There’s a new version of Celeb Apprentice out with Governor Arnold  as the boss instead of Trump. The show is now on the west coast in LA vs New York and celebs are terminated and taken by plane out. This new version was alright although Arnold lacks Trumps authority and know how in the business world. I know that the show does two tasks an episode but each task will be a blog with me. I’m assuming the reason for extended episodes is a short season.





Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagon, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie

Task: create a presentation and experience for Tyra Beauty. teams judged on presentation or knowledge of the product.

Arete The men scored the win with this task because they took the time to learn about the product and they used all of their celebs to help in the presentation having all the guys apply makeup on the model. This approach wowed the judges. Boy George was the Project Manager.

Prima The women lost this task due to not using the famous selves as the models and lack of knowledge of the product. Also their presentation fell apart at the end. Kyle handled decorating,Brooke and Carnie did the presentation etc.

Boardroom: The men won the task and Porsha was asked to bring in two women back with her which were Nicole and Carrie. Carrie was sent home because she didn’t go that extra step and instead just followed orders and didn’t step up where she could have shined.



Team Arete MenVince Neil, Carson Kresley, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Chael Sonnen and Ricky Williams

Team Prima, Women-Nicole Polizzi, Porsha Williams, Carnie Wilson, Brooke Burke Charvet, Kyle Richards, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie



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Task: create a jingle and video of Trident’s Cherish Your Teeth campaign. the teams are judged on campaign integration, entertainment value and creativity. The winning team wins 25,000 reward from their charity and Trident added in another 25,000 making the reward 50 thousand.

Arete : WIN Project Manager Jon Lovitz His idea is rejected by his bad teeth of British by his team mates. Carson have a good idea of life’s little smile of what makes you smile and luckily the PM agreed with that one. Boy George and Vince worked on the jingle. There was tension in the studio as George is a recovering alcoholic and Vince likes to drink and they later got in an argument. The client also was unexpressive with men’s presentation but I liked their video better, it was what the client wanted.

Prima Project Manager Carnie Wilson . Carnie volunteered to help and got forced into being the manager. The women started planning in the car without the other women and decided video concept of a Knockout Smile. Lisa was unsure about the concept of different types of smiles. Porsha Lisa Leila and Nicole went to the gym while Carnie, Kyle, and Brooke went to the studio. The women’s video lacked originality and diversity.  The shots were all sideways in the video, at this Carnie issues a redo of the video.  Everyone but Lisa loved the video. The execs did not look impressed by their commercial.

Boardroom: Lisa showed told her opinion to the judges and not to the team. I’m thinking this will not make her popular with them calling her not a team player. George brought up his issue about drinking in the studio which got Vince riled up telling him not to put his sobriety on everyone else.  Trident loved the men’s message and how leverage celebrity and authentic but they hated the sloppy look to video. Trident loved the video production but they hated the plot which overtook the message. Again the women lost to the men. Carnie brought back Lisa and Nicole with her. She should have brought back Kyle who had the bad video idea but it was lack of participation that landed the women in the boardroom. Lisa let Carnie have it defending the video and placing the blame on her. Carnie was terminated.

Nick Vial is the new bachelor, while it may come as a shock to most of us there are some of America that wants him as the bachelor. While I admit I was against him to start as I wanted Luke to be the one. After watching the premiere I am softening my view toward him. hopefully this will be the season he finds love. This season he got 30 women to choose from guess they thought he needed more options.

Nick has been on the bachelor series 3 times: Andi’s Season, Kaitlyn’s Season and on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. He lives in Chicago and has a big family with ten siblings. He got good luck wishes from many of his BIP castmates : Sarah, Vinny, Jared, Josh, Ashley I and the twins.

I was a bit disappointed with the ex bachelors coming on to give him advice, I feel like they could have each given him some words of wisdom. Instead we only got advice from Ben. The show did not use their bachelors to their full advantage.  They did a great job giving updates on the past bachelor couples who have seen success on the show: Trista & Ryan have been together happily married 13 years, Molly & Jason and JP & Ashley each have two kids. Shawn & Kaitlyn and JoJo & Jordan are both living together. Sean & Catherine and Desiree & Chris both have babies. Jade & Tanner have been married a year.





Now that the intro is out of the way lets get to the first night of Nick’s journey to love. This year I rounded out my picks with 12 girls and included a variety of women.

My Picks: Danielle M, Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Olivia, Lacey, Kristina, Hailey, Liz, and Whitney.

There were several openers by the woman some were wonderful while others bombed. The best openers were Lacey who got off on a camel ( yes it was a bit corny but it was orginal). Olivia with her eskimo kiss, Corinne who gave him a bag of tokens, and Raven who got him to do a cheer.

Half the women wore red dresses which seemed to be the popular color of the night and one poor woman showed up in dolphin suit, Nick wouldn’t let her out of it all night. I think he thought of it as cute yet funny.The best dressed of the girls were : Elizabeth, Lauren, Morgan, Liz, Olivia and Raven.

Corrine turned out to be more aggressive version of Lacy from the previous season, stealing a kiss and demanding more time with the bachelor and from the previews she might have gone to far by sneaking in his room late at night and ignoring his protests. Does this sound familiar. didn’t Nick himself pull this stunt with Kaitlyn?

I was surprised by the girl who got the first impression rose Rachel the attorney from the south, but in a way she was the one he connected to most in conversation both have big families.  He got my respect when he didn’t let one Jasmine G pull him away from a conversation although she then procceded to throw a hissy fit to the other women.

They really didn’t show to many of the connections he made but those that they did only a few stood out to me, I’m hoping this season doesn’t just focus on the drama but on the romance too.

