This week was the top 8 and I was shocked with who was saved and the two dancers that were sent home, one of which was in my opinion street’s most valuable dancer. Hailee an Megs were saved this week so now the women outnumber the men and there’s a higher odds for a female champion.

Team Street Neptune, Megs, JaJa,  Virgil

 Team Stage Hailee, Jim, Gaby, Derek

Eliminated Neptune & Derek

Best Performances

NEPTUNE & KAYLA~ There is not a genre of dance that this guy has not mastered. He did contemporary flawlessly

JIM & COMFORT~ he finally looks decent with hip hop sure he’s not perfect but It was entertaining.

Bachelor in Paradise Drama Overload

The most recent rose ceremony sent Claire, Megan and Juelia home. JJ surprised everyone giving his rose to Ashley S then going home and Dan gave his to Amber. Juelia got to stay when they brought back Mikey for her. When new arrival nick arrived it became known that he too had been duped by Samantha who had contacted him before the show, the girl was playing her options and the game.

I almost felt sorry for Joe who got dumped on his birthday but he still is at blame for all that he did prior to Samantha’s arrival. Shortly after the rose ceremony Jared broke up with Ashley, a good choice for him but has her a bumbling mess. Nick went on a date with Ashley S ( they both got drunk on tequila) and Tanner & Jade got a overnight date.

Current Couples: Kirk & Carly, Tenley & Joshua, Jade & Tanner, Mikey & Juelia, Amber & Dan, Jared & Ashley I, Samantha & Joe, Ashley S. & Nick

New Arrivals : Nick & Justin.

Mikey & Juelia~ The two fly to their date getting close on the plane ride, all the romantic options go out the window when they end up at a fight match. They managed to make it romantic kissing then got in the ring by themselves playing around. They are given the option of staying in the fantasy suite overnight and they stayed in the suite together. It was a well decorated suite

The guys call the drama with Joe an Samantha ” TextGate” very catchy. He threaten to expose her an she keeps denying any part of what happened. Kirk took Carly fishing on the island which was romantic a date they both enjoyed. Ashley I and Joe strike up a friendship and her advice backfired and Samantha ignored him.

Justin & Samantha~ Joe tells  him not to go out with Samantha and he does the opposite focusing on her and not his friend.

To be continued again …


We have reached the top ten, last week four of the female dancers went home. Dancers were paired up with All Stars and JJ couldn’t dance due to an injury. As you can see what started out as a season that had good female dancers its turned equality with two male and two female dancers on each team. The biggest news was that the winner will be a dancer in Jennifer Lopez new show in Vegas.

Team Street Neptune, Megs, JJ, JaJa,  Virgil

 Team Stage Hailee, Jim, Gaby, Derek, Edson

Eliminated JJ and Edson

Best Performances

VIRGIL & COMFORT ~ He really held his own and showed he could dance as well as the all star, they were in unison.

JAJA & ALEX~ She came alive on stage and mastered the Bollywood style.

JIM & JESSICA~ Jim finally found a style that works for him he made the routine  beautiful.

Bachelor in Paradise

When we left paradise Claire was deciding to stay or go, I think she should give Michael a rose and stay another week. The other women think its a stunt, and the men think its stupid. She decides to stay. Michael, Mikey and Jonathan were sent home.  This week new women are arriving and its the men turn.

Current pairings : Tanner & Jade, Carly & Kirk, Ashley S & Dan, Tenley & Joshua. Ashley I & Jared, Claire & JJ, Juelia & Joe.


Samantha & Joe~ She asks Joe on a date and he accepts cause she’s his dream girl and this leaves Juelia hurt and confused. He lied to the guys he had talked to Samantha before coming on the show. The editor of People magazine is doing a photo shoot which will appear online and in the magazine. They do sexy poses and the two of them deserve each other both only out for themselves, there’s chemistry. The guys tell him to make things right with Juelia and so he talks to her, she talks while he avoids her. In my opinion there was way to much attention put on the Joe drama .

Megan @ JJ they went on a boat ride and dove in the water then shared a jet ski . He feels a connection with her they make a cute couple

Carly & Kirk The pair enjoyed dinner together an then decided to spend the night together at nearby hotel. Those two go well together. the highlight was her calling her brother in Ireland who just got married.

Amber @ Dan she asks Dan on date and he talks to her first and tells her he wants to talk it over with Ashley s. He tries to talk to her and she puts up a fight at least he didn’t diss her like Joe . Ambers had crush on him they explored the town kissing as fireworks go off . They enjoy a candlelight dinner in a beautiful place .

Rose Ceremony Couples

To be continued before the rose ceremony

Bachelor Paradise: Hookups and Betrayals

The drama continued with Ashley and her sister who happens to be a cry baby and some guy’s mistress back home. Mikey and Ashley I and JJ are all obsessed with their match and their match is not into them but want to explore their options JJ was annoying with his over confidence the guy is not funny. Lauren goes home after being rejected.  This week it was the men’s turn to pick the dates while the women got to give out roses.

