The last ceremony was crazy with some shakes up and new women who several men go after.Just when Jared thought he found love his crazy ex from paradise returns to cause havoc. 

Current Couples: Lace & Grant, Izzy & Vinny, Hayley & Nick, Carly & Evan, Amanda  & Josh, Sarah & Daniel, Emily & Jared

New Singles: Caila, Ashley, Jenn


Caila shows up and talks to the men and all the guys are thrilled to see her, especially Jared. She intimidates the women who want to keep their men. She asks Jared on her date and he is the gentleman and talks to Emily his current partner who seems forced to let him go. He later talks to Emily after the date and ends things with her. 

Caila & Jared~ Caila didn’t think about wardrobe her top looks like its ready to fall off revealing part of her boobs, not very ladylike. Then they switch to swimsuits and enjoy the water together and cuddle together on the beach. They seem like a good couple together. Jared reassures her that their a couple while Ashley wails in the background which is distracting.

Ashley shows up in paradise wanting to get Jared back, in case you missed last season she was obsessed with him. Jared was not thrilled to see her, he soon tells her that he’s with Caila who shouldn’t even be talking to Ashley just focus on her new relationship. He is such a softie not wanting to hurt her even putting his own happiness at risk for her dramafest again. She asks Daniel on her date and even though he’s with Sarah he goes on the date. Later Ashley drags Jared into her mess and talks for a long time crying and making him feel miserable and making his partner be alone.  

Ashley & Daniel~Daniels obsession with her being a virgin makes him not appealing to me and i hate how she uses her virginity as a card instead of holding it in respect like it should be she just wants to use it as a ploy to get attention and im tired of that. Daniel just shut up enough about sexuality on this show seriously. During their dinner Ashley is embarrassed as the show plays up her virgin card leaving Daniel all by himself. By the next day she’s back to being a emotional wreak and her ugly cry. 

Izzy & Vinny with Lace & Grant Double Date ~ The four of them have dinner together friends and good couples. Vinny & Izzy are exclusive only dating each other and he says the sweetest things. The date is at a popular bar there in Mexico where there’s a foam party. Grant ends up shirtless and the two couples are on display dancing on stage. Lace temper got turned up when some girl ruined her fun and Grant protected her which was made them closer as a couple.

At paradise Sarah and Carly have their own double date with Evan and Daniel. Evan is still crazy about Carly with a crush and she’s dissing on him to the camera. Later Evan is found passed out by the producer and the medic said he needed someone to stay with him, he claims he felt lightheaded all night. Carly finds herself attracted to him when he takes advantage of his situation by hitting on her. She feels that he faked his illness so she would stay with him overnight. The medic tells her he needs to go to the hospital with a swollen ankle and he uses the opportunity to get time with Carly . By him being relaxed and normal she starts to like him. On the upside Sarah baked Daniel a half birthday cupcake they are so sweet together and then one of the twins made a move on him to get a rose, my worry is that she will give a rose to Ashley cause of the virgin factor.

Jenn & Nick~The last arrival Jenn is another Ben reject and tried to get the scoop from the twins which she got confused by. Daniel is turning out to be the player and Sarah should be careful. She connects with Nick. They enjoy a beach to themselves after a boat ride but its wreaked by lots of tiny crabs. Kinda weird see them making out on the beach surrounded by crabs crawling all over the beach. 

Rose Ceremony~ Grant & Lace, Josh & Amanda, Nick & Jenn, Vinny & Izzy, Evan & Carly, Jared & Caila, Daniel & Hayley/Emily

Going home are Ashley & Sarah.

Bachelor Paradise- Rivals in Love

Posted: August 18, 2016 in BIP

This week its the women’s turn to give roses so bring on the new men. This brings up a rivalry from Andi’s season of bachelorette between Josh and Nick. I’m not taking sides right now, I do feel that Nick is reformed. This season they only show brief glimpses of the dates vs showing the whole dates like in previous seasons. I understand they want to show the drama back in paradise but the dates are part of the romance of the show. 

Current Couples Vinny & Izzy, Evan & Carly, Nick & Amanda, Jared & Emily/Haley, Daniel & Sarah

New Singles: Josh, Christian, Brandon


Josh & Amanda – They go on a sailboat ride and walk about the book Andi wrote about him and enjoyed their time together. My opinion about him is unsure right now I saw him on Famously Single and liked him but not sure if he’s on this show for the right reasons. When they get back to paradise he makes a show of kissing Amanda and I think its partly for show to make Nick jealous. It seems to be constant make-outs, enough already take time to talk and socialize with others.

Evan & Carly~ She was avoiding him and he was thrilled to be with her. It’s such an awkward situation, maybe a shave would help him look better or if he acted manly. They end up on some sort of game show hosted by the host of the show. Another lame Guinness record, eating habanero peppers then kissing each other. He’s jumping for joy and she is ready to bolt. They both have bad reactions to the peppers, the good news is they broke the record.

After the date they both have opposite views of each other and the date, she is forced to break up with him which leaves him heartbroken even trying desperate move to go after after Amanda and set up a tree house date, he claims he came there for her and trying to get a chance with her and she turns him down wanting to be with Josh. Instead of taking the rejection he thinks he has a chance with her, poor delusional Evan. He tells her about the book and doubts about Josh to her which makes Josh mad because Grant told Josh what happened. Nick also talks to Amanda about the book and claims to be her friend.

