Bachelor Ben: Bitten by Jealousy

This week holds two solo dates with only one group date which means either more girls for the group date or more girls without going on a date. At the house its harder for those girls like Cali and Olivia who have had the alone time with him, girls its going to get harder with each week. Instead of cooling things down Olivia gets more possessive of him making herself more of an enemy in the house with the other girls.

My Picks :  Lauren B, Jubilee, Becca, Leah, Olivia, Amanda, Jennifer, Joelle, Jessica,Rachel, Lauren H, Amber


Solo Date Lauren B-Enjoying a nice drive to a suprize location the two of them look great together. This dates suites her being a flight attendant she gets to fly in a small bi plane , which he flys so its just the two of them no chaperones like on past seasons plane dates;this makes it seem more intimate to me. Wait there was a pilot behind them what a way to ruin that image for me, I was wondering how can they be kissing and flying. The girls see them fly over and it doesn’t take long for them to realize that its the date happening. Being a gentleman he gives her a piggy back ride to what I thought would be a picnic but in true bachelor format they go to a hot tub instead, guess they have to keep the guys entertained.( I think the girls have some idea what’s going on how else would they have a bikini ready unless they take along a stylist ). They have dinner at Carmillo Ranch House, a beautiful home the night ended with a performance by Lucy Angel.

Group Date Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace and Emily~The girls meet up with Ben for a game of Soccer and only the winning team gets to go to the after party. During the game Rachel gets hurt and the stripes win the game.  Olivia again was aggressive and took the lead with him, and poor amber waiting her turn while all the other girls went before her he sets aside her worries with a kiss and by giving her the rose.

Solo Date Jubilee They go via helicopter to a health spa where they have fun playing shuffleboard which they jumped straight to the hot tub and her in a bikini which was way to tiny with too many tattoos on her. At dinner she shares about her past, sharing that she lost her family. I think she did pretty good on the date.

This leaves Joelle, Becca and Caila without dates this week.. Olivia also decided to talk about herself instead of focusing on him and his emotions at losing loved ones while Jubilee gave him a massage, this offended the whole house who got jealous when the try to confront her she walks away with attitude.

Rose Ceremony( 11 of 14) Lauren B, Amber, Jubilee, Lauren H, Amanda,Becca,Hayley, Emily, Rachel. Caila Joelle, Jennifer, Leah, Olivia

Lace and Shusanna, Lace were sent home.

The Choice Preview

The newest Nicholas Sparks movie The Choice premieres in February and I am excited to go see it, I’m hoping that this one will be a better adaptation much more like those in the past. There have been a few flops in my mind like Safe Haven, The Best of Me and The Longest Ride that have not met up to the expectations of their books. The Best of Me was the worst adaptation in my mind but that’s for another review.

When I read one of Sparks books I expect the movie to follow along with the storyline and characters that I read about in his book, he truly is gifted in creating a world that you can delve into. His characters make you feel emotions and his stories pull at heartstrings.

The Choice is about two neighbors who both have dogs and meet and fall in love, then after their married an accident puts her in the hospital and he has a choice to let their love fade to a memory or fight to save her. It was a moving story which I enjoyed reading. here’s the preview , Is this a movie you want to go see let me know..




Bachelor Ben’s First Week of Dates

The remaining 21 women survived the first nights event and now it’s time for the date. What happened to it going from 25 to 15 women suddenly he has more women that stayed. It will be interesting to see what Ben’s style is weather he will stick to the rules like Chris did or break them like Sean and make up his own rules. Also, what happened to that girl who got the first impression rose gets the first solo date I liked that rule.

My Picks :  Lauren B, Jubilee, Becca, Leah, Olivia, Amanda, Jennifer, Joelle, Jessica,Rachel, Lauren H, Amber

Group Date Jackie,LB, Lauren H,Becca, Amber,Mandy, Joelle, Jubilee, Jennifer, Lace~ I know it’s JoJo but what sane women has that nickname so I’m using her real name. The girls went to a fake hs with the host as principal where they divded up into teams and all competed for his heart, the winner was Mandi who does not seem his type at all. The evening progressed on a rooftop and Jennifer got the first intentional kiss that he wanted.  Jubilee steamed things up and shared things with him. The best moment of the date was his time with Joelle who got the rose.

Solo Date Caila~ This has to be one of the worst bachelor dates ever they had some  black actors with them who weren’t even that interesting and they had a hot tub scene in a store. maybe the show’s budget is tight. Most of the date couldn’t find out much about her thanks to their chaperones who hammed it up on camera. The night ended at a nice restaurant then a private concert by Amos Lee.



Group Date Olivia, Samantha, Haley, Emily,Amanda  Shushanna ~ Ben got the help of the scientists at love labs to help him find his matches. Shushanna actually can be English what a relief. The tests were Visual, Smells, and Chemical Attraction which was cool using thermal energy. Samantha got the lowest score leading to that she might not be his match. Olivia got the highest score and gets to see his hotel suite, and the date rose.

