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I took some time off to simply enjoy the shows I write about instead of always blogging about everything and it felt good to take a break, season have gone on and I’ve enjoyed them.

I’ve decided to only cover certain shows like bachelor and bachelorette and next season of amazing race. DWTS and SYTYCD will no longer be covered because there was not much chance to give my opinion and it became more of a chore than an enjoyment to cover them .

I hope to cover movies, book and post personal posts along the way, thanks for following reality retreat and make sure to like the posts you enjoyed reading.

Paradise Finale Part 2

Paradise is over and the after show was for once enjoyable giving updates on the couples and answering any lingering questions. Plus there were a few surprises included that we weren’t expecting as fans. All updates were found via Twitter

Jade & Tanner~ The engaged couple have snuck around and seen each other she was in Kansas City for a two week visit. The host gave them “Janner Forever” robes and a trip to Mexico. They took a trip to LA and stayed through airbnb she even brought her dog. Tanner also enjoyed the trip together.

Kirk & Carly ~ the two were both on the show together the first time since the breakup, he is still sincerely apologetic for how he handled it and she is still hurt. She explained that he gave her false assurances that he wanted to meet her family and be with her. He countered that he should have told her he was in a relationship prior to paradise and he should have been honest with her. She explains things on  Carly’s Blog and she tells twitter she is not dating Dan. Kirk posted a sweet tweet about Carly.

Cassandra ~ She showed up alone and surprised bachelor fans by bringing along her new boyfriend Jonathan. The two met through work and both live in the same state and are parents.  They have been sharing photos together on instagram. Justin called in and explained that their schedules made it impossible to make time for each other and he is happy for her and claims on twitter he is taken.

Samantha & Nick~ the two of them are still together according to amber whose friends with her. they’ve met families and did vacation together to California. Here’s a cute photo she shared. Amber is enjoying watching the cubs and fashion week. Samantha’s exes Joe is happy for them and is busy training horses. Dan took a trip to NY and to Nashville and he adores his dog .

Tenley ~ She told the host that hey had lifestyle differences and have talked since the end of the show but are not getting back together. Joshua called in for a very short phone call, poor guy didn’t know how to handle things. She has  become a health coach  and he defends her still caring for her . Her once date Michael is still going strong as an attorney in Texas. Chris B recently celebrated his 29th birthday and is going to be an uncle, in case you missed it here’s his retirement letter. I hope he does find love away from the spotlight that lead him down the wrong path and made him the joke which was unfair to him.

Ashley & Jared~ she is still clinging to her virgin fame writing articles but in good news she is going to be part of a fundraiser in October in DC with bachelor alumni. Jared is traveling and still being a sweet guy wherever he goes.

Juelia & Mikey~ She has no hard feelings for him breaking up with her. He stays busy as a cross fit trainer.

JJ, Clare, Chelsie, and Jaclyn– JJ recently had a birthday and enjoys hockey. Claire is traveling to Seattle and San Francisco and teaching her dog new tricks. Chelsie keeps herself busy attending concerts. Jaclyn kept us entertained with her comments about this season.

Ashley S, Megan and Jillian ~ Jillian loves her sports, Ashley S is now selling Fifth Avenue jewelery. Megan is getting into singing music.

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

After the last rose ceremony there are five couples left in paradise who are each going on an overnight fantasy suite date after which they will decide if  they want to stay together or go their seperate ways. Before the dates Kirk who had doubts has a talk with Carly telling her they should call it quits, well he tries to and she shuts him out. Yes he should have told her sooner but he was trying to tell her what went wrong but she was scared to listen. Whose side are you on Kirk’s or Carly. Both go home brokenhearted leaving just four couples.

The four remaining couples were : Tenley & Joshua, Jade & Tanner, Samantha & Nick and Justin & Cassandra

Overnight Dates

The couples go on the overnight dates each with their own outcome, Cassandra & Justin have a nice dinner and talk and go to their own rooms for the night. Nick & Samantha keep dinner and talk short to skip to the fantasy suite. Tenley & Joshua have a long talk and enjoy the fantasy suite also. Tanner & Jade tell each other the ” I love you’s” and share a wonderful evening together.

Final Rose Ceremony

Cassandra & Justin, Nick & Samantha – decide to date each other and exit paradise as a couple.

Tenley & Joshua- She breaks up with him knowing that their distance and lifestyles are too different and they are better off apart. they leave paradise separate. I was hoping she would find love she has been a fave of mine since her time on Jake’s season and I feel she should have been a bachelorette.

Jade & Tanner– He proposes to her ” our love is worth a million roses” She accepts. hopefully this will last.

Bachelor in Paradise: shaking things up

This is the final week or new arrivals and the men have control yet lots of singles go home leaving the five couples that will go to the last decision.


Chelsie & Nick enjoy a yacht ride and go swimming together. The boat goes past the paradise camp . He shares his history with Samantha and there’s. No spark for him with her and confesses to the camera he’s after Samantha. What is it with all guys after her.Everyone wants Samantha gone. She talks to Dan, Nick and choses him instead. Ashley gets her second rejection from Nick and the feelings are mutual and she called him a game player. Amber is threatened by Justin.

Mackenzie & Justin the two of them do a ceremony where they get married and she believes they are which makes her not appealing to him. They had kids in common but she’s not smart enough to keep.