Rose Ceremony:  ( 11 of 22) Rachel, Vanessa, Danielle L, Liz, Hailey, Whitney, Dominqiue, Jami, Brittany, Astrid, Christen, Corrine, Elizabeth, Jasmine G, Raven, Kristina, Danielle M, Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor and Alexis.





ACM Honors

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Hosted by Lady Antebellum opened with a song by Glen Campbell and this special show honors other artists.

Performances : Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bently, Cole Swindell & Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert. Keith Urban, Cam & Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith.


Mae Boren Axton Award Keith Urban  – 11 trophies and appearing on all the country shows since 2001 and given his time to charities.” The thing that has defined country music is a sense of community is in our genre, ACM Lifting Lives everyone is included in amazing work”

Cliffee Stone Pioneer Award  Tanya Tucker– 56 top forty singles and she has been endeared to fans and another singer sang Delta Dawn. ” Thank you to all of those who came before me and my parents who believed in me”

Songwriter of Year Ross Coppermanwrote songs for Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Florda Georgia Line and Brett Eldridge. “ we have such a conversation through music he takes it and works it into something that’s magic” Brett Eldridge. He produced last two albums for Dierks Bently. 

Poet’s Award Eddie Rabbitt- he wrote songs for Ronnie Millsap and Elvis songs. Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell sang I Love The Rainy Night. His children accept this award since he had passed away. ” Its amazing that his music and words are appreciated to this day”

Pioneer Award Crystal Gayle- younger sister of Loretta Lynn , awards 17 number one singles in the 70s and 80s. First female artist to have a platinum album.  Her song Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue sung by Kelsea Ballerini. ” Seems like yesterday I was accepting the award for most promising artist”

Triple Crown Award Jason Aldean- 17 number one hits and 1400 albums. He carved out his own way of doing his music. New Artist of Year 2006, Entertainer of the Year etc.


Glen Campbell Tribute – @SoundLikeNash


Merle Haggard Spirit Award Miranda Lambert- She paints a picture with her music and takes you places. “ I feel so blessed to be a part of country music ” She sang Misery & Gin.

Pioneer Award Statler Brothers- Their first hit won them a grammy and later ended up on soundtrack of Pulp Fiction. They performed for presidents and had their own variety show. Chris Young & Dan and Shay sang Flowers on The Wall. They retired in 2002.and had a 40 year career ” We loved every year of our career and thank the Lord for an amazing life”

Poet’s Award Jimmy Webbinducted in the song writers hall of fame and he wrote for Donna Summers and Fifth Dimension,  Waylon Jennings etc. he wrote with Glen Campbell. The Band Perry sang one of his songs. “Songwriting is a treasured yet threatened American tradiction they are not be compensated for their work”

ACM Lifting Lives Gary Haber Award Carrie Underwood- presented award by her husband the award is after her former business manager and a charity award.  ” Its important to pass things on through music”  She sang Temporary Home.

Crystal Milestone Award Little Big Town– Girl Crush won 2 grammys, most downloaded country song of 2015 and stayed at number one on the charts for 13 weeks beating a record set in 1959. Cam & Alicia Keys performed the song. ” We got to be a part of an amazing song when three songwriters came up with the song and we got to put our soul and hearts into it”

Career Achievement Award Glen Campbell- toured with beach boys and frank Sinatra before going out on his own. Self taught guitarist and got 5 grammys, 11 ACM awards and 27 top ten country hills. He is currently dealing with Alezimers and went on a farewell tour. His children joined in country stars Blake Shelton ” Southern Nights”, Dierks Bently ” Gentle On My Mind” Keith Urban ” Witchita Lineman” and Toby Keith . All the guys singing Rhinestone Cowboy.

This week the couples get to do the fantasy suite and decide if they are meant to be together. Also Nick was announced as the next bachelor stealing the spot from Luke, who was already in talks with ABC and was ready to head to start his run as the new bachelor. The sad news is that Caila & Jared only lasted six weeks after paradise.


Current Couples: Ashley & Wells, Nick & Jenn, Amanda & Josh, Carly & Evan

During the first day Wells broke up with Ashley and both left paradise alone then the remaining three couples went on dates with a fantasy suite included to decide if they wanted to stay together.

Carly & Evan Carly had fears that a repeat of her time in paradise with Kirk will happen where he rejected her. Their date includes an art activity with a partial nude instructor where they painted each other’s bodies and grew closer as a couple. At dinner she tells him she loves him and he tells her that back. They are now engaged and living in Nashville.

” I feel my heart beats to your soul” Evan, ” You’re like home to me and I want to leave holding your hand and start a life with you” Carly

Lace & Grant-On their date they explore a beach town and get matching tattoos that are Grace. That night she finally opens herself up to him and tells him she loves him and the next day they get engaged.

” From the moment I met you I knew you would be in my life” Grant, ” I get scared and put up walls and your right there running behind me”

Nick &  Jenn They went to a carnival where a fortune teller predicted a not so happy ending and she was right they broke up before leaving paradise. I’m torn about liking Nick sure he seems nice but this show keeps giving him chances twice on bachelorette , then bachelor in paradise now he’s the bachelor. He’s the next Brad Womack the guy who didn’t choose either of his final two. Let’s hope Nick makes the right choice next time.

Amanda & JoshThe pair spends the day playing with the local kids and exploring the area they are in, they share their hopes for a future together to meet her children. They are engaged before leaving paradise .

” I didn’t know what love was till you” Josh , ” The thought of you meeting my family makes my heart full” Amanda

Three engaged couples not a bad run for this season in paradise and a new bachelor out of the cast. Hope you engaged this season of Bachelor in Paradise.