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Hello to my loyal readers and those visiting the blog. I have recently decided to pull back on writing all about entertainment and start to focus on personal aspects as well. I have a busy career as a pet sitter, this is my 13th year of business and I need something that is easier to write whenever I want to not always set but a show’s time of air or aspects of that show. I will still be writing about the Bachelorette and Bachelor shows as I am a lifetime fan of those shows. During the week I will write about my personal life, faith, career and anything else I feel the want to write about. I hope you will stick around to join me on this new part of my blogging journey.


Jobs Review A-

The movie follows the career of Steve Jobs and shows the audience what really happened with his company and how he helped to revolutionize computers.

“The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Change The World, Are The People That Do” ~ STEVE JOBS

Ashton Kutcher does an incredible job as the inspiration of the movie playing Jobs, he portrays him as a genius who while a savvy businessman let himself get drawn in and obsessed with creating the perfect product. He shows his struggles and successes and has you wanting him to be understood . This is a very well picked part that goes away from Kutcher’s normal funny roles and shows that he can handle dramatic roles.

There were a few stand outs of the supporting cast: Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) and Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula). Each of these men played their parts well. Gad’s character was Job’s first partner in apple computers and showed his loyalty and true friendship when he tells Jobs that he is heading on a road to self-destruction, this shows that he cares about Steve as a friend and wants his happiness over the success, plus he did not like the man that his friend had become after the company’s rise to fame.

Markkula is the first man to invest in the company and helped support the company yet when Jobs needed him the most he turned on him and was later let go when Jobs took over, so I guess that’s pay back for what he did earlier. Dermot played this character with conviction and proved himself as a quality actor.

I’m a fan of biography style movies yet while this movie did show his rise to fame with the company there were some gaps about his personal life. There was a nice touch in the end where they showed the actors next to a picture of the men they portrayed. This movie is worth seeing.

Deliverance Creek : The western version of North & South

If you were away this weekend you missed a great movie on Lifetime directed by Nicholas Sparks, whose had many of his books turned to movies but this is his first chance directing and from the sound of it he has more movies to direct in the future. This movie was a western civil war drama, in the 80s there was THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH, the series with Patrick Swayze and many other stars that was set in the civil war. This movie was another version of that, it had romance, fighting and even slavery involved in it. It had a well planned out plot and evolution of the characters, The ending left the viewers to decide what happened and wanting more.

The character’s were very believable and the violence was kept to a minimum so it would best to be a PG 13 or Adult Rating.  The Hatfield’s and McCoy history channel series was far more graphic and violent and shouldn’t have been on tv in that state it was presented this was far more sensible in what was presented.

I feel that this movie should be made into a series to bring light to what was going on in the civil war for this generation so people not forget what our country went through during that time in our nations history. If there were to be a series here’s some of what could happen in my own imagination :

Episode 1: Picking up where the movie left out we find out that the sheriff Cooper found Belle’s ring he gave her and does ride out to see her but instead of taking her in he warns her and lets her run free letting the blame go to the neighbors who own the bank, he loves her too much to let her be harmed. he doesn’t know  that she’s with the other outlaw Toby. She in turn goes to find her brother Jasper and Toby and a love triangle is born between the two men vying for her heart.

Episode 2: The sister Hattie is left at home caring for Belle’s children claiming that her sister went to visit family that was in need she could not leave the neighbor’s nephew Ben who loves her and she cares about. Although shes claimed that she will leave the abolition work to someone else she is drawn to it again by helping Kessie reunite with her sons, this draws her closer to saloon owner Duke who carries a torch for her.

Episode 3 Back in town Cordelia and Jeb who own the bank and are caring for their nephew are still on the line for the money  that the union left in their bank. They have suspicions on what happened but they can’t prove it and they pressure Ben to find out from Hattie the truth and his family loyalty vs love is tested. Also around this time the lone crook Cyril  is heading back to town to get the stolen money for his own not wanting to wait for his cut of the loot.  He takes the women hostage at the ranch bringing Belle and the boys out of hiding.

