DWTS Semi Finals

Its almost the finale and were down to 5 couples, this time they do a new dance plus the trio dance. Double elimination week.

Wanya 60 , Paige  59 Nyle 57 Ginger 56 Antonio 55

Eliminated Wanya & Antonio

Finalists Are: Ginger, Nyle, Paige

Trio Dance

Nyle, Peta & Jenna This dance was playful and well choreographed with a great storyline loved it.

Ginger, Val & Artem loved the partnerships and costumes, she danced like a pro keeping up with her pro dancers.


New Dance

Mark & Paige , Argentine Tango It was fluid motion of seductive tango, she had all the key steps down along with other moves added in.

Amazing Race Finale

The finale has arrived with three teams one that was expected the other two more wild cards but all deserved to be there. They were treated to premiere class on the plane that took them to their final destination of  California. This finale got one team with all the right choices and a team that was destined to be in the lead toward the back of the pack, it also showed good teamwork. It proved to be exciting and I loved the whole thing.

The final 3 Teams : Korey & Tyler, Matt & Dana , Sheri & Cole



Teams had to jump from the roof and grab a dangling clue. Matt & Dana got the lead due to Korey & Matt not finding the clue box right away. Sheri was in last due to the task being difficult for her.

The teams then had to fly in helicopter to Santa Barbara and find the Theresa Ann at a marina to get their next clue, the boat is a fishing boat and the teams found it easily. Sheri & Cole tricked the other team on direction to give them more time.

The funny part of the show was one of the cab drivers who even when given turn by turn directions didn’t know where she was going.

Route Challenge

The teams do Gibraltar rock, one person goes down the mountain the other one goes out to each grab their part of the clue then work together to put it together. Most teams got it done easily, going in seemed harder then going down. This is one of the most challenging tasks they’ve had all season.

Final Task

The final task was at a vineyard, teams had to put in order the hastags and the cities in which they traveled in order, Dana had a terrific memory and did it with ease securing them the lead, followed by Cole and Korey.



1 Dana & Matt Winners

2 Sheri & Cole

3 Korey & Tyler



DWTS Judges Choice

Welcome to the Quarter Finales and the judges team up challenge, each judge was given two couples to mentor and also the celebs had to do a solo in their dances. 

Jodie & Ginger 59 Nyle 58 Antonio & Paige 56 Wanya 54


eliminated Jodie 

Round 1 


Jodie & Keo Jive- it was full of energy and life and she was at her best dance ablity just a shame she was sent home.

Round 2 Judges Challenge

Bruno ~ Jodie  & Keo, Nyle & Peta  Argentine Tango: They did good on the duo together Jodie and Nyle although Nyle & Peta were better on the moves. The judges liked the dance Len liked the content and Carrie Ann was impressed with the synchronicity and strength. The team got 29 pts.

Len~ Ginger & Val, Wanya & Lindsay  Samba: Len’s fantasy with beautiful woman and the boys find them. Ginger looked like a professional. Wasn’t that thrilled with the duo of Wanya and Ginger, she out-danced him. Len made cameo at the end of dance. They also got 29 pts. 

Carrie Ann~ Paige & Mark, Antonio & Sharna Paso : I loved this routine it was powerful and captivating, the dancers abilities were used to full ablity. Antonio and Paige duet was amazing. The team got 29 pts.




DWTS Men vs Women

The celebs had two dances  their own routines plus the group dance which this year was men vs women. There was a double elimination. I’m focusing on the team dances this time. Ginger & Paige got the first 30’s of the season.


Nyle 56 Ginger & Paige, Wanya 55 Von & Antonio 52 Kim 51

eliminated  Kim & Von

Team James Brown

The men shined in being in sync and nice costumes, the best solo was Antonio & Sharna. The judges loved it and gave them 28 to add to each of their scores.

Team Beyonce

The girls had great songs and costumes, they were a bit off and he solos didn’t last long but I liked the spirit of the dance. The best solo was Paige  & Mark. The judges gave them 25 

DWTS Iconic Dances

We’re at the halfway point in the competition where the strong dancers are lasting and the weak are being eliminated. Some of the dances I didn’t think of as so famed but there were a few that stood out. Jodie had a rough week with injuries but she didn’t let that stand in her way and even Len was in a good mood as it was his birthday.

 Wanya 29 Paige 28 Antonio 27 Jodie & Nyle 25 Kim, Ginger, Von 24 Doug 21

Eliminated Doug & karina


Peta & Nyle~He held pose and lots of charisma, even though the judges did not care for his technique he proved himself to be a good dancer.

Kim & Sasha~ Loved the costumes and she came alive with this jive dance great production .


Von & Witney~ I couldn’t tell  even what style of dance this was , even though the judges loved it I did not feel he did he dance well, it looked like a cheap imitation.

Doug & Karina~ He’s tried hard all season but he was not meant for dancing his age shows and he looks out of place on the dance floor, bollywood didn’t work for him.




Bachelor Ben The Women Tell All

It’s that time in the season we find out answers and the women turn on each other and the bachelor they were with. This season the women did not hold back and they put Ben on the spot to tell the truth.

Lace~She admitted to be uncomfortable there and that a new side of her came out of her and that shes improved since then. She listens more and cares about herself more than she did then.Some guy in the audience is as crazy as she is he got a tattoo of her on his chest. The host invited her to Bachelor in Paradise and she accepted.

Olivia~ She claims to apologize for some wrong things said but not a full apology and not trying to sabatoge things but be on her own and work things to her advantage. She was not comfortable in the setting and thought she was bullied. She also dealt with that off the show from fans.

Caila~She was hurt to find out that he loved the other  girls but not him and she still loves him a bit.

Ben came on and he didn’t realize he would be telling two women he loved them, the only way to do it is to compartmentalize the relationship. He told Caila that  their relationship meant something to him .  He gave Jubliee several chances and she felt like he put the blame on her. The host asked him to identify the twins and he got it right.

Amazing Race China

The teams did there last pre finale leg in  China. My picks would be Dana & Matt or Burnie and Ashley to win the race. The geeks tried to pull one over on Sheri & Cole and another team gave them information which put a target on them.



Fiqure out riddles that go to certain monuments and get stamped and get sticker in passport book. Geeks and Dancers worked together while Burnie and Sheri were on their own. Dana & Tyler  were in the lead but got 1 wrong while Sheri was in last. Burnie tried to get help and the others faked no clue and he got it all right on first try.


Commute  & Cycle-do unicycle routine, Burnie & Ashley did this task as did Sheri & Cole. Burnie & Ashley switched tasks. They got stuck in the rain trying to get it right.

Transport Art-choose a set of paintings and hang them to specifications. Dancers and Geeks choose this one, they both had same one and they wanted the level to fit between each piece of art.

Both teams got stuck in traffic and Burnie & Ashley got to the place first but Sheri & Cole found it first. I hope that these team finally get competitive.


1 Tyler & Korey

2 Dana & Matt

3 Sheri & Cole

4 Burnie & Ashley eliminated

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