Season 20 of the show is finally here with a cast of unknowns and only a handful of celebs that I actually recognize, but probably by the time you get this far in the show you’ve had all the good celebrities already. I really would like them to have more soap stars on the show but that’s just me. This years cast includes athletes, musicians and even the most recent bachelor.  I loved how in the opening they had all the moments from the past seasons  very cool. This year there is a golden mirror ball. This week I review all the teams and after this it will be Best Routines, Worst Routines, Most Improved.

 Pairings : Whitney & Chris Soules, Derek & Nastia Lukin,  Artem & Patti Labelle, Emma & Redfoo, Sharna & Noah Galloway, Tony & Suzanne Somers ,  Mark & Willow Shields,  Allison & Riker Lynch , Val & Rumor Willis,  Peta & Michael Sam,  Kym & Robert Herjavec ,  Keo & Charlotte McKinney

Scores     Rumor 32, Riker 31   Nastia 30, Robert 28,Chris 26 , Michael 26, Noah 26 Willow 25  Suzanne  25  Patti 25 Charlotte 22 Redfoo 22

Willow & Mark, Cha Cha  ~ She’s an actress from hunger games at age 14 shes the youngest dancer and no relation to Brooke Shields. She was able to keep up with him and seemed quite mature for her age , she did need more hip action and it wasn’t as polished as it could be but she did a nice job.

Robert & Kym, Cha Cha This Ceo of software company  is best known for shark tank . Loved the song and costume, He did the signature dance move and he was a great partner for her a bit stiff but he coud love a lot better than other older ones on the show.

Riker & Allison, Jive~ I’m not feeling hair or image he’s projecting and while I did think he could dance I felt no connection between him and his partner it was as if he was just doing the moves given to him. The judges were blinded by him and loved him.

Charlotte & Keo, Jive ~ Model and had one commercial during Superbowl. I was not impressed with her, he did mot of the work while she was just a pretty face who did some basic steps.

Patty & Artem, Fox Trot~ This legendary singer is also a songwriter. She was graceful but slow but its hard at her age to keep up with the younger dancer.

Chris & Witney,jive  ~ He is the most recent bachelor who is engaged to a Whitney. He really did amazing and kept right up with his partner adding his own charisma to the moves.

Michael & Peta,cha cha  ~ a gay guy who plays football. he nailed his routine and had dance moves, while Len called his footwork sloppy.

Nastia & Derek, foxtrot ~ a former Olympic gymnast.  Great effects of being in black and white to color and loved her costume so beautiful. Derek got himself another great partner this season. She was amazing dancing with him. The judges got him in trouble for doing a lift.

Redfoo & Emma ~ musician and the worst guest judge on the show who does not know anything about dance.  This guy was awful and he could not dance and he danced to his own song .

Noah & Sharna ~ a military hero and handicapped by losing an arm and leg. He did good for his limitations which was her moving around while he moved I don’t see him staying long.

Suzanne & Tony, cha cha~ tv legendary actress in her 60s. She did a nice routine with him not outstanding but she wasn’t stumbling all over the place either.

Rumor & Val,foxtrot ~ singer and actress with famous parents, they know each other through mutual friends. Her costume was so beautiful and she was graceful with good form . I think Val got himself a winner this season.

Yes I know that the bachelor finale was two weeks ago my dish went out so I was unable to watch it but Chris picked Whitney in the end after Becca showed to be way to uncertain to have a future with. Whitney wowed his parents and family. I wish them all the happiness in the world and I hope they last. Here’s a few cute clips of the two being interviewed.

Their Worst Date TV Guide

Beating the Breakup Curse Entertainment Tonight

Chris’s DWTS Promo

The teams ad the option of separate rooms and BeautyBrawn shared a room. They headed next to Thailand. Gaykens proved to be just friends and dumb about locations while NKBT got a recharge with the date they won. Teams can be found here in the first post so your not confused on nicknames by but now hopefully you can guess who  they are

The flights to Thailand did not have room for the two gay teams while the majority were on the first flight out, two blind date teams were on the second flight while NKBT struggle to find a flight and were on the fourth flight out arriving in  morning.

Once there they get to Patoga Beach where they find out they have till morning free time so most of the team decide to party. All the teams stay overnight at a bed and breakfast. The first four teams OlympicLovers, ProfessorGinger, LegalEagles, and BeautyBrawn had a fifteen minute lead on the others.


