ACM Honors

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Hosted by Lady Antebellum opened with a song by Glen Campbell and this special show honors other artists.

Performances : Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bently, Cole Swindell & Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert. Keith Urban, Cam & Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith.


Mae Boren Axton Award Keith Urban  – 11 trophies and appearing on all the country shows since 2001 and given his time to charities.” The thing that has defined country music is a sense of community is in our genre, ACM Lifting Lives everyone is included in amazing work”

Cliffee Stone Pioneer Award  Tanya Tucker– 56 top forty singles and she has been endeared to fans and another singer sang Delta Dawn. ” Thank you to all of those who came before me and my parents who believed in me”

Songwriter of Year Ross Coppermanwrote songs for Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Florda Georgia Line and Brett Eldridge. “ we have such a conversation through music he takes it and works it into something that’s magic” Brett Eldridge. He produced last two albums for Dierks Bently. 

Poet’s Award Eddie Rabbitt- he wrote songs for Ronnie Millsap and Elvis songs. Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell sang I Love The Rainy Night. His children accept this award since he had passed away. ” Its amazing that his music and words are appreciated to this day”

Pioneer Award Crystal Gayle- younger sister of Loretta Lynn , awards 17 number one singles in the 70s and 80s. First female artist to have a platinum album.  Her song Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue sung by Kelsea Ballerini. ” Seems like yesterday I was accepting the award for most promising artist”

Triple Crown Award Jason Aldean- 17 number one hits and 1400 albums. He carved out his own way of doing his music. New Artist of Year 2006, Entertainer of the Year etc.


Glen Campbell Tribute – @SoundLikeNash


Merle Haggard Spirit Award Miranda Lambert- She paints a picture with her music and takes you places. “ I feel so blessed to be a part of country music ” She sang Misery & Gin.

Pioneer Award Statler Brothers- Their first hit won them a grammy and later ended up on soundtrack of Pulp Fiction. They performed for presidents and had their own variety show. Chris Young & Dan and Shay sang Flowers on The Wall. They retired in 2002.and had a 40 year career ” We loved every year of our career and thank the Lord for an amazing life”

Poet’s Award Jimmy Webbinducted in the song writers hall of fame and he wrote for Donna Summers and Fifth Dimension,  Waylon Jennings etc. he wrote with Glen Campbell. The Band Perry sang one of his songs. “Songwriting is a treasured yet threatened American tradiction they are not be compensated for their work”

ACM Lifting Lives Gary Haber Award Carrie Underwood- presented award by her husband the award is after her former business manager and a charity award.  ” Its important to pass things on through music”  She sang Temporary Home.

Crystal Milestone Award Little Big Town– Girl Crush won 2 grammys, most downloaded country song of 2015 and stayed at number one on the charts for 13 weeks beating a record set in 1959. Cam & Alicia Keys performed the song. ” We got to be a part of an amazing song when three songwriters came up with the song and we got to put our soul and hearts into it”

Career Achievement Award Glen Campbell- toured with beach boys and frank Sinatra before going out on his own. Self taught guitarist and got 5 grammys, 11 ACM awards and 27 top ten country hills. He is currently dealing with Alezimers and went on a farewell tour. His children joined in country stars Blake Shelton ” Southern Nights”, Dierks Bently ” Gentle On My Mind” Keith Urban ” Witchita Lineman” and Toby Keith . All the guys singing Rhinestone Cowboy.

This week the couples get to do the fantasy suite and decide if they are meant to be together. Also Nick was announced as the next bachelor stealing the spot from Luke, who was already in talks with ABC and was ready to head to start his run as the new bachelor. The sad news is that Caila & Jared only lasted six weeks after paradise.


Current Couples: Ashley & Wells, Nick & Jenn, Amanda & Josh, Carly & Evan

During the first day Wells broke up with Ashley and both left paradise alone then the remaining three couples went on dates with a fantasy suite included to decide if they wanted to stay together.

Carly & Evan Carly had fears that a repeat of her time in paradise with Kirk will happen where he rejected her. Their date includes an art activity with a partial nude instructor where they painted each other’s bodies and grew closer as a couple. At dinner she tells him she loves him and he tells her that back. They are now engaged and living in Nashville.

” I feel my heart beats to your soul” Evan, ” You’re like home to me and I want to leave holding your hand and start a life with you” Carly

Lace & Grant-On their date they explore a beach town and get matching tattoos that are Grace. That night she finally opens herself up to him and tells him she loves him and the next day they get engaged.

