Teams stayed in Japan traveling to Nagano that hosted the 98 winter Olympics.  I like them showing the teams overnight more behind the scenes as they share a couch for the night.

.Here are the teams again with my hashtags, after this week please refer back to the first post for the key code of teams.  Because I am a travel blogger also instead of posting a photo from the episode im sharing a travel video on the location they traveled to enjoy.

established couples :

Aly & Steve winter Olympians #OlympicLovers Libby & CJ dating 10 years - #noncommitals Mike & Rochelle -  met  at truck stop #CountryTough, Matt & Ashley hairstylist from NY – #YankeeStyle Jonathan & Harley NewKid and his boyfriend #NKBT

New Couples

Tyler & Laura both from California these two already seem perfect together #goldencouple Blair & Hayley these two are cute together he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse reference to Gilligan island #ProfMaryann Bergan & Kurt gay guys who are way into their looks #gaykens Jelani & Jenny a pair of lawyers both ethnic #LegalEagles Jeff & Jackie these two work well together it felt like they were on actual date #BeautyBrawn

The teams go on a bullet train to the next destination, the only team to recognize the place were the olympiclovers. Most of the teams pronounced it wrong but a few teams got it right. YankeeStyle had good observation that their aggression held them back which is true. The teams were on four different trains. NonCommitals missed their train because they took a video of themselves, please focus on the race not yourselves.


teams figure out how to open a intricate box and then must pronounce the words given on the slip of paper to the guard. In one of the clues is a date  night card which is a relaxing getaway to be enjoyed during the pit stop. This task takes smarts to figure out. Out of the first top couples all the men did the task: Tyler, Jeff and Jelani. Jeff was clueless while and it took him much longer to finish it.  Tyler was the first to finish and got speak part right on second try. All the teams encouraged each other well all except the gaykens who were silent.  The winners of the Date Night were NKBT.


Hitting Ice~Teams push each other on the speed skating for a lap each in three minutes and 50 seconds using hockey skates. Olympiclovers had the advantage she’s a speed skater and he is a bobsledder. They got it done on the first try. BeautyBrawn were so cute like they were on a date but she slide quite a bit on the ice and they had to do three times. CountryStrong really struggled with this being out of shape and there was a possible energy when she was thrown into the wall hurting her wrist. YankeeStyle got it on second try and ProfMaryann did awful at this task.

Noodling ~ Teams have to feed each other noodles using the provided chopsticks and they get a fan on their table. GoldenCouple was so cute as he slurped the noodles and were the first one headed to the pitstop but their cab left. LegalEagles were right behind them and had a cab and got first place again. NKBT and gaykens  one team got it good and the other team had their issues. CountryStrong switched sides, and did much better at this one.


1 Jalani & Jenny ~ Fitbit Wellness Kit, Cooking Classes year, Gym membership and groceries.

2 Tyler & Laura

3 Aly & Steve

4 Jon & Harley

5 Bergan & Kurt

6 Jeff & Jackie

7 Matt & Ashley

8 Mike & Rochelle

9 Blair & Hayley

10 Libby & CJ

my favorite show Amazing race aired this Wednesday after Survivor, which I think was a smart move for CBS putting their two best shows right by each other which maximizes audience viewing. I am glad that it’s staying on Friday nights.  This season there is a twist which according to Phil was suggested years ago as a social experiment of putting six established couples against five newly created couples who meet on the show. Surprisingly the newly formed couples did much better than the established ones, several in the top five spots. I guess it’s not always better to know someone really well.

This time around I am giving the couples my own hashtags to be creative and unique. Throughout the season I may slip in and out of calling them by these titles instead of by name if you ever get lost just refer  back to this first post for the keycode. These titles are not meant to be derogatory or risqué just fun. Each team was given a selfie cam which is a nice feature, also on this first leg was a double-blind U-turn. Each Team is wearing FitBit bands to wear throughout the race.

The established couples :

Aly & Steve winter Olympians #OlympicLovers

Libby & CJ dating 10 years - #noncommitals

Mike & Rochelle -  met  at truck stop #CountryTough,

Jeff & Lyda work in aviation #FlyingAces

Matt & Ashley hairstylist from NY – #YankeeStyle

Jonathan & Harley NewKid and his boyfriend #NKBT

New Couples

Tyler & Laura both from California these two already seem perfect together #goldencouple

Blair & Hayley these two are cute together he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse reference to Gilligan island #ProfMaryann

Bergan & Kurt gay guys who are way into their looks #gaykens

Jelani & Jenny a pair of lawyers both ethnic #LegalEagles

Jeff & Jackie these two work well together and it felt like they were on actual date #BeautyBrawn

The first challenge was a mud race obstacle course which includes several mud pits, climbing up muddy walls and ending in an ice pit. The prize at the end was tickets on the first and second flight to TOKYO.

