jojoBachelorette is back with a new round of guys vying for Joelle “JoJo” attention. I know that everyone else calls her by her nickname but I have never been one for nicknames, I’m using her real name. She met with former bachelorettes Desiree, Kaitlyn and Ali gave advice to her telling her to go in for the kisses, calm the guys who look to her for reassurance, focus on compatibility vs attraction. This batch of men can be divided up into two groups: confident successful men vs those who use gimmicks. This season I found it hard to get quite a few picks cause there’s a short supply of quality guys. I am taking a chance on part of my picks this time around and it looks like a season full of drama and tears.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Evan,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex

Alex got the first time with her showing his masculine side, she notices they are all nervous and its not till Jordan that she feels a connection. He wins her over by coming back and getting a kiss from her. Yes technically Will stole the first kiss but her kiss with Jordan was the first real kiss of the season. He was given the first impression rose.  Ali also impressed by playing the piano that man is talented. Several guys got drunk including Daniel who stripped down and got in the pool, now if that were me he would be sent home but I guess that kinda behavior impresses her. Guys seem to want to interrupt her confessional private time.  Also the guy who has no clue about the bachelorette stayed. During the rose ceremony a past bachelor Jake Palvelka , who is a family friend and gives her great advice for her journey of love. He wants her to find love and told her to go with her gut. I was so hoping he was wanting to join in, I loved him as bachelor he was one of my favorite bachelors. It was really nice that he showed that he cared as a friend for her.

Roses (10  of 20 ):  Jordan, Luke, Wells, James T, Grant, Derek, Christian, Chad, Chase, Alex, Robby, Brandon, Ali, St Nick, Will, James S, Vinny, Evan, Daniel, James F

Looking for Love

Our bachelorette seems to like bad boys like Chad whose ego is super big and behavior is awful, She had an awesome solo date with alright group dates this week. All my picks got a rose. I see real potential with several of the guys left, next week is a two night affair that promises to be filled with drama.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Evan,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex

Group date 1: will, james f, luke, evan, daniel, Vinny, Ali, grant, Wells, Robby Joelle shows up in a firetruck and the men go to fire academy where they get tested to see who help her in an emergency. Wells struggled and had to be seen by a medic but it got him time with her so that’s in his favor. The second round is Luke ,Wells and Grant they had to save Joelle and get more solo time with her. I was hoping for Luke to win but Grant the actual firefighter won the competition.The next kiss goes to Grant. She was impressed with Wells determination and he shared his photos. Evan has children. Luke told about his military experience and his past relationships, he also got a kiss. I like her with Luke. Wells got the date rose. Solo Date Derek- Joelle picks him up in a classic car and they make choices together for the date, first choice is sky. Next they choose is north, and dressed down. The destination is San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge. It had beautiful views as they enjoyed a picnic and shared a kiss. That evening they enjoyed a dinner by the water, talking about relationships. She opened up more than he did. He got the date rose kissing by an illuminated fountain. I feel these two have chemistry and the date was pretty inventive compared to some of the past bachelorette dates. Group Date= jordan, christian, nick, james t, alex, chad The guys show up at Sports Nation where Joelle is on the show the date is sports related. The hosts of the show are fans of the show, the show is BachelorNation. The guys will be ranked after the challenges they go through. The first one was touchdown rose dance, the second game is like making them dizzy then giving her a proposal with a fake ring. I’m getting so sick of Chad’s comments he needs to go home, during his turn he called her naggy. The rankings showed 1 James T 2 Chad and 3 Alex. He later kissed her and claims to develop feelings, so now the skeptic becomes a believer although that might be to save his reputation. Group rose went to James T.

Her solo time with chase was nice with snow and mittens, also in a extra scene Christian surprised her with a bubble bath which proved to be a cute comical scene. Brandon, James S, and Chase were all without dates this week. I am getting tired of hearing all the commentary from the men during the rose ceremony its ruining it for me, lets go back to the men standing and looking handsome for us women to watch.

