Bachelorette The Men Tell All

Before picking the man she wanted to spend her life with Kaitlyn had to face the men she rejected. Not all of those interviewed made it to this post.

Jared~ He was one of my favorites and my top pick to be the bachelor but now that he’s signed up for bachelor in paradise that’s out. I saw Kaitlyn and him a genuine couple and loved them together, He fell in love with her and every time he hears Linger by the cranberries he thinks of her.

Ben H & Z~ These guys were in my top guys  and each had a connection with her. Ben Z was the strong type who helped her with her fears yet his emotional issues and putting up walls ended things to early, I was totally surprised I thought he would have stayed longer but he was sent home for a safe choice of Chris. Ben H suspected there was something between Kaitlyn and Shawn and I feel he would make a good bachelor. He made her laugh and has that American charm that every woman wants.


Kaitlyn~ The bachelorette came out and was apologized to by Ian, talked to the men answering questions they had for her. She cried over Jared because he was such a gentleman trying to walk he to the door even when he was leaving. Joe played a practical joke on he wearing a bird mask, The worst part of the evening was the comments that were read about her, I know we might not all agree with what she does but that doesn’t give anyone the right to degrade her like that. Those who make those comments should be ashamed of themselves.

We don’t have long before Bachelor in Paradise comes on with a lot of cast offs from Chris  and Kaitlyn’s  seasons, It also has a surprise wedding of some BIP alum . Ashley S, Ashley I, Carly, Dan, Jade, Tenley, Tanner, Jonathan, Kirk, Mike T, Juelia, JJ, Clare,Jillian, Jared, Michael G, Joshua, Joe, Megan, Samantha, Amber, Nick P, Chris B, Justin, Chelsie, Mackenzie, Jaclyn and Cassandra plus a mystery woman.

Beach Flip Living Room Edition

Last week the teams renovated the living room, the judge was Nicole and with a bonus of 4,500 with only 3 day limit. This challenge added another dimension to choose one inspiration piece from the main house to serve as their inspiration, each team choose a different item including a picture frame, pillow, clear jar and a word sculpture.


Gulf Dreams Nick & Sarah~They added in new lights and wanted to do custom shelving that framed the tv but after talking to the  mentor it was suggested to make a hideaway for the tv. The addition of the pull out couch was a great bonus to the room. .The judges disliked that there was not use of the accessories and things available at sponsor Joss and Main.

Southwind  Daphne & Lucy  ~Due to the kitchen extending out they had less room for the living room. While their concepts were innovative with continuing the wood ceilings  and diagonal floors half way through, I thought I was inventive and liked it but the judge disliked it saying it stopped the flow of the room.

Coastal Calm Melissa & Mahli~ They had a nice idea with the game wall which was a painted checkerboard on the wall but wasted a full day trying to get a sliding door that was too expensive and would take to long to get delivered. Then they had issues with the banister. This pair Is getting better at communication but nee to work on their finishing touches.

Comfort Breeze, Alex & Martha ~ WINNER The beams on the ceiling added a extra value to the place as did the steel railing to the banister. They continued the wood wall from the kitchen and had comfortable furniture the judges disliked how they left the banister unpainted it looked unfinished in their opinion.


This season the show is street vs stage and each dance has a mix of both teams, the team captains come to rehearsal and give advice. The opening number was creative, a bit creepy but good use of all dancers.


Jazz Trio Marissa, Moises and JJ ~ The trio had great movements, equal partnership and showed off their skill as dancers the judges liked this routine.

Broadway Asaf, Kate, Neptune~ great concept of the routine and the dancers really took on the characters and movements especially Neptune.

Bollywood Burim, Lily, Gaby and Edson~ They stayed true to the dance and showed high energy and precision of movements plus great partnership dance.



Salsa Trio  Hailee, Darion, Yorelis~ The girls out danced the boy who floundered around the stage and did not show himself as a good partner also not a fan of the costumes.

Pop JaJa and Jim ~ did not see any chemistry they put in too much effort and too much empesis on the locking which is her strength, felt like hip hop.