Leah, Lauren B and Rachel did not get dates this week. Despite Lace causing another scene she still got a rose, and LB decided to leave that they were not a match.

Rose Ceremony:(11 of 17) Joelle, Caila, Olivia, Amanda,Jubilee, Lauren B,Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Jennifer, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Shushanna, Haley, Amber


Bachelor Ben Meets the Ladies

A new bachelor has graced the mansion to find his love after being rejected by Kaitlyn. Ben is the new bachelor  26 from Warsaw Indiana but lives in Denver Colorado.  He gets advice from past bachelors Jason, Sean and Chris.  They had mixed advice Chris suggested kissing them all while Sean advised not to kiss a girl with any other girls watching. The best advice came from Jason who told him to give everyone a chance and that all the relationships are going to move at different speeds. The best moment was him calling his parents.

While the women get a house he gets a room at a hotel, wonder if that was his choice cause most of the picks get their own house or was it budget cuts.   Here’s my awards for the first night


My Picks :  Lauren B, Jubilee, Becca, Leah, Olivia, Amanda, Jennifer, Joelle, Jessica,Rachel, Lauren H, Amber

First Impression Rose: Olivia

Best Introductions: Caila( running and jumping in his arms was cute), Jubilee ( honesty and pickup line) Lauren H ( tossing her bouquet at him)

Best Dressed: Samantha ( red lace ), Shushanna ( red with gems on shoulders), Leah ( Confetti colored ), Rachel ( gold sparkly )Olivia (silver sparkles)

Worst Impressions: Lace (obsessive and Rude), Lauren R ( confessed to being his cyber stalker awkward), Shushanna ( he couldn’t understand a word she said), Mandi (living rose and too corny pickup line)

Rose Ceremony:(13  of 21) Lauren B, LB, Caila, Amber, Jami, Jennifer, Jubilee, Amanda, Olivia,Joelle, Leah, Rachel, Samantha, Jackie, Haley, Emily, Shushanna, Lauren H, Becca, Mandi, Lace

Weddings of 2015





Cameron Diaz & Benj Madden, Desiree Hartstock & Chris Siegfried.

February- Johnny Depp & Amber Heard , Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

 MarchRandy Travis & Mary Davis,  Jason Aldean & Brittany Kerr

April- David Arquette & Christina McLarty, Tina Knowles & Richard  Lawson, Andy Murray and Kim Sears, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

May- Geri Halliwell & Christian Horder, Amy Adams & Darren Le Gallo


June-Zooey Deschanel & Jacob Pechenik, Lacey Faddoul & Marcus Grodd, Lindsey Arnolds & Sam Cusick, Brantley Gilbert & Amber Cochran, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden

July- , Guy Ritche & Jackie Ainsley, Jennie Garth & David Abrams, Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunas, Billy Joel & Alexis Roderick, Vanessa Williams & Jim Skrip, Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo( Monaco Royalty)

August- Tracey Morgan & Megan Wollover, Chris Cline & Laine Rose Thyfault, Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

September- Usher & Grace Miguel, Erika Christensen & Cole Maness

October- Jason Mraz & Christina Carano, Jennifer Farley (Jwoww) & Roger Matthews, Sean Avery & Hilary Rhoda, Leven Rambin & Jim Parrack

November- Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello,




What’s going on in my life


It’s hard to believe that its already December and another year is almost gone. I did enjoy taking a break from the steady demands of blogging to be able to be a fan of shows instead of a blogger. I was able to see the latest season of Amazing Race and was thrilled when the reporter won and later got engaged. I was a bit disappointed with Bindi won DWTS, I was hoping Sharna would get her first mirror ball ( I mean Derek has how many now?)

On a personal note, I am in my eleventh year of my pet care business and it’s been almost a year in our smaller home, still have to get used to having houses all around me. I am still single but I know that the right guy will come along I just have to wait. ( if you know a nice Christian guy in his 30s send him my way).

Lastly, my cable provider Dish decided to throw me a curveball this month. The ABC affiliate WLAJ in Michigan had decided to pull the plug on the station so for now I am having to get my ABC shows online. If anyone knows a youtube station that does the bachelor I would appreciate it?  Otherwise I will be delayed in getting out bachelor and have to use Hulu to watch the show. I do plan on covering the show so don’t worry.

Thanks for sticking with me this year as readers, REALITYRETREAT wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.





Back From Hiatus

I took some time off to simply enjoy the shows I write about instead of always blogging about everything and it felt good to take a break, season have gone on and I’ve enjoyed them.

I’ve decided to only cover certain shows like bachelor and bachelorette and next season of amazing race. DWTS and SYTYCD will no longer be covered because there was not much chance to give my opinion and it became more of a chore than an enjoyment to cover them .

I hope to cover movies, book and post personal posts along the way, thanks for following reality retreat and make sure to like the posts you enjoyed reading.

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