” From the moment I met you I knew you would be in my life” Grant, ” I get scared and put up walls and your right there running behind me”

Nick &  Jenn They went to a carnival where a fortune teller predicted a not so happy ending and she was right they broke up before leaving paradise. I’m torn about liking Nick sure he seems nice but this show keeps giving him chances twice on bachelorette , then bachelor in paradise now he’s the bachelor. He’s the next Brad Womack the guy who didn’t choose either of his final two. Let’s hope Nick makes the right choice next time.

Amanda & JoshThe pair spends the day playing with the local kids and exploring the area they are in, they share their hopes for a future together to meet her children. They are engaged before leaving paradise .

” I didn’t know what love was till you” Josh , ” The thought of you meeting my family makes my heart full” Amanda

Three engaged couples not a bad run for this season in paradise and a new bachelor out of the cast. Hope you engaged this season of Bachelor in Paradise.


Bachelor Paradise Playing with Hearts

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Wells is a player this week as the new women come. Ashley stirs up trouble for Jared and Kaila. Nick and Josh argue again. This is final week of arrivals before the final the couples from this week decide on a future together.




Current Couples: Carly & Evan, Ashley & Wells, Jennifer & Nick, Izzy & Brett, Caila & Jared, Lace & Grant, Amanda & Josh

New Singles: Jami, Lauren H, Shusanna, Tiara

Josh/Amanda/Nick– Josh defends himself against the accusations from Amanda that he is not genuine. He then confronts the group and Nick steps forward and the two argue. Josh then packs to leave but Amanda convinces him to stay after seeing him stand up for himself. I have mixed emotions about him, I like him after seeing him on FamouslySingle another reality dating show but the stuff is Andi book might be true. We already seen he has a temper and can be possessive.

Josh and Amanda go on a date together having a dinner together alone. He tells her that she’s his focus and she tells him that she trusts him. They are falling in love with each other and best friends. Their night ends with a private fireworks display just for them.

Jamie & Wells ~ She shows up and makes a connection with Wells who previously was with Ashley. She asks him out and no one was around but him. He said yes and went on the date without even talking to Ashley. They take a jeep through the jungle having fun together. The swimwear comes out as they reach a waterfall. I prefer him with Ashley.

Ashley/Jared/Caila- everyone assumes that due to Ashley’s lack of bad reaction to Wells date that shes totally fine. She turns back to her bad ways and goes to Caila talking to her making her feel bad. Caila realized that her relationship with Jared has no room to grow wth Ashley there and instead of fighting for her relationship she gives up offering to leave paradise. I just want to shut Ashley up and that her intentions are not pure, she made up things to tell him. Jared argues with Ashley and of course she plays the waterworks delaying him from leaving. He makes the right decision to leave with Caila and give their relationship a chance. Such a sweet moment when he stops her car and he gets in with her letting them leave paradise together.

Ashley/WellsThey have a talk after the date and he has no complications with Jami. He led Wells on and used the complications as an excuse for being a player. They have a good conversation as she stays composed and not go crazy. Ashley deals with a repeat of Jared as she watches Wells cozying up to Jami.

Lauren H & Brett – another one of ben’s women and Brett is wanting her and she asks him on the date. They do surf lessons on a double date, she wiped out while he lasted longer on his board. There’s a connection as they kiss on the beach leaving him torn between Izzy and her. They have made a connection and they talk before the rose ceremony and he is moving on from Izzy. He is the gentleman and tells Izzy the truth instead of blindsiding her at the rose ceremony.

Izzy realizes she loves Vinny and calls him from the Limo and apologizes about her behavior, that she never wanted to hurt him. That she wanted to get back together with him to go to Florida to see him. He called her shallow and he rejects her and hangs up.

Sushanna &  Wells – she arrives right after Lauren so I’m assuming its a two on one date they are offering. Wells is flirting with her and she asks him on a date his second date in a week. He is checking her out while surfing and instead of focusing on what they have in common he’s going by lust and making out .

She decides to leave before the rose ceremony she doesn’t like dealing with the other women and she’s not in the right place. She needs someone to fight for her and she leaves paradise alone.

