Bachelor Hometowns

While DWTS and Amazing Race are going on we are wrapping up our last bachelor season before the new bachelorette season starts up. Group dates are gone and its time for the bachelor to meet the familes of his four remaining ladies.

My Picks :  Lauren B, Jubilee, Becca Amanda, Jennifer, Joelle, Jessica, Rachel, Lauren H, Amber, Caila

Amanda, Laguna Beach ~The dates starts at the beach and meeting her kids Kingsley & Charlie who are both adorable in matching outfits. Ben is a natural dad and there’s fun on the beach. Then he meets her parents and sister who are unsure if he is ready for kids. He talks about the girls with her mom. Her dad wants to know about their relationship and the date ends with telling the girls a bedtime story.

Lauren B Portland OR~ She shows him around her hometown and enjoying the date, they looked cute together. She takes him to a swanky whiskey library. Her family was protective of her with her two brothers, sister and parents. He won over her sister while her father was harder to impress.  Lauren claims to love him yet doesn’t tell him letting him go to the next girl.

Caila,Ohio~ They had a sweet moment on a bench in the park. She takes him to her dad’s toy company and they design a house together then go to the factory and build it. After the date he met her parents and younger brother. The dad had a great view on marriage that was admirable. He had a great conversation with her mother very insightful, while the dad gets into a serious conversation with her causing tears. She wants to tell him she loves him and like the previous girl she clams up.

Joelle,Dallas TX~Her trip home got off to a bad start by getting flowers and a love letter from her ex boyfriend, so she gives him a call which is awkward seeing as she has a date with Ben the same day to meet her family. She reassures him that she’s over her ex and they are welcomed by her family of parents, two brothers and her sister. The brothers are protective of her and try to give her a reality check.  Then poor guy gets confronted by the whole family no clue where she was during this. The parents defend him while the brothers are not convienced.

Rose Ceremony ( 3 of 3 ) Lauren B, Joelle & Caila


DWTS Latin Night

The second week the dancers did latin theme dances. Last week i reviewed all the dancers but from now on is divided into thee sections: Best, Worst and Most Improved. Since wordpress doesn’t seem to want to do videos the highlighted word has a link to the performance in case you missed it.

Nyle, Wayna, Ginger 23 Antonio, Von, Marla, Paige  21 Jodie, Kim 20 Misha 16 Doug 15 Geraldo 13

Eliminted: Geraldo & Edyta




Marla & Tony~ She owned that argentine tango and did the turns and moves just right coming out like a tigress. She’s going to be a front runner in this competition. The judges disagreed but they still loved it.

Nyle  & Peta~ He is such an inspiration this season and his Rumba was perfect, he has a connection with his partner and the moves showed to be a good partner. They have chemistry which is a must have for this dance.

Ginger & Val ~ she showed she had the latin beat with her hips and movements these two make a great pair.


Geraldo & Edyta~ she really did get a bad partner with him, he looked awful as Trump and he barely moved thats not dance skills.

Von & Witney~ Sure he has dance moves but this is Latin not hiphop or pop music and I did not see any style moves for that genre of dance at all. I came off as too flashy for me.


Jodie & Ke0~ she eased up on her movements and showed she could get with the rythym of the dance and have fun. 

Wayna & Lindsey~ his fast movements blended well with the latin beat and he did the moves well this week much better than last week.


DWTS Season 22 Premiere

I know the new season is well underway but due to tv issues I am starting late and had a bit of help getting information by using a writer from Fivver.  Welcome back Glen as a judge and Edyta has returned. We have lost Derek. Here’s the new cast and their partners:


Von Miller (athlete) and Witney, Geraldo Rivera & Edyta, Wayna Morris ( musician Boyz II Men) & Lindsey, Ginger Zee ( GMA Weathergirl ) & Val,  Nyle Dimarco (reality star) & Peta, Doug Flutie (athlete) & Karina, Kim Fields (actress) & Sasha,  Paige VanZant ( Athlete) & Mark, Antonio Brown (athlete) & Sharna, Jodie Sweetin (actress) & Keo, Misha Barton (actress) & Artem, Marla Maples (Trump’s Exwife) & Tony.

Nyle, Wayne, Ginger 23 Antonio, Von, Marla, Paige  21 Jodie, Kim 20 Misha 16 Doug 15 Geraldo 13

Kim & Sasha ChaCha~ She as a bit awkward at times but was able to keep up on footwork with him.I would call her average , liked the dress.

Paige & Mark~ She moved gracefully and was light on her feet, proving herself as a dancer a great match for him.

Doug & Karina~ he was slow and she did most of the dancing in the routine. Although he did prove to be a good partner and had some nice moments in the dance just not throughout.

Jodie & Keo~ She had good movements for the tang0 and was able to keep up with her partner, not sure the hold as the best for that dance.

Geraldo & Edyta ~This dance was awful he could barely keep up with her she totally outshined him, i think he will be the first one eliminated

Marla & Tony~ She had amazing posture and hold, she was able to keep up with the tempo of quickstep  but her footwork was a bit slow at times but did amazing 


Wayna & Lindsey~ He had great moves and proved himself to be a amazing dancer but he did not blend with her and the dance moves were sometimes off, did not care for the routine.

Ginger & Val~Val always seems to get paired with good partners and he got himself another winner this season, she had good footwork and did well dancing.