Roses( 10 of 17): Wells, Derek, James T, Alex, Christian, Robby, Luke, Chase, Jordan, Grant, James F, Ali, Daniel, Nick, Vinny, Evan, Chad

Dance of Love

I avoided most of the details with Chad because in my opinion this is about Joelle finding love not focusing on the drama that Chad causes. The host gave him the easy  way out of an apology when he should have been removed from the house till the rose ceremony. I’m honestly tired of all the focus being on the villain instead of focusing on the bachelorette and her connections with the men.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Evan,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex


Solo Date Chase They went to do hot yoga together and it sounded a bit awkward and crazy.  The warm up was funny and then things got intimate, at one point they were so close they could even kiss intertwined together and he did the bold move and went in for the kiss. Later they had dinner together at a winery he came from a divorced family being young, it was so refreshing to hear his view that marriage is forever and how the divorce shaped his views. He got the rose and the night ended by a special performance by Charles Kelley whose a part of Lady Antebellum. Group Date- Jordan, grant, wells, james f, christian, ali, daniel, vinny, nick, evan, alex , chad  The men went with Joelle to a theather show, sex stories which is not appropriate for a date and of course the bachelorette things its thrilling. Loved James F reaction telling his mom to turn off the tv. Personally I don’t feel comfortable with the conversation since I’m waiting till marriage but I know I’m in the minority of women today. To me the one highlight was Alex who was also Christian and disagreed with this too. One guy claimed to be in a Christian home but yet he made a skanky comment, so dude your not Christian. Evan and Chad had an alternation during the date which they disagreed on, Evan asked for an apology and Chad called him a bully and denied what he’d done then blamed him for pushing him. Evan gave her a choice himself or chad. She gave Evan the rose. Solo Date James T The pair go swing dancing taught by a lovely older woman who teaches them the steps , he is such a gentleman I love them together. She calls him an old time gentleman. There both bad dancers but they had fun doing it. After practice they went out and danced in a production. loved the costumes it was a lighthearted fun date. Then they take their classic car to a secluded park overlooking the city. After he got the rose he pulled out his guitar and sang her a song.

The boys had a pool party and none of the so called blood and violence was caused by chad he just made threats and the accidents were non related to him. Sure he is a threat but I feel like the show amped up something that wasn’t just to get us to tune in and I hate drama.

Roses ( 8 of 11 ) Grant, Derek, Jordan, Luke, Robby, Evan, Wells, James fJames T, Vinny, Daniel, Alex, Chad

Adventure Starts

The adventure started as the men and their bachelorette headed to Pennsylvania to enjoy dating, she was flown in a helicopter to a resort while the men roughed it in a house in the woods. Had this been the bachelor things might have been the other way around. I want to focus on Joelle and her journey to find love not be derailed by the drama so talk of Chad will be at a minimum.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Evan,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex

Solo Date Luke They went on a short dog sled ride then was the typical hot tub, we really don’t need to see her in a bikini give the girl some respect. I know this is more the male viewers. At dinner he told of how his time in the military shaped who he was and made him ready to settle down. After he got the rose she surprised him with a concert by Dan & Shay, although not sure how romantic surrounded by all the fans with their phones out was. They look like a great couple and I hope he stays around long time. Group Date Jordan, Robby, Evan, James T, Wells, Grant, James F, Vinny, Daniel, Derek The guys took a riverboat to Pittsburgh and Hines Field to play football with a few pro players, the players admitted their wives were fans of the show. They were divided into two teams the blue team which had injured James T and the white team. Jordan being the professional was on both teams. The winning team which was the blue team won time with Joelle. After some intimate times with the men she gave the rose to Jordan who won her over by confessing he is falling for her.Two on One Date Alex vs Chad Supposedly there in the middle of no where but it happens to be within walking distance of the cabin the guys are staying at. They walk to near the river where she spends time with each guy. Alex goes first and shares Chad’s  threat to Jordan which is the downfall that helps to him home. Alex is an upstanding guy that any girl would be lucky to have. Usually those who tattle on others get sent home but this time it paid off because its a repeat complaint over and over from the guys. She then confronts Chad not hiding anything and demands answers, he doesn’t answers the questions and shows attitude toward her. She gives Alex the rose and they leave to enjoy champagne by a fire.

Unfortunately ABC felt that they would leave Chad out in the woods and let him go back to the cabin to cause more drama. The man is a danger to others and its irresponsible their quest for ratings. They made Chad out to be the Villain which he is but so far all he’s done is make threats and they prelude to stuff that’s not their and doesn’t happen. Let’s just focus on the romance.