First Flight: LegalEagles, GayKens, BeautyBrawn,  NKBT, FlyingAces, olympiclovers, YankeeStyle

Second Flight: CountryTough, ProfMaryAnn, GoldenCouple, and NonCommitals

Once in Tokyo there was a mix of ways of transportation the teams that had the lead took Taxis while the rest of the teams were divided between the Skyliner Train and the Narita Express Train. The first clue was at a Temple Shrine.


Syncing Steps~The majority of teams did this one  which required teams to do the really slow dance movements of the pop group World Order. The first team out was Matt & Ashley who got it right on their 25th try. The men were the ones who messed up because they lost their balance. Many teams were there up to 2-3 hours and Jeff & Lyda were the last team leaving there after being there plus three hours.

Sake~ In this side of the detour teams had to learn about 12 bottles of Sake a wine over there  and then one team member went out to take the order from a table while the other had to match up the correct bottle. This was an easy task and only 3 teams did it. Jackie & Jeff, Harley & Jon and Jeff & Lyda who had to do it after being u-turned.

Blind U-turn

surprisingly most teams passed up the U-turn probably cause its so early in the race, when it gets down to six teams they will be acting not being so nice. Mike & Rochelle u-turned Jeff & Lyda cause they were desperate to stay in the game and another team u-turned Jeff & Jackie who already checked in by then.


1 Jelani & Jenny ~ Express Pass

2 Jeff & Jackie

3 Tyler & Laura

4 Aly & Steve

5 Harley & Jon

6 Kurt & Bergan

7 Mike & Rochelle

8 Blair & Hayley

9 Matt & Ashley

10 Libby & CJ

11 Jeff & Lyda

Bachelor: Paradise Love

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The fantasy suites have arrived, Chris takes his three women to Bali. He has made it this far in the journey with Kaitlyn, IMG_20150226_155854_hdr_kindlephoto-2219165Whitney and Becca. Two will continue with him and one will go home. Next week is the women tell all. While his hotel suite is beautiful I would be scared to go outside since his balcony has no railings and he was on one of the higher floors, but it had an amazing view.( yes the dates are out of order but I wanted to match the text to the photo.)

Whitney~ They enjoy a picnic on a boat, they are such an adorable couple together. Neither of them notice the beautiful view of the water because all they can do is kiss and make out. After a day out in the sun they enjoy dinner, she looks amazing in yellow with a stunning dress. Either its really hot there or Chris is nervous cause while she has a glow to her he’s sitting there almost ready to drip sweat, anyone else notice that? They had a discussion about her relocation and she had an awesome response ” my mom told me that even when you have all those thing you have to have something to fall back on, I’ve aways wanted to be a wife and mother”  The suite is beautiful with a nice tub and matching robes along with a great room.

Kaitlyn ~ The two of them go to a temple where they can not kiss each other. This reminds me of the temple in Eat Pray Love probably cause Bali was one of her destinations. They carry baskets on their heads then did a ritual with flowers but that was really quick and then they explored the area. The people were welcoming one man even gave him a hug. The highlight for me was the monkeys that came up to hm and then they were surrounded by them. Chris and the monkey were one. Her expressions were priceless but enough about the animals its time to kiss and cuddle. At dinner she doesn’t want her guard up and explains why then she accepts the fantasy suite. Their suite had a rose petal filled bathtub and was not impressed by the bedroom decor. She told him she loved him.

Becca~ She meets up with him in the jungle and a village playing with the kids. They then went to a temple and those guys seemed a bit staged but it could be real, I think the show is playing up her virginity to its full advantage. She accepts the fantasy suite and even goes in and doesn’t tell him her news that’s a misleading, he’s saying a level of intimacy which he’s not going to be able to do with her. In the suite she shares that she’s falling in love with her and then tells her secret and he has a shocked look on his face the smile hides it well and accepts her and it sounds like she is going to give up her vow of celibacy just cause she fell in love.

He has a sit down conversation with the host Chris Harrison about how his week is going and the choices he has to make. He admitted to falling in love with Whitney and is unsure about Becca and Kaitlyn. At the ceremony he pulled Becca aside to talk and she expresses her feelings for him and tells her commitment to him. The other girls think he’s saying  goodbye to her. He breaks up with a heartbroken Kaitlyn and the darn rooster is insensitive to interrupt them but its taped tv can’t predict that stuff.

Rose Ceremony: 1 of 2 my picks Whitney and Becca. Kaitlyn was sent home.