Episode 4 Just when things are at a crisis point Belle and the boys return to come clean about their crime and we find out who Hattie and Belle have chosen to be with.

These are just ideas, but whatever happens with the characters this should be a series and seeing the reaction from the audience online I think it might become a reality or at least a sequel to the movie let us know what happened, Did you watch this movie what did you think?

Delsey Suitcase Review

This march I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Chicago and I won the grand prize of a not yet released Delsey  Chatelet Suitcase. While I did not get to use all the features of this great suitcase I found out just how valuable it was even if I did lose the user manual.  I was able to take the suitcase on two trips with me, one to Chicago and a road trip to Indiana. I’ve also used it in my work trips.

DSCF0452Trip 1: Chicago

I took the suitcase with me on the train ride to Chicago and it handled really well. It was lightweight and stored easily above my seat. I got compliments on it and I was able to use the side handle that looks like the old-fashioned luggage to get it up and down the stairs at union station once in Chicago. No more having the drag it along using the pull out handle or having to carry it down the stairs, now I can just turn it to the side, pick it up and go. It’s compact design makes it light weight yet still has lots of storage. Also on this trip I used the two cloth bags that come included, one for my personal beauty items and the other for my undergarments and this saved me space that my bulky beauty bag would have taken up and in the extra space I was able to fit 3 pairs of sandals. It handled the durability test as I decided to walk from my hotel in River North to the union station and it dealt with all the bumps and rough services great the only wear was that it got wet from the puddles. It also was able to hold my other bag and made travel easy.

Trip 2: Indiana

The second trip I took was a road trip down to Lafayette IN for a family reunion. I was able to pack all the clothes I needed and it handled the car ride well. This time I tried using the bag that looked like it could be a hamper and it did not do well as my clothes kept falling out of the sides in the bottom part. It could have worked better if they had added meshing to those openings to keep the clothes in. The side handle again helped when carrying it to the car.

Since my trips I’ve started to use it for my work trips as a petsitter and I am able to store it in the car and get 3-4 days worth of clothes in. I’ve enjoyed using this suitcase and look forward to getting another Delsey suitcase for future trips. This suitcase is most suitable for short trips of a few days or a weekend adventure I don’t think it would be able to hold a weeks worth of  clothes unless you are an expert packer.

Information about the Delsey Chatelet Suitcase is on their website and it’s set to be released next week on In an interview with the company marketing representative Mimi Hoang, here is some more information :

Tell The Idea behind The Chalet Design: Delsey

“This design embodies everything DELSEY! Classic Parisian style and colors combined with modern innovation, thanks to the one-of-a-kind brake system”

What are options for trips longer than weekend trip:

For a sporty get away, DELSEY has a hybrid Beauboug collection that combines the best of hard-side and soft-side luggage in a case that can be rolled as a trolley bag or worn as a backpack. And for those girls getaways, DELSEY has created a collection for women”

What Should people think when they think Delsey Luggage

Timeless quality, audacious design, and Parisian chic… DELSEY creates luggage that makes travel easy









Turner & Hooch: A

If you want a dog inspired movie that’s not all about the dog this is the movie for you . A Bonus is that it  includes the fantastic acting of Tom Hanks. This movie proves that the bond between human and dog is the strongest connection there is. It also shows that dog’s can win over the toughest critic into pure submission.

Turner (Hanks) a neat freak investigative cop gets a dog Hooch whose the lead witness in a murder. The two start off at odds and have a funny yet tender relationship that goes from disdain to total devotion. Along the way he wins over the local vet (Mare Winningham) and helps to bring down the murder case and take down a major drug bust too. Hooch goes from being a mischievous total terror to a dog who will protect his owner no matter what harm in is his way. The best part is at the end when you the sadness turns to total glee at the surprise and seeing how Turner’s life has turned around.

Hanks does an amazing job playing this character and working with the dog, the interactions between these two are comical and at times endearing. Other actors that contributed to the movie were: Judd T Nelson as his boss, Mare Winningham as the vet and Reginald VelJohnson as his wise cracking new police partner.  This movie might be made in the 80s but it has everything you need in a good movie: romance, comedy, a dog and his human, and action.