Bachelor Nick Bring on the Tears

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Bachelor

Things get all shook up with tension and tears as the woman question his motives of keeping Corrine who is not the right for him at all. They do their dating in St Thomas. Also, Danielle L has replaced one of my front runners Vanessa after it was exposed that she is in fact an actress and not who she claims to be. The other thing I noticed was once Taylor was gone the girls seemed to like Corinne so maybe it was partly produced drama be ABC.

My girls left: Danielle M, Rachel, Kristina, Danielle L, Whitney, Raven

Solo Date Kristina- They take a private plane ride and once on island she tells about her family being adopted and being from Russia with a sister who is still there. She shared of her childhood in Russia living in poverty and getting in orphanage. Of course she had her swimsuit on ready to go swimming. She got the rose on the date . The date ended with a band playing for them as they danced.

Group Date Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corrine, Danielle M, Jasmine The girls headed to a beach where he got the bad idea to do group volleyball and soon things unraveled with all the girls unhappy with him, they all wanted alone time with him not group time. Jasmine let her frustrations be known and was sent home. Raven got the group date rose.

2 on 1 Whitney vs Danielle L They headed on a plane to an island together and after a talk with both girls he first sent Whitney home and then after Danielle made the mistake of saying the love word too soon she was also sent home. this sent the girls in worry and Nick to question his wanting to be there and doubt the whole process.

No girls were sent home this week and the girls headed to the Bahamas.


I missed one episode and Astrid and Sarah were sent home keeping around 7 of my picks still among the 13 women given roses to stay. The girls travel to New Orleans and encounter the treaded 2 on 1 date and its between enemies who don’t go down without a fight.

My Picks: Danielle M, Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Olivia, Lacey, Kristina, Hailey, Liz, and Whitney.


Solo Date Rachel It’s about time she got a solo date since she got the first impression rose, used to be if you got that rose you got the first date he went on. The date started in the French market where they shopped and had fun together. These two blend well and he claims to have the best chemistry with her. They witness a second line and join in the fun dancing before they head off to hear a live band and do more dancing together. The end f the date was seeing the mardi gras floats and having a dinner they never touch. He was open and vulnerable with her as she was and got the rose.

Group Date- Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimi, Vanessa, Danielle M. Danielle L, Jasmine and Whitney: The girls and Nick go to a haunted mansion the Houmas House built in 1828 by rich people and haunted by May a girl who was raised there and lost her favorite dolly, when looking at the plantation history no where in it does it mention this haunted part . So I think it was all put on by ABC staged or if not very exaggerated as the account of any ghosts at the place doesn’t give as much detailed as that paid caretaker told. He had moments with several of the girls and Danielle M got the group date rose.

2 on 1 Corrine vs Taylor- The date goes down the the bayou to see voodoo priestesses and each girl gets alone time with Nick, Corinne being mean spirited uses her time to trash talk Taylor who has no clue what shes in for, then as much as she tried to clarify her side is unsuccessful and gets sent home. Corinne is a manipulator and Taylor is the one who put her in her place but spoiled Corinne hated that so she made up things and sent her rival packing. Only Taylor wasn’t finished with that she came to let her side be told she tracked down the couple, the girls who tattle on the mean girls always get sent home. Corrine still managed to fool him. This makes him a fool for being with her, too bad the bachelor can’t heard her behind the scene interviews then he would send her packing.

Rose Ceremony ( 6 of 9  ) Danielle M, Rachel, Corrine, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle L, Jasmine, Whitney



The teams are pretty easy and its time to bring back a past client Kings Hawaiian, if you remember they were on the last apprentice with a focus on baked goods but this time they are branching out to BBQ sauces.

Task: produce and edit viral videos 15 second spots,  about the new sauces judged on brand integration, viral potential and product appeal. The guest judge was Justine who is a YouTube sensation. the reward was 50 thousand.

Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie

Arete Matt Iseman PM WINNERS-Ricky gave an idea of using the bottles for football game cause it gets all star power, and the other video was to Jon a comedy one that  Boy George called it cliché. The other team members dislikes Jon argumentative side but instead of staying put the darn man walks out of the room. not much of a team player. Jon concept made no sense to me and his ego is off the charts. Boy George started complaining to the project manager and got considered a Diva. Carson got hurt tackling Ricky in the video and had to go to the hospital but at least he was a team player. Jon’s video is way overtime at 29 seconds, wanting to take control ignoring everyone’s input and getting into an argument with Vince. The football video turned out great not sure about the other one.

