DWTS Group Dances

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Spring break night brought back the group dances and the announcement that next week would be a double elimination.



Round1: Riker 37  Nastia & Willow 34 Rumor 32 Chris 31  Noah & Patti 29   Robert 28

Round 2 both teams got 39: Riker 76, Nastia & Willow 73 Rumor 71 Chris 70 Noah & Patti 68 Robert 67


Best Couples : Nastia,Rumor, Riker Most Improved: Robert, Chris Worst: Noah, Patti


Group Dances

Team Yolo: Nastia, Robert, Noah and Willow 39~ It was a cute concept  which came together the best solos were by Willow & Mark and Nastia & Derek. The judges loved it.

Team Trouble: Rumor, Riker, Chris and Patti 39~Their dance was more put together the best solos were Rumor & Val and Riker & Allison.


@DreamPlanGoNow Hayley and Blair are now friends instead of fighting all the time but then they did not last long.  Teams took a bush plane once they arrived and then drove a car to a village. Matt & Ashley got this legs date night. Most teams knew the clue but Tyler & Laura drove as did Blair & Hayley.


Teams helped the bushman built a grass hut. use stick and dry grass to build it. Not sure about the naked men or how comfortable it is around them but that’s the way they live. Tyler is in the lead with the truckers in the back of pack. The men had an easier time


Track teams track an elephant using a jeep and a antenna. Teams that did this were : OlympicLovers, ProfessorGinger , It was amazing to see all the animals but it distracted some of the teams from their focus.

Pack prepare a meal and put it in the wilderness and feed the wild dogs. Teams that did this task GoldenCouple, NyStyle, CountryStrong and LegalEagles who were tempted to use express pass  which was a smart move. I don’t blame Ashley for getting sick the meat was disgusting looking.

Matt and Ashley freaked out cause the other teams stopped and The Olympians got a flat tire on the way to the pit stop which was a footrace up some cliffs.


1 Matt & Ashley  500,000 each

2 Tyler & Lauren

3 Hayley & Blair

4 Jelani & Jenny

5 Mike & Rochelle

6 Ally  & steve~ non elimination


DWTS Disney Night

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Disney night is back and it started out with a wonderful opener that combined the Disney animation with the dancers. They had outfits that changed and it was a great number. Several Disney characters made appearances during the episode and i loved the animations like the alice in wonderland size thing with willow and mark.

The Rankings:

  Rumor 39  Riker & Nastia 38  Suzanne & Noah 28  Patti & Chris 27  Robert 24

Eliminated : Suzanne

Best Performances

Nastia & Derek ~ they did a great dance to frozen lipsyncin to the lyrics and she had the dance steps and motions, it was a beautiful dance.

Riker & Allison, Paso~ did amazing he got into character and became manly I totally believed that he had talent.

Most Improved

Willow & Mark, foxtrot ~ she had great form and grace as they glided across the floor. hardly reconized Mark in that bunny costume.

Amazing Race heads to Monaco for the first time in the shows history, not sure why they waited that long because it looks beautiful. Once at the location they were fitted by a professional tailor to go in a helicopter over the rivera. ProfessorGinger can not handle arguments while BeautyBrawn handles things very well. OlympicLovers had a 45 minute lead and CountryStrong tried to get on standby on their flight and succeeded so they went from last to near the lead. The rest of the teams were on other flights with NYStyle at the rear of the teams. Lucky for all teams they were all staying overnight in the same place caught up.

Teams get into helicopters all dressed up for Monaco the home of millionaires and the second smallest country. Date night went to Tyler & Laura



Teams travel on foot to get their partners roses and chocolates that are Grace Kelly’s favorites and the other person will be waiting on a boat. A few men did this and several of the new couples had the women do it. Jenny and Laura teamed up together to do the task. Hayley was  falling out of her dress on this task. OlympicLovers maintained their lead CountryStrong got lost and was on the wrong marina but still maintained second place.


The roulette wheel at the casino decides which detour teams do red is one task and blue is the other. I loved their fancy outfits. LegalEagles lost their map and OlympicLovers went in the wrong direction losing their lead.

Win by A Nose~ located in Eze the courtyard of Norte Dame. Make a bottle of signature perfume and colonge to match orginal recipe uses twelve scents. CountryStrong, OlympicLovers, GoldenCouple, ProffesorGinger. OlympicLovers got it right on first try.

Don’t Slack Off~ Zip lining down a mountain and walking a rope back to the start. LegaEagles, NYStyle, BeautyBrawn. LegalEagles claimed first place.


1 Hayley & Blair ProfessorGinger- vacation in south Africa

2 Steve & Ally OLympiclovers

3 Mike & Rochelle CountryStrong

4 Matt & Ashley NYStyle

5 Tyler & Laura GoldenCouple

6 Jelani & Jenny LegalEagles

7 Jeff & Jackie BeautyBrawn


Teams headed to  Munich Germany to participate in Oktoberfest. GoldenCouple Is developing a friendship as they had their date during the rest time.This was a memorable leg for OlympicLovers who met there at the Sochi games. CountryStrong were rewarded with this week’s date.The blind date teams are either falling apart or growing stronger. GayKens had lots of problems, losing their way and had Phil come to the train station to eliminate them and they parted ways bitterly that one of them gave up because they were rich and didn’t need money.


Their first task was to get dressed up for the festival and once their costumes were approved they could get their next clue. GoldenCouple hit their first glitch of the race they switched cars and left their bag with passports etc. in the backseat and luckily it was found by BeautyBrawn who were in an argument but they made up quickly. The next clue was available by driving their car backwards and taking advantage of the rear cam feature to read their next clue.

Gaykens took the penalty after being unable to drive a stick shift car in Germany and ok a taxi thus getting a two hour penalty since the next task required the car they ditched. They should have stopped asked a local about how to drive it.


Stien ~ serving beer to those who attend the Oktoberfest as a pair carry 22 steins at one time and delivery them successfully. OlympicLovers did this task and got it right on first time. ProfesserGinger took awhile getting their task done and switched to other task, NYStyle got it right the first time.

Stack~ teams take part in a competition to stack beer created creating a column of fifteen crates then climb them. CountryStrong had a tough time with this task but their conquered their fears and handled it. The three other blind date couples did this task LegalEagles, BeautyBrawn and GoldenCouple.All the girls did the climbing then the guys took their turns.


1 Steve & Ally~ 2015 Ford Focus each

2 Matt & Ashley

3 Jeff & Jackie

4 Jelani & Jenny

5 Blair & Hayley

6 Laura & Tyler

7 Mike & Rochelle

8 Bergan & Kurt