In part one the men met the women and all voted for their bachelorette leaving only one their. after the votes were counted it was Kaitlyn who was chosen and Britt was sent home. Loved seeing the girls reactions Kaitlyn’s comments were funny as always.

Best Impressions: Joshua gave Kaitlyn a welded rose, Ian he told Kaitlyn right away he was there for her, Brady was a gentleman to Britt, JJ gave a hockey puck as a gift, Tanner brought Britt a box of tissues .The men met the women and at first it seemed like they all gravitated to Britt leaving Kaitlyn out but soon things changed and they were going to Kaitlyn first. Some men were moping like Tony while others confessed who they voted for like Jared. Guys like Ian who were there for Kaitlyn from the start were strongly against the Britt fan club men staying. One bachelor Brady who had fallen for Britt even went as far as going to Chris to ask where he could find Britt. He was a gentleman and told Kaitlyn he couldn’t be with her, now that is a man.

My Picks: Jonathan, Brady, Joshua, Ian, JJ, Tanner, Shawn, Ben H, Justin, Ryan, Corey

Shawn who made a great impression on both women got the first impression rose. One of the worst impressions was a stripper and a drunk guy who was disrespectful and rumored to be the ex of a past bachelor contestant. Was not impressed with the hot tub guy either. Britt was sent home and Kaitlyn was chosen, loved how she called her mom to share her news “Go and meet our future son in law”.

Bachelors Chosen (10 of 20 my picks): Ben H, Ben Z, Chris, Clint, Corey, Cory, Daniel, Ian, Jared, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Justin, Joshua, Kupah, Ryan, Shawn, Tanner and Tony.

Let The Dates Begin

This week the bachelorette had her first dates with her guys, I am doing my switch early and trading in JJ who proved to be egotistical and dumb for Clint who I a gentleman. One bachelor who crossed the line was Kupah who kept digging a hole for himself and then didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and he was sent home well not before causing drama. The ones who did not get dates were Shawn, Cory and Ryan.

My Picks: Clint, Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Ian, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Group Date 1: Ben Z, Daniel, Kupah, Jared, Justin, Tanner. Corey, Joshua. The guys trained with Laila Ali who taught them boxing moves before they boxed each other. Most of the guys were interactive with her with the exception of Kupah who was in his own world although he later claimed to not like boxing, could have fooled me. She jumped rope with one guy, Daniel flirted with her and one even broke a window. The winner was Ben Z who got the date rose,  but the real winner of the night was Jared who got hurt and then later sent her a note getting her away from the group and having alone time with her strengthening their bond.Solo Date Clint~ The two of them boned with underwater photography, loved her dress so whimsical and with each photo they got closer to kissing till their lips collided underwater. After that they did dinner and he got a rose. The only thing missing was the music act from seasons past.Group Date 2: Chris, Tony, Ian, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Ben H,  She met up with her comedian friend and the guy did a comedy show. Some of them were awful like Tony who should never be let in comedy club again, he doesn’t know the meaning of funny not everything is serious. Some were group like Joe,Chris and Tanner.  Ian’s jokes were too predictable. JJ proved himself  an egotistical jerk who thought he was mr perfect and while he got he date rose he won  the dislike of the other men. I guess her makeout session with Joe meant nothing, it sure looked steamy.

At the  party JJ won his prize as most hated guy in the house as he broke the pact the men made to give the guys without a date first chance with Kaitlyn and stole first time with her. The nice moment was her time with Ian. Then Kupah lost it by saying one thing to  her questioning why he was there instead of trying to connect with her then once he was out of the room he ranted to the guys which she heard and kicked him out, he would not go quietly Kaitlyn decided to confront him and opps he got caught being an idiot and then tried to make himself look better, she did a great job at standing up for herself and her choice to send him home he was garbage and gives single men a bad name.The night started off with a rose ceremony in which guys went home on an already stressful night which was wreaked by hearing Tony whine though out part of it and of course he got a rose when I thought for sure he would go home. Daniel and Cory were sent home. Corey and Justin were dateless.