Tiara/Jenn/Nick~ Another girl from Ben’s season and Nick is the first one to go talk to her and instead of her going to flirt with her he asks Tiara to give up her date card for Jenn & Nick to have one. They go to a carnival going on rides, playing games and yet no communication. The fortune teller tells Jenn to make sure of expectations and that Nick has hesitancy. He opens up to her that he’s hopeful to have a future with her.

Rose Ceremony~ Josh & Amanda, Nick & Jen, Grant & Lace,  Evan & Carly, Wells & Ashley

Brett chooses not to give out his rose due to the seriousness of this week being the last week filled with solid couples, he then went home. Lauren, Tiara and Jami go home.



Bachelor Paradise Heartbreak

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After we think that Ashley is gone she comes back interrupting things making a speech trying to make herself look good, asking for a second chance. Um isn’t that up to the host and you need a rose to stay and she didn’t get one. Why isn’t the host consulted here? The group feels sorry for her and let’s her stay. Ashley has not changed yet as seen in the episode. and she has gotten on my nerves dissing religion and her second chance. We also see the break up of one of the strong couples in paradise.



Current Couples: Lace & Grant, Izzy & Vinny, Hayley/Emily & Daniel, Carly & Evan, Amanda  & Josh, Nick & Jenn, Caila & Jared

New Singles: Carl, Brett, Ryan B. and Wells

 Carl & Emily The newest single is Carl from Andi’s season. A firefighter with tattos and the twins are going crazy over him. Emily gets him on the date by sayign she hasn’t had a date yet so he asks her. They hit it off on a boat party dancing and having a blast. They are humping each other while dancing gyrating.

Brett & Caila   The date is a double date with the two new guys. Brett has his eyes set on Caila. Ashley tells him that Caila is an option setting things up for herself. She’s supposed to talk to her partner first before accepting a date but she does it after that. Then she was talked out of it by Jared and talked to Brett being wishy washy, but once in private she says yes but then no make up your mind ! She finally decided to go.   Caila is shy and timid about being on the booze cruise and uncomfortable and her and Brett and they were at odds on the date. Making Brett second guess his choice for the date.

Caila and Jared make up leaving Ashley wreaked. Grant and Lace get almost naked massages as a date and then enjoy the hot tub. He then then confesses that he loves her and proving he is a keeper. They received a date card and enjoyed a nice picnic by the water in a secluded place. They talked over Ashley and that he cares about Caila. They then strip down to their underwear and take a swim together sharing a passionate kiss.  She questions Jared about his friendship with Ashley and then confronts her. I am so proud of Caila for standing up to the bully and standing up for her relationship.

Ryan &  Hayley: He was on Kaitlin’s season that no one remembers. Jared tries to hook her up with Ashley. He is easily persuaded to give Ashley a chance but after talking to her he asked out Hayley. They have a nice date riding horses on a trail and of course the camera has to show off her cleavage on the ride.

Vinny & Izzy look strong but she has doubts and had an attraction to newcomber Brett. She has doubts and wants to explore her options so she talks to Brett.  She confessed her reaction to Brett to Vinny and it hurt him. Vinny makes a good point that she’s gonna throw them away after talking to a guy for ten minute and attraction. He then decides to leave paradise after breaking up with Izzy not wanting to be her second choice. For the real reason they broke up Izzy gave an after paradise interview

The best part was Jade & Tanner from last season who actually did get married unlike fake marriage from season one. They brought a date card to give out to a couple, they talked to every couple. They liked Carly and her new guy Evan, Lace and Grant did not do well in their interview which made her doubt him. Nick gave good answers and Tanner gave him great advice to just go with what’s happening not overthink things. They gave the date to Jared and Caila. 

Tensions build between Josh and Nick and its kinda comical that Amanda was sound asleep and She had told Jennifer that Nick and her could have the room to themselves but then Josh claims it for them.  Daniel goes to flirt with all the single ladies to get their rose, it seems a bit desperate but its funny.

Evan  & Carly~ They take a hike and I’m not sure who her stylist was but I was not liking the outfit. There was a ceremony to go into a hut to release there negative energy and all she was is clarity if she wants to stay with him.  It’s like a sweatlodge taking out the toxins through sweat. They both are in their swimwear and share emotions with each other. He fears not being accepted for himself  They pour water on each other and she realizes that she finds beauty in him and is attracted. Before the rose ceremony he tells her he’s falling in love with her and she is also with him.

