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Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie

Task: Welches Grape Juice teams create a live health segment showcases how they support healthy heart and lifestyle. Judged on audience integration, creativity and best brand showcase. The guest judge was Rocco Dispirito. The winner gets 50 thousand to their charity.





Arete Chanel Sonnen, he picked Ricky has his second in command. their concept will be a healthy health segment for moms. The idea that got them in trouble was having Vince and Boy George do a song to start the segment. Ricky was the only one who hated the idea and Chanel seems to have a ego problem from the start. I personally hated the song and I agreed with Ricky that it was too diverse. Carson was the host who interviewed Matt and Ricky while Chanel was the producer. Things seemed a bit overwhelming too much going well and it might have flowed but there was too much and the product wasn’t featured enough.

Prima Laila Ali Project Manager WINNERS, The women also have a talk show but this time with three co hosts and sharing wine with the audience. The women meet with Rocco as they check out their space and Laila put on a good front, he was concerned that they wouldn’t entertain an audience. Brooke and Kyle are worried there’s not enough humor. Porsha was running the risk of going over the time limit allotted them. The presentation and luckily they interviewed brooke as herself and Lisa interrupted Porsha who was babbling in order to keep the show going to Laila’s cooking and all of the presentation went well.

Boardroom: The girls team all supported Laila all but Lisa who was critical again. The mens team was supportive of their leader too. The executives loved the audience participation and they liked Matt giving the message of healthy heart but they hated how it was disjointed and no focus on lifestyle. Welches loved the integration of content was good and the message of the brand, They liked the cooking segment but disliked the lack of audience participation. Chanel picked Ricky to come in to the boardroom, he shot back saying the project manager should be fired. He brings back Eric and Ricky . Eric was fired saving Chanel at the last minute.