There’s no romantic connection between Jared and Emily just a crush, she’s ready to pounce on him and he’s not making any moves on her. She seems to know guys well: give compliments, lay on your side so you get a kiss or hug. Poor girl is sprawled over him and he’s still not doing anything. Just when she’s about to give up he kisses, Congrats Jared on being a man.

Christian & Sarah ~ They have an adventure date of rock climbing and zip lining, there’s a connection there between them. I hope that Christian doesn’t offend the woman he’s with like  did with the bachelorette. There was plenty of kissing. Before the Rose Ceremony he talks to her trying to secure her rose but he’s interrupted by Daniel who finally kissed her. 

Daniel made up his own date with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne with glasses. They both just want to be respected and he feels appreciated which brings him to open up to her. He told her when she went on the other date he realized he had the best girl there. I’m liking the sweet side of Daniel. She confessed that she thought about him during her date.

Another guy from Desiree’s season Brandon shows up and he has a connection to Carly’s brother Zak who was also on that season. To Carly’s shock he asks Haley on the date.

Brandon & Haley~ They gets to the restaurant and she has a switch planned with her sister to test him. He tells her he’s more interested in her than her twin. The sisters switch clothes and Emily goes back to dinner with him, and unfortunately he is clueless about the switch which disappointed Haley.

Rose Ceremony~ Lace & Grant, Izzy & Vinny, Emily & Jared, Amanda & Josh, Sarah & Daniel, Carly & Evan, Hayley & Nick. 

It’s summer time and that means sending bachelor and bachelorette hopefuls to find love on an island. This season promises to have lots of tears, kisses and angry outbursts. If your new to the show, how it works it each week the singles couple off and a new group of either men or girls show up which shift the power for the week for roses. Those without a rose go home.  

Also for me until there’s a rose ceremony it’s still the same week i don’t care if its in two different episodes. To start things off here’s this seasons cheesy 80s theme opener .

 The Singles Week 1: Emily & Haley, Nick, Jubilee, Evan, Chad, Lace, Daniel, Amanda, Vinny, Carly, Grant, Daniel, Sarah, Izzy, Jared, Leah

Lace & Chad are too much alike and there was attraction yet clashing as they both want to have dominance of the relationship. They both were crazy on their seasons. They were funny to watch, it lasted only two hours.  So proud of Sarah for standing up to him and he turned off all the women in one argument. Even Daniel was fed up with him tired of him being wasted and stupid.  

Jubilee & Jared They go to dinner surrounded by pinatas and discover there both inner nerds. She was freaked out by a clown as they have fun with the pinatas.

 Other connections were Vinny & Izzy, Lace & Grant. Sarah made a play for Vinny appealing to his inner romantic but he was also kissing Izzy. Another funny moment was the Evan Carly kiss he thought it was incredible and she claimed it was terrible.

Leah & Nick The pair go to a food festival with her dressed as a hooker, guess she left her stylist at home. The date ends at the beach with a kiss.

Nick & Amanda dinner and great conversation were on this date, these two have a great connection. They sit together by a fire curled up together and share a kiss. He had a better date with her.

 Rose Ceremony

Grant & Lace, Nick & Amanda, Evan & Carly, Jared & Emily, Haley, Vinny & Izzy, Daniel & Sarah..

Girls that went home- Jubilee and Leah


Its country summer festival a stripped down version of the award show, a bit concert for the fans. Kelsea Ballerini is on tour with Rascall Flatts and Carrie Underwood plans to host the 50th CMA Awards with Brad Paisley. The Duets really stood out this year. Special appearance by the property brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott. The one exception was Keith Urban who always give an exceptional performance, love his songs.

Performances by : Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Rascall Flatts, Maren Morris, Cole Swindell, Dierks Bently, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Brett Eldridge, Little Big Town, Chris Stapleton, Steven Tyler & Martina McBride, Thomas Rhett, Chris Young & Cassadee Pope, Florida Georgia Line, Hank Williams Jr. Chris Jansen & Justin Moore. Miranda Lambert

Standout Performances:

Dierks Bentley & Elle King

Lady Antebellum & CAM

Keith Urban

Joelle made her choice between Jordan and Robby and I’m excited because my pick was selected now to hope it lasts. We continued in Thailand for the final week of love. Both men met  her family, parents and her brothers.  Her family gave their opinion of both guys and they all approved of Robby.


Jordan She met up with her family and confessed she was in love with both men. He brought the mom flowers and told them about the connection they have.  First he talked with her mother, he told her that Joelle is his best friend and promised never to break her heart. Jordan made a mistake in not asking her father’s permission to propose to her, but I understand how he felt unsure about where he stood with her. They enjoyed their final date on a boat, the two did got into a discussion about him not being serious and why he didn’t ask her parents blessing.  He said the right things but she still had doubts about him.  He called her parents to ask their blessing to propose to her. Jordan then sent her a note telling her that he righted his wrong.

Robby Robby also brought flowers for the mom, I think they both got a memo about that. Mom leads off with a big question of what attracts him to her daughter and he gave a great answer. He shared the story of telling her he loves her. Mom talked to him and he informed her that Joelle would be the biggest priority of his life. Robby asked both parents for their blessing in the proposal. Both parents approve and it looks like the parents are on his side. Their last date was an outdoor  date taking a trail to the beach  then they enjoyed time in his suite , he gave her photos of them together which is a very sweet gift. He picked out a ring and wrote her a note to express his feelings for her and she got to read it before seeing him.

Rose Ceremony She said goodbye to Robby breaking his heart and accepted the proposal of Jordan. She said yes to be with him forever and she loves him too.