Last week we left the bachelorette having to Ian the self centered idiot who accused her of being there to make out with men and claiming he wanted to be the bachelor, yeah after that outburst I doubt that will happen. Ian called her shallow when he is the one who needs to learn humility. Nick then monopolized her time and poor Shawn walked in on them kissing, Nick is bad news. I am trading in Ian for Ben Z. Justin and Joshua were sent home.

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Roses Given to (5 of 9 my picks ) Shawn, Nick, Ben H, Jared, Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z, Tanner

The second stop on their tour of love is Dublin Ireland. She announces that first solo date happens that day and announces that she selected Nick for the date. None of the other guys are thrilled. At first she is thrilled with what happened but then it creates major issues with the other guys because Nick talk about himself going to her suite which the guys tell him that Shawn also went to her suite. He calls his intimate which makes the guys question what happened.

Date 1 Nick The two of them explore Dublin and she freaks out at the pigeons in the park then stop to watch street performers which include river dancers. She gets to dance with them and learn how the audience was not impressed. He bought them both rings to wear and of course there’s the make out scene. They enjoy dinner in a cathedral where he gets a rose and she makes a big mistake by inviting him back to her room to hang out and they end up going way beyond that.

Group Date Tanner, Ben Z, Shawn, Jared, Ben H All the guys are dressed up and meet the host Chris Harrison who wrote the date card. The bachelorette is gone for today and they are doing a traditional Irish wake, she was not a good at being gone she kept laughing and smiling. I liked the speeches by Tanner, Ben H, but Ben Z cleared the room and had alone time with her and his talk was heart felt. That night they met at Guinness Brewery, she has great moments with Shawn who showed her family photos and she made out with Jared who got the rose and private time with her. The surprise is the Cranberries playing Linger for Jared and her to dance her.

While they are gone he goes and talks to a camera crew and he talks about being told he’s the one and that he can’t do this anymore, so he heads to the hotel to confront her. She assumes that he knows about her mistake with Nick and its not that at all.

To be continued with lots of guys messed up and crying drama fest as always.

CMT Duets

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This special paired legendary artists with younger artists to perform their hits there were a few that stood out and quite the variety of music was covered

Patty Loveless & Miranda Lambert~ great song and these two compliment each other and it sounded amazing them singing together.

Performer Duos: Brooks Dunn & Reba, Alan Jackson & Cole Swindell, Lady Antebellum & Brandy Clark, Dierks Bently Kip More & Ashley Monroe, Brett Eldridge & Hunter Haye, Luke Bryan & Ronny Milsap, John Anderson & Keith Urban, Dwight Yokam & Sam Hunt, Alabama & Eli Young Band, Band Perry & Deana Carter, Sara Evans & Darius Rucker.

Clint Black & Joe Nichols~ These two sound alike Joe is a younger version of Clint the song sounded really good.

Tony Awards

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This year was hosted by Kristen Chenowich and Christian Borle and was entertaining with all their skits and jokes, these two make a great pair. Also each nominee for Best Musical performed a scene including: Fun House, The King and I, On the 20th Century, On the Town, Something Rotten, The Visit, Gigi, American in Paris, Finding Neverland and It Shoulda Been You.  My favorites were American in Paris which got interactive the audience and stuck to the movie ad Finding Neverland which did good with the visual effect of the scene. There was also a moving segment honoring those that were lost this year with song sung by Josh Grobon.


Leading Actress Helen Mirren ” The Audience”

Featured Actor in Play Richard McCabe “The Audience”

Featured Actress  Annaleigh Ashford ” You Can’t Take it With You”

Direction Musical Sam Gold ” Fun House”

Direction Play Marianne Elliot ” Curious incident of a dog in night time

Featured Actress Musical Ruthie Anne Miles ” King and I “

Best Play Curious Incident of a dog in night time

Best Revival Play King and I

Best Musical Fun House


When we left the bachelorette and her suitors Justin, Jared and Chris had gotten roses and Nick was on his way up to move in with the men before the rose ceremony, he was then grilled by the men who called him out on what he said in the past. The rose ceremony was in a baseball stadium Citi Field home of the NY Mets. She got alone time with JJ who ran around the bases with her to take her for a home run, it was cute. The guys showed their dislike of Nick and voiced that. Ryan, Corey an Jonathan were sent home.  The next location is San Antonio.

My Picks: Ben H, Jonathan, Shawn, Corey, Ian, Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Justin

Roses Given to ( 7 of 12 my picks ) Justin, Jared, Chris, Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Tanner, Joe, Ian, JJ, Joshua, Nick

Date 1 Ben H ~ Kaitlyn gets to drive a truck with her date. They go to a nearby town and go to a dance hall and enter a two step competition. First they get lessons. Hearing all the advice from all the couples was nice. She looked comfortable with Ben as they danced in the crowd and soon got removed from the dance. They enjoy a rooftop dinner overlooking the city. He  got the date rose.

Group Date Justin, Jared, Ian, Chris, Tanner, Joe, JJ, Ben Z, Joshua, Nick. The guys write mariachi songs dressed up in costumes. The kid singer was adorable and the songs they write peformed in front of audience. The kid came around and gave the guys advice. Justin was funny, JJ was a mess up, Joes routine did good, Ian choked in front of the audience, I liked Joshua’s song was funny, Nick tried to upstage everyone, didn’t get to see all the routines. Joshua redeems himself but trusting Kaitlyn to cut his hair d she gave him a bald patch on the side of his head so a one sided Mohawk.

At the party trouble was in the name of Ian who went from being confident to conceited and annoying, he wanted to be the bachelor and was tired of competing the other men and when we left the to be continued he was about to tell her he was leaving and he told her that he questioned her integrity and that she was just looking to make out with lots men not find a husband. On a positive note Jared is the second guy to declare his love.

CMT Awards

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This is the awards where the fans vote the winners an winners get a logo shaped belt buckle award not that impressive. The hosts were DWTS co-host Erin Andrews and actress Brittany Snow, they made it sound like a morning tv show instead of an award show, the guys do award shows better. The best hosts are Brad and Carrie. The fan audience did not work in performers advantage as their cheers drowned out the music, this was the case with show openers Lady Antebellum but worked great for the outdoor performers.

Performances by: Darius Rucker, Raelynn, Reba, Jason Aldean, Chris Janson, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Zach Brown Band, Keith Urban, Maddie & Tae, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney,and Carrie Underwood


Collabrative Video Somethin Bad Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert

Breakthrough Video Leave The Night On Sam Hunt

Duo Dirt Florida Geogia Line

Female Video Something in the Water Carrie Underwood

Performance Bob Segar Jason Aldean

Group Bartender Lady Antebellum

Male Video Play it Again Luke Bryan

Video Year Carrie Underwood