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Bachelor Nick Bring on the Tears

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Bachelor

Things get all shook up with tension and tears as the woman question his motives of keeping Corrine who is not the right for him at all. They do their dating in St Thomas. Also, Danielle L has replaced one of my front runners Vanessa after it was exposed that she is in fact an actress and not who she claims to be. The other thing I noticed was once Taylor was gone the girls seemed to like Corinne so maybe it was partly produced drama be ABC.

My girls left: Danielle M, Rachel, Kristina, Danielle L, Whitney, Raven

Solo Date Kristina- They take a private plane ride and once on island she tells about her family being adopted and being from Russia with a sister who is still there. She shared of her childhood in Russia living in poverty and getting in orphanage. Of course she had her swimsuit on ready to go swimming. She got the rose on the date . The date ended with a band playing for them as they danced.

Group Date Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corrine, Danielle M, Jasmine The girls headed to a beach where he got the bad idea to do group volleyball and soon things unraveled with all the girls unhappy with him, they all wanted alone time with him not group time. Jasmine let her frustrations be known and was sent home. Raven got the group date rose.

2 on 1 Whitney vs Danielle L They headed on a plane to an island together and after a talk with both girls he first sent Whitney home and then after Danielle made the mistake of saying the love word too soon she was also sent home. this sent the girls in worry and Nick to question his wanting to be there and doubt the whole process.

No girls were sent home this week and the girls headed to the Bahamas.