It’s finally getting serious for the bachelor and his women as he travels across the country to meet the families of these women that he cares for.

The remaining four (1 of 4 are my picks ) Becca, Whitney, Jade, Kaitlyn


BECCA Shreveport They met in a park and she confessed to the camera that she can’t get him off her mind. They see an alligator as they take canoe ride along the river which seems romantic. He meets her parents, older sister and her brother-in-law. It was a big family to meet, the sister then blurts out Becca’s never brought a guy home. To ease the tension the sister then steals him away for some private time. Ok this sister is trying to sabotage her sister’s chances or something claiming she’s not an affectionate type person.The mom then tells him she’s never been in a personal relationship which is sending out red flags and the sisters ask does he know that you’re a virgin? This is something he should know. I like how the mom is protective I just worried that all this talk is going to send him away. He surprises her by taking her on a Ferris wheel which is such a sweet surprise and a first for a bachelor who usually leaves them at their home.

Whitney Chicago She gives him a tour of her life which I think is an awesome idea, and starts out with a  pick up line ” let’s go make a baby” she’s a fertility nurse and gives him scrubs and she is in scrubs too. They both find each other good attractive in scrubs. Together they make a baby on-screen with egg and sperm. He appreciate hearing about her career. They put him on the spot by trying to get his specimen that’s weird fortunately he didn’t have to got through with it. At dinner with her family he tells her he wants her family blessing awe! He will be meeting her sister , brother-in-law, uncle and grandmother. The uncle makes a nice toast and then talks to Chris, he calls her an amazing woman. Whitney talks over with her sister about her feelings for the bachelor all during this talk she looks skeptical and not wanting to lose her sister emphasizing how small a place he lives. Whitney tells her that she wants there to be a proposal and then puts her on the spot and the two get in a debate about her approval. The sister tells Chris she’s been pre warned about the talk with him about having a blessing and I get that she’s being protective but give your blessing and help your sister out she’s in love with this man.

After al the family drama she tells him the sweetest story that she went to Napa valley and bought a pricy bottle of wine to share with the man she wanted to marry then shares that he is that man and that she has deep feelings for him. It was a wonderful touching moment.

. Kaitlyn Phoeniex Her family lives in this town during the summer and is from Canada the rest of the year. She brings him to a recording studio to write and record a rap song. She finds his lyrics to be cute. She does way better than him and he is lousy at it. I don’t see her fitting into life on the farm she’s got too much spirit and life to her.  He meets Mom, Dad, Step mom and Step dad. They eat outside by the fire and welcome him to their home. He got along well with her family. Her mom talked to her privately she can see a future with him, I like her mother who is not over protective but is loving.

After dinner she takes him to give him a surprise which is a bill board that says Kaitlyn hearts Chris. ( if you saw andies season you might remember that Chris did a similar surprise for Andie with a  sky banner). I’m shocked they did not show him talk to anyone in her family privately.

Jade Nebraska She shows him her hometown and he feels at home. He meets her dad, his fiancé, her brothers and mom. He surprises her with a letter jacket. Talking to her dad he states he’s impressed with her hometown values and that he’s falling in love with her at which time he is told her exes couldn’t handle her but he would give his blessing. The brothers bring up her career as a model and they have a tough time telling her secret. Her dad tells her to share the secret, he’s a supportive dad.

She then comes clean about her playboy past at his hotel. Putting him on the spot she offer to show him the nude photos which shock him. I feel awful for him being blind sided like that and a video of her stripping.

Rose ceremony  1 of 3 girls : Whitney, Kaitlyn and Becca. Jade sent home


In the special episode we hear from cast off Kelsey, past bachelorette Andie and hear from the bachelor himself. The most controversial woman in the house with Kelsey the other women that believed that she faked the panic attack. She claims that she felt flooded by emotion and lost all control of her motor skills and that was the source of her bizarre behavior. On the 201 date with Ashley, chris confronted her and  identified Ashley talking bad about her and felt betrayed. I don’t think she showed much respect to the other women.

The interview with Andie was heartbreaking, as she told about her break up with Josh .A few days after the live premiere show that you ended their engagement, she knew he was the one and then she made the right choice. They start to question the relationship when they realized other couple that had met after them already had wedding date and they did not. It was a mutual decision, I feel that Chris is an amazing  host as he makes friendships with all the bachelors and bachelorette he’s their friend. My heart goes out to her  for having found love and lost it.

The current bachelor Chris Soules did his interview and went over lots of things from the season . He was close to sending Tara home on the first night and he also regretted giving Jordan a second chance the love. The Love Guru made him uncomfortable. Britt had his attention for the moment she got out of the limo, he realize going away with Brett was a mistake because when they returned there was tears pain and hurt the host call him the most of your bachelor sincere bachelor. He was surprised by what Ashley said about Kelsey he thought he should be honest to go to her that showed he knew little about women he didn’t see a future with either woman.