Prima Nicole Snooki PM-poor Nicole was in over her head all the women were tossing out ideas and she was overwhelmed, I liked the idea that nothing distracts the guy from the bbq sauce. So choose two videos real housewives based video and double dipping video. Lisa has issues with being director not wanting to deal with their drama. Porsha was interrupting Lisa’s directing trying to direct herself, every season has those scene stealers and she is this seasons. Nicole didn’t know how to make executive decisions and was indecisive.  The saucy housewives video was incomplete and Kyles idea was changed to Porsha’s concept of them fighting on the floor. The edit isn’t good Lisa missed some shots and its up to Porsha and Nicole to salvage the video, they a bit overboard with the additives.  The judges didn’t look to thrilled with the second video but loved the first video about dipping.

Boardroom Nicole thought she has the support of her team and Lisa gave her honest opinion and Porsha shot back putting the blame on her. The executives loved the use of celebrity and the football idea for the men’s team but disliked the lack of product appeal. They loved the double dipping idea and had viral potential, they hated lack of brand recognition in the housewives video.  Nicole brought Porsha and Lisa back with her. Nicole took fault for the failing of her team and was fired.

The movie follows the career of Steve Jobs and shows the audience what really happened with his company and how he helped to revolutionize computers.

“The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Change The World, Are The People That Do” ~ STEVE JOBS

Ashton Kutcher does an incredible job as the inspiration of the movie playing Jobs, he portrays him as a genius who while a savvy businessman let himself get drawn in and obsessed with creating the perfect product. He shows his struggles and successes and has you wanting him to be understood . This is a very well picked part that goes away from Kutcher’s normal funny roles and shows that he can handle dramatic roles.

There were a few stand outs of the supporting cast: Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) and Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula). Each of these men played their parts well. Gad’s character was Job’s first partner in apple computers and showed his loyalty and true friendship when he tells Jobs that he is heading on a road to self-destruction, this shows that he cares about Steve as a friend and wants his happiness over the success, plus he did not like the man that his friend had become after the company’s rise to fame.

Markkula is the first man to invest in the company and helped support the company yet when Jobs needed him the most he turned on him and was later let go when Jobs took over, so I guess that’s pay back for what he did earlier. Dermot played this character with conviction and proved himself as a quality actor.

I’m a fan of biography style movies yet while this movie did show his rise to fame with the company there were some gaps about his personal life. There was a nice touch in the end where they showed the actors next to a picture of the men they portrayed. This movie is worth seeing.

Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie

Task: Welches Grape Juice teams create a live health segment showcases how they support healthy heart and lifestyle. Judged on audience integration, creativity and best brand showcase. The guest judge was Rocco Dispirito. The winner gets 50 thousand to their charity.





Arete Chanel Sonnen, he picked Ricky has his second in command. their concept will be a healthy health segment for moms. The idea that got them in trouble was having Vince and Boy George do a song to start the segment. Ricky was the only one who hated the idea and Chanel seems to have a ego problem from the start. I personally hated the song and I agreed with Ricky that it was too diverse. Carson was the host who interviewed Matt and Ricky while Chanel was the producer. Things seemed a bit overwhelming too much going well and it might have flowed but there was too much and the product wasn’t featured enough.

Prima Laila Ali Project Manager WINNERS, The women also have a talk show but this time with three co hosts and sharing wine with the audience. The women meet with Rocco as they check out their space and Laila put on a good front, he was concerned that they wouldn’t entertain an audience. Brooke and Kyle are worried there’s not enough humor. Porsha was running the risk of going over the time limit allotted them. The presentation and luckily they interviewed brooke as herself and Lisa interrupted Porsha who was babbling in order to keep the show going to Laila’s cooking and all of the presentation went well.

Boardroom: The girls team all supported Laila all but Lisa who was critical again. The mens team was supportive of their leader too. The executives loved the audience participation and they liked Matt giving the message of healthy heart but they hated how it was disjointed and no focus on lifestyle. Welches loved the integration of content was good and the message of the brand, They liked the cooking segment but disliked the lack of audience participation. Chanel picked Ricky to come in to the boardroom, he shot back saying the project manager should be fired. He brings back Eric and Ricky . Eric was fired saving Chanel at the last minute.