with love sprinkles. I promise to love you after we become old and grey, our children and grown and moved away. After we forget our own names I will know how fully I have loved you.

Sean~From the moment I met you I wanted more of your love, you had my hooked from the start. God said that all things worked together for those who love him and I know we met so that I could love my best friend. As your husband I promise to always put you first. I’m going to love you for eternity.

The wedding couldn’t have had a more beautiful place than the Biltmore Four Seasons Resort in Santa Barbara. he flowers were gorgeous cascading down and around the altar and wedding venue. Many bachelor and bachelorette faves were in attendance including : Trista & Ryan Sutter, Molly & Jason Mesnick, JP & Ashley Rosenbaum, Desiree & Chris along with Ali and other past contestants. They all looked amazing and happy.

Trista summed up the event best by saying Ready to welcome another Bachelor couple into  the world of marital bliss”

What was your favorite part of the wedding? Comment and share your thoughts about this wonderful event.