Current pairings : Tanner & Jade, Carly & Kirk, Ashley S & Dan, Mikey & Clare, Juelia & Jonathan, Ashley I & Jared and JJ & Tenley


Joshua & Tenley~  Ashley goes after him to date her sister Lauren. He talks with Tenley and invites her on the date, she accepts. The two of them go out and drink while they talk, he actually is interesting. Note to JJ, Joshua looks like he has game for a good date and while JJ’s sleeping Joshua is sneaking kisses from her. Joshua turns out to be weird talking about drugs and partying, telling about his wild nights and it makes everyone question his motives not the best impression to make so Mikey  and Dan dothe right think and tel;s her what they heard to protect her. I want her to be happy and I hope she finds someone. When confronted he denies it claims it was a one time deal I don’t believe him.

Joe & Juelia~ The guys give him the scoop on whose with who while the women talk which seems to backfire cause he’s totally silent awkward instead of funny, he proceed to insult Clare who talk to her raccoon friend. Juelia gets asked to go horse back riding. They ride horses though the woods then talk by a waterfall, she tells about her daughter. Then ends with  swimming and kissing in the water. She is totally adoring him but he is secretly only using her for a rose sharing his secret with the producer and he wants Samantha while she is oblivious. Mikey talks with Juelia in hopes of getting her rose then he tries to get a kiss and she defends her loyalty to scumbag Joe. She gets told by Jonathan and Mikey that Joe is no good.

Jared & Clare~ He picks Clare which causes problems with Ashley I and Mikey. Mikey has a talk with Jared  who defended a disillusioned man. MIkey gets mad at Clare who he feels he got lied to she’s there to explore and she ends things because of his anger. Mikey gets over things easier than Ashley I who obsesses, I am getting so sick of her drama. The two of them go bungee jumping together into the water, Jared is  quite the gentleman calming her fears with a kiss. They also went on a boat ride. Clare realize that he is not ready for a committed relationship with an older woman. He then goes back to Ashley.

Michael & Tenley ~ the guys are threatened by the educated cooperate lawyer. He talked to Tenley and told her he wants a date with her an she accepts. I think he is a far better match for her then either JJ or Joshua. They had dinner in a beautiful location and he loves her positive attitude. They are serenaded with music a full mariachi band playing just for them as they dance.

Rose Ceremony Couples

Carly & Kirk

Ashley S & Dan

Jade & Tanner

Tenley & Joshua

to be continued : Will Clare stay or go? Will Juelia finally realized she was played by Joe?


The opening number was much better this week with a well choreographed punk rock number that I really liked, it showed off the dancers as a group. Stage has the lead by 50.5 % Street 49.5 %. Derek injured himself doing the tango and will be in danger next week also.

Team Street Neptune, Megs, JJ, JaJa,  Asaf,Virgil, Ariana, Yorelis

 Team Stage Marissa, Alexia, Hailee, Jim, Gaby, Derek, Kate, Edson

Eliminated Marissa & Asaf

Neptune & Alexia hiphop~ they both did awesome job loved the intricate moves and the style of the dance

Jazz  by Hailey & JaJa , Tango by JJ & Leonardo (choreographer) ,Contemporary by Ariana & Jim Broadway by Virgil & Gaby. Jazz, Asaf & Kate, Hip hop by Yorelis & Marissa

Contemporary by Edson & Megs ~ the routine showed emotion and I just wish megs were more girly. Edson was a good partner.

Bachelor in Paradise : Tears, Kisses and a Fake Wedding

Its another season for those that did not find love on bachelor and bachelorette to find love again, this two night event was quite the dramafest filled with lots of tears by Ashley I, couples created and even a fake wedding from the shows season one success story. Love the 80s opening it’s captivating and is cheesy enough to fit into the bachelor theme.

This week it was the women’s turn for dates but the men were in control of the roses, some girls like Jillian and Tenley were left scrambling for a match while others like Jade and Carly instantly found matches. Then there was the Ashley I drama, I feel they bought her on for more drama which I for one am sick of ( enough about her virginity she  gives real virgins a bad reputation) and it was kinda pathetic to bring along her sister. shes better off with Mike not sweet Jared who deserves better.

The show had my interest by having super couple Lacy and Marcus get married on the show, his vows were so endearing and then come to find out its a fake just to get ratings, that is low even for bachelor. The after show was interesting yet a bit cheesy, it had the interactive polls which I liked yet they did not hit on the important topics of what happened in a full discussion it just touched the surface. MTV did a far better after show following their challenge shows.

here’s this week’s pairings those that are in bold are my faves for the week


Jade & Tanner 

Carly & Kirk

Mikey & Clare

Juelia & Jonathan

Ashley I & Jared

Ashley S & Dan

JJ & Tenley

Eliminated Jillian

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