Roses ( 3  of  ) Alex, Jordan, Luke …

Betrayed by Love

When we left our bachelors and their lady Chad was out in the woods loose looking to cause problems. The guys celebrate unaware of the danger, if anything happened it left  abc open to lawsuits etc. Daniel being an idiot lets him in unaware that  he was eliminated, guess he was sleeping when they came to get his suitcase. Jordan tried to place peacemaker trying to get an apology out of Chad but no luck. Luckily there was no real threat from Chad just a bunch of hot air. The guys who have roses take more time away from those who don’t, but guys are competitive and vying  for attention, more willing to fight for it than women are. Again we are stuck with all the guys thought interrupting the rose ceremony. At this time I am using my substitution which I do once per season and replacing Evan with Chase. 

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Chase,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex

Rose Ceremony 1 : (  7 of 11 )  Luke, Jordan, Alex, Derek, Robby, Chase, Wells, Grant, James T, Vinny, Evan

The remaining men are going to South America Uruguay and are in a deluxe suite overlooking the beach and water. While on the dates the men are looking at the tabloid magazines and find out about her ex boyfriend who slandered her in an article.  It sounds like her ex is getting payback by talking bad stuff about her.  She tells the men about her side of things and how she feels, the guys are all on her side and support her. Solo Date Jordan~ The two of them go see the seals on an island from a yaght ride, they show them jump in the water then cut away and just show the evening cause we were wrapped up in the drama. She questioned him about something she learned from his ex, telling him what she was told by her. He tells her that she was after him cause he was a football star and his focus was on his career not on the girl. I appreciate his honesty that he wasn’t ready to marry the girl and today he told her he was falling in love with Joelle and that he’s ready to be with her. This is all in the part we missed due to drama. They find a Mariachi band playing and dance with each other lost in each others eyes. Group date Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James T, Vinny, Wells, Grant, Alex~ The guys have fun on a sanddune on skateboards. none of these are coordinated and its quite comical. The fun is interrupted by a rainstorm. She enjoys time with the guys indoors and Derek got the rose. Solo Date Robby~ They have a date starting at the beach then a drive through the town, shopping and enjoying food. Then they walk along the cliff and then of course the bikini has to come out and jump off the cliff to swim. Another untouched dinner, these guys are saying their falling in love way to fast. The women didn’t tell the bachelor till almost the hometowns and that’s a few weeks away.  He shares his best friend being killed in a accident that made him realize that tomorrow might not be here. He declares that he is in love with her. date ends with a fireworks display.

Rose Ceremony 1 : (  7 of 8 )  Luke, Derek, Robby, Jordan, Chase, Alex, James T,  Wells

Passions Ignite

The guys head to Argentina with their bachelorette, two one on one dates, a group date and a two on one date.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Chase,  James F,  Wells, Robby, Alex

Date 1 Wells: He has more of a friendly vibe and he’s not the only one who hasn’t kissed her yet and it’s soo awkward. After exploring the town they go to a theater where they witness a private show which is totally amazing. They are trained to do part of the show and he guy chickens out and does a check kiss but he finally gets it right when there wet in the water. At dinner they have conversation about relationships and she’s unsure if she wants to give him a chance. She chooses not to give him a rose sending him home.Group Date: luke robby james t alex The guys three athletic guys and James, explore Bueno Aires , do some impromptu dancing and then join in on a soccer game going on. Poor James feeling sorry for himself on a date with all the other guys. She enjoys quality time with the guys, James starts things by turning on Jordan and causing drama. Luke was given the rose. two on one chase vs derek: the two men are driven to the city where they met for tango lessons. A three person tango to create chemistry, passion and trust in your partner. Chase showed to be a better partner to me. After that they head to dinner together. She questions Derek’s intentions and he confesses that he’s falling for her, showing his sincere side. She doesn’t feel the reciprocation of feelings from Chase who cares for her, a girl needs to be shown love and told things not have the guy assume she knows. Chase got the rose sending Derek home. Chase and her dance while classical musicians play for them and a Spanish singer serenades them with a song I sang in high school, a very moving piece showing them and then derek crying in to leaving car.

At the rose ceremony she freaks out and gives the fifth rose to the host and she extended the weeks by another week by giving roses to both Alex and James T.

Rose Ceremony 1 : ( 6 of 6  ) Chase, Luke, robby, Jordan, alex, james T


Joelle finally meets the four bachelor’s families, two of which had issues the others went well. My favorite was not the one that she liked best and I hope he is the next bachelor. Due to this being continued I waited till the rose ceremony for this episode was aired so I could write about the whole episode not just part of it. My heart breaks for Luke who told her he loved her then gets rejected.