Misha & Artem~ Shes average with room for improvement, did good on her posture during the dance

Nyle & Peta~ He proved the deaf guys can dance he kept with all he moves to the cha cha and looked just as hot as peta. I think he will be a front runner for the men .

Antonio & Sharna~ while he had dance moves he dance seemed too flashy for me.

Von & Witney ~These two were the odd pair with their hieghts, his dance moves didnt relate to the dance at all.




Amazing Race Armenia

Teams go from the snow to the warm clients of Armenia and there’s an express pass is in play this ninth leg of the game. They had to search the theater for a clue while the music plays on stage. Taking them to another location Cascade steps. Sheri and Cole get into second place right behind Brodie and Kurt and putting some teams from the lead to the back of the pack.



Thread complete a row of stich on a massive rug. The women around the teams are going fast compared to their slow movement. Some teams moved slow while others moved fast. Most teams choose this side of detour.

Bread make 15 breads pieces , teams go through this pretty good pace. Brodie & Kurt maintain their lead. Only two teams did this one.


Before an oil change and take the car to the pitstop in the desert.  This was hard for some and easy for others I felt sorry for Sherri who was the only woman who did this. it was a non elimination leg.


1 Brodie & Kurt- Express Pass

2 Burnie & Ashley

3  Zach & Rachel

4 Dana & Matt

5 Scott & Blair

6 Tyler & Korey

7  Sherri & Cole- still racing non elimination leg

Amazing Race French Alps

Teams stayed the leg in Switzerland doing stuff in the snow. They traveled by car to a new location rocking their winter wear heading to Mt Blanc.  Teams had to zip line to the clue not something for someone who hates heights, Sherri even let the fear get to her mid zip line but she conquered her fear. What is with all these silly hashtags anyway ?



Dynamite Teams deliver dynamite packs and lunch to the ski patrol. the male teams did this task, they were held by a rope together going along the route to get up to the patrol member, this looked dangerous. The dancers had to deal with fear of the slopes and most teams did this side. Erin & Jocelyn are a bit dumb they grabbed two dynamites and tried to find lunch when they already had it in their backpacks, girls read the clues.

Campsite set up a tent in the snow using an example. wall of snow around the campsite to protect against wind and set up a tent. Burnie & Ashley had to deal with a faulty tent. They failed first try told not enough snow, they were the only one who did that task and put them toward the back of the pack.

Roadblock Teams will paraglide with a professional and they have to answer a question once they land, a Yeti with a French flag. The guys loved this, it was comical to see them trying to take off only to fall in the snow.


1 Tyler & Korey- Trip to Phillipines

2 Brodie & Kurt

3 Dana & Matt

4 Blair & Scott

5 Zach & Rachel

6 Burnie & Ashley

7 Sherri & Cole

8 Erin & Jocelyn

Amazing Race Switzerland

Switzerland is the next location on the race, teams were all mixed reviews on going somewhere with snow. One team thought of chocolate. Brodie & Blaire are having a romance yet not much progress, first talking then some cuddling at night, the hashtag picked by the gay guys doesn’t sound appealing.  Teams went to a chocolate stop where they each took an order number Ashley & Burnie were in the lead. Several teams were directionally challenged when finding places.



Workbench teams had to assemble a swiss army knife. make twenty pieces by hands in order. Only three teams choose this task which was detail orientated. Blair and Scott did great at this task but ended up in last due to slowness.

Benchwork teams who did this task but figure out how many people can fit on an historic bench. the bench has been around a long time. Several teams choose this one assuming it’s the easier task. The locals didn’t appreciate being asked to move. While this was thought to be the easy one it was a bit frustrating for teams to get the right number range. They gave the rest of the teams the answer to help them stay in the lead. The only ones who kept getting it wrong were Brittany & Jessica who kept guessing wrong numbers.

RoadBlock Teams must identify ten flags of different nations  thats on a big flag to get the next clue. One team figured out to run down the rows and find flags.  Only they had to redo it,  due to a mistake they made . Burnie got back in the lead.

 Heading to the French Alps which had an hour layover and they took off without Brittany & Jessica. The other teams caught up to the teams in the lead.


1 Brodie & Kurt- $3 thousand each

2 Tyler & Corey

3 Dana & Matt

4 Burnie & Ashley

5 Zach & Rachel

6 Erin & Joselyn

7 Sheri & Cole

8 Blair & Scott

9 Brittany & Jessica


Amazing Race

Teams continued there time in Columbia searching catacombs for a clue.



Tickets teams had to be conductors on a bus and gather money part of the teams did which one which was slow, Blair had a smart idea besos for pesos (kisses for money). Zach and Rachel who had a good lead lost it when due to her bad math skills they had to redo the task.

Jejo teams played this sport which includes clay targets which when they hit the target they explode, this was a quick task and teams who did this side moved on to the roadblock faster.

RoadBlock Team member required to find three bags by the same designer , some players got the task easily while others faltered the worst one was Darius or Cameron who found all three bags then walked around and round trying to find who to hand the bags too. For guys who claimed to be soo smart they sure made a lot of dumb mistakes.


 1 Brodie & Kurt – Trip Greece

2 Tyler & Korey

3 Burnie & Ashley

4 Brittany & Jessica

5 Sherri & Cole

6 Erin & Jocelyn

7 Blair & Scott

8 Rachel & Zach

9 Darius & Cameron

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