Group Dance Stage

Team Street Neptune, Megs, JJ, JaJa, Burim, Asaf, Lily, Virgil, Ariana, Yorelis

 Team Stage Marissa, Alexia, Hailee, Jim, Darion, Moises, Gaby, Derek, Kate, Edson

Eliminated Darion & Lily


Beach Flip Kitchen Edition

This week the teams handled the kitchen, the teams are evaluated based on look of the space, functionality, quality of renovation and value added. The cash prize this week went up to $3,500 and this week mentor and judge was Josh Temple.


Gulf Dreams Nick & Sarah~ Bring the view to take out a wall and create a breakfast bar with seating. pushing back countertops for more room and a mosaic tile backsplash. Their progress is delayed by finding black mold and replaced section of drywall. The mentor suggested sub contracting things to get the kitchen done. Their counter is all wrong and doesn’t go with their décor which sets them back and they are stuck with the countertop they have.  At the last minute the counter top people brought in another option for them to use. The feature wall had stripes, the judges noticed they were over budget, they hated the subway tile.

Southwind  Daphne & Lucy  ~ They planned on knocking out a wall to extend kitchen and adding in a center island. Also feature ceiling with reclaimed wood. The overhang of counters has to be changed due to the island being to big, this takes the kitchen into living room. These two finished up early again so they had cookies to celebrate. The judges loved the space in the kitchen and they went over budget and they complained the space was tight and a problem with the function.

Coastal Calm Melissa & Mahli~ Taking out the wall with raised wall and stools and custom feature wall with a color backsplash. These two are already arguing and showing poor communication. The mentor gave advice and they choose to ignore his advice about a feature wall about doing wallpaper of picture of the beach view on the wall, also argued in front of the judge not good. The judges liked the design and loved the feature wall but hated the tile job. This pair was over budget and told them spend the money where your going to get it back in return.

Comfort Breeze, Alex & Martha WINNER~ This pair is taking down their wall , add breakfast bar, flip the dishwasher and stove for better layout. The are subbing out work to save themselves time. They are doing neutral palette and the mentor suggested doing a feature wall. Martha sticks with what’s comfortable and that’s all white. Nick & Sarah stole the idea from them and she confronted him. The judges loved the color palette and wanted more wood, and they went on budget.

SYTYCD: Street vs Stage

My favorite dance show has returned for a new season with a totally new concept, I think its taken from the popularity of the Step Up movies. This season there are two teams that are competing to be the best, Team Stage led by Travis Wahl and Team Street led by Twitch. The judges this season are Nigel, Jason Durillo, and Paula Abdul. The first night the dancers showed what they can do. I found some of the pep talks staged but maybe its cause its a new concept.


 JJ (Jessica), Neptune ( Eddie) and Megs~ This dance they were supposed to be super heros and impress us but their movements were slow and they didn’t do anything to impress me.

JaJa (Jana), Lily, Burim and  Asaf~ this dance showcased their talents the duel synchro ( guys doing same moves while girls did different move) was a neat effect. I was really wowed by this.

Vigil, Ariana, & Yorelis ~ The intricate moves were good but after awhile it felt repetitive moves and the guy got the most moves while the females didn’t do much.


 Marissa, Alexia, and Hailee~ These jazz girls were a major disappointment, hated their costume and how the choreographer sexed up the routine to much .

Jim & Darion ~ These two ballet boys did a nice number although they could have had better costumes. The dance showed off the strength as dancers.

 Moises, Gaby and Derek ~ Contemporary was the dance choice and these there were amazing, the synchronization and extensions were wonderful. it  was a moving dance.

Dance 7 Stage Kate & Edson ~ loved the song and the story they had to tell with their movements. Such powerful movements paired with delicacy.

Each Team did a group dance Team Stage did a Broadway and Street did HipHop the winner of the group section was Team Street .

Bachelorette: The Truth Comes Out


The guys were still in Ireland and were soon to be down to three men instead of six, she previously sent home Chris and had two more to go. This week was filled with secrets revealed as she grows closer to her bachelors.