My Picks Jordan, Christian, Ali, Luke, James T,  Chase,  James F,  Wells,  Alex

Chase, Colorado: The date started out nice with a view of the mountains sharing hot chocolate after that she met his dad separately due to his parents divorce. I feel his dad had some great insight to relationships and marriage.  She then met his mom, step dad, sisters, brother in law and nephew. His mom helped her to understand him better  and she wins his approval. Jordan, California: He gave her a tour of his hometown showing her the high school he attended and introducing her to coaches and teachers. It was sweet, the only hiccup was when she asked about his older brother and he shut her down as did his brother later on. I would think if your going to get into a serious relationship any topic should be discussed, especially family issues. This ignoring the big issue is a red flag to their relationship, I’m hoping that sometime soon he can open more up to her telling her what happened to cause the family rift. She meets his parents and his other brother. He confesses to his mom that he’s in love and she’s thrilled at the news. I feel these two have a great connection.Robby, Florida: They went on a tour of his hometown by carriage which is a good romantic date. I honestly don’t really see a connection with them or maybe he’s just not one of my favorite guys for her. He introduced her to his brothers, sisters and brother in law with his parents. The time was brought down by the fact that his ex’s roommate was spreading stuff about him saying he left her suddenly and was not on the show for the right reasons, this brought out Joelle’s insecurities big time. I know many people believe he’s a cheater but I choose to only know when I hear on the show and hate to play into drama. He denies that it’s true and she believes him.Luke, Texas they saved my favorite guy for last. He surprised her with a family picnic at their family home. Introducing her to his parents, sister and lots of friends he had. She fit in just right and at the end of he date he surprised her with a bonfire and then a heart made of rose petals, claiming she had his heart and then at the rose ceremony telling her he loved her. I feel he is a true romantic and the kind of man she needs to have as her life partner.


After an emotional farewell with Luke, Joelle heads to Thailand with her remaining men and gets quality alone time with them. One bachelor gets extra time with her and one gets sent home early.

Robby They toured the area till rain halted their plans but they didn’t let them stop their passion. She shared her experienced with ex bachelor Ben and that she had loved him. She decides not to tell that she loves him as to not do to him what Ben did, which is tell two people he loved them. His dad wrote the sweetest note to give him encouragement and he gives it to her to keep. They enjoy the fantasy suite.Jordan The two of them went on a hike that led to a temple where they were able to connect through conversation. He shared his intentions and how he looked forward to being able to talk to her father and assure him that he would love and protect her, I saw this as very sincere and sweet. She told him about her family and they enjoyed the fantasy suite together, she loves him too. Chase They took a boat ride to a private beach where they enjoyed each other talking and making out. The day seemed playful and like they were connecting. During the break Robby snuck over and stole time with her this might have played into her choice later on to send Chase home. Once Chase proclaimed his love she sent him home, which left Chase hurt and disillusioned. Rose Ceremony: ( 1 of 2 ) Robby & Jordan


Joelle made her choice between Jordan and Robby and I’m excited because my pick was selected now to hope it lasts. We continued in Thailand for the final week of love. Both men met  her family, parents and her brothers.  Her family gave their opinion of both guys and they all approved of Robby. Jordan She met up with her family and confessed she was in love with both men. He brought the mom flowers and told them about the connection they have.  First he talked with her mother, he told her that Joelle is his best friend and promised never to break her heart. Jordan made a mistake in not asking her father’s permission to propose to her, but I understand how he felt unsure about where he stood with her. They enjoyed their final date on a boat, the two did got into a discussion about him not being serious and why he didn’t ask her parents blessing.  He said the right things but she still had doubts about him.  He called her parents to ask their blessing to propose to her. Jordan then sent her a note telling her that he righted his wrong.

Robby Robby also brought flowers for the mom, I think they both got a memo about that. Mom leads off with a big question of what attracts him to her daughter and he gave a great answer. He shared the story of telling her he loves her. Mom talked to him and he informed her that Joelle would be the biggest priority of his life. Robby asked both parents for their blessing in the proposal. Both parents approve and it looks like the parents are on his side. Their last date was an outdoor  date taking a trail to the beach  then they enjoyed time in his suite , he gave her photos of them together which is a very sweet gift. He picked out a ring and wrote her a note to express his feelings for her and she got to read it before seeing him. Rose Ceremony She said goodbye to Robby breaking his heart and accepted the proposal of Jordan. She said yes to be with him forever and she loves him too.