SKI-teams have to survive one lap around the park . OlympicLovers did this one, they wiped out at first but they finally finished it.

TREE- the team delivers food by zip lining with the dray and I the food id delivered correctly they get their clue. The majority of the teams did this one: BeautyBrawn, ProfessorGinger, LegalEagles,. Some of the teams made the mistake of only taking part of the list on things while others got the full list. always read your full clue between the two they have to have everything on the list.  This task proved to be hard for all teams. CountryTough got the lead followed by ProfesserGinger, This was not the task for YankeeStyle who kept spilling things but got it right on seventh try.


Teams need to dress in drag then do a cabaret show. It was funny watching them putting on makeup one guy was bearded with makeup. Gaykens are the winners of this week’s date night. GoldenCouple bonded over the experience. CountryTough tackled their dance phobia and managed to keep up lead. ProfessorGinger get the task done next.

The best news is at the  mat Matt proposes to Ashley and Gaykens give them their date night.


1 Mike & Rochelle- trip to Praque

2 Hailey & Blair

3 Jelani & Jenny

4 Tyler & Lauren

5 Aly & Steve

6 Matt & Ashley

7 Bergan & Kurt

8 Jeff & Jackie

9 Jonathan & Harley- Non Elimination


The fans were all thrilled to see Chris Harrison and Chris Soules at their parties, some of them had southern food and great decorations. One fan even sneaked in a kiss with the bachelor. They were met with shrieks of delight, hugs and chaos. One thing Is for sure this bachelor did not handle situations well with the women cause they many wanted answers.


Carly and Britt get in an argument about how she made fun of her every chance she got and Jillian defended her and attacked Carly. Britt seemed sweet and genuine, and it’s true that during their balloon date they showed the women contradicting what she was saying about wanting kids and that made us viewers question her sincerity. She made a strong case for her love for children. The whole interview was Carly interrupting Britt talking and it got tiring, let the girl defend herself. Britt confessed to the host that the other girl hated her and was in tears.


She puts on her grieving act which im not sure is an act or real I’m giving her benefit of doubt but she said a lot of things. The other women interrupted her and it looked like she was faking. The other women call her fake and calculating, Megan was offended and thought of it as a tool to get the rose. Everyone thinks she’s made it up and Jillian was the only one who defended her. She chose to move forward and meet someone new.

Ashley S

She had a interview with the host giving him a onion then acted spaced out still claiming that the accounting department was actually a betting on the bachelorettes and no she was not acting she is that crazy. The host then does a crazy thing himself and invites her to the next season of Bachelor in Paradise I feel sorry for the guy paired with her.


The reasons he sent her home are unclear and on his blog the person he knew to the person her family talked about was different, the ladies shouldn’t be reading his blog it hurts their feeling and mixes up emotions.


She wanted a sign that she was not the one and not be blind sided by the rejection at the rose ceremony, she’s thought about things every day and she was really in love with him.

The Bachelor Chris Soules

Things got emotional for Britt  and she brought the blame on Carly  and that she’s proud of him and never lied to him. He claimed his decision was based on their relationship not what others said to him. Next Kaitlyn got to talk to him asking for an explanation as to why he sent her home. He was falling in love with three women and she shot back with that he should have had a talk with her ahead of time instead of making her go through a rose ceremony. Finally he talked to Jade who wanted an reason also she wanted honesty from him instead of her moment called awkward.

Chris Harrison wrote a book THE PERFECT LETTER which come out in May.

Teams stayed in Japan traveling to Nagano that hosted the 98 winter Olympics.  I like them showing the teams overnight more behind the scenes as they share a couch for the night.