Ben H ~ They go on a boat ride together with him rowing to another nearby island. They talked about what they look for in a mate and I liked her list that she had. After their day of exploring they enjoy dinner where he shared his fear of being unlovable in which they share there falling in love with each other, it now official all the guys are in love with her.

Group Date Joe, Shawn, Nick ~ She takes the guys on the grounds of the castle she is staying at. Her first alone time is with Shawn, they make out and cuddle trying to tell him about what happened with Nick but before she can Nick steals her away and there kissing too. Joe gets a case of the nerves but finally gets his time with her and so sweet when he says he could kiss he for the next sixty years but she’s not in love with him, she shares her thoughts and he gets upset and shuts her out , he is sent home early. She then leaves the two guys and needs to talk to Shawn later that night.

That night she meets up with Shawn, he think its a nice date and she has bad news to tell him. She comes clean that she was with Nick in bed and Shawn reacts asking if she regrets it and he I speechless and withdraws from her for some alone time. He comes back and talks to her, he’s upset at Nick and her but he wants to be with her and accepts her  but later he might walks away from her if she does not answer his question right.

They skip right to the rose ceremony which leaves the guys not feeling good. Shawn tells her they need to talk instead of accepting the rose. He asked her why she would jeopardize them and she says that telling him that he was the one was a mistake, ouch! She makes a valid point that he has to trust her.

She said goodbye to one of my favorites Jared I thought they had a real connection and she was in tears saying goodbye to him and once in the limo he was in tears too.

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Roses Given to ( 2 of 3 ) Shawn, Ben H, Nick

The guys and Kaitlyn then travel to Cork Ireland where she has an overnight with each guy starting with Nick. Shawn now speaks in code referring to Nick as The Other Guy. Each guy has their own suite and Shawn crosses the line by going to Nick’s suite to confront him.

Nick~ they meet and walk around town going to a cathedral and tells her about himself  growing up. They then go into a pub. She tells him about her first kiss. talking to the locals was funny and they said that trust is what makes marriage last. They have dinner  together and he brings the night down by trashing Shawn which goes right over her head and shes totally into him. I don’t like him at all and I want him gone yet shes blind to his antics. He accepts the fantasy suite invitation and its a fantasy night in a Jail and it was a joke. They then went to the real fantasy suite at some fancy hotel.

to be continued with the two guys threatening each other etc..

Beach Flip Bedroom Edition

HGTV premiered a new show last  week Beach Flip a version of Design Star but with hosts that serve as mentors and four pairs of two. The teams are renovating beach homes in Alabama. Each week the winning team gets 2,500 to their funds. The hosts are David Bromstad, Nicole Curtis and Josh Temple. The winner will get 50 thousand and a spread in HGTV Magazine.

Meet the Teams: Alex & Martha” Comfort Breeze”  renovating their condo childhood sweethearts, Melissa & Mahli” Coastal Calm” music people long distance couple, Daphne & Lucy  “Southwind” Real Estate Agent and interior designer, Sarah & Nick” Gulf Dreams” Organizer and architect married.

@HGTV Canada, Daphne & Lucy bedroom

Gulf Dreams Nick & Sarah~ While they did add more light with a window they went over there budget with organization in closet and their styles clashed. They did do a nice wood feature wall.

Southwind  Daphne & Lucy  WINNERS~ The best design of all they added a closet for more storage and contracted out to save themselves more time to get things done. Loved their comments about how popcorn ceilings were invented by a lazy man. They did not follow the instruction to get more lighting. Loved all the beachy accents.

Coastal Calm Melissa & Mahli~ these two were a mess they dumpster dived for wood and the burlap wall was a disaster,they know noting about design that I can see. The colors were nice on the bed and wall but the area near the built in looked awful.

Comfort Breeze, Alex & Martha~ They wasted their time by doing everything themselves which left them scrambling att he end and not looking good in the judges eyes. They made mistake  and had to get rescued by the carpenter. I liked the Americana look with the added storage but it seemed plain and not beachy more new England.

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