IMG_20150218_133109_hdrThis series is raised nearly $15 million off not finished yet. Season finalists are Geraldo Rivera And Leeza Gibbons, one of them will win $250,000 for their charity. It’s a tough matchup they are both equally talented, Geraldo is good fundraiser and she’s creative.

Team Geraldo Geraldo is full of his own ego the other celebs think he’s a pain yet Lorenzo conceded he’s endearing. He let the others do editing while he finds a performer he chooses Tony Orlando who is connected to his charity. Ian criticized that it wasn’t the family centric but Geraldo centric Geraldo has all the facts people show up to give money Ian raise 30,000. Team is first-out percent the commercial and the executives look happy the performer comes out and gives the story related to the charity about how Geraldo didn’t expose about institutions for mental people and how life’s work is an alternative to them.

Team Leeza

Their concept is a rigid overscheduled dad learns how to have fun and be spontaneous on his family vacation. Thanks to Kevin’s great directing skills she is able to get to editing early because they have extra time. She does the editing herself because she I from the entertainment field. The presentation goes really well the commercial is great and she is able to tell her mother’s story of Alzheimer’s and thanks Mr Trump for giving her this platform or her charity. The Olivia Newton John performance is wonderful.

I loved the tribute to former Celeb Apprentice Winner Joan Rivers here it is in case you missed it:


The executives loved how Geraldo used celebrity in the commercial and featured all that the park had to offer but hated how they separated the parents and children,  thus downplaying the family friendly. They also thought his presentation was disjointed, He raised 146,000 for a total of 725 thousand for the season. Leeza’s commercial showcased the family and the voiceover was loved by the executives. They liked how she tied her charity into her presentation, she raised 324,000 for a total of 464 thousand for the seasons. Leeza was named this seasons apprentice.

Bachelor Visits Iowa

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The night started out with a rose ceremony , and yes I know the final date this week was on Monday but to make sense I am including it on this post to put it all together in  one place. He started talking to Megan and realize that things weren’t going right between them and he sent her home. I liked Megan but it’s his choice. The journey has finally become real for him as he experienced his first heartache as he cried when she left. He then cancels the rose ceremony leaving the six to visit his home state of Iowa.

The remaining six are ( 2 of 6 are my picks ) Jade, Carly, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Britt and Becca

Solo Date Jade Joins him in his hometown of Arlington which is very small and almost a forgotten town. I mean my hometown is small but we still are thriving. But I also get his loyalty to his home I don’t think id want to leave my home area since I grew up here. He shows her his amazing house and then introduces her to the cows, after riding a motorcycle and seeing town they get to where the action is, The football game. She is the lucky girl who gets to meet his parents first and tour his school. Jade has a secret to hide and he might not like it.

 Solo Date 2 Whitney I loved this date it was so perfect, the two of them went around Des Moines with a camera and took pictures of their love story. They are so cute and in love I hope she’s the woman he picks to love forever. After a day out in town she meets his friends at a restaurant, they ask her some hard questions which she answers really well and impresses Chris. After that meeting he surprises her with the wall mural that was made from one of their photos. That is such an awesome thing. While the dates are happening the remaining four  women decide to go see Arlington for themselves. loved Carly’s comment about her grandparents and church. the women notice that Britt hates the town but fakes liking it.

Group Date Kaitlyn, Carly, Britt They head to the ice rink where they place hockey, Britt  fakes liking his hometown and Carly rats out Britt as being a fake being protective of him. Hopefully this goes better than Kelsey and Ashley situation. After hockey they had to local restaurant the first solo time with the bachelor ,he confronted her about what was said and she claims that she finds a life a life in the country attractive and the big fool that he is believes her. Lasted Kaitlyn who is having a hard time dealing with feelings and frustration and lack of connection not meeting anyone important to him . He reassured her by giving her a rose, guaranteeing her date for the hometown week. Britt is not happy when she came in with the rose and react negatively Carly is happy she showed her true.

 Solo Date Becca has a date in his apartment they sit and talk and then go up to the rush to watch a sunrise . These two seem natural together and I’m assuming she will get a rose.

During the last date break get through the two pack her bags and go she can’t stand the pressure and doesn’t want to get rejected Kaitlyn has the same theory. At the rose ceremony great deal the better way to talk to the bachelor they have a confrontation any he sends  home she makes a big show crying inside that he can hear and so can everyone else.

Rose ceremony one of four girls my picks Kaitlyn Becca Whitney jade. Carly was sent  home.