.Here are the teams again with my hashtags, after this week please refer back to the first post for the key code of teams.  Because I am a travel blogger also instead of posting a photo from the episode im sharing a travel video on the location they traveled to enjoy.

established couples :

Aly & Steve winter Olympians #OlympicLovers Libby & CJ dating 10 years - #noncommitals Mike & Rochelle -  met  at truck stop #CountryTough, Matt & Ashley hairstylist from NY – #YankeeStyle Jonathan & Harley NewKid and his boyfriend #NKBT

New Couples

Tyler & Laura both from California these two already seem perfect together #goldencouple Blair & Hayley these two are cute together he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse reference to Gilligan island #ProfMaryann Bergan & Kurt gay guys who are way into their looks #gaykens Jelani & Jenny a pair of lawyers both ethnic #LegalEagles Jeff & Jackie these two work well together it felt like they were on actual date #BeautyBrawn

The teams go on a bullet train to the next destination, the only team to recognize the place were the olympiclovers. Most of the teams pronounced it wrong but a few teams got it right. YankeeStyle had good observation that their aggression held them back which is true. The teams were on four different trains. NonCommitals missed their train because they took a video of themselves, please focus on the race not yourselves.


teams figure out how to open a intricate box and then must pronounce the words given on the slip of paper to the guard. In one of the clues is a date  night card which is a relaxing getaway to be enjoyed during the pit stop. This task takes smarts to figure out. Out of the first top couples all the men did the task: Tyler, Jeff and Jelani. Jeff was clueless while and it took him much longer to finish it.  Tyler was the first to finish and got speak part right on second try. All the teams encouraged each other well all except the gaykens who were silent.  The winners of the Date Night were NKBT.


Hitting Ice~Teams push each other on the speed skating for a lap each in three minutes and 50 seconds using hockey skates. Olympiclovers had the advantage she’s a speed skater and he is a bobsledder. They got it done on the first try. BeautyBrawn were so cute like they were on a date but she slide quite a bit on the ice and they had to do three times. CountryStrong really struggled with this being out of shape and there was a possible energy when she was thrown into the wall hurting her wrist. YankeeStyle got it on second try and ProfMaryann did awful at this task.

Noodling ~ Teams have to feed each other noodles using the provided chopsticks and they get a fan on their table. GoldenCouple was so cute as he slurped the noodles and were the first one headed to the pitstop but their cab left. LegalEagles were right behind them and had a cab and got first place again. NKBT and gaykens  one team got it good and the other team had their issues. CountryStrong switched sides, and did much better at this one.


1 Jalani & Jenny ~ Fitbit Wellness Kit, Cooking Classes year, Gym membership and groceries.

2 Tyler & Laura

3 Aly & Steve

4 Jon & Harley

5 Bergan & Kurt

6 Jeff & Jackie

7 Matt & Ashley

8 Mike & Rochelle

9 Blair & Hayley

10 Libby & CJ

my favorite show Amazing race aired this Wednesday after Survivor, which I think was a smart move for CBS putting their two best shows right by each other which maximizes audience viewing. I am glad that it’s staying on Friday nights.  This season there is a twist which according to Phil was suggested years ago as a social experiment of putting six established couples against five newly created couples who meet on the show. Surprisingly the newly formed couples did much better than the established ones, several in the top five spots. I guess it’s not always better to know someone really well.

This time around I am giving the couples my own hashtags to be creative and unique. Throughout the season I may slip in and out of calling them by these titles instead of by name if you ever get lost just refer  back to this first post for the keycode. These titles are not meant to be derogatory or risqué just fun. Each team was given a selfie cam which is a nice feature, also on this first leg was a double-blind U-turn. Each Team is wearing FitBit bands to wear throughout the race.

The established couples :

Aly & Steve winter Olympians #OlympicLovers

Libby & CJ dating 10 years - #noncommitals

Mike & Rochelle -  met  at truck stop #CountryTough,

Jeff & Lyda work in aviation #FlyingAces

Matt & Ashley hairstylist from NY – #YankeeStyle

Jonathan & Harley NewKid and his boyfriend #NKBT

New Couples

Tyler & Laura both from California these two already seem perfect together #goldencouple

Blair & Hayley these two are cute together he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse reference to Gilligan island #ProfMaryann

Bergan & Kurt gay guys who are way into their looks #gaykens

Jelani & Jenny a pair of lawyers both ethnic #LegalEagles

Jeff & Jackie these two work well together and it felt like they were on actual date #BeautyBrawn

The first challenge was a mud race obstacle course which includes several mud pits, climbing up muddy walls and ending in an ice pit. The prize at the end was tickets on the first and second flight to TOKYO.