Wells &  Ashley~The last arrival is Wells who creates problems but also is Jared’s salvation with Ashley who is very into him and everyone is tired of her crying and tell her to date her.  The love is Tacos which seems boring at first then he talks about Jared and she reassures him that she’s attracted to Wells. The cute moment was both of them interacting with the stray dog. Next they wrote a wish and put it in a fire lantern together and it goes up without going on fire, well that is till the camera pans back up to a fireball in the sky.

Rose Ceremony- Carly & Evan, Ashley & Wells, Jennifer & Nick, Izzy & Brett, Caila & Jared, Lace & Grant, Amanda & Josh

Emily & Haley decided to not give out their roses and decide to leave which leaves three guys without roses Carl, Ryan and Daniel go home. I think it was a smart decision on their part. Before they go home they have a talk about Josh with Amanda stating that he’s not there for the right reason but only there to repair his tarnished image by Andi’s tell all book. 

The last ceremony was crazy with some shakes up and new women who several men go after.Just when Jared thought he found love his crazy ex from paradise returns to cause havoc. 

Current Couples: Lace & Grant, Izzy & Vinny, Hayley & Nick, Carly & Evan, Amanda  & Josh, Sarah & Daniel, Emily & Jared

New Singles: Caila, Ashley, Jenn


Caila shows up and talks to the men and all the guys are thrilled to see her, especially Jared. She intimidates the women who want to keep their men. She asks Jared on her date and he is the gentleman and talks to Emily his current partner who seems forced to let him go. He later talks to Emily after the date and ends things with her. 

Caila & Jared~ Caila didn’t think about wardrobe her top looks like its ready to fall off revealing part of her boobs, not very ladylike. Then they switch to swimsuits and enjoy the water together and cuddle together on the beach. They seem like a good couple together. Jared reassures her that their a couple while Ashley wails in the background which is distracting.

Ashley shows up in paradise wanting to get Jared back, in case you missed last season she was obsessed with him. Jared was not thrilled to see her, he soon tells her that he’s with Caila who shouldn’t even be talking to Ashley just focus on her new relationship. He is such a softie not wanting to hurt her even putting his own happiness at risk for her dramafest again. She asks Daniel on her date and even though he’s with Sarah he goes on the date. Later Ashley drags Jared into her mess and talks for a long time crying and making him feel miserable and making his partner be alone.  

Ashley & Daniel~Daniels obsession with her being a virgin makes him not appealing to me and i hate how she uses her virginity as a card instead of holding it in respect like it should be she just wants to use it as a ploy to get attention and im tired of that. Daniel just shut up enough about sexuality on this show seriously. During their dinner Ashley is embarrassed as the show plays up her virgin card leaving Daniel all by himself. By the next day she’s back to being a emotional wreak and her ugly cry. 

Izzy & Vinny with Lace & Grant Double Date ~ The four of them have dinner together friends and good couples. Vinny & Izzy are exclusive only dating each other and he says the sweetest things. The date is at a popular bar there in Mexico where there’s a foam party. Grant ends up shirtless and the two couples are on display dancing on stage. Lace temper got turned up when some girl ruined her fun and Grant protected her which was made them closer as a couple.

At paradise Sarah and Carly have their own double date with Evan and Daniel. Evan is still crazy about Carly with a crush and she’s dissing on him to the camera. Later Evan is found passed out by the producer and the medic said he needed someone to stay with him, he claims he felt lightheaded all night. Carly finds herself attracted to him when he takes advantage of his situation by hitting on her. She feels that he faked his illness so she would stay with him overnight. The medic tells her he needs to go to the hospital with a swollen ankle and he uses the opportunity to get time with Carly . By him being relaxed and normal she starts to like him. On the upside Sarah baked Daniel a half birthday cupcake they are so sweet together and then one of the twins made a move on him to get a rose, my worry is that she will give a rose to Ashley cause of the virgin factor.

Jenn & Nick~The last arrival Jenn is another Ben reject and tried to get the scoop from the twins which she got confused by. Daniel is turning out to be the player and Sarah should be careful. She connects with Nick. They enjoy a beach to themselves after a boat ride but its wreaked by lots of tiny crabs. Kinda weird see them making out on the beach surrounded by crabs crawling all over the beach. 

Rose Ceremony~ Grant & Lace, Josh & Amanda, Nick & Jenn, Vinny & Izzy, Evan & Carly, Jared & Caila, Daniel & Hayley/Emily

Going home are Ashley & Sarah.