The last girl arriving Jaclyn, shakes things up or tried to making the moves on jared but Ashley I stopped that by going to the host and requesting a overnight date and enough about her virginity she doesn’t show honor to what it means to save yourself. Nick gets the date card from her and takes Samantha out. Also Jared and Ashley I break up after a date that did not go well and both go home. Mikey breaks up with Juelia who goes home.

Cassandra & Justin these two go to the beach and ride horse and having a picnic, they seem to have the fact that their parents in comment.

Rose Ceremony

Dan and mikey go home voluntarily while Ashley S, Amber, Chelsie and Jaclyn are eliminated.

The five remaining couples are: Jade & Tanner, Joshua & Tenley, Kirk & Carly, Cassandra & Justin, and Nick & Samantha

Bachelor in Paradise: Rejections

Last time in Paradise we left the week of the women in charge and now find Dan and Ambers romance fizzling, Joe jealous over Samantha going out with other men and Poor Chris getting rejected again and retiring from Bachelor. I am not a fan of these overlapping episodes each night should be an episode.

Current Pairs: Tenley & Joshua, Mikey & Juelia, Joe & Samantha, Jade & Tanner, Dan & Amber, Ashley S & Nick, Ashley I & Jared, Carly & Kirk..


Samantha felt guilty over Joe so she turns down Justin’s date who in turn asks Amber who is unsure of her connection to Dan. The newest arrival Chris B arrives gets drunk and fails at love, he asks Tenley who turns him down and then he decides o go home. I wish him the best and hope he finds love if he had stuck around he could have hooked up with Jaclyn.

Justin & Amber~ they go to a beach town finding a salsa class to join and dance together and then later things end between her and Dan. I did not see a connection between these two.

Joshua & Tenley~He was bold enough to ask Chris for his unused date and went on a date with Tenley, They toured a market with a chef who later made them a meal. These two have potential to be a great couple.

Ashley I wrote a double-sided letter to Jared to read before the ceremony which he later said it was a very sweet thing for her to do. Amber decides to go after Jared and everyone just wants this guy.  Joe was sent home and he leaked her texts in the limo on his way out. After the ceremony she tells her version of the truth to the group and apologizes which they don’t believe.

Rose Ceremony

Carly & Kirk

Jade & Tanner

Tenley & Joshua

Juelia & Mikey

Ashley S & Nick

Ashley I & Jared

Amber & Justin

Samantha & Dan

Bachelor in Paradise Drama Overload

The most recent rose ceremony sent Claire, Megan and Juelia home. JJ surprised everyone giving his rose to Ashley S then going home and Dan gave his to Amber. Juelia got to stay when they brought back Mikey for her. When new arrival nick arrived it became known that he too had been duped by Samantha who had contacted him before the show, the girl was playing her options and the game.

I almost felt sorry for Joe who got dumped on his birthday but he still is at blame for all that he did prior to Samantha’s arrival. Shortly after the rose ceremony Jared broke up with Ashley, a good choice for him but has her a bumbling mess. Nick went on a date with Ashley S ( they both got drunk on tequila) and Tanner & Jade got a overnight date.

Current Couples: Kirk & Carly, Tenley & Joshua, Jade & Tanner, Mikey & Juelia, Amber & Dan, Jared & Ashley I, Samantha & Joe, Ashley S. & Nick

New Arrivals : Nick & Justin.

Mikey & Juelia~ The two fly to their date getting close on the plane ride, all the romantic options go out the window when they end up at a fight match. They managed to make it romantic kissing then got in the ring by themselves playing around. They are given the option of staying in the fantasy suite overnight and they stayed in the suite together. It was a well decorated suite

The guys call the drama with Joe an Samantha ” TextGate” very catchy. He threaten to expose her an she keeps denying any part of what happened. Kirk took Carly fishing on the island which was romantic a date they both enjoyed. Ashley I and Joe strike up a friendship and her advice backfired and Samantha ignored him.

Justin & Samantha~ Joe tells  him not to go out with Samantha and he does the opposite focusing on her and not his friend.

To be continued again …

Bachelor in Paradise

When we left paradise Claire was deciding to stay or go, I think she should give Michael a rose and stay another week. The other women think its a stunt, and the men think its stupid. She decides to stay. Michael, Mikey and Jonathan were sent home.  This week new women are arriving and its the men turn.

Current pairings : Tanner & Jade, Carly & Kirk, Ashley S & Dan, Tenley & Joshua. Ashley I & Jared, Claire & JJ, Juelia & Joe.


Samantha & Joe~ She asks Joe on a date and he accepts cause she’s his dream girl and this leaves Juelia hurt and confused. He lied to the guys he had talked to Samantha before coming on the show. The editor of People magazine is doing a photo shoot which will appear online and in the magazine. They do sexy poses and the two of them deserve each other both only out for themselves, there’s chemistry. The guys tell him to make things right with Juelia and so he talks to her, she talks while he avoids her. In my opinion there was way to much attention put on the Joe drama .

Megan @ JJ they went on a boat ride and dove in the water then shared a jet ski . He feels a connection with her they make a cute couple

Carly & Kirk The pair enjoyed dinner together an then decided to spend the night together at nearby hotel. Those two go well together. the highlight was her calling her brother in Ireland who just got married.

Amber @ Dan she asks Dan on date and he talks to her first and tells her he wants to talk it over with Ashley s. He tries to talk to her and she puts up a fight at least he didn’t diss her like Joe . Ambers had crush on him they explored the town kissing as fireworks go off . They enjoy a candlelight dinner in a beautiful place .

Rose Ceremony Couples

To be continued before the rose ceremony

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