First Flight: LegalEagles, GayKens, BeautyBrawn,  NKBT, FlyingAces, olympiclovers, YankeeStyle

Second Flight: CountryTough, ProfMaryAnn, GoldenCouple, and NonCommitals

Once in Tokyo there was a mix of ways of transportation the teams that had the lead took Taxis while the rest of the teams were divided between the Skyliner Train and the Narita Express Train. The first clue was at a Temple Shrine.


Syncing Steps~The majority of teams did this one  which required teams to do the really slow dance movements of the pop group World Order. The first team out was Matt & Ashley who got it right on their 25th try. The men were the ones who messed up because they lost their balance. Many teams were there up to 2-3 hours and Jeff & Lyda were the last team leaving there after being there plus three hours.

Sake~ In this side of the detour teams had to learn about 12 bottles of Sake a wine over there  and then one team member went out to take the order from a table while the other had to match up the correct bottle. This was an easy task and only 3 teams did it. Jackie & Jeff, Harley & Jon and Jeff & Lyda who had to do it after being u-turned.

Blind U-turn

surprisingly most teams passed up the U-turn probably cause its so early in the race, when it gets down to six teams they will be acting not being so nice. Mike & Rochelle u-turned Jeff & Lyda cause they were desperate to stay in the game and another team u-turned Jeff & Jackie who already checked in by then.


1 Jelani & Jenny ~ Express Pass

2 Jeff & Jackie

3 Tyler & Laura

4 Aly & Steve

5 Harley & Jon

6 Kurt & Bergan

7 Mike & Rochelle

8 Blair & Hayley

9 Matt & Ashley

10 Libby & CJ

11 Jeff & Lyda

Bachelor: Paradise Love

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The fantasy suites have arrived, Chris takes his three women to Bali. He has made it this far in the journey with Kaitlyn, IMG_20150226_155854_hdr_kindlephoto-2219165Whitney and Becca. Two will continue with him and one will go home. Next week is the women tell all. While his hotel suite is beautiful I would be scared to go outside since his balcony has no railings and he was on one of the higher floors, but it had an amazing view.( yes the dates are out of order but I wanted to match the text to the photo.)

Whitney~ They enjoy a picnic on a boat, they are such an adorable couple together. Neither of them notice the beautiful view of the water because all they can do is kiss and make out. After a day out in the sun they enjoy dinner, she looks amazing in yellow with a stunning dress. Either its really hot there or Chris is nervous cause while she has a glow to her he’s sitting there almost ready to drip sweat, anyone else notice that? They had a discussion about her relocation and she had an awesome response ” my mom told me that even when you have all those thing you have to have something to fall back on, I’ve aways wanted to be a wife and mother”  The suite is beautiful with a nice tub and matching robes along with a great room.

Kaitlyn ~ The two of them go to a temple where they can not kiss each other. This reminds me of the temple in Eat Pray Love probably cause Bali was one of her destinations. They carry baskets on their heads then did a ritual with flowers but that was really quick and then they explored the area. The people were welcoming one man even gave him a hug. The highlight for me was the monkeys that came up to hm and then they were surrounded by them. Chris and the monkey were one. Her expressions were priceless but enough about the animals its time to kiss and cuddle. At dinner she doesn’t want her guard up and explains why then she accepts the fantasy suite. Their suite had a rose petal filled bathtub and was not impressed by the bedroom decor. She told him she loved him.

Becca~ She meets up with him in the jungle and a village playing with the kids. They then went to a temple and those guys seemed a bit staged but it could be real, I think the show is playing up her virginity to its full advantage. She accepts the fantasy suite and even goes in and doesn’t tell him her news that’s a misleading, he’s saying a level of intimacy which he’s not going to be able to do with her. In the suite she shares that she’s falling in love with her and then tells her secret and he has a shocked look on his face the smile hides it well and accepts her and it sounds like she is going to give up her vow of celibacy just cause she fell in love.

He has a sit down conversation with the host Chris Harrison about how his week is going and the choices he has to make. He admitted to falling in love with Whitney and is unsure about Becca and Kaitlyn. At the ceremony he pulled Becca aside to talk and she expresses her feelings for him and tells her commitment to him. The other girls think he’s saying  goodbye to her. He breaks up with a heartbroken Kaitlyn and the darn rooster is insensitive to interrupt them but its taped tv can’t predict that stuff.

Rose Ceremony: 1 of 2 my picks Whitney and Becca. Kaitlyn was sent home.