Bachelors  ( 9 of 16  my picks): Ben Z, Clint ,JJ, Jared, Ben H, Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris , Brian, Justin, Ian, Joshua,  Joe, Corey, Tony

Let’s have Fun

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Ian, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Group Date Tony, Chris, Clint, JJ, Joe, Shawn Ok not sure what is up with the stupid men’s sport dates of men in diapers with their tushes showing and other unmentionable showing and everything blurred out. Kaitlyn tried to talk with Tony and he wanted a peaceful date instead of adventurous date and JJ and Tony get in a confrontation and one of the other guys pulled Kaitlyn away from the situation. Shawn made a great point that instead of connecting to the guys she’s dealing with someone else’s drama. Is it just me that is wanting Tony go home?The second half of the date was a live show of their sumo skills and it think it was inappropriate to put them in the diapers with stuff showing and kids in the audience. While the guys are on the date Tony goes home but not before saying goodbye to Kaitlyn and causing more of a scene. Clint wants her to put forth an effort and before Clint did anything Shawn made his move and got the rose.Solo Date Ben Z the host planned this date and the limo knows where to go and it drives them to some warehouse to meet the host who puts them to the test, of having to escape a locked place and find clues to get back out. She freaked out as a bird flew out at her, Ben was such a hero at consoling her then going to check things out for her and made he feel safe and protected, this guy I a keeper. They had 45 minutes to figure out what’s going on and half way though they started kissing and they were such a great couple together bonding . She was scared of birds and he was terrified of snakes. After that they had wine together and talked. Of course the date had to end in the hot tub.Group Date Brian, Jonathan, Ben H, Joshua, Jared and Tanner. She pranked them with a class of kid actors who asked questions about sex ed. This season is pushing the limits. Teaching a health class and the guys were not thrilled with that. Brian got the female anatomy, Jonathan got bombarded with lots of questions. Joshua creeped out the girls about the time of the month, Ben did the best job of explaining things in a not so gross out way. After class they all hung out at a hotel.  Both Ben and Jared had moments with her, Ben got the date rose.Clint has been removed from my list due to his falling for JJ which is stupid, I think JJ is clueless about how Clint was feeling and saw him as a friend and top contenders for the bachelorette. He should not be there just to get time with JJ. Joshua and other men tell on Clint and JJ and the bachelorette takes care of things

What is it with all these guys and their egos this is a major drama fest of a season and it’s disappointing. Clint is making up lies to save himself so he can be with JJ and that’s such bunch of lies if you come on the show be there for the woman you trying to win not anyone else. Kaitlyn was smart and did not trust him then told him that your gone and unlike the last loser she told her choice with him right in the room in front of all the other guys and of course JJ demands an apology and turns on Clint which made the guys hate him even more. Clint rightly got upset at him and didn’t talk to him  almost losing his temper.Before the rose ceremony she pulled the host aside to make a choice to cancel the rose ceremony and not send anyone else home. So JJ is still there so the guys aren’t thrilled but they do cheer for their first stop NYC.

NYC Here We Come

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Ian, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Group Date Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z,  Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ and Shawn. The guys meet  her at Stage 48 for Rapping, and she brought in some help, Doug E Fresh whom some of the men like Jonathan and Ryan knew but poor Shawn a country type was totally lost. They did a rap battle, I’m noticing a theme here for the group dates first boxing then sumo now rapping. Shawn vs Justin( Shawn did good for country boy), Corey vs JJ (Corey did so good at rapping), Ben Z vs Tanner (Tanner did better) and Jonathan vs Ryan (Tied). The date rose went to Justin who stated he was supportive of her bringing someone else to the group.During the date she saw her friend Ashley and then saw Nick who she claims to be friends with and they have a private conversation and he tries to get in on the action. This left her with a big choice to let him in the group or say no and stay loyal to her guys. She told the guys about this without mentioning names and she then mentioned it was Nick and the room went silent and they questioned her confidence with mixed emotions and they had bad opinions about him. Seriously your on a group date you don’t go out and make out with the new  guy while on that date. She goes to get her hair done with Crazy Ashley who when not on the bachelor seems sane and normal then she meets up with Nick to talk things over, while the guy are thinking of revolting. She asks him to be a part of the group. The next morning, she goes an tell the guys the bad news.Solo Date Jared Their date I at the Met an art institute they both looked elegant. all of her thoughts are on Nick .He showed that he cares about her and what matters most is their relationship. He wrote her a note to her which he read to her. Jared of course got the rose he’s one of the top guys and they have a real connection. They got a note from the host that a limo was waiting outside to take them to continue the date which takes them to a helicopter for a ride over NYC that’s the night he fell in love with her.Group Date Joshua, Ian, Chris, Joe, Ben H. The date was at  a theater with the guys on broadway  at Amsterdam with Aladdin musical. Each guy went through an audition on stage which includes singing, dancing and acting. The winner will be Kaitlyns love interest and be on stage that night. Ian really did good he can sing and dance although the judges thought he didn’t connect with her. The part went to Chris who was super animated but felt the connection with her. The four other guys are forced to go back to the hotel. Kaitlyn and Chris looked good in their costumes, he got to steal a kiss. Afterward they got to touch the New Years Eve Ball and he got the rose.

Roses Given to ( 7 of 12 my picks ) Justin, Jared, Chris, Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Tanner, Joe, Ian, JJ, Joshua, Nick

San Antonio

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Ian, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Date 1 Ben H ~ Kaitlyn gets to drive a truck with her date. They go to a nearby town and go to a dance hall and enter a two step competition. First they get lessons. Hearing all the advice from all the couples was nice. She looked comfortable with Ben as they danced in the crowd and soon got removed from the dance. They enjoy a rooftop dinner overlooking the city. He  got the date rose.Group Date Justin, Jared, Ian, Chris, Tanner, Joe, JJ, Ben Z, Joshua, Nick. The guys write mariachi songs dressed up in costumes. The kid singer was adorable and the songs they write peformed in front of audience. The kid came around and gave the guys advice. Justin was funny, JJ was a mess up, Joes routine did good, Ian choked in front of the audience, I liked Joshua’s song was funny, Nick tried to upstage everyone, didn’t get to see all the routines. Joshua redeems himself but trusting Kaitlyn to cut his hair d she gave him a bald patch on the side of his head so a one sided Mohawk.At the party trouble was in the name of Ian who went from being confident to conceited and annoying, he wanted to be the bachelor and was tired of competing the other men and when we left the to be continued he was about to tell her he was leaving and he told her that he questioned her integrity and that she was just looking to make out with lots men not find a husband. On a positive note Jared is the second guy to declare his love.

Ian called her shallow when he is the one who needs to learn humility. Nick then monopolized her time and poor Shawn walked in on them kissing, Nick is bad news. I am trading in Ian for Ben Z. Justin and Joshua were sent home.

Roses Given to (5 of 9 my picks ) Shawn, Nick, Ben H, Jared, Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z, Tanner


The second stop on their tour of love is Dublin Ireland. She announces that first solo date happens that day and announces that she selected Nick for the date. None of the other guys are thrilled. At first she is thrilled with what happened but then it creates major issues with the other guys because Nick talk about himself going to her suite which the guys tell him that Shawn also went to her suite. He calls his intimate which makes the guys question what happened.Date 1 Nick The two of them explore Dublin and she freaks out at the pigeons in the park then stop to watch street performers which include river dancers. She gets to dance with them and learn how the audience was not impressed. He bought them both rings to wear and of course there’s the make out scene. They enjoy dinner in a cathedral where he gets a rose and she makes a big mistake by inviting him back to her room to hang out and they end up going way beyond that.Group Date Tanner, Ben Z, Shawn, Jared, Ben H All the guys are dressed up and meet the host Chris Harrison who wrote the date card. The bachelorette is gone for today and they are doing a traditional Irish wake, she was not a good at being gone she kept laughing and smiling. I liked the speeches by Tanner, Ben H, but Ben Z cleared the room and had alone time with her and his talk was heart felt. That night they met at Guinness Brewery, she has great moments with Shawn who showed her family photos and she made out with Jared who got the rose and private time with her. The surprise is the Cranberries playing Linger for Jared and her to dance her.While they are gone he goes and talks to a camera crew and he talks about being told he’s the one and that he can’t do this anymore, so he heads to the hotel to confront her. She assumes that he knows about her mistake with Nick and its not that at all.Shawn visits her not just once but twice tonight, he’s coming off insecure and emotionally needy. I understand that the guy is falling for her but give her some space. Sure she had a moment of weakness where she let you think you were the one but don’t let that get to you. She’s also flipping out about what she did with Nick when Shawn nor any of the other guys know about that so she can relax. After giving Shawn reassurances she goes on the two on one date.

Joe vs JJ~ The three of them went on a boat ride to the Irish Isle which is quite beautiful and desolate, Joe stepped up his communication and became the fourth guy to tell her he’s falling in love with her. She was impressed by this and then JJ sealed his fate by telling her that he cheated on his ex-wife, I’m sure he meant for it to be a story about how he learned his lesson and now he’s ready to find love again but all she heard was I cheated in the past and I might in the future. She went away with Joe leaving JJ stranded to go home and after more time together she gave rose to Joe.

The evening party was filled with deep conversations of her telling Nick not to say a word about their affair, having to defend herself to Ben H who knew something was going on with Shawn and her when they were left alone together. I seriously though that would be what sent him home but surprisingly she kept Chris who I see no sparks with and sent Tanner and Ben Z home. I thought she had potential with Ben Z, it sure looked like that on their date am I wrong?

Roses Given to (3 of 6 my picks ) Shawn, Nick, Ben H, Jared, Chris,Joe


The remaining five men all headed on a bus together to Killarney Ireland while Jared got to take a road trip with Kaitlyn. Once there they were told that the fantasy suites and hometowns would be switched. This means the final two get to take her home and the group would go down to three men this week and the overnight dates were coming up.

Date 1 Jared The two of them drove to their next destination making stops to take photos and kissing the Blarney stone; which is not that impressive. I can see these two as a couple and he is one of my favorites, the two of them click and seem like a real couple. Date 2 Chris She takes him to a remote cliff and they have a picnic, the date starts out nice but then she feels the pressure and starts to cry realizing he has no future with her and instead of being understanding and giving her space he tries to talk her out of it. After she leaves him he bawls letting his emotions hit him.

Ben H ~ They go on a boat ride together with him rowing to another nearby island. They talked about what they look for in a mate and I liked her list that she had. After their day of exploring they enjoy dinner where he shared his fear of being unlovable in which they share there falling in love with each other, it now official all the guys are in love with her. Group Date Joe, Shawn, Nick ~ She takes the guys on the grounds of the castle she is staying at. Her first alone time is with Shawn, they make out and cuddle trying to tell him about what happened with Nick but before she can Nick steals her away and there kissing too. Joe gets a case of the nerves but finally gets his time with her and so sweet when he says he could kiss he for the next sixty years but she’s not in love with him, she shares her thoughts and he gets upset and shuts her out , he is sent home early. She then leaves the two guys and needs to talk to Shawn later that night.

That night she meets up with Shawn, he think its a nice date and she has bad news to tell him. She comes clean that she was with Nick in bed and Shawn reacts asking if she regrets it and he I speechless and withdraws from her for some alone time. He comes back and talks to her, he’s upset at Nick and her but he wants to be with her and accepts her  but later he might walks away from her if she does not answer his question right. They skip right to the rose ceremony which leaves the guys not feeling good. Shawn tells her they need to talk instead of accepting the rose. He asked her why she would jeopardize them and she says that telling him that he was the one was a mistake, ouch! She makes a valid point that he has to trust her.She said goodbye to one of my favorites Jared I thought they had a real connection and she was in tears saying goodbye to him and once in the limo he was in tears too.

Roses Given to ( 2 of 3 ) Shawn, Ben H, Nick

Cork Ireland

The guys and Kaitlyn then travel to Cork Ireland where she has an overnight with each guy starting with Nick. Shawn now speaks in code referring to Nick as The Other Guy. Each guy has their own suite and Shawn crosses the line by going to Nick’s suite to confront him.

Nick~ they meet and walk around town going to a cathedral and tells her about himself  growing up. They then go into a pub. She tells him about her first kiss. talking to the locals was funny and they said that trust is what makes marriage last. They have dinner  together and he brings the night down by trashing Shawn which goes right over her head and shes totally into him. I don’t like him at all and I want him gone yet shes blind to his antics. He accepts the fantasy suite invitation and its a fantasy night in a Jail and it was a joke. They then went to the real fantasy suite at some fancy hotel.

She chooses